Exercises in the Park

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I was really enjoying the novel from the library and I sat on the park bench reading it. There had been joggers everywhere including young couples, people taking their dogs out for exercise, and a few cyclists.

As the sun began setting there were less people taking advantage of the mild weather and the pleasant botanic environment. I checked my watch and decided to finish the chapter I was reading then leave to walk back to my car and drive home.

A middle-aged man jogged past and stopped at a large tree about 20 feet past me and began doing some stretching exercises.

I stopped reading and watched him for a few moments. He was wearing grey cut-off track pants that were so tight I could see he was circumcised. He wore a loose, light blue T-shirt and sneakers and socks. He looked to be about 40 with greying hair, but his body was athletic and slim, apart from his sprinter’s legs with defined muscle definition showing through his tight grey pants. He was about 174cm (5feet 9inches) tall.

He began his routine with assisted arm stretches, impressively high leg raises while holding the tree for balance, and forward bends with his feet apart and slowly rotating to the side, back, and to the other side, forward, then up again.

While he was doing these, I noticed a bulge in his pants. At first I thought it was the creases in his pants that take different shapes as he moved his body into different positions, but on continued watching, I could see it taking firm shape as a large penis, made to look much bigger by the fabric covering it. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and at one stage, his erect cock appeared briefly under stretched the elastic of his grey cut-offs and disappeared again.

Then after two more rotations, his penis escaped the waist band of his cut-offs and decorated his stomach, disappearing under his T-shirt as he bent forward and reappearing again as he leant back.

I quickly looked around and saw that almost everyone in the park had disappeared and the last of the cars at the car park were pulling away leaving only 3 or 4 cars unattended.

Returning my attention to the man doing his exercise routine, he stopped to catch his breath and his ample swollen penis lost its hardness and hung heavily and low. I was amazed that he appeared to pay casino şirketleri no attention to this clothing malfunction, and as he continued with his twisting exercise, his penis started swinging slightly with each exercise, and from side to side with each twist. I’m straight, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from his impressive cock.

I approached him and asked him about his routine. His swollen prick was approaching horizontal at this stage and rising rapidly with visible throbs from his pulse as we spoke. He appeared to be totally at ease with his penis visible and hardening again as we talked. He looked directly at me as I was watching his cock changing shape. He looked me over and told me his routine would suit my body type.

He asked me, ‘Are you offended by my cock being visible?’

I gulped in surprise that he was prepared to bring my attention to it. ‘No. I don’t mind,’ I replied.

‘Physical exercise seems to have that effect on me sometimes,’ he explained.

It seemed to immediately change the whole dynamic of our conversation. He told me he has a physio background and he programmed his own routine.

I asked him to show me. He agreed as he normally repeated his routine so I could copy him and see how it felt. At this time his penis had built into a hardened rod and stood erect and pointed up at an angle of only 30 degrees from vertical. I was impressed with the size and angle of his erect cock. I was wondering if this also meant he was sexually aroused, but I was too shy to ask him.

He repeated his arm exercises and leg raises which I could not match but he was very helpful and told me to do them with bent knees and gradually build them up straightening as much as I could. Over the next few weeks, I would probably notice a difference. With those simple stretches, I could feel the benefit as I started them.

When I progressed to the rotating exercise, I found it hard to keep my balance.

‘Let me help,’ he said.

He placed one hand on my back at belt level and as I rotated to the side, to prevent me from falling he put his other hand on my stomach below belt level. I didn’t want him to touch me, but he was helping me with an exercise routine and I didn’t want him to think I was ungrateful. Somehow, I let him continue to touch me. casino firmaları

In spite of myself, I began to become aroused. He told me to rest a few seconds between rotations. I could feel my penis growing during the next rotation and I was sure he must have noticed it as his hand was almost touching it.

After one more rotation, he told me, ‘You’re getting an erection. It would be easier and more comfortable if you release it from the restrictions of your clothes.’

I remained still looking around to find no-one in sight, while he lowered my zip and released the button on my pants. Then he took them down.

He said, ‘It will be better to remove your cock from your underpants and take them down too.’

‘What? Here in public. Someone might pass by and see me. I wouldn’t want anyone to see my stiffy,’ I said in mild panic.

To my astonishment, he removed my enlarged penis from my underpants then removed them as well. I wished my cock would go back down but he held the end of it lightly in his hand, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and hardening at the same time.

I stepped out of my underpants and my swollen prick began to match his for state of arousal. I could see both penises throbbing in unison with the heads close together touching once. It nearly made me come.

What was happening to me? I was in public, although there weren’t any people where I could see them. I was getting aroused and I was WITH A MAN.

I repeated the rotations twice more with a short rest between exercises. Throughout these further repetitions, my swollen cock was throbbing noticeably. I recalled a line from a movie that quoted, -It’s not the orgasm that counts. It’s the erection- The pleasure coursing through me as I continued this routine made perfect sense of that line.

On completing the final stretch, he said ‘Hands on your head and close your eyes and leave them closed.’

For some reason, he began to completely dominate the routine and I was following his instructions. What could he have in mind if he wants me to close my eyes? I laced my fingers together and tried to relax my hands on the top of my head.

When I closed my eyes, I began to lose my balance again. His hands held my hips steadying me, and as my penis continued to swell up güvenilir casino and harden, it was covered by something soft and wet. What could it be? It felt fantastic.

Something soft and wet and slippery was rubbing the underside of my cock. My head was pounding. Did he put my cock in his mouth? That must have been what he did. Something wet was lightly caressing the frenum for about half a minute making me very excited. I thought it must have been his tongue. Then I felt one hand steady me on my shoulder and then my throbbing cock was being rotated in his other hand.

He held my prick in his hand. Could I touch another man’s cock? I had come this far but by touching his, I become an active participant in all this. I wasn’t actively involved when I kept looking at his cock when I approached him, so touching his would change my involvement.

I finally opened my eyes and looked down and saw the heads of two large cocks in his hand, urgently swollen and highly excited. I was engaging in sexual activity with another man. I had become highly aroused by the feel of my cock in his hand. It was like a wonderful source of charged energy. I think both of us were greatly stimulated by the caress of each other’s wet organs rubbing lightly together and I could feel my orgasm build up.

I reached down and felt his wonderful hard cock, then closed my eyes again. His hand gently squeezed my penis and I copied with gentle squeezes on his organ in my hand.

My climax was so close now. I was trying to delay the explosion but I could feel the tension build up around my balls, my anus and the top of my legs. Then all my muscles tensed up and my knees buckled a little as I was overcome by the intense pleasure of my climax.

Both his penis and mine must have erupted within half a second of each other. I could feel him repeatedly squirting cum into my hand as I kept gushing my semen into his.

As my spasms and aftershocks continued without any further ejaculations, he released my cock from his hand and it seemed to continue pulsing and maintaining its swollen hardened vertical rigidity. I became self-conscious as I opened my eyes.

He had turned his back to me and I rubbed his cum off my hand onto a tree. He shook my semen from his hand. Then to my shock, he licked the remainder off his fingers.

My cock was still throbbing as I dressed to cover myself up. We separated, and as he was putting his still hard prick back in his pants, he silently walked away.

Wow! That was so hot! I hope I see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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