Exploration , a Surprise… Pt. 01

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It was a morning like any other- my wife was away on business and I awoke feeling randy yet unfulfilled somehow. I peed quickly as was my need that early in the morning, went back to bed & tried to ease myself deep under the covers.

I was so aroused but no amount of touching myself could even begin to sate the arousal I felt. Even as I gently touched my perineum with saliva dampened fingers no relief was even near despite my acute arousal. Even clothespins clamped tightly onto my nipples brought only increased arousal instead of relief.

In desperation, as I grasped my already hardened cock in the one hand I lubed up the free hand’s finger & explored my own butt with it… God that was exquisite. As I penetrated myself I felt unexpected pleasures & pre-cum but still fell short of the goal I had set for myself, sadly enough.

A few hours later I awoke- buried deep in the covers, naked and still unrequited. I grabbed my laptop and was about to go browse porn when somehow – that’s how it happens you know- pendik escort I came across a story of a man’s journey towards self-anal/prostate stimulation.

That was weird. None of that had ever turned me on before but in reading his account I became quite aroused, my fingers wandered beyond last night’s slight exploration and even pressed against my butt- that felt interesting actually.

I was feeling conflicted ‘cos, well, I’m straight but the mere beginnings of penetration felt so very good indeed. I got so very aroused at that moment too.

All alone just me & me… Well with no one to watch I decided what the hell- licked a finger generously in lieu of lube and pressed it a little harder against my rectum- it felt oddly harsh but gratifying too – once I penetrated myself the feeling was sublime & deliciously dirty. The warmth surrounding my finger was new as was the feeling of being penetrated neither of which was at all unwelcome to me.

At some point I became overwhelmed; came sublime buckets, escort pendik fell asleep a hot sweaty mess.

I awakened some hours later & thought it was just a dream but the state of my sheets & the scent upon my finger & hand told a different story. at that point I felt pretty confused. After some coffee I soon discovered there was a great deal to read about men who enjoyed anal play & also discovered a whole new realm of toys that they quite seemed to very much enjoy.

At this point I felt somewhere between aroused & ashamed but still felt the delicious nascent reminder of penetration which very much did intrigue me still..

After a shower & making myself presentable I remembered a boutique nearby that was woman owned & not judgemental at least according to their spiel. It also occurred to me that there was likely something better to play with down there than my finger.

After some thought I decided to venture out to said store. As I entered I felt a bit strange although willing. Once I came in the pendik escort bayan close cropped blond woman behind the counter said “Hi- I’m Jen – what are you looking for?” I of course stammered back that I was just looking around & thanked her still.

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that surrounded me I was dazed when suddenly I heard a soft voice in my ear – it was Jen offering to help me find whatever I needed or wanted.

This have me pause… Jen asked me again, noting that the shop was not a judgy place. – After some hesitation I confided to her that I was actually looking for a toy for myself. Jen asked me a few questions, suggested something that would be OK for beginners, which I bought & made me promise to let her know how it worked out.

I left the shop, new purchase in hand, went home lubed myself up & started to read some pegging stories on Literotica.

Man I became aroused but as horny as I became as much as I tried I could not get the toy in me it was Jen’s with a handwritten note “Guaranteed you’ll love your purchase; if not please call”. On that nite I fell asleep thinking I ought to call indeed the next day if only to complain that the item was unsatisfactory.

…more to follow if of interest…

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