Experience with a Cleaning Lady

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***From the Author***

Though I’ve been writing for a couple of years, this is my first real attempt at publishing on Literotica. I have a couple of my stories which I want to push out on this forum. I hope you enjoy the stories and I’m open to suggestions in order to make things better.

This is a story whose setting is in my home country.


Richard yawned and woke up with a splitting headache. The bright rays from the sun streaming in through the curtains almost blinded him. He grimaced and tried getting up but the pain shot through his head, making him gasp. He felt as if his head had been split open with an axe. He lay back on the pillow and waited a while for his head to stop throbbing.

He couldn’t immediately remember much about the party last night. The only thing he could recollect was the dancing and all the fun and drinks and food that flowed freely. It was a surprise bachelor party he and a couple of other guys had planned for one of their buddies who was tying the knot in a couple of weeks. Give him one more adventure as a bachelor. The party went on into the night and by the time everyone had left, it was already almost dawn.

After a couple of minutes, he felt his head was steady enough. He stood up on wobbly legs. He was still in his party clothes. They reeked of sweat, cigar smoke, and alcohol. He stripped off his grimy clothes and dumped them in a corner. He would take care of them later. Right now all he needed was to wake up and gather his wits. Maybe a long cold shower will clear his head.

He walked out of his bedroom and groaned as he surveyed the havoc that greeted him in the living room. Empty and half-empty bottles of wine and beer littered everywhere. There was a pile of used plates and cups in the sink. Overflowing ashtrays littered the table and the stench of cigarette smoke hung in the air and he had to open the windows to let some fresh breeze in. He walked into the guestroom and noticed the bed in disarray. A couple of used condoms lay about on the tiled floor. He strode out and sat on the arm of one of the leather sofas. There was no way he was going to clean the place up by himself. He thought about the cleaning service he used once in a while. Today was Sunday. Luckily the owner was someone he was in good terms with. He checked the time. It was almost eleven o’clock. He looked for his phone and dialed. After a few rings, the lady answered.

“Good morning Mr. Richard,” the pleasant lady answered.

“Good morning, Mrs. Badmus,” Richard replied, “I hope I didn’t catch you at a wrong time?”

“No you didn’t. I just got back from church. To what do I owe the pleasure of receiving a call from you on a Sunday morning?”

“I just want to know if you offer cleaning services on a day like today.”

“Well,” Mrs. Badmus replied, “today is Sunday and we’re not open.”

“That’s a shame. I really need some assistance here in my home.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Let’s just say the after effects of a bachelor party.”

Mrs. Badmus laughed. “Then it is indeed bad. I can make an exception for one of my clients. I’ll call a couple of my girls to see who may be able to come and get back to you.”

“That will be very helpful ma’am. Thank you.”

About thirty minutes later, she called back.

“I was able to convince one of the young ladies to work today for a few hours.”

“Thank you. You really don’t know how grateful I am.”

“Her name is Gladys. She is Beninoise so doesn’t really speak too much English.”

“That’s okay. All I need is to tell her where to clean.”

“Yes. She said she’ll be ready in an hour. Could you send me your address?”

“Yes ma’am. It’s No. ***, Okotie Eboh Street, Utako. It is not too far from ABC Transport. Please tell her it is the apartment building with the red roof. She cannot miss it. My flat is the one to the right on the ground floor.”

“Okay. I will relay the information to her.”

“How much to I pay?”

“I told her you will give her five thousand naira. Since it’s a Sunday she can use it as extra pay.”

“That is fair enough.”

“Okay. So I’ll call her back and give her all the information. Expect her in an hour or so.”

“Thank you very much once again ma’am.”


Around twelve-thirty, his doorbell rang. He had taken a shower and after preparing some noodles for breakfast, had downed a couple of painkillers and was now feeling much better. The gentle breeze blowing through the widows had cleared out the cigarette smog a bit and he had settled in front of the TV with his laptop.

He trod bare-foot to the door and peered through the peep-hole for a moment. He opened the door, and standing there with a large bag in her hand was a young brown-skinned lady. At first glance her visage was rather off-putting. A minor skin condition caused some black rashes on her face. She had slightly crooked teeth which pushed her lips open a tad. To top it all, she had a slight frown on her face. All of that could be forgiven though because what she lacked in facial beauty she more than made up with a very nice body. Her hair was made into a kind of curly braids and tied back with a pangaltı escort band into a sort of ponytail. He could see a hint of her smooth and flat midriff where the top and pants of the purple sweat suit she wore parted. The zipper stopped about halfway down, and her breasts pushed against the pink camisole she had on underneath, showing off her smooth ample cleavage encased in her bra. Her matching sweatpants molded tightly over her hips and round ass, and a pair of grey and red sneakers adorned her feet. He didn’t realize he was staring until she cleared her throat slightly.

“Oh hello, I’m sorry, you must be Gladys, right?” he asked.

“Yes, my name is Gladys. I come here to clean your house.” she replied.

“Yes, please come in.”

He stepped aside and she walked through the doorway. He couldn’t help but stare at her butt which jutted out and jiggled as she walked. He followed her into the living room, and stood aside as she surveyed the mess before her. Finally, she turned to face him.

“So your boss told me to give you five thousand naira to clean my house,” he was finding it difficult to keep his eyes on her face.

“Yes, five thousand. This place dirty.” She retorted, eyeing him slightly.

Richard was beginning to detect a hint of an attitude about her. The frown was still plastered on her brow. He made a mental note to remind Mrs. Badmus not to send her to him whenever he needed her services again. “That is what I’m paying you for. To clean my house. To make dirty place clean.” He replied, matching her hostile look.

Her features softened a bit. “Okay. Where you want me to start. I’m sorry, my English not too good.”

Richard smiled. “It’s okay. You can start from here,” he waved his arms around the living room, “and work your way to the kitchen and then the rooms.”

Nodding slightly, she pulled out her cleaning products from the bag she held and started cleaning.

Richard watched her closely as she worked. Though she no longer frowned, she didn’t smile either. She just went about her business, muttering her disapproval once in a while as she picked the bottles and other trash. He tried to have some small talk with her but it seemed she wasn’t interested. He watched as she finished up in the living room and headed to the kitchen.

He heard her curse slightly. He walked to the kitchen and saw her staring at the pile of dishes in the sink. She turned stare at him as he walked in.

“This place messy too much,” she frowned again.

“Yes, I know. I had a party last night.”

“Too much work.”

She was beginning to get on his nerves. “Sorry about that. You can use the dishwasher if you like.”

He showed her how the dishwasher worked and she started loading in the dirty dishes. Each time she bent over, he stared long and hard at her deep cleavage and round ass. He observed a large rose tattoo sitting on her lumbar region, the long stem and leaves crawling up one side of her back and disappearing under her clothing, and it was with a great deal of resistance he avoided embarrassing himself and stopped himself from grabbing her by the waist.

“So what do you do, apart from working in the cleaning agency?” he asked.

His question was met with stony silence. “Gladys?”

“Yes?” she replied.

“I asked you a question.”

“What is it?” she replied, a bit of irritation radiating in her voice.

“I said what else do you do apart from cleaning?”

“I do nothing. It is my only work.”

“Only that?”

“Yes.” She turned back to wiping the counter top with disinfectant.

Richard left her and walked back to the living room. She definitely had an attitude. It was beginning to annoy him. He just couldn’t get her hot body out of his mind. The naughty thoughts going through his head soon lead to signals being sent to his nether regions and with the images in his mind, he began to grow hard. He turned his attention back to his laptop.


Twenty or so minutes later, Gladys came out of the kitchen. His attention was on the program on the TV so he didn’t hear her when she walked up behind him.

“I have finish in kitchen. Where else do you want me to clean?” he heard her speak.

Richard turned around and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Gladys stood beside the dining table awaiting his instructions. She had taken off her sweat top and because the cool air from the air conditioner didn’t get to the kitchen, she was sweating slightly. She had pulled her camisole up to just under her breasts and he stared a bit at her slight tummy. He had to swallow a couple of times. His dick began to harden again.

“S-so you can go do the r-rooms.” He stammered slightly, pointing out the guestroom. He stared after her butt as she wiggled her way towards the bedrooms. He sat back and shook his head. Damn!! He thought.

Suddenly, he heard her curse out again, this time loudly. He stood up just as she came out of the room, a fierce look on her face.

“What is it?” he asked.

Whatever it was she said, he didn’t understand as her words came out in a jumbled mess of French and bad English. She pendik escort kept waving her hands angrily. “Hey, calm down!! What is it? What happened?” he retorted.

“No calm down!! No calm down!!” she yelled back. She kept on raving and ranting. It was beginning to annoy him so he decided to put his foot down.

“Now that’s enough!!” he boomed, the anger showing on his face. Gladys immediately kept quiet. “If you can’t be civil and tell me what’s wrong, I think you should leave. I will call your madam and tell her you did not finish the work…” He fished out his phone and was ready to dial Mrs. Badmus.

“Work too much. Money too small for all this work,” she replied quickly, cutting him off.

“So what is the problem? Am I not paying you enough?”

From her limited explanation, he was able to understand she was being paid too little to do all the work she did for the agency. Her boss didn’t pay her and other girls well enough. She had to take some outside jobs just to supplement the little she earned.

They went back into the guest room. The place was really a mess, he had to admit. Richard was beginning to understand her plight. It was simply a situation of more work, little pay. She simply wanted to be paid more for her work. He had to be honest. She had done pretty much a very good job so far the past hour or so.

“So you want more money.” He stated rather than asked.

“Yes, you pay me more money.” Came her insistent reply.

Richard looked at her for a few moments. She was quite assertive, a girl who wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted. A plan began forming in his head; he hoped her urge for more money would make her yield. He pulled his wallet out of the side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulled out ten crisp five hundred naira notes and handed them to her. She took them and counted, looking back at him with a curious stare. He counted out another two thousand, making sure she saw the wad in the wallet.

“So here is another two thousand naira, but you also have to do something for me.” He handed the extra money to her. “You have to take these off.” He reached for the straps of her bra and camisole and pulled them down her arm.

“No!! No!! Ohh!!” she replied as she recoiled, pulling away from him and pulling the straps back in place, a frown on her pocked face.

“In that case, you can have the five thousand we originally agreed on,” he remarked and seized the extra notes he had given her out of her fingers.

Gladys tried to grab the money back, but he folded them into his pocket. She stood there hesitantly, trying to figure out how to handle the situation. Richard watched her reaction closely; she shifted nervously, glancing around the room and scratched her head, quite unsure of what to do. He guessed the urge for more money won the battle because she then asked “you alone in the house?”

“Yes, I’m the only one. Just you and me.” He replied, a slight smile creeping at the corners of his mouth.

“Is someone come today?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m not expecting anyone. The only person I was expecting today was you.”

She hesitated just once more. “Okay. No problem. I will take it off.”

He handed back the notes and she tucked them safely away in her pockets. She pulled the camisole over her head; her breasts bulging invitingly and she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Richard stared in admiration as her boobs bounced into view. She folded her clothes neatly and placed them on the dresser. She stood with her broom in her hand.

“You have a nice body,” was all he could say. The crisis had already begun in his shorts.

“Merci,” Gladys responded. She began to pick all the trash strewn around the room.

“Can…can I touch you?” he asked as he eyed her huge breasts.

“No,” she replied with another scowl.

“You don’t smile too much, you know?” he remarked.

Gladys didn’t respond. She continued her work in silence. Richard watched her for a while as she moved around. Her boobs bounced as she worked, and he began to imagine what it would take to have her nipples in his mouth. More money, no doubt. Why not, he thought as another thought crossed his mind. He pulled out his wallet again.

“Gladys,” he called.

“Yes?!” she replied with a slight hint of anger in her voice. She was in the middle of making the bed and she turned to see him holding another couple of notes in his hand. Her features softened immediately.

“Do you want to make some more money?” he asked, waving the money at her.

She eyed the cash in his hand. “Yes. I want.”

He handed her the notes. Another one thousand naira. “Take this off,” he commanded, slightly pulling the waist band of her tight sweatpants.

Gladys stared at him and at the notes in her hand. Again the urge for more money won.

“Okay,” she nodded, clicking her tongue on her teeth, “no problem.”

Richard couldn’t believe how well this was going. She put the money in her pocket before taking off her shoes and socks. He watched her hands move to her hips and she hooked her fingers into the band of her sweatpants. She slowly rolled rus escort them over her hips, moving them from side to side as she worked them down. Once they cleared her hips, rather than let them drop, she pulled them down, slowly bending at the waist until her hands touched the floor. Her brief panties received the same treatment. Richard moaned at the sight before his eyes. Her ass was a sight to behold. It jiggled with every movement she made. She stepped out of her discarded clothes, then slowly turned to face him. Her body was there for him to gape at, naked as the day she was born.

“You’re…beautiful,” he choked out, his tongue dry and thick with lust.

“Merci,” Sheila said coyly, letting her hands move over her body, knowing his eyes were following them.

She reached for her broom and started sweeping, moving around without any sort of inhibition. She seemed so comfortable with her body, Richard thought. His hand involuntarily moved to the bulge that had formed in his cargos. He caressed his now raging hard on through the thick khaki. He had already come this far, he thought. There was nothing stopping him from going further, making the final step. He thought about it for a couple more minutes. Her back was turned to him as she swept the dirt together in a pile. The sight of her naked body and round ass was way too tempting to pass up.

He stood up and took his shirt off; he pulled down his shorts and boxers and freed his aching member. He let his hand glide over its length, and he suppressed the groan that was about to escape from his lips. He waited.

Gladys finally turned and froze. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of him standing there naked with his massive junk in his hand. She opened her mouth to say something but the determined look on his face as he stood stroking his beefy meat a few feet away stopped anything from coming out of her mouth. She stared at him, his hand slowly gliding over his turgid manhood, and after a few moments her initial look of horror gradually turned into a frown and then crafty interest.

“You pay me,” she said simply.

“More money?” he smiled evenly, his breath measured, the sensations flowing through his body.

“More money, yes,” she replied. Her eyes were glued to the motions his hand was making, “you want that, you pay me more money,”

Richard reached for his wallet, pulled out another four crisp notes and offered them to her. Gladys set her broom aside and sauntered over. She took the notes out of his outstretched hand, deftly folded them and chucked them into the pocket of her neatly folded sweatpants with the rest of the money. Turning back to him, she pulled out her hairband, re-packed her hair and sank to her knees in front of him. His dick throbbed in her face and she spat on it a few times before gripping it in her hands and wrapping her mouth around the swollen head.

Richard groaned inaudibly. Her head moved back and forth, sliding his length in and out of her mouth, saliva drooling down her chin and onto her breasts. She looked up into his eyes and he felt her fingers massage his swollen balls as she stroked him rapidly. Her tongue took a long lick of his undershaft and she spat repeatedly on his head, alternating her sucking and licking in intervals.

Richard closed his eyes briefly and his knees wobbled. Gladys stared into his face, watching his reactions closely. Her sucking skills were beginning to nudge him towards the edge. He felt her teeth slightly graze his swollen glans and he groaned and almost creamed her mouth, pulling the impending eruption back just in time. This definitely wasn’t the first time she’d be doing this, he thought. He tried to grab for some semblance of control.

“Do you want to fuck?” he asked the naked girl kneeling before him and sucking his rod like a treat.

Gladys nodded vigorously. She let his dick out of her mouth with a loud pop. Her fingers glided with measured strokes over his meat, her chin and breasts glistening with her saliva.

“Yes, baby,” she responded. She licked and sucked a few more times before she stood onto her feet.

Richard wasted no time. He nudged her to the bed and pushed her down on all fours. He reached out into the bedside table and retrieved a pack of condoms, tore one out and rolled it carefully over his hardness. He positioned himself behind her and gripped her waist with one hand. His other hand teased her folds with his rod, and her back arched in response. He heard a slight whimper escape her lips as she looked back at him over her shoulder. She made the sound of a deflating balloon as her pussy lips finally parted and he slowly sank into her warm cunt.

Richard paused a moment. It felt so good to be back inside a woman again. Her warm and wet muscles wrapped snugly around his manhood, and he began to thrust back and forth a few inches. Her pussy was beginning to get slippery with her juices and her tight walls gripped his sensitive cock. He grabbed her hips to pull her back and he sank the full length repeatedly into her. Her silent panting soon gave in to low moaning and he smacked his hand against the smooth skin of her ass. The slap sounded much louder than it felt, but it had the desired effect. Gladys gasped and began to thrust back into him. Her breasts dangled and swung beneath her and he grasped and gave them a squeeze. He pinched her nipples and Gladys moaned louder and began to mutter incoherently. Her pussy gushed with more juices and tightened.

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