Exploring in the Woods

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I was out exploring the woods on my bike. A push bike is a great way to do it, cover a lot of ground. I was cycling slowly, near a path that led to a dogging spot and I saw a guy, looking a bit aimless. He was a slim, older guy, 50’s, short hair, wearing cheap, hiking clothes. He looked at me as I cycled into the clearing he was in. I looked back with a question in mind and stopped riding. He stopped and changed direction, slowly heading back towards the clearing.

I knew I’d be passing through there, an area known for men enjoying men in a sexual way. I’d already been wondering about how to get a blow job. I’ve had a couple of sexual encounters with men, but I’d paid for those. I’ve long been curious about sex with men and decided that seeing a gay escort was a good way to explore on my terms. But I’d never had a casual, outdoors, with a stranger, sexual experience.

That day I woke up horny, and I figured that a blow job from a guy is still a blow job, so maybe if I cycle over that way, see what happens… I’d never done this before, I had no idea what to do, how to behave. All the same, the thought had been enticing me as I’d been riding along. He didn’t look dangerous, I thought I could take him if things went badly wrong, so, feeling nervously brave I got off my bike. I looked back at the guy as I pushed my bike across the clearing. Laying down my bike on the ground, I headed into the trees on the other side. I took a few more paces into the trees then stopped and turned.

He was maybe twenty yards away, watching me. I put my hand on my crotch, cupping myself, pointedly looking at him. That was all it took. He slowly started towards me, glancing around to make sure no-one else was about. ‘Game on’ I thought, and undid my belt and zip, freeing my hardening cock. I wanked myself gently, showing him my cock as came up to me. “I’m not sure how we do this” I said. His reply was to reach out and take my cock in his hand, then both hands. I couldn’t believe what was happening, staring down at my cock in his hands. His touch was warm, firm, his hands moved fluidly, gently. His hands knew what they were doing, easing me into a relaxed, supercharged state. He made my cock feel longer and thicker than it had in a long time. Robust, ready for a good fucking, it was fantastic.

I lowered my pants and jeans, they fell past casino şirketleri my knees, his queue to go to his knees. He reached around and held my ass, enjoying the sight of my cock waiting for his mouth. It was a short wait, ushered in by his tongue, reaching out, beckoning my cock into his mouth. A few shallow bobs of the head, then he took me all the way in. “fuck that’s good..” His right hand came around to hold my balls, his left held firmly against my ass. He began to take me in and out of his mouth, savouring me deeply.

I looked around at the trees, out into the clearing. It all looked so normal out there, but right here, a new thing was happening. A stranger was on his knees in front of me sucking my cock, it was so fucking horny. I tensed the muscles in my ass and he squeezed his hand. I wiggled my asshole towards his fingers, he understood what I was asking for. He slipped his head back off my cock, and replaced it in his mouth with the index finger of his left hand. I could feel the anticipation rising in me, as I imagined that finger in my ass, rubbing my prostate.

He reached back around, straight to the target, gently easing his slippery finger into me. I forgot my cock for a moment as I relaxed onto him. He was circling in and out of me, as he took my cock back into his mouth. Pulling me into his face with his left hand, his finger pressing rhythmically against my prostate. He started bobbing up and down again, the finger pulling me into his mouth, pulling me out again. I had my hands on his head, looking down, rubbing and tugging at his short, grey hair. On and on, in and out, my cock in his mouth, his finger in my ass. One of those times when you feel like you’ll never get tired, like you’ll keep growing and hardening.

When I came, it was intense, I nearly howled. With a heaving, roaring grunt, I unloaded into him, pushing hard into his face, slam, slam, slam, then juddering almost a muscle spasm, still pressed hard against him. I could feel the back of his throat, feel his tongue as it was sliding all around the underside of my cock. I came to realise that he was sucking every last drop, squeezing it out of me with his right hand. His left hand still gripping my ass, his finger moving slowly now, still deep inside me.

There in trees, my cock in a strangers mouth, one of his fingers in my ass, casino firmaları I felt deeply relaxed. I hadn’t cum so hard in a long time, it took it out of me. He took my cock out of his mouth and began to lick it clean. He was so intent, I was fascinated, watching him lick along the length of my cock. The way he held it while he took my balls into his mouth in turn, trying to clean up his saliva and any traces of my cum. I began to stiffen up again, I ground my ass against his hand, his finger. I tried to draw his finger into me with my muscles, he pushed deeper in. I bent forwards so I could reach down to his cock. I felt him through his trousers, he was hard, about the same size as me. I wanted to feel more.

His finger eased it’s way out of me and he stood up. I undid his trousers and pushed them down enough to free him. My turn to hold, to squeeze and stroke, to weigh and measure, to encourage. I liked it, feeling another man’s cock harden in your hands. I realised he would probably fuck me if I wanted him to and I did want him to. “got a condom?” I asked him. An easy smile but still no words, he reached into his pocket and pulled one out. He slipped his coat off to use as a rug. I took off my boots so I could get my jeans off, and knelt down on his coat. In front of him, in front of his condom covered cock.

I dislike the taste of condoms, but I get over it quickly. I wanted him as hard as can be, lubed up with my spit. I wanted him in my ass, filling me up, I wanted more than the finger I’d already had. I put my hands flat on his upper thighs and took the end of his cock into my mouth. I moved back and forth over the ridge, imagining it was my cock teasing it’s way into a pussy. Just the end rubbing against wet pussy lips, probing for the way to open, then in, all the way. Now it was him reaching down and tugging hair, looking around at the trees, his cock in a stranger’s mouth. He fucked my pussy mouth, gently grinding against my face.

I needed more of that cock, I leant back “please fuck my ass the way you’ve just been fucking my mouth”. “I’d love to” he finally spoke. I turned around and got on all fours, my wet, waiting hole open towards my strangers cock. I could feel him kneel behind me, his legs touching mine, his cock against my thigh. I felt wet dribbling down between my buttocks, then his hard cock pressing güvenilir casino lengthways against me. He rubbed up and down, the length of his cock rubbing between my butt cheeks, against my asshole. I love to fuck my girl like this, rubbing myself off on her, sliding up and down between her butt cheeks. This was my first time feeling a cock like that and I fucking loved it.

I felt his wet fingers circle my asshole, widening me, then there it was, the cock. One, two, three and in, so delicious, I pushed back onto it. We moved slowly, easing into it, grinding, tensing and releasing. I moved my arms so I could get my head lower, strengthen my position against the increasing force of his thrusting, still slow, gentle, but filling me more and more. My cock twitching, my balls swinging in time to his rhythm. He pulled himself really close, tight against me and rocked my whole body as he tried to get deeper and deeper into me, always moving. He pulled back, almost all the way out of me, then slipped all the way back in with one powerful smooth motion. He did it again, almost all the way out then all the way back in, with a harder push at the end of his stroke. A third time, a fourth, a fifth, each time the push at the end, a little harder, a little deeper. Each one making my cock jerk in unison. Each one concentrating a whole moment into the sensations I was feeling. Each one bringing him closer, bringing me closer.

He pushed me further down into the floor, changing the angle, allowing a little more freedom of movement and began to fuck me hard. No more gentle and slow, he just fucked his cock into me, again and again. It was all about his cock now, it was in charge. It rammed in and out my ass, making each thrust count, the extra push at the end sending waves of pleasure through my body, radiating out from my prostate. Quickening, grabbing hard, holding me, fucking me, he came inside me, slamming himself into me like his life depended on it. It tipped me over the edge, I convulsed as a second orgasm tore through me, involuntarily squeezing his cock with my asshole, making him grunt even more. My cock spraying cum onto his coat, twitching, cuming untouched.

I felt him bend over to lie on top of me, his cock still inside me. I moved my knees down and we lay there quietly for a few moments, recovering ourselves. He eased his softening cock out of my ass, and took off the condom. The spell was broken, the energy spent, the urgency sated, we became again, merely, two strangers in the woods, we had used up our connection. We dressed and parted in silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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