Exploring New Things Pt. 05

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Aj Applegate

Today was a bad day. I slept through two alarms, forgot my purse on the counter, and ran into construction on the way to work. When I got to work, I spilled my coffee… twice. I screwed up a report I was working on and had to go back and fix it, taking twice as long as usual (but thank god I caught the mistake before someone else did). Then, I had to halt an argument between two coworkers. I swear everyone has lost their damn minds. Nothing is going as it should.

You saw me late in the afternoon and noticed I was shaking. You stopped me and asked if I’d eaten today. I had to think about it. I was so busy I forgot to eat! I knew I wasn’t feeling very well but didn’t even notice I had started to tremor.

You had leftovers from earlier and handed them to me, pulled up a chair for me, and told me to sit and eat. I tried to brush you off as I was on my way to speak to someone else. You wouldn’t let me. “Sit,” you ordered. After a quick silent battle, I realize you’re serious and I finally gave in. When I took the first bite, I realized how hungry I was. I’m pretty sure I ate it all in under three minutes. Once I’ve had my fill, I look up with appreciation and say, “Thank you.” You respond saying “You’re welcome, now go to work.” I snicker at your reply as I head out the door.

I’m exhausted and I’m extremely tense by the end of the workday. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to deal with anybody else’s problems. I don’t want to go home and have to cook dinner and do dishes and laundry and pay bills. I’m just done.

You catch me as I’m leaving for the day and ask if I can meet you in two hours. I’m hesitant, I just want to go to bed and have a little peace, but I know that’s not realistic. I have a lot I need to do. It’s like you can see my internal debate. I’d like to see you, but it’s too much effort right now. You tilt my chin up so I’m looking directly into your eyes, “Trust me” is all you say. I agree to see you then.

I go home and start on all the tasks I have to get done. I actually accomplish a lot before it’s time for me to leave to see you. Knowing that I can come home and go to sarıyer escort bed directly afterwards helps me relax a little bit.

Its finally time to go and I’m already a little anxious. I have no idea why you want to see me tonight. Normally our meetings are planned ahead of time. I’m curious why you suggested it this evening when you know I’m not great company right now.

I arrive a few minutes early, as usual, and you’re already here too. As soon as I walk in, I register two things. The first thing is you’re still in your work cloths. Normally you head straight to shower and change after work. The second thing is, you’re sexy as hell in your uniform with your hair tousled like you’ve been running your fingers through it.

When you notice me standing there, you stride up to me. I start to ask what’s going on but “what’s” is all I get out before you slam your mouth onto mine. The ferocity of the kiss takes me by surprise, and I freeze. Your tongue sweeps over my lips, demanding entrance. That flick of your tongue jolts me into action and I open up to you. It only takes one kiss and I’m melting in your arms.

You’re not asking me for anything, you’re taking what you want. You ravage my mouth while grabbing my ass and squeezing me towards you. I love your aggressiveness. I’m lost in your lips, your tongue, your hands. Everything in the background fades. I’m not sure how we moved, but the next thing I know my back is slammed against the wall with your arms caging me in. The entire length of your body pressed against mine is intoxicating.

There are way too many clothes on. I need to feel your skin against mine. I slide my hand up under your shirt, feeling your muscles move as you grab me. We separate only long enough for me to yank off your shirt. As I toss your shirt aside, you pull my dress off over my head. You immediately kiss and nip down my throat while you reach around to undo the clasp on my bra. As soon as it’s undone, I drop my arms causing it to fall to the floor.

As soon as my large tits are revealed, you start to maul them. Squeezing, sucking, biting, silivri escort and licking them. They’re sensitive and your ministrations cause jolts of arousal to shoot straight to my core. I moan with every graze of your teeth against my nipples. I grab hold of your head for something to hang onto. It’s wonderful, but I need more.

I reach for the waistband of your pants. I grab both your pants and boxers and yank them down together. The second they hit the floor, you kick them away. You don’t bother to pull off my thong. You just snap the fabric at my hips and jerk it away from my body.

We’re finally both delightfully nude. I don’t even get to look at you before you align your body with mine again. The cold wall against my heated skin sends a shiver down my spine. Your chest is smashed against mine and your cock is pressed against my lower belly as we kiss each other on every area of reachable skin. I reach down to grab your cock and you grab my hand, stopping me.

You grab my other hand and force them both over my head. You hold them there as you torment my body with your mouth. I can feel your cock pulsing against me with every kiss and nibble. My body feels like a live wire, just a little more stimulation and I’ll explode.

“Open your eyes,” you order. You tilt my chin up so I can look directly into your eyes as I open mine. “Turn around” you demand.

I move to follow your command, but apparently not quick enough. You let go of my wrists, grab my hips, and twist my body so I’m facing the wall. You me back towards you and press down on my lower back so I’m bent at the waist with my hands against the wall for stability. There’s no gentleness in your movements. You aim your cock at my entrance and slam into me. Pushing all the way to the hilt in one motion. I tense up and yell at the invasion, more out of shock than pain. You hold still for a minute so I can catch my breath. As soon as you feel me start to relax, you pull out until only the tip of you is still inside and slam home again.

“Yes!” I scream.

You thrust aggressively over and over. I can’t do anything şirinevler escort but hang onto the wall and take what you’re giving me. My brain is mush. All I can focus on is the delicious friction and force of your cock against my inner walls. Your grip on my hips is so tight, I might have bruises tomorrow. I don’t care. I’m loving your aggressiveness. I’m SO close! You don’t let up. If anything, your thrusts become even more forceful. Your cock is a battering ram inside my pussy.

You remove one hand from my hips, grazing your fingers up my body until you’re at my neck. I expect you to yank on my hair but instead, you reach around and gently place it on my throat. You don’t squeeze, you just hold your hand there. You don’t stop thrusting. Your hand on my throat adds another unexpected layer of arousal. Knowing you’re in complete control is freeing. In just a few more violent thrusts and I’m coming apart.

I scream your name in bliss. I’m drowning in waves of pleasure. My orgasm is so intense, blackness overtakes me. I don’t know if I’m out for seconds or hours. I don’t want this feeling to end. Every nerve ending is sparking in ecstasy. Slowly, the pleasure ebbs away and I return to my body. Just as I become lucid, I hear you yell my name. I feel your dick pulse and shoot liquid fire deep into my body. When your body calms and the last stream is complete, we both still, panting in our exertions.

That orgasm was so fierce my legs won’t hold me up anymore and we both collapse on the floor. I’d love to just stay here and crash but it’s not an option. After a few minutes, you lean over me and kiss me softly. This kiss is affectionate and sweet. I gaze up at you and our eyes lock.

“I know you’ve had a rough day and I wanted to help ease your burden, even if only for a little while,” you say.

“Thank you, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. And you did. I feel a lot better and certainly less tense,” I respond.

Your domination was just what I needed to ease my mind. I still can’t believe you were able to shut my brain off. Between that and the great sex, I’m completely at relaxed, at ease, and ready for a good night’s sleep. I hug you and kiss you back softly.

We both know it’s time to go so we get up and leisurely get dressed, sharing kisses and gently caressing each other as we go. When we’re both dressed and ready to leave, we kiss one last time and part ways.

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