Fantasy Man

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Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is not a typical DG Hear story. Every now and then I go crazy with a sex story. If you are not interested in a sex story between a mature man and a young woman, then please hit your back button now. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the story. Edited by Techsan.

Cheating wives, cheating husbands, group sex, infidelity runs wild. I keep thinking about this shit all the time. What the hell is the matter with me? I remember my wife saying: Find something to do, get your mind on something else. I’ve tried and tried again, but my mind doesn’t work that way. For some damn reason, I see everything as sex.

A woman of any age sits at a table, has a skirt on, legs slightly spread, I have to look. I just have to. What if I see her panties? I wonder if she’s wearing any. I can’t do shit about it but I’ll think about it forever.

I go to a fair or picnic. Some woman has a low cut blouse on and I watch her mounds jiggle. I can’t stop looking. I’m lucky some husband hasn’t beat the shit out of me yet.

I see these mini-skirts and just stare at the women’s legs hoping to see something. I can’t help it. Sex is all around me. Something tells me I’m not the only pervert who feels this way. It’s an odd feeling; I feel this way seventy percent of the time. The other thirty percent I feel normal, whatever that is.

It might be different in other countries, or other places in general, but with me the sexual revolution is a mess. I think it all stems from me not getting enough sex, or the right kind. I come from a generation where the older women don’t seem to care. It’s like two completely different groups of women. The ones that think and read about it all the time or the ones like my wife and others who don’t care about it. Every once in awhile they talk about it but generally don’t want to do it. I often wonder if it is my fault. Did I do something wrong?

I’m nearing sixty and I like sex. Whether it’s oral, anal, missionary, doggy style or if the woman wants to ride me like a bronco, I don’t care as long as I get it.

Now the little wife doesn’t want it anymore. What’s an older man to do? Everything else in our life is great. We do things together, have cookouts, take in movies, go places together. Hell, I even go shopping with her, but when it comes to sex, she’s not interested.

I’ve tried everything but she says because of her medication she really doesn’t feel anything. Now there’s a boost to my ego. I don’t want a divorce because she is a wonderful mother, grandmother and wife, other than the no-sex shit. I don’t want an affair, not because of my morality but because I’ll get caught; I just know I will.

Lately, it’s been pretty bad. I am kind of a joker and kid with women all the time. A lot of them kid back with me. I don’t know whether to take a plunge or not. Some of these women are nearly strangers, while others are friends.


One day my life changed completely. I took my wife to the doctor’s office since she was feeling really bad and she was in what seemed a horrible pain. The doc had me take her to the emergency room. The doc came out and after running some tests he told me she had the dreaded disease and would be lucky to live another month. It had just gotten too far along and there was nothing they could do.

I talked to her and we both cried together. She told me she just wanted to go home. The doctor gave us a number of prescriptions to help reduce her pain. We left the hospital and I took my vacation time to be home with her. I had five weeks vacation and I was going to spend them with Mary.

She died three weeks later, but had a chance to visit everyone. The kids, grandchildren and even our relatives traveled in to say their goodbyes. It was a memorable three weeks, with her getting to see everyone for the last time.

After the funeral, my life was changed completely. I was a lonely person, with not a lot of visitors anymore. The neighbors talked to me when I sat out and the kids stopped by regularly. I just needed to go on with my life. I did my mourning for about six months. In that period of time, sex was completely out of my mind; I just mourned the loss of my wife. I truly missed her.

Life went on and I decided to buy some of the things I always wanted but Mary, my wife, used to complain about me spending too much money. I was now alone and wondered what I was saving all my money for. Granted I needed a little nest egg but I had a good job and owned my home. In a few years I could retire with a nice pension. So, I went on a spending spree.

I bought a big flat screen TV, a new DVD player and a new Lazy Boy chair to relax in. I got High Speed Internet and the latest model computer system. Now I could read my stories on-line without even wearing my glasses.

I worked in a local factory and made good money. Hell, I’ve been there for over thirty years. I decided to change shifts. It was still somewhat lonely in the evenings so I switched to second shift. I didn’t have to get up early and I could casino şirketleri go to bed late. It fit my life cycle better.

One of my kids – well, I don’t have kids; they are all adults in their thirties with kids of their own – ask me to go to the State Fair with them. I always enjoyed the fair with Mary and decided to go. I spent a lot of time in the commercial building. I like to see the Barkers – they are the sales people – selling their wares. I came across a guy selling hot tubs, you know, three and four person spas. Mary and I had always talked about getting one when we were younger but never did. She didn’t want to spend the money. I decided right then and there to buy one.

My daughter said, “Dad, do you really want a spa? You’re sixty years old.”

“What does my age have to do with it? I’ve always wanted one but for a different reason. When I was younger, I wanted to play in it.”

“Dad, Brenda’s right over there.” Brenda was my granddaughter.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake; She can’t hear me. Anyway, I always have aches and pains from working in the shop. I figure it would be nice to come home to a nice relaxing spa before hitting the hay. (That’s going to bed for those who might not know.) I figured it would help ease the body aches.”

The sales guy jumped right in to tell me all the stuff about the spa. I just told him to take it easy and save his breath. I was going to buy the darn thing; it was just a matter of which one.

I decided on a little cheaper model, but it did hold four people even though I would probably be in it most of the time by myself. My granddaughter came over and I told her we were getting the spa. Like all kids, she was happy as could be. She loved our swimming pool but in our state you couldn’t get much use out of it after September. I told her she could get in the spa year around.

The spa was delivered the following week. I had it set up on the patio next to the pool. The first weekend all the family came over for a cookout. All the kids took turns getting into the spa. You would have thought it was a swimming pool with them standing on their heads and such. I have four kids and eight grandchildren. It was funny that none of the adults got in the spa. They must all relate it to sex or something. Anyway, the grandkids had a ball. Three of my kids live over an hour away and I don’t see their families as often as Brenda. She’s nine and jumps into the spa whenever she comes over.


As time passed, my life took on it’s own normalcy. I would get up and make breakfast and sit around and do my thing and whatever needed to be done. I guess I was a bachelor again, just an old one. I would eat lunch out each day before going to work. It was usually my main meal for the day. After a hard day at work, I’d come home to the spa. Damn, it felt so good to get in the spa after a hard day. I just laid back and relaxed and let my mind wander. I would usually read a few stories after getting out of the spa, then go to sleep and start all over the next day.

One Saturday my neighbors were having a cookout . Most of my neighbors were older, in my age group, but the ones next door had an adult son who was twenty-four and was still living at home. He had a girlfriend who was there about half the time. She came over while I was in the spa and said, “Hi.” She told me how she loved hot tubs and always felt so good when she was in them. She had an aunt who owned one and went in hers whenever she visited with her.

I told Holly – that was her name – that she could go and get her bathing suit on and was welcome to get in. I mentioned that her and her boyfriend, Brent, were welcome to get in, but I didn’t want their whole party group over.

She told me she would love to but that it was all Brent’s friends and they came over to watch the races and then a football game. She was bored and that’s why she came over and talked to me. She asked if she could have a rain check on the spa. I told her anytime, and she didn’t even need Brent’s permission. She laughed and went back over to her cookout.

Holly was twenty-three, a pretty girl but not really beautiful. Pretty much the girl next door type. I’ve seen her in a two piece bathing suit and she wouldn’t attract attention in a crowd. She would be considered skinny by most people and she had small breasts. Her swim suit did nothing for her. It looked too big on her. She has been going with the neighbor kid Brent for about two years. He worked at one of the local fast food places and she worked at the hospital while going to school for nurses training. She would be graduating in the near future. She would spend a lot of time at the Hupp’s house next door but always went home for the night, at least when Brent’s parents were there. She still lived with her parents. They didn’t care much for Brent but there wasn’t a whole lot they could do.

I laid back in the spa and watched Holly. She had changed in the last couple of years. She had on jeans that hugged a nice tight little bubble butt. I began to watch her and think about her casino firmaları body in the right kind of bathing suit. Her jeans were hip huggers and I couldn’t help staring at that little belly below her belly button. I was getting a woody staring at this young woman. What the hell was wrong with me? I shouldn’t be thinking about young women like this. Hell, I was older than her parents. Every once in awhile she glanced over at me and smiled. Finally, I got out of the tub and headed into the house.

As I mentioned earlier, I worked afternoons and came home and got in the spa. On Friday after work I came home and got in the hot tub. It was about midnight and the only light was the moon and stars on a beautiful cool evening. I liked to turn the patio lights off when I got in the spa. There was even a light in the spa which I usually kept off. I laid back and was relaxing when I saw someone coming out of the back door of the Hupp’s house. I made out the person to be Holly.

“Heading home?” I asked Holly as she looked over at me.

“Yeah, everyone’s asleep here. Brent drank too many beers and is out for the night.” Holly headed over to talk to me. “Boy, the spa looks nice.”

“Come on in if you like; I won’t bite.”

“I don’t want to go back over there to get my swimsuit. I locked the door when I left,” replied Holly.

“You have shorts on, just jump on in.”

“I can’t get my clothes all wet. What would I wear home?

“Well, Holly, you have a bra and panties on, don’t you? They cover as much as your swimsuit. Just leave them on and get in. I’ll promise to turn my head while you take off your blouse and shorts.”

“Oh, God, I shouldn’t do this but I want to get in so bad. Promise me you’ll never tell Brent.”

“Gosh, Holly, how stupid do I look? Of course I won’t tell anyone.” I didn’t want to say anymore till she got in. I didn’t want to scare her off.

She slipped off her blouse and had on her bra. Next she unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the floor. She bent over to pick them up and set them on a chair. I looked at her as her back was to me. She really had an hour glass figure. I could see her beautiful ass through her bikini panties. I knew that when they got wet I would be able to see her muff. I had to hide my erection as she turned and put her first leg into the tub.

I held her hand as she brought her other leg over. In the moonlight, I could see the light fuzz from her belly button to the top of her panties. Below that was the puffiness of her mound pushing out and I could make out a darkness which was her muff. God, was I the luckiest guy alive right now or what?

She laid back on the opposite side of me and lowered her whole body up to her chin. “My God, this is so great. So hot and bubbly.”

“You like bubbles, I’ll give you bubbles,” I said, as I turned the air on full which increased the bubble flow to the max.

“I love it, I love it,” replied Holly. “It feels so good; I could stay in here all night.”

I laughed, “You’d be a prune by morning.”

About that time her bra was full of water and bubbles and was making her uncomfortable. “Dumb, stupid bra,” she said.

“Why not just take it off? I don’t mind and you will feel more comfortable.”

“Oh, what the hell.” She leaned forward and removed her bra. “I know I have small breasts. Brent tells me all the time that he wishes they were bigger. There’s not a lot I can do about them.”

I looked over at her breasts. “Brent’s an asshole! You have beautiful breasts. Granted they aren’t huge, but they are a good hand full and nicely shaped. The aureole are a beautiful pink and I bet your nipples get big when Brent sucks on them.”

“Yeah, right, Brent never sucks on them. He just squeezes them and it doesn’t feel all that good. He just wants to squeeze some big tits, I guess.”

“What a dodo bird. Your breasts are perfect to make love to. They need some tender sucking and gentle rubbing.” Before she could say anything I went over to her and leaned forward and started sucking on a nipple. She moved up a little so I wouldn’t drown. I reached over and turned the bubbles down some and continued sucking on her breast.

“Oh, that feel so good,” she said, as she put her hand behind my head while I went back and forth from one breast to the other. Her nipples were sticking out hard and long. I then cupped her breast and massaged it while sucking it.

“Good, oh so good. I hope you never stop; am I ever getting horny.”

When I heard her say that, I continued my sucking but moved one hand to gently rub her fuzzy belly and then slid my hand right into her panties. I was gripping her mound and as I did, I slid two fingers into her love tunnel.

“Oh, God, Mr. G. It feels so good. Please don’t stop.” She and Brent always called me Mr. G. It was better than calling me by my first name and yet still showed respect.

“Is this the way Brent finger fucks you?” I asked building up the sexuality of the situation.

“Yes … no, he fingers me but it doesn’t feel nearly as good. You güvenilir casino seem to be so much more gentle than he is.”

“How often does he eat this pussy I’m finger fucking?” I kept fingering her harder and harder while I talked to her. She was pumping her ass up and down devouring my fingers.

“Never. He says it’s too dirty and won’t do it. Not even in the pool. He just fingers me like your doing but he’s not as good.”

“God, I’d give anything to eat this pussy. Do you want me to eat your pussy, Holly? Do you want me to kiss and suck it, and fuck you with my tongue?” Harder and faster I was pumping with my fingers.

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy. I want to know what it feels like. Please eat my pussy.”

I had Holly quickly get up and sit on the corner of the tub. I reached over, pulled off her nearly transparent panties, and turned on the spa light so I could see this beautiful specimen. I got between her legs and spread them. She was holding on to the spa on both sides while I attended to her pussy.

I used my two thumbs to spread the folds of her pussy. I saw the beautiful pink inside of her clit. So young, so clean, so pink. I leaned forward and took her clit between my lips and sucked on it. I took two fingers and pushed them into her open and glistening pussy. She was squealing and breathing hard while I worked relentlessly on her pussy. I was licking and sucking, at the same time I was finger fucking her. I pulled out my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I tongue fucked her as fast as I could. She started bucking and had to let go of the spa to wrap both hands around my head as I felt her coming to a climax.

“Oh, God, Mr. G. More…more… I’m cumming…I’m cumming,” she said as she screamed out.

I kept my face buried in her pussy as I felt spasm after spasm. When her breathing was restored and the spasms slowed I brought her back into the spa. She hugged me and thanked me for such a wonderful orgasm. She told me she had never felt anything nearly as erotic as what she just felt. I remember her saying she read about such things but never talked to anyone who ever felt it.

As she laid back down, she asked me if I came too. I told her I was hard but, no, I didn’t come; I did it for her. I wanted her to know how good it could be. The young men of today liked to finger fuck and then just put their dicks in their woman.

I was sitting up now watching Holly. She smiled and came over to me and felt between my legs. My cock was hard. She felt it and then she pulled off my bathing suit and threw it out of the spa. She started jacking me off.

“I want to do you, Mr. G.”

“Then say it like you mean it,” I replied.

“Fuck me, Mr. G. Put your cock in my pussy.”

I had her sit on the side again and she immediately spread her legs. While she was holding on to the sides of the spa, I stood up with my jutting hard-on and began rubbing it against her moist pussy. Up and down I rubbed it against her. Every time it got to her opening, I would push the head in and then pull it back out and rub it against her some more.

“Quit teasing me! Give it to me. You’re a mean old man.” She was smiling while she said it.

I pulled away from her and sat back down in the spa. She jumped off the side got in front of me, grabbed my cock and lowered herself down on it. Damn, did it ever feel good. I couldn’t help it, I reached down and grabbed hold of her bubble butt as she bounced up and down, with me buried deep within her.

“Holly, I’m about to shoot a load deep inside you.” I no sooner said it than I let loose with one of the biggest climaxes in recent memory.

Holly squealed and she pressed down as hard and far as she could when she reached her own pinnacle. Her spasms seemed to go on forever. Every second or two it gripped my cock.

“Mr. G, can I just sit her like this for awhile and rest. I’m worn out but yet it feels so good in me.”

“Sure, Holly, sit there as long as you like.” I reached over and turned the bubbles on full again.

“Mr. G, would you suck on my breasts some more? It feels so good when you do it.”

I leaned forward a little with my cock still buried deep in her and sucked and rubbed her breasts again.


In the months that followed, Holly might come over once every week or two. We were becoming best of friends but there never was love. I know it’s hard to believe but she really loved Brent. She told me that he was just a lousy lover. I knew she didn’t love me and we were honest with each other. She called me her fantasy man.

I asked her how she could love Brent and have sex with other people. She told me there weren’t other people, just me. I told her I didn’t quite understand and she explained it to me like this. As I had mentioned before, I don’t understand this generation so I just go with the flow.

“Mr. G, sex in my life has never meant much. I’ve had sex with two guys before dating Brent. It wasn’t a big thing and they did it pretty much like Brent. It was good for as long as it lasted but nothing special. I expect to marry Brent so I accept his love making but of course I try to improve it, little by little. On a scale of one to ten, I put sex at about a four. Brent puts it at about a seven. It’s the way it is with us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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