Fairy Tale in an Ambulance Pt. 03

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Hannah had been thinking about the last shift she picked up with Shaun for days now. They had exchanged texts but between her relationship with her boyfriend, and his with his wife it had been extremely difficult to really stay in contact. She knew she had some serious feelings for him though, scared to death of the word love, she refused to believe it was more than a crush. She had been home for 2 of the days since their last shift and was now at work.

Home was not the same anymore. Before that shift it had been a comfortable place to lay her head and a place for her dog to meet her every morning she got home. Home was now beginning to feel like a prison. Her boyfriend was never easy to ignore. He was very touchy, very clingy. It wasn’t too hard to deal with when she had some feelings for him, but since she started, whatever this was with Shaun, she was slowly starting to hate his touch.

She began not wanting a kiss from him, and not wanting to return hugs. She knew he was catching on but she also knew to allow him to do these things would begin to repulse her eventually. She had to keep the peace though, she had no where else to go.


Shaun had worked the last 2 days and was going off duty. He had a lot on his plate today. He had a lot of errands to run for his firehouse, he had to pick up kids from school, go grocery shopping, and who knows what else after that. His normal routine life. The worst part of this for him though was he was going to have to do all of this with his wife. Shaun did not hate his wife, nor did he love her. He was indifferent at best. He was numb to her. She was just another body that cohabited the same area as him. They were polite with each other generally, however most strangers could not even tell they were married.

They had hit several bumps along the road in their marriage. A lost house and a couple of affairs. It had sapped the life out of Shaun to the point that the only thing he had left that truly mattered was his youngest daughter. At least until a few days ago. He knew he had some serious feelings for Hannah. He had never felt this way he felt before. There was just something there. Something fantastically mystifying about her. Something mysteriously looming in his heart. He did not want to think of it as love, but he knew he was lying to himself when he did play it off as anything but love.

Normally he would dread his days off. This one started out pretty nice though. He had woke up at work to a text from Hannah reminding him that she missed him and was doing her best to try to see him. This lifted him up enough to get through what he needed to.


Hannah was started her day off with a nap at work. So far it had been a very easy day. A nice nap, a nice cup of tea, and now, with her partner asleep on the couch, she was making her way to her bunk room. As she closed her door behind her she ran her hand down the front of her pants. She had had a wonderful dream where Shaun had are her out and was ready to finish what his imaginary self started. As soon as her finger had slipped into her hot moist pussy the pager went off. Dammit, not now she thought. She had been trying to not give in and play herself hop on to see Shaun for somehow, but all she wanted to so was come.

She buttoned her pants and went to her ambulance. She was beyond wet throughout the whole ride to the patients house. As her driver pulled into the driveway she seen that the fire department was there. Their first responder vehicle lit up like a Christmas tree. She marked on scene and began making her way inside.

As she crossed the threshold of the door, she saw him. Shaun turned, looked at her, have her that devilish smile, and began talking. She didn’t hear anything. All she could see was his lips moving, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t speak. All she could do was feel her juices now running down her inner thigh she was so turned on. She had to have him, and it had to be soon.


Shaun turned in time to catch contact eye to eye with Hannah. He couldn’t help but smile. He was so happy to see her. He have her a report on the patient and offered to ride to the ER with her as ALS backup. She of course agreed and they loaded the patient and began their transport.

Shaun was going through his normal routine with a patient. IV started, monitor put on, oxygen on, pulse ox on. Everything was stable and the patient really didn’t need all of this, but Shaun had to see her. If this was how he got to see her then so be it. He had finished everything and had started scooting across the bench seat toward where Hannah was sitting in the jump seat.

Without even saying a word she grabbed his hand and put it between her legs. He knew what she wanted and instantly found her clit and began rubbing, maintaining a complete conversation with his rear facing passenger the whole time. He started slowly, massaging her clit up and down, he was slowly increasing his pace and doing his best to not make her moan to loudly. That all ended when he felt her wetness through her pants. “No panties?” şişli üniversiteli escort he thought to himself.

He had to know, he moved his hand up untucked her shirt, pushed his way down the front of her pants, and sure enough, no panties. What he did find down those pants excited him though. She was so wet and hot that his fingers freely slip right to where he wanted them. Without even loosening her up she shoved 2 fingers in. Deep, hard, while leaving his thumb near her clit, he began rubbing. He would let her get close, very close to coming and slow down. He could see the frustration on her face. He loved it.


Hannah was visibly upset. All she wanted to do was cum, and he wouldn’t finish it off for her. She hoped he knew what he was causing. As soon as they got to the ER she began formulating a plan. He was coming back to her station. One way or the other. After all the mundane chores at the ER. She found him making his way back to her ambulance. She began concocting a plan that second. As soon as Shaun got close enough to the truck she told him he had to ride on the back because she had some medic class questions to ask him. He complied and got in. She crawled in the back of the ambulance, walked to the front, got into a bag and walked back beside him. She asked him to sit on the bench seat and he did. She pulled a bag out of the action area had reach it toward him. When he went to take the bag she opened her other hand, places a handcuff around his wrist and then around the head of the cot. She smiled at him and said it was her turn to let him wiggle a little. She stuck her hand down her pants, got her finger wet and brought it to his lips. She then smiled, got out of the ambulance and went to the passenger seat where she say down.


Shaun set on the bench seat, asking himself what the hell had just happened. How the hell did he just let himself be handcuffed to a cot? By a girl less then half his size nonetheless, and why would she put that sweet taste in his mouth. This game had completely turned around on him.

The curves were kicking his ass, he wasn’t able to counter them because of the cuff. He felt helpless. He kind of liked it though. He didn’t like feeling like a bitch, but he was kind of turned on by the fact that maybe he had met his match. The ambulance finally backed into the station and she appeared at the back. She got in and closed the doors.

She looked at him, told him to stand up. He did and he felt his belt being undone he pants fell to the floor. This was such an uncomfortable standing position for him. She told him to sit down and he did. She grabbed his free hand and placed it on his his dick and told him to start stroking it.

Not exactly knowing where this was going he went ahead and started. She began to strip, slowly, taking off her uniform, then her shirt, then her bra. Undoing her belt and unbuttoning her pants. She then just stood there. Licking and biting her lips for what Shaun swore was an eternity. She then reach down into her pants, began playing with herself and told him to speed up his stroking.

She knew he was close to cumming, she could see it in his face. She reach over, grabbed the base of his dick and squeezed as hard as she could. Then smiled at him. Shaun was furious. She stopped him from cumming dead in his tracks. He knew it wasn’t over yet.


Hannah was feeling accomplished at this point. She knew she would have the upper ye hand this time. He wasn’t trying to fight it at all. This turned her on even more. With his dick still in hand she slid closer to him, bent down and slowly stuck his dick to her lips while extending her tongue outward slightly caressing his slit with the tip, then as her mouth came down the head running her tongue along the base. As she was going down she closes her lip around his girth and began to suck. Not to hard at first, and very slow sucking in an out. She knew it would not take a lot to make him cum, she wasn’t going to let him though.

She reach down with her free hand and cupped his balls, gnarly rubbing and massaging them. She sped her pace up gradually sucking harder until she felt his leg muscles begin to tighten. He began to moan and moved his free hand to the back of her head. Before she would move his hand from her head, he grabbed a hand full of hair and thrusted his pelvis upward. This took Hannah by surprise. She had not accounted for that hand. She tried to take control back by roughly squeezing his balls. It worked. With a moan and a pulling back of his pelvis she was able to get his grip out of her hair. She pulled his dick from her mouth and she heard an almost whimper sound come from him.

She brought her face to his and kissed him. She then pulled back and said “I will uncuff you, however you have to stay.” She saw him nod his head and she uncuffed him. Walked to her shirt and slid it on. Turned and looked at him while licking her lips and got out of the ambulance.


Shaun was beyond any actual thought process except this taksim anal yapan escort beautiful, hot, sexy little thing that was standing in front of him licking her lips. He was intoxicated and willing to do whatever she commanded at this point. He followed her into her station and into her bunk room. Where she was slowly undressing again, and took her boots off but left her socks on. Laid down and lifted her blanket patted the bed beside her. He started walking in that direction and she told him to take his clothes off. He did and was standing in the nude in from of her. He felt very insecure but all she did was smile and patted the bed again. He moved over to it and laid down beside her. She pulled his arm over hers and looked him in the eyes. Shaun knew what he wanted to say at this very moment, but he had no idea how to say it.

He finally said “hi”. How weak was that he thought to himself. “Look, I umm.” Was all he could muster on the second attempt. Then he heard it. “I really really like you” she said. He took her chin in hand and pulled her lips to his. Pulled back slowly and said. “I really really love you”

They smiled at one another and laid there in each other’s arms. Both swiftly fell asleep.


Hannah woke up and realized it was dark outside. She reach over to her phone to see what time it was. Panic went throughout her body. Her boyfriend was due to be at the station any second. She pushed Shaun and he woke up and went to kiss her she kissed him really fast and told him he needed to leave now. He looked puzzled but began getting up. She heard a car door outside and she grabbed Shaun by the arm and started dragging him to the back door. She quickly turned him around and kissed him. Looked him in the eyes and said I love you. She then opened the door and shoved him outside, closing the door as swiftly as she had opened it.

She ran as fast as she could to the bathroom, pulled the door shut, pants down and began to force herself to pee. She heard footsteps outside the bathroom door and a voice saying her name. She wiped, stood and flushed the toilet and made sure her hair was a little messy. She opened the bathroom door to see her boyfriend staring at her.

She heard him say hi, and answered politely to his questions about her day, but all she could think about was Shaun. Where did he go? Is he ok? She had to know. She walked to the bedroom and sent him a text. There was no quick answer so she came back out into the living area where her boyfriend was sitting on the couch. He patted the couch beside him and she say down. He out his arm around her and she felt a strong urge to push it off her, but she couldn’t. She had to force herself to sit here with him.

All she thought about was Shaun and she never got any text back. Where was he? What had happened? She worried so much she was ready to take a call anywhere just in the hopes she would see him walking and could explain things.

In their lust they had never really discussed their situations with each other. Both knew a little but not to a full extent. She wanted to explain so bad that she didn’t care for her boyfriend. She didn’t want Shaun to think she was playing with him just for sex

It was the longest few hours of her life before get boyfriend left, and still no text.


Shaun was standing in the cold, just outside a back door behind her station. His phones battery depleted long ago. He listened for the front door to open and close and he began walking. What the hell had he got himself into. He knew better than this shit. He had fallen in love with a girl who was spoken for and he himself was spoken for. He got to the front yard. Kissed Hannah’s drivers side window and began following the road toward home. The problem was home was 19 miles away and it was dark as black outside. He had nothing but his wallet, a can of snuff, car keys, and his dead cell phone. “Not even Mcgyver could use this shit for much.” He thought. So he continued walking.

His thought soon began to wander the way, they always do, to Hannah. Did she mean what she had said? Does she love me? Did she just say it to get me out of the station quickly? Ugh. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. He was madly in love.

It’s such long walk home he thought. But today was worth it. He had been taken hostage, teased, loved,and slept the most soundly he had his entire life. He came to an intersection, took a deep breath, and kept walking.


Hannah had fell asleep on the couch and awoken to the sun in her face. She flipped her phone over and checked it. Nothing. Damn I hope he’s ok she thought. She made her way to the bathroom. Peed and then took a shower. He mind drifting to how Shaun’s dick tasted, how he smelled, how he moaned, and how he touched her. She began to play with her clit but was interrupted by the sudden sensation of cold water. Damn cheap hot water heater she thought.

She got out of the shower and dried off. Her phone vibrates and she almost fell trying to get to it. She checked taksim bdsm escort it. It was her boyfriend. Not who she wanted to hear from at all. She left her phone setting and continued to get ready.

She was dreading class today. She hadn’t heard from Shaun yet and she didn’t know what had happened. Was he ok? She left the station traveling in the same direction as he would have. She never seen him. She passed his house and wanted to stop but thought it would be best that she didn’t. She continued on to class. Scared and feeling strangely lonely.

Class drug on today. Her instructor had a crush on her and she knew it which made things very uncomfortable to begin with, not to mention a not so exciting subject matter. Her mind was constantly wondering. She began to get sleepy and just as she was nodding off her phone vibrated. She quickly flipped it over. It was Shaun.

She felt her heart skip a beat. She quickly unlocked it. It read “sorry about last night. My phone was dead. How are you doing?” Wait a minute she thought. He’s not mad at me? Now she was intrigued. She began texting him back. Her very first text was “I love you.”


Shaun was speechless. Is that really how she wanted to start this, or was she just feeling guilty? He just played it off and asked her how she was doing. After listening about her class and how sorry she was about last night he decided to go out on a limb as asked her when the next time could happen. He heard nothing for about 30 minutes. She told him class was getting out in about 45 minutes and she would message him then.

Shaun waited while reading. He hated being home by himself. There was nothing to keep his mind occupied but books. He waited until he decided she wasn’t going to text him back. He marked his place in his book and laid it down. He turned on the TV and laid on the couch, dozing in and out until he heard his phone vibrate. He picked it up and it was Hannah.

Next time is whenever you want it she said. Naturally he wanted it right now and he told her that but with his wife due back any second that wasn’t going to happen. He told her that too. He needed her to understand that he was married and that he couldn’t just break things off as easy as most could. His situation was complicated. She accepted that and explained her situation a little more in detail and he accepted that also.

He then decided it was time. He texted her “I love you” back. Almost instantly he got her response which was “I love you too.” Shaun was overwhelmed with excitement. Did the hottest girl he had ever seen in his life seriously just reciprocate love back to him? He wasn’t going to argue it and kept the conversation going.

He mentioned to her that he had to go to the fire department that night and that most times there was no one else there. He knew what he was trying to do, he just wandered if she knew.

The conversation ended when his wife got home and he had to help with the kids and groceries. He regretted breaking off the messaging session, but knew he had to.


Hannah had to make a decision. He mentioned he was going to be alone at a fire department tonight. Was he hinting?

She decided to take a chance and began getting ready. She was terrified yet excited. This would be their first time really seeing each other outside of work and it was leaving a feeling of jitteriness in her stomach she hadn’t ever felt. She wanted to look perfect. She took her time doing everything, paying attention to every single detail.

She finished getting ready and decided it was time to go. The drive felt like an eternity. The jitteriness was definitely leaving it’s mark. She couldn’t believe how nervous she was. She never gets nervous over a guy. Why this one?

It was just getting dark when she pulled into the parking lot. She sent a text and from a door he emerged. He was dirty, what was he doing in there? She got out of her car and started making her way to him. He walked her inside and began showing her around. She could care less but she made her self appear like she was interested. The reality of it all was she had never seen him dirty and sweaty. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked what he had been doing

He explained how he had been testing and cleaning scba’s and how dirty they can get. He offered to clean himself up, but she told him to not worry about it, that it was mind of sexy. She continued on with him on the short tour.


Shaun was astonished at how beautiful she looked tonight. Did she really go through all this trouble for his sake? He felt completely stupid that he was so dirty. He plugged along though trying to make things look as oblivious as possible in case someone would show up. After about 10 minutes he had decided no one was going to.

He walked her to his office and as soon as they got through the door he grabbed her waist, pulled her to him and began to kiss her. She kissed him back and they stayed kissing for what seemed forever to him. His hands were gliding up and down her body taking in the feel of the smoothness of her skin when he would get quick feels of her sides. His lips broke from hers and he began kissing her neck, soft and moist moving from just beside her jawline downward toward her collarbone. His hands now moving to her ass and lifting and pushing against his desk. He could feel his hardness beginning to build and press against her.

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