Feeling Normal Ch. 04

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I was shaking so bad that I could hardly keep still and my palms were sweating so bad that I had to keep rubbing them on my pants. I continuously looked from Ethan, to my shaking hands, to the room, and back to Ethan. I could see the curiosity and concern in his eyes but all I could think of was the result of my confession. I took a deep breath, looked into those beautiful green eyes, and spoke as well as I could.

“Ethan, um…w-what I needed to tell you was that…I-I…I’m positive.” I didn’t need to say anymore, he knew what I meant. I stared at him while he processed what I had just told him.

He took a deep breath and sighed before getting up and pacing back and forth. He rubbed his head and looked back and forth between me and the room. I couldn’t help but say something, if just to keep him from getting angry.

“Ethan…I-I-I’m sorry if I lead you on, but…I mean…I didn’t mean to hurt you or anything like that.” I spoke to him in the softest voice I could manage in order to keep him calm. He walked back over to the couch and sat beside me, which made me tense up at his approach.

“Erin…you don’t have to be scared…I’m fine. I’m a little shocked…no, i’m really shocked. I mean…I understand why you’ve been so…odd around me. Hey…don’t get so upset…I’m not mad at you. You hear me, sweet boy?” Ethan grabbed my chin, lifted my head, and looked into my eyes.

I couldn’t manage to do anything but fell into Ethan’s arms and bawl. Ethan just held me in his arms and consoled me during by breakdown; Before I knew it, Ethan and I were staring into each other’s eyes again. In a split second, he pressed his lips to mine and we started kissing deeply. He shoved his tongue into my mouth while cradling my head in his hands. We pulled our heads apart and we just stared into each other’s eyes before he spoke again.

“Erin…I don’t care about that. casino şirketleri I really like you, you’re my sweet boy! You know…I’m pretty sweet too. You wanna taste?” Ethan looked at me with sweltering lust in his eyes.

I bit my lip, looked into his eyes, and nodded in response. Ethan then got up and started to strip, which instantly got me rock hard. I marveled at his magnificent furry body. He had hair covering his entire chest and stomach, with a thin layer of fat covering his hard-as-steel muscles. I couldn’t think to do anything else but run my spread hands through the thick, brown fur, which made him smile and chuckle in response.

“You like that? Mmmm…it’s all your’s baby! You wanna see the rest?” Ethan had the biggest grin on his face as he said this. All I could do was happily nod my head.

Ethan unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down his pants to reveal his boxer briefs with an enormous bulge trying to break through. My eyes got bigger when I saw how big he was. I couldn’t peel my eyes away from his bulge; I fantasized about him being big, but I never realized that he might actually be…that big. He snapped his fingers in front of my face to break my stare.

“You seem to be enjoying the sight. Can’t tell if you’re excited or scared. Ummm…It’s about semi-hard right now. If I keep looking at those lips, I’ll get rock hard real soon. You ready for it, baby?” I was still reeling from him saying that he was semi-hard…I was just imagining how big he would be when fully hard.

“Yes…I’m ready!” Once I said this, he pulled down his briefs until his big cock snapped out and dangled in front of me. Just as he said before, I could see his cock getting bigger before my eyes…he was at least 8 inches. He started rubbing the tip against my lips, giving me the sign to open up and I happily obliged. He slowly pushed the head in and out of casino firmaları my wet, hot mouth while I looked up at him. He ran an open hand through my hair and grabbed the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. He was moaning and talking dirty to me the entire time.

“Mmmm…God damn! Your mouth feels so fucking good! You like sucking my big cock, don’t you? You want some more? Yeah, you can take more, sweet boy. Mmmm…you’re gonna choke down this big dick, baby.” My eyes started watering as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth until I could feel it touch the back of my throat. I put my hands on his hips to keep him from pushing himself any deeper. He wasn’t having that at all.

“Uh uh, baby! You’re gonna take it all. Can you feel it in your throat, sweetness? Mmmm…just a little deeper, baby and I’ll be balls deep.” I started getting use to his size, and before I knew it, he was balls deep.

My eyes were closed most of the time, but I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose. I went from pushing his hips to keep him out, to pulling his hips to get him deeper. I looked up at him through teary eyes and he looked down at me. He started talking to me again when he saw how quickly I learned how to take him.

“Oh wow! Good boy! Mmmmm…I’m about to paint you’re throat white, sweetness! Gonna give you some thick, white cream in your mouth.” He said this as he proceeded to face fuck me, grabbing my head in-between his hands and pumping faster; This went on for a good 15 minutes.

Ethan’s moans and groans started getting louder, and before I could react, he pulled his cock out so just the head was in and fired an enormous volley of cum into my mouth. I quickly closed my lips around the head to trap the cum inside and swallow down his full load. His cum tasted salty and sweet, with a bitter after taste; I knew I wouldn’t be able to get güvenilir casino enough of him. I stopped swallowing once his cock had stopped throbbing in my mouth; I looked into his eyes the entire time. He dropped on the couch beside me, still naked, and pulled me over to him; I laid my head on his chest and play with the thick, brown hair covering it. We fell asleep like that.

When I woke up, I realized it was 1 in the morning. I started to wake up Ethan, when I realized that there was a blanket over us; my mom had come home and put it on us. Now that I was completely mortified, I woke Ethan up and told him what time it was.

“Ethan! ETHAN! Wake up, it’s 1 in the morning! My mom came in here with you naked like that! I’m so fucking embarrassed!” Ethan rubbed his eyes, got up, and started putting his clothes on. He kept stopping to give me kisses, which just made me melt. Once he had his clothes on, I walked him to his truck. We just stood there staring at each other before Ethan broke the silence.

“I would really love to see you again! Do you think you would like to come over to my place for dinner next weekend?” He sounded desperate, but the look on his face looked like he knew I would say yes. I was quick to accept his dinner invitation.

“Of course! I – I really like you! Well…I’m sure you could tell that already.” I blushed and looked down, but Ethan lifted my head with his finger and planted a long kiss on my lips. Ethan chuckled before responding.

“You are so fucking adorable! Can’t wait until next weekend! I’ll talk to you later, sweet boy! Now you get back in the house! I wanna make sure you get in before I leave.” As I turned to go back in the house, Ethan gave me a little pat on my butt. I jumped at the pat, but in a good way. I quickly made my way back into the house and listened for his truck to pull off. I was absolutely smitten, and all I could was smile. I quickly got ready for bed; I really wanted to get the week over with so I could see Ethan again. I started falling asleep before I realized something. What the fuck am I going to say to my mom in the morning?!

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