Family Matter

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My dad secretly likes to have sex fights with other guys. I found out about this a couple years ago when I got a bit too curious as to what he and his buddies usually do on the basement. That’s where Dad keeps his own personal wrestling ring, but I figured that’s not unusual considering that he works as a pro wrestler for a relatively unknown company. Anyway, I had a suspicion so I hid a small camera to observe what’s actually going on down there. Fast forward to now, I have with me dozens of videos of Dad ‘wrestling’ with other guys, some of whom I recognized as his coworkers. I’m not proud to admit that I have masturbated many times to those videos, especially when Dad is being dominated and is forced to suck the other guy’s dick. That is why I still can’t believe that I am now the one facing Dad in the very same ring.

Earlier in the day we had an argument. You see, I am a college student and I love to play football. I don’t really give a damn about my grades and that’s why Dad is mad at me for wasting his hard-earned money ‘dicking around’ with the football team. I have little respect for him so I talked back. It escalated and here we are, me and my dad in the ring. He looks to be about 6’0″ and close to 300 lbs. He has the height advantage, but I most likely have the weight advantage. I don’t think he goes to the gym nowadays, considering he looks like an off-season powerlifter with an inflated gut. Compared to him, I go to the gym three times a week and practice with my team whenever I can. I have gained a lot of muscle since I joined the team. Although, for some reason my belly refuses to lose its fat and that’s why I have a bit of a beer belly. I suspect that part is genetic. He is wearing his favorite blue wrestling trunks, the one he often wears for work and for most of the sex fights. He offered me one of his gears, but I refused because I know their history. Instead I decided to wear my own gym shorts. We are facing each other in the middle of the ring, each of us trying to intimidate the other.

“I hope you’re ready for some spanking, son.” Dad taunts. “Because I’m not about to stop until I get some of that respect from you.”

“Really, old man? Think you can beat these muscles with yours?” I taunt back, making a double biceps pose right in front of his face.

“Oh, you’ll see.” He says and shoves me back. The fight has started. I raise my arm for a haymaker but dad catches it into a wrist lock. I grimace in pain. “Wrestling isn’t just about strength, son.” He then brings my arm to my back, putting me in a hammerlock. “You should try using that big head of yours more often.”

“Fuck off.” I say.

“Language, son.” He cranks up my arm. I am forced to stand on my toes to reduce the pain. He then shoves me forward. When casino oyna I turn around Dad is just standing there as if he’s waiting for me to recover. God, that pisses me off. I rush toward him. At the last moment, he sidestepped and wrapped his meaty arms around my belly. He roars and lifts me off the ground. I’m shocked by the display of strength as he continues to bring me over his head and slamming me back first onto the mat. Fuck, I don’t know wrestling moves could actually hurt. Dad wastes no time, rolling me onto my belly and puts me in a Boston crab.

“Aaahhh!” I howl in pain.

“Do you give, son?” Dad says. Somehow I know he’s grinning even without looking at him.

“No! Agghh!” I reply between groans.

Dad must have realized he’s not getting a submission out of me. He releases my legs, giving me a moment of reprieve. He grabs my head in an attempt to pull me up. I take this opportunity to land a couple of strikes at his midsection. Oof. Dad takes his hand off of me. I pushed myself off the mat and tackle him right on his gut. He lands with a thud and I am now on top of him. I stand up and spread his legs apart. That’s when I notice that Dad has a hard-on. I grin mischievously and Dad realizes what’s going to happen, but he’s too slow to prevent my foot from landing on his unguarded crotch.

“Oohh—” Dad moans. “Wh-what are you doing, son?”

I give no reply as I continue to grind his semi-hard cock. I can feel it growing under my bare feet. Dad continues to moan, giving little to no resistance against my assault. After a while I let go of my foot and pull him up, only to put him in a backbreaker. My one hand is holding down Dad’s hairy pecs while the other finds its way on top of his trunks. I take my time massaging his meatballs and sausage, and somehow this is turning me on.

“Oh yeah… you like that, don’t you, old man?” I ask. Dad only grunts and moans, no doubt enjoying my massage. But then he suddenly grabs one of my nipples, forcing me to let go. He follows up with a kick to my head, sending me sprawling onto the mat. When I regain my senses Dad is standing over me. There is now a small wet spot on his trunks, but what surprises me the most is how pissed he looks.

“You dare touch your dad’s cock!?” He lets his body fall on top of me, his knee sinking into my belly. “Who taught you that, son? I’d like to have a word with him!” He pulls down my shorts, exposing my man meat for all to see. I try to fight back but his other hand holds me down. “I think I should teach you a lesson or two just for that, boy.” Dad proceeds to squeeze my fat orbs. The sensation of pain is mixed with pleasure, causing me to moan involuntarily. Fuck, how did I end up in this situation? I need to find a way out fast. I grab the hand that’s holding my beefy pecs and try to push it, but Dad is stronger than I expected. My slot oyna cock has fully grown to its peak, and Dad shows no sign of letting up.

He switches from kneading my balls into stroking my shaft. I try pushing him again with more strength. I succeeded, but as Dad is being shoved away he grabs my shorts and completely pulls it off of me. I stand on my feet, one hand clutching my junk in an attempt to hide it. Dad gets up and tosses my only garment over the rope. Looks like I now have to fight at a disadvantage.

Dad approaches me and we engage in a standing grappling match. My erect cock flops around as I try my best to get the upper hand. Dad manages to get behind me and puts me in a full nelson. I try to break free using pure strength to no avail. Unlike my dad, I have essentially zero experience when it comes to pro wrestling holds. Dad’s junk is pressing against my buttcrack and I’m glad he’s still wearing his trunks, otherwise he might decide to just fuck me right there and then.

“Do you give?” Dad says. “I might let you off easy if you do.”

I consider giving up for a moment but I squish the thought quickly considering my pride is on the line. “Never!” I say.

“Heh, suit yourself.” He then transitions into a sleeper choke. I think I now have a better chance of escaping, but as I try prying his arms apart I realize that his hold is still as strong as ever. The lack of oxygen soon causes my entire body to go limp. I fall down to my knee. Soon I am about to pass out, but then Dad releases the hold, causing me to fall on all fours gasping for air. Dad grabs my head and forces me to walk toward the nearest corner. He positions my barely conscious body so that my back rests on the turnbuckle and my arms on either side of me. He takes a step back and puts his hands on his side as if considering what to do with me. As he does this I am still trying to breathe as hard as I can. After some time, Dad brings his hands toward my nipples and twists them hard.

“Ooooooohhhhh…” I moan. My cock jerks upward and shoots some pre.

Dad chuckles. “I can make you cum here and now, but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He continues playing with my nips. I actually don’t mind if he did that. “No, your punishment must be more severe.”

Dad releases my nips with a parting twist, causing more pre to leak out of my tool. He starts punching my belly. I am able to resist most of them thanks to my experience as a lineman. However, after a while my defense starts to fall apart as Dad keeps pummeling the same spot over and over again. I have regained enough energy by this point so I make a sudden leap and wrap my arms around Dad’s girthy body. He clearly wasn’t expecting this. Dad tries to break out of my bearhug but I have both his arms firmly trapped. I can feel his cock pressing against the fabric and my belly, so I decided to canlı casino siteleri shake his body left and right to grind it more.

“Oohhh…” Now is Dad’s turn to moan helplessly.

“Not so tough anymore, huh?” I taunt him. There is nothing he can do against my bearhug. But then I feel something pressing against my cock. I realize too late that he’s using his thick thighs to rub my man meat. I feel the pleasurable sensation coming close, so I focus all of my attention to fight it back. This causes my hold to weaken, allowing Dad to break it and putting me in his own bearhug.

“Ahh!” Damn it, I can’t believe I let that happen. Dad continues to rub my cock, this time using his hefty belly. I can’t hold back anymore. My cock explodes, spewing its content all over Dad’s belly and mine.

“Do you want to submit now, son?” Dad smiles, knowing the fight is over.

I feel so drained after emptying my cannon. “Yes, Dad, I submit.” I say weakly.

“Do you accept that I’m the better man?”


“Will you now do whatever I say as long as you live in my house?”

I hesitate for a moment. Dad tightens his grip. “Ahh! Yes, Dad! Can you let me go now?”

“What was that, son? I can’t hear you when you’re disrespecting me like that.” He tightens the bearhug even more. The pain is starting to become unbearable.

“Ahh! Okay, okay, I’ll do whatever you want, just please let me go now!”

“Better.” He says, releasing me. I drop down immediately. “As my first order, you will call me ‘sir’ from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dad.” I reply, quickly realizing my mistake. Dad stomps my cum stained gut. “I’m sorry, SIR!”

“Hmph.” He continues. “As for my second order…” Dad pulls his trunks down slightly, revealing his fat prick. “I want you to suck this.”

I lay there motionless. Dad immediately understands why. “Your first time, son? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you.” He pulls me to a kneeling position and positions my face in front of his junk. Damn, it looks much bigger this close. I give no resistance as Dad slides his cock into my mouth. Then he begins moving back and forth. “Try to wrap your tongue around— ooh, nice. You’re getting the hang of it, son.” To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing. I still can’t believe I’m sucking my dad’s dick. He continues to hump my mouth even as he gives me more tips. Soon I can feel he’s about to blow up. I instinctively try to back away, but Dad holds my head in place and pushes his cock deeper. He pumps his hot steamy liquid inside my mouth as he orders me to swallow it all. I choke, but I do what he ordered me to do. Some of it comes out of my mouth and rolls down my chin. Dad keeps his cock inside even after he’s done emptying his load. After some time, he finally takes it out.

“Not bad for your first time, son. Clearly, you have some talent.” He lets go of my head, causing me to fall onto my butt. “We’ll do this again tomorrow, I think I have some other things to tell you then.” Dad exits the basement, leaving me alone to contemplate on what just happened.

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