Farm Boi Life Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

Thank you for following Ryan from the Judge Ordered Slavery story to the Farm Boi series. This started as a series that had some of my own life experiences. We are way beyond that now. I don’t know about other writers, but when I start something I have an idea…and then sometimes those characters come alive inside of my mind and take over the story. I become nothing more than the person typing it out for them. I do believe this will be the second to last, chapter. Ryan, Dan, President John “The Cop” and the rest haven’t told me yet.

ALL Characters are 18+. May contain detailed scenes of urine ingestion and torture…but if you followed this far, you knew that already.


“Fucking 2nd Alpha of the whole fucking farm!” I grumbled as I relieved myself into “Toilet”. Christopher, who was now home after his tour of the barns. I cooked him two meals a day, mostly soups, and I had to make sure that he had plenty of water to flush his system as well.

A tube from the end of his clit lead to a waste water pipe. It was cinched in place so he couldn’t scrape it off by moving in his box at night.

I stood up from my squat over the urinal. I loved to watch, as my piss slowly was gulped down. I couldn’t see him as he was below the floor, in his crate. I knew what drinking piss was like, it was cool to see someone drink slave piss…Which today contained no Master piss in it at all. “Toilet” was being cheated.

It made me smile, although the smile was brief.

I looked at the clock. 2:30am.

I had been working at the computer for 15 hours. I had this boi nibbling, but not yet on the hook! I sat back at the desk. I had him on messenger, and we were talking about all the things he wanted to do, and what he expected.

“Sorry boi, had to piss. Did I tell you that we have a human urinal?” I typed.

“Oh whoa…that is…” The boi paused.

“The slave is not that, all of the time. Just at night.”

“When does it sleep?”

“When it is told to.” This was taking too long. I needed to get this boi on a plane, train or bus.

“So you want to check out the farm?” I had to push harder…more lies…anything to get him in Master’s web.

“What did “Toilet” do wrong?” The boi asked. It was a legit question.

“Raped a new slave, a ‘pig’.” I lied.

“So new guys are protected?”

“Oh yes, new bois are cherished and walked through a training program. Provided they actually show up of course!! LOL”

“LOL Yeah!”

It took about another hour of this banter before I finally got what I needed.

“So Alpha, I looked up how far away you are, and I can drive there in just under a day. What do I bring?”

“All of your paperwork…you know, birth certificate, social security card, title to your car. The important stuff.” I paused for a minute and he replied before I could continue.

“Okay what clothes, property?” He asked.

“Warm clothing, like heavy jackets and long underwear, socks and boots. Other than that, all of your tech, and any valuables you do not want to part with. You will not need summer clothing, underwear, or t-shirts.” He didn’t look like a houseboi to me, I figured the 5-11, 220 pound, 27 year old to be a great pony.

The tech would be sold or end up in one of the Master’s houses. The boots would be worn when there was very cold conditions, as would the jacket. All the valuables would be sold.

“Okay just got off the phone with my boss. I quit. I told my mom I was moving out. Can I now have your phone number?” He sounded worried. Good sign.

I called his boss and asked for a reference.

“Hi this is Ryan from Ace LLC. We have an applicant named Charles…” He cut me off.

“That bastard just quit…and you are calling me for a reference? He gave me no warning!” The man was pissed.

I hung up.

I gave the recruit our phone number and then closed the session. We would now communicate by phone. I counted to three.





“Good job boi. Now get your car packed and get out here.” I told him.

“Thank you Alpha, I am so excited!!”

I was exhausted. I needed a respite. A nap.

I had to be on the phones guiding the new slave in. I was certain he wouldn’t call until reality hit him when he lost the hard-on I walked into Master’s bedroom. He was snuggled next to “Gambler”. Gambler was a chubby Mexican slave of 19. He had a nice round ass. Smooth and hairless, before the anti-hair ointment.

However, “Mouth” the 30 year old, was laying at the foot of Masters bed. He wasn’t chained to the bed frame anymore, so that meant that Master trusted him.

I kicked him lightly.

“Mouth!!” I whispered. “Mouth!” I bent closer to his head. Well in the dim light I assumed it was his head he was completely covered in the wool blanket.


“Yeah…get up and man the phone in Master’s office. I need some rest. Come get me if Charles calls.” I ordered.

“Chef!!” his voice was whining, and it was a bit too loud for my taste. If he woke casino şirketleri Master. We were both gonna get a caning.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP MOUTH!” I growled into his ear as quietly as I could. “Do as I ask or Master will know that you did not obey a simple task I set you to do!” I was laying on top of him now. Face to face with a blanket between our bodies.

“Phones are your job Chef. Let me sleep. I have to do all the floors, and take care of Toilet in the morning.” For a 30 year old man, he whined like a child perfectly.

“Fine. Have fun in the basement when you finish your chores.” I got up off of him. It took a second or three for the thought to sink in. He sat up.

“Just the phones?” He whispered.

“Yeah, that’s it. Come get me if it rings. I need a couple hours rest if possible.” I said droopy eyed in the darkness. He pulled the blanket off and shook his head.

“Sorry Alpha. I can do that.” Mouth handed me the blanket. I watched his skinny cunt walk out of the bedroom and he closed the door. I laid my head on the pillow that was still warm, and drifted off quickly.

I woke to the sound of Gambler choking and gagging. I turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Through the bedroom door I could hear the phone ring twice. Then it stopped. I sat up and looked over to the bed. I could see the lump of Gamblers head bobbing up and down. Master had his hand on the back of the bois head.

Gambler was learning to take it in his throat.

I got up and left the room before Master noticed. I went to the office as Mouth was standing up.

He had a raging hard on. It was almost as big as Masters. 7 inches, but not as thick. I made a note that if I got some playtime…if I could get him to shut up, Mouth might not be a bad playmate.

“You’ve been online looking at porn, haven’t you Mouth?” I asked.

“Alpha, this has been the first time I was able to get on line since…” I cut him off.

“Go get ready to do your chores…I won’t say anything. Is the boi on hold?” He relaxed and looked relieved.

“Yes Alpha, thank you Chef.” He said. I gave him a thumb towards the door saying “get out” with the gesture. I sat down in a puddle of cold cum that had been soaked into the cloth covered desk chair. I rolled my eyes but pressed on. Mouth owed me huge now.

“Charles?” I said as I clicked the phone off hold.

“Alpha, I’m in town, just an hour from you. But my GPS says there is no road to your farm. It says the address doesn’t exist.” He spoke accusatory. Like we were fakes. I smiled. He was in town.

This is exactly how the President had set it up, and this was the 25th time that this had happened.

“Hang tight. Master is going to send someone for you. He will be there in 20 minutes.” I told him.

“Oh, okay cool. I’ll be next to the gas station.” I put the phone on speaker, and turned on the police radio.

“Base to Tantrum 24, base to Tantrum 24.” I spoke into the hand held CB mic.

“Tantrum 24, Base.” Tex’s other Alpha had become a deputy in the police force that actually patrolled the county.

“Tantrum 24, code 18 at Hill’s Gas n Groceries route 12. Male, 27, 5-11 220, blue/brown. In a 98 Toyota Camry, White. Plate 002XVZ” The Boi could hear all I was saying and then hear this:

“Copy base. Code 18. Suspect in sight. What’s his code word? Tantrum asked.

“Alpha Chef. That is all.”

Tantrum walked up to the man next to a pristine Toyota.

“Can I help you officer?” David was nervous.

“Where are you headed?” Tantrum asked.

“My new home, It is supposed to be close to here, but I’m waiting for someone to guide me.” David was calming, somewhat.

“Yeah? Someone ask you to come here, or you here for work?” Tantrum asked.

“Well I wanted to come. But he also asked me to come here. Um an Alpha Chef.” David was watching for a reaction.

Tantrum reacted a bit more loud and forceful then David expected.

“GET IN YOUR CAR…and follow me slave.” Tantrum ordered. I heard a jingle. I think Tantrum was actually showing off his gold collar…like his badge and nightstick wasn’t enough. I laughed as I listened.

I heard Tantrum walking back to the interceptor, and the Toyota start. I heard the Interceptors driver side door close, then: “We got him Chef”. I hit the mic. “Thank you Tantrum. Good job! I will tell my Master how well that went.”

“Thank you Chef. I think he’s a pony, but he needs to be toughened up.” Tantrum stated.

“Not for us to decide. He has to hit the stage first.” I said softly. The auction…or poker game would decide where he landed.

“Yeah. That’s true. Haven’t seen you or your housemates in a while. You come outside ever?” This was nice. Talking to another Alpha as equals.

“Stuck behind a nice desk watching porn, and talking to bois. It’s a tough fucking job.” I teased.

“Fuck you Chef. Pulling a cart sucks but I at least get to FUCK my crews. You ever lose a load inside of a cunt?” Now he had me ..”by the collar”. He was teasing me for my position. casino firmaları I knew how to fire back.

“No you fucking piece of shit animal…I don’t fuck asses, I train them…I trained you, didn’t I?”

Laughter from both.

“Jesus Chef. No you didn’t train me, but I think I’m glad for that.” His laugh echoed my own. “Seriously though…” he took a breath and the mic keyed up again.

“Where is this one to be delivered?” Tantrum asked seriously.

“Master hasn’t told me, as he is still unaware. The default is Gary’s barn. So there, I guess.”

“Copy base, Tantrum out.” He cut the conversation short. That meant that his Master was calling him.

I radioed Gary’s barn on a walkie. “Inbound on Tantrum. Charles. 5-11 220.”

“Copy Chef. We supposed to hold him Alpha?” it wasn’t Gary, it was one of his team.

“Affirmative hold till instructed. Boi is a virgin so guard it. Understood pony?” I hate dealing with his team…or herd.

“Understood Alpha, I will find Gary now, I think he is in field two.”

I got up from the desk, and finally had something good after two weeks to report to my Master. I went to the bedroom and found only Gambler, plug-less, and leaking on to the sheets. I frowned at the slaves lack of plug discipline, and headed toward the stairway to the first floor.

I’ll be honest. I was excited that I finally captured a slave after the two weeks of being on the farm in my new shared office (with MASTER!!). I had my own desk, computer and chair! I had finally earned it.

I made my way through the living room to the dining room and there was Master. I walked next to him and hit my knees.

“What is it Ryan?” He said tiredly. He was in a bad mood. “Well…if he had me last night instead of Gambler…” I thought.

“Inbound Master. Pony type, Charles Jacobs. Five foot eleven, Two hundred and twenty pounds. Blue eyes, brown short hair. Two computers and other valuables.” I reported in monotone.

He looked down at me. He wasn’t happy about this. Gambler found his way to Master’s other side.

“You know Ryan. If I wanted to fuck a pony I could have any of the 48 that live on this farm. I didn’t ask you to recruit unfuckable monster legged bois.” He spoke clearly and slowly. This meant I was in trouble.

“I want to fuck something good, besides you. I want a harem of big asses, little clits and nipples that beg to be tortured.”

He handed his unfinished breakfast plate to a cringing Gambler who was now on the other side of his chair. Gambler couldn’t have liked that comment.

I just froze. Gambler is getting his leftovers. He was still a low slave. Who made breakfast? He only had three of us in the house.

“Had to be Mouth” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry Master. I thought you would be pleased at having a new slave. I am sorry I wasted two weeks on a pony.” My cunt clenched on my glass plug. I knew that plug meant he loved me, it was like a wedding ring to me. I had let him down. What I didn’t understand is why he wanted another cunt around the house.

“You are sorry. Well you are half-right Ryan. Go get me a prized cunt. Get upstairs and get back to work!” He barked.

“Yes Master.” I got off my knees and turned. As I walked up to the office I realized why he was angry.

“A PRIZED cunt”. It had been a year since the last show. He wanted something to enter into it.

Sleep was a rare thing for me, as was sex. The only time my plug left my cunt was to evacuate, shower and enema. Hearing first, Gambler getting plowed, and later Master even took up Mouth, made my cunt wet. I could hear them down the hall. My clit stood at attention night after night as Master fucked his other housebois.

It took five days to get, what I thought was a good looking twink, to even talk to me. He was an inch taller then me, but had a cunt even I wanted to fuck. Slim shoulders, and toned body, but not ripped. Between his legs was a clit slightly bigger then mine.

His name was David

David was not falling into any of my traps.

I tried everything I knew, to get him to want to come out on his own. I was nearly positive that he wasn’t a slave at all. Just a dude jerking his clit on my stories and details of slave life. Well…that pissed me off. The cunt was only two counties away, and I knew just how to abuse what little power I had.

I knelt in front of Master in the kitchen. It was early, and he was sipping coffee as Gambler drank from his bladder. Mouth was cooking his breakfast.

“Yes boi?” He said as he squeezing off the last few drops of piss into Gambler.

“I need permission to wear clothing, borrow Tantrum and possibly Trigger, and the keys to your state issued sedan.” It had taken me all morning to come up with how I needed to ask. I was right. Masters eyes nearly came out of his head. Well, he pulled his cock from Gamblers now open mouth, and peed on his face a bit. Then something I didn’t expect.

Laughter. He grabbed my chin and made me look into his eyes.

“This had better be good.” He güvenilir casino was shaking his head. Gamblers lower jaw was on the ground. Mouth had stopped what he was doing.

“You asked me to fetch you a prized cunt. I can do that. Master I have to use the tactics you used to capture me.” I said to his face. He let go of my head, I lowered my gaze.

“HA!” Was all he had to say. He chuckled for a bit. Then said…”DAMN!”

“Stats?” He asked.

“5-8, 135lbs, Brown and brown. 5 inches hard, cut. Pretty face and very round cunt.” I rifled off.

“Very round? Like you?”

“Master, I want to fuck him.”

His eyebrows raised. He stood up. Sipped some more coffee.

“What is your plan?” He finally asked.

It took a bit of greasing some wheels as the boi was not in the Senator’s district nor in John’s jurisdiction. Gambler had to take a couple unwashed cocks, and I had to suck off a judge. When all was said and swallowed, the locals would look the other way if we took the 19 year old trouble maker out of their county. Now this was all done with badges and the Senator’s help, at least over the phone. The actual hard work would come down to Trigger and I.

“I fucking hate wearing clothes.” I grumbled as I drove to the address. Trigger laughed. It was weird seeing him in a sheriff’s uniform. It was stranger still, to be wearing a suit. I had not worn clothing in almost two years.

“You knock on the door, I will stay out of sight till he comes out.” Trigger reminded me a third time.

“Yeah yeah pony, I got it.” I pulled up in front of the house. Trigger got out and made his way to the side of the small dwelling. The place was a dark blue color with white trim. The paint was peeling on every surface. I guessed it to be a two bedroom place with small rooms throughout.

I straightened my tie and got out of the car. In my hand I carried a briefcase that held nothing but duct tape, handcuffs, and a ball gag. I looked important though.

I knocked on the door and a woman answered. She left the floppy wood framed screen door closed.

“Good afternoon ma’am. I am Ryan Smith from the Washington county prosecutors office. Are you Mrs Kenworth?” I smiled as I pulled a wallet from my back pocket and showed her a very real badge.

“I…I am.” She looked worried, yet she had been through something like this before.

“Can you tell me, is David at home today?” I asked. Her face relaxed and then tensed with anger.

“NOW what has he done?” She was now real angry. Not at me thankfully. I glanced at Trigger in full Deputy garb just out of sight of the woman.

“I just need to ask him a few questions is all.’ I said with a pleasant and steady voice.

“David you little fuck, what have you done now?” She bellowed and walked out of the doorway. I opened the screen door and stayed on the porch. I waved a finger and Trigger got as close as possible without being seen.

He was a pretty boi all right. He walked up wearing shorts and slippers.

“David if you will come with me, we need to ask you a few questions at headquarters.” This was the lynch pin, if he didn’t come willingly President John warned me that it was kidnapping. If he did, and the witnesses around the neighborhood saw it, we were in the clear.

“Uh should I get a shirt?” David asked. I almost said “no” the remembered where I was.

“Sure David.” He turned to leave but his mother was right there with a T-Shirt in hand.

“You better not come home if you did something felonious.” She warned him.

“Mom, I swear…” Trigger pulled him from the door and helped me walk him to the car.

“Thank you for your cooperation Ma’am.” I said as Trigger sat him in the back seat.

I got into the car and started it. I handed the briefcase to Trigger who opened and pulled out the three items.

“What’s this about?” David asked. I had played this out in my head a dozen times, but even with that, my answer came out stilted and unbelievable.

“We uh need to talk to you about something…” Good one slave. Trigger saved me.

“You are a person of interest in a case.” He looked the boi over from the front seat and was stroking his pony clit through his pants. Thankfully, I was the only one that could see that.

” I haven’t done anything other then that peeping thing you guys already got me on.” He seemed confident still.

“I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with your case David, what happened?” NOW…finally, I sounded like a man in a suit.

“I was hanging out in the gym shower rooms. Looking at women, I was dressed in drag. You had to have heard about it.” He seemed concerned. My clit began to rise. He was straight. Heh. I used to be straight. I reached inside the suit and touched my gold plated collar as I scooted my plug just a bit deeper. Trigger watched me shift in my seat.

“That was you huh? I heard about it.” Trigger said looking back at the boi over his shoulder. His hands were in his lap, rubbing and rubbing. “I can’t wait to get this shit off”. He whispered to me. I nodded hard.

“So what is this whole thing about?” David asked with genuine concern. Trigger was about to speak, but I pulled rank.

“It’s most likely nothing, but we will let you know everything when we get to headquarters.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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