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I’m standing in the kitchen finally doing the dishes I’ve put off all day. The baby is down for her nap and the puppies are finally behaving, so I’ve told myself I might as well get them over with. I’ve only just opened the dishwasher when the door opens and he walks in. I smile.

“Hey, honey, how was class?” I ask.

He doesn’t respond.

Concerned, I turn to look at him, my smile fading when I see the serious look on his face. “Is everything okay?” I ask, concern evident in my voice.

Suddenly he hurries toward me and I step back, surprised at his pace. When he reaches me, one hand grabs my arm and the other the back of my neck, then both pull me to him. Before I realize what is happening, his lips are on mine.

His kiss is tender, sweet, and urgent all at once. It’s as though he is trying to display his entire soul to me in that one moment. I kiss him back, my hands reaching up and twisting in his hair. Losing myself in the moment, I let my mouth — my entire being, really — open up to him.

An eternity passes all too soon, and he breaks the kiss. He touches his forehead to mine and simply holds me there. After a few long minutes he finally speaks, but his tone is hushed: “I need you, Amber. I love you. I need you. Please.”

I have no idea what it is that is driving my lover, but I nod immediately. “I’m yours,” I say softly, and the words are barely out of my mouth before he kisses me again.

Suddenly we are in our room, though I have no recollection as to how we got there. His mouth is still on mine, his arms wrapped firmly around me. My own hands are still in his hair, and I feel as though I cannot pull him close enough. Then, all to abruptly, he stops. “No,” he says through ragged breaths, “slow.” I nod again, my wide eyes searching his face for any indication as to what has him in such a state. I see nothing, only wild lust and a sort of pleading in his eyes.

His hands release me, only to move to the bottom of my shirt. He slips his fingers slowly under the material, pausing to rub the sensitive skin of my waist. I shudder at the light touch.

Staring into my eyes, he lifts the hem slowly upward, revealing my skin an inch at a time. Slowly, he drops down to his knees in front of me and kisses my midriff. He pushes the shirt farther up, pausing every few seconds to plant another kiss etiler ucuz escort on my skin. Finally he stands up again and looks into my eyes. We stare at each other for several moments, and our gaze is only broken when he pulls the shirt up over my head and drops it to the floor.

He takes a deep, shuddering breath, then looks down at my exposed chest and stomach. Touching my shoulders, he silently beckons me to turn around. When I do, he carefully gathers my long brown hair and places it over my left shoulder, leaving the tattoo on my right shoulder exposed. Bending over, he plants a kiss on the tattoo, then slowly leaves a trail of kisses up the side of my neck to my ear. I shudder when he bites the lobe; he knows that area is my weakness.

With steady hands, he undoes the clasps to my bra, then slowly slides the straps off of my shoulders. I let it fall off my body and join my shirt on the floor.

His arms are around me again, my back pressed against his chest. Fondling each of my breasts in each of his hands, he leans down to kiss my neck again, causing me to moan with pleasure. He bites gently and I whimper, instantly feeling myself get wet just for him.

He turns me around again to face him, and again he seems mesmerized by my exposed body. He fondles my right breast in one hand, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive nipple and carefully pinching it from time to time, while he leans down to take the other nipple into his mouth. I moan again and my hands find his hair once more. As he continues the assault to my breasts, I try to pull him closer. After a while he switches, and the exquisite torture begins anew.

“J-Johnny,” I whimper after several minutes. “P-please…. I want you.”

He stands up again and pulls me against his chest, once more gracing my lips with a sweet, passionate kiss. As we kiss I pull his shirt over his chest and push it over his head, anxious to rid him of the wretched material keeping him covered. When it’s gone I reach for his belt buckle, but he pushes my hands away. “Not yet,” he says softly. I groan; a mixture of frustration and pleading. He smiles.

Suddenly he reaches down and clasps his hands just below my butt, lifting me off the ground. I let out a squeal of surprise and wrap my arms and legs around him as I’m lifted into the air. He etiler üniversiteli escort smiles again, then carries me over to the bed, taking great care to lay me gently down. I gaze up at him as he crawls onto the mattress, slowly placing his body directly over mine.

“I love you,” he says softly, his eyes bearing into my own.

“I love you, too.” In that moment, that is all that matters.

He leans down and kisses me softly, then slowly moves down. His mouth leaves a trail of kisses, licks, and nibbles down my neck, stopping at my breasts. For several minutes he torments my breasts again, carefully squeezing and pinching the nipples. He softly bites one and I gasp, arching my back so that the assaulted breast is pressed harder against his teeth. That only makes me gasp again.

His erotic torture of my breasts continues, and as it does one hand slides slowly down my belly, until he finds the buckle of my jeans. He skillfully undoes it, and it is only then that he takes his mouth from my breast, and only long enough to slide my pants down my legs. When they are on the floor, he returns his attention to my breasts.

Even as he does so, his fingers slowly trace some sultry pattern over my underwear, teasing my pussy lips and every so often grazing my clitoris. I gasp, the combined sensations of his mouth on my breasts and his fingers over my pussy driving me wild.

Ever so slowly, he slips his hand under the band of my underwear, continuing his teasing directly on the skin. I cry out as his forefinger touches my sensitive clit, thrusting my hips into his hand. He pulls away before I can use his palm to grind myself to orgasm, and I let out a frustrated cry.

“Not yet,” he says, lifting his head from my breast to look me in the eye. I moan and let out a tearless sob of angst.

His hand returns to gently caress my shaven mound, and I writhe beneath his touch. His mouth has moved again, this time to my neck and just below my ear. My breathing is fast and heavy, and I’m beginning to feel a bit faint. “Please,” I whisper breathlessly. “Johnny, please.” Finally my pleas are answered, and he slips one finger inside me. I moan in ecstacy.

He moved his finger back and forth in a gentle thrusting motion, but too soon I am begging for more. Another finger fatih escort joins the first, but it is still not enough. I moan and whimper his name, begging him to take me, to claim me, to make me his and make me cum. He ignores every one of my requests.

Instead, he moves once more, this time sliding down my body until his head is between my legs. He pulls my panties down, then lifts my legs into the air so he can pull them completely off. When my legs are back on the bed and spread wide, I see him dip down, and suddenly I am lost as his tongue finds my clitoris.

I swear I see stars as his tongue takes me to the farthest reaches of oblivion. He slips a finger inside me and my pleasure is instantly multiplied. It is only moments before I am close to orgasm, and judging from his increased pace I think he knows it.

Nevertheless, I cry out, “I’m going to cum, baby!”

“That’s right,” I hear him say against my pussy, “Cum for me, baby. Cum for me.”

His words are all I need, and I’m lost in the depths of pleasure, rolling in wave after wave over me. My entire body shudders as I cum, and when I finally come crashing back down to earth I realize that he is over me once more, holding me in his arms. His pants and underwear are gone, and I feel the thick length of his cock positioned just outside my entrance.

“Please, baby, I need you,” I whisper, and in response he slowly slips inside me.

I groan as he fills me. Never do I feel more complete than when he is inside me. There is no difference now. Every fiber of my being seems to be completed by him, and I thrust back into him in ecstasy.

He thrusts slowly at first, gently even, but soon his thrusts quicken and I sense that primal passion is now driving his need. I wrap my arms and my legs around him, holding him in an embrace as old as time itself. I feel myself once more getting closer and closer to the edge, but I try to hold off for fear that I’ll break his rhythm.

Soon I am whimpering and moaning, wanting nothing more than to let go of the orgasm I am hanging onto. Finally his breathing quickens in just the right way, and I feel him tense around and within me. Suddenly he groans as he comes, and I allow myself to feel the orgasm that has been building for several minutes. Ecstasy cannot begin to describe the sensations.

We lay in each other’s arms as the orgasmic high wears off. When it does, he pulls out of me and lies down on the bed. I immediately lay beside him, my head rested in the indent of his shoulder.

“What was that all about?” I ask as my fingers draw patterns across his chest.

He kisses my hair and hugs me gently. “I just needed you. That’s all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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