Eurotica Ch. 01

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Maggie was no spring chicken but she knew how to fuck and where to get one. Anytime.

Her big office desk stretched out in front of her, she had chosen this one specifically so her legs were out of sight; this allowed her to masturbate without detection, as the big boss would usually enter the room without knocking.

A good and productive week, she closed all her files and sat back feeling pleased with her self. The city lights seemed to go on forever outside her twentieth floor window, it was late.

She began to go through her well-hidden files on her computer; stuff she had downloaded off a porn site. There were pictures of men and women going down on each other’ hard cock in mouth, hard cock in pussy, women with three men’s cum over her tits and the list went on.

She logged on to the CCTV system and scanned all the offices, it was about time she found herself some cock.

Terence grimaced at his terminal, something was wrong and he didn’t know how to make it right.

‘Damn piece of shit spreadsheets!’ He was so annoyed he said it out loud.

It was eight o’clock and he just wanted to get home to watch his new porno DVD, this problem had to be solved first.

He heard a door open and close, his back was to it but it was clear that someone had just walked in. He turned to see no one.

Were the cleaners in this late usually? He felt the weight of somebody’s stare but put it down to paranoia. And looked deep into his computer screen for any sense of logic; even the tiniest spark of inspiration to solve this impasse.

‘Hi there!’ Maggie suddenly appeared from behind his monitor and scared the living shit out of him.

‘Whoa!! Where’d you come from?’ He spluttered and then realised he was questioning a senior executive. Not the done thing!

‘Erm…sorry ma’am but you gave me a fright!’ Blushing as he suddenly recalled all the times that he had jerked off with her as his fantasy.

‘I’m sorry, it’s so boring here sometimes’ she was giggling like a schoolgirl as he started his heart working again.

She was being very informal which put him at ease.

‘So why are you in so late? No overtime here you know’ she leant on the desk and looked deep into his eyes. He began to feel uncomfortable and she glanced at his screen.

‘Your screen is set up wrong, you need to click on that icon there’ she pointed and leant forward a little more to show more cleavage. He was bright red by now and his cock was starting to swell.

He clicked it and everything locked into place, his problem is solved and he shuts the system down. Time to go home so he stands up.

‘So where do you think your going? She said sharply. I could give you a disciplinary for that little glitch’

‘I’m sorry, please don’t. I love this job’ He panicked.

‘So do something for me’ she walked around the desk and sat on it in front of him, she hitched up her skirt to reveal her pussy, no underwear and it was trimmed neatly.

‘Take a mouthful fulya escort of this’ her eyes narrowed and looked into his, he could smell the scent from where he was sat. He hesitated.

‘Come on office boy, how about you suck on this cunt for a while! Be a real loyal employee’

He got off his chair and nervously got onto his knees, she grinned wide he approached.

She let out a light gasp as he placed his thumbs either side of her pussy. It was already wet.

He parted the lips just a little and her mouth opened a little more – as if they were as one; the wider he parted her pussy lips, the wider her mouth opened. The bright red lipstick she always wore had been part of his fantasies, and now he was living it.

‘Around the edge first, I’m calling the shots, remember that’. He was her slave for the moment and his cock was getting hard.

He started by running the tip of his tongue around the circumference, slowly against the pink lips. Light enough for her to just feel it. She quivered and a drop of juice dribbled out.

His tongue traced around in a circle and then a figure of eight, he increased the pressure a little and ran it up the middle. It glided up and down as she watched him.

His eyes met hers and he extended his tongue as far out as it would go, slowly and carefully, he slid it inside her.

Her gaze was broken as her head flew back in pleasure.


It slid in easily as it parted the opening to her pussy – brushing over the lips on the way.

He pushed it in until his mouth was hard against her.

‘Ohhhh, my god!’ she had chosen wisely this time.

The tip of his tongue massaged the inside, starting with the top and then slowly working it’s way around. Stirring as it explored every inch of the drenched walls.

Her juices began to drool down his lips; he stirred it harder. She could really feel that!

‘Mmmmm. Fuck me with your mouth office boy’ She could barely speak the words and lent back with one hand on the desk, the other gripped his shoulder.

He moved his hands over her thighs and pinched her swollen clitoris between his thumbs. This was the best head she’d had in a long time; she was getting close.

He rubbed her hard clit as his tongue worked on her drenched pussy.

‘Ooohhhhhhh Fuck me! Fuck me! I want to cum in your mouth’

At that he stirred it harder against the walls inside her.

Her breaths got deeper and deeper with her mouth wide open. She watched what he was doing and squeezed her eyes shut as her climax loomed.

She began to pant – steadily at first and then they got faster. Faster. Faster!

The edge was so close and she could barely control herself, she thrust her hips up closer to his face and nearly sent him onto his back. He had her thighs tight and hung on without losing contact.

That was all she needed!


Her whole body rippled as her climax pumped gebze escort through every vein, muscle and pore.

Right down to her bones.

She slumped back on the desk and her head fell over the edge, so limp.

Terence stood up and took her hands; she was like a rag doll as he pulled her up.

She wrapped her arms around him, looked him deep in the eye and kissed him full on the mouth. As she tasted her own juices her nasal breath hissed over his cheeks as their tongues fought for supremacy.

They parted, breathing heavily – she placed her hands on his shoulders and slowly slid her palms down his body; down his chest, over his hips and stopped on his thighs. As she did this she got down onto her knees.

Undoing his trousers he breathed in sharply – well aware of what was coming.

Free at last from its’ confinement, his cock sprung up, she mover her head closer.

‘Not so big, but big enough’ she thought, and ran her fingernails lightly up one side.

The bulb at the end filled with blood and it swelled, he was up like a poker and rock hard.

A trickle of clear pre cum was oozing down so she ran the tip of her tongue up the underside between the glans then slid it from side to side over them. She loved that taste and left nothing of it.

Gripping the shaft between finger and thumb she tried to angle it down, it was too hard so she moved down and rolled his balls around with her tongue.

They were wet all over when she took one of them on her mouth and sucked.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhh! Shit!’ he was enjoying it a lot, a good blowjob is, after all, a gift from the gods!

Sucking them both in turn – she lightly ran her nails down his bare thighs. His pants were at his ankles now and he took off his shirt.

Gripping the shaft again, she pursed her lips around the swollen end of his cock.

Slowly she slid it into her mouth, every contour was covered; closing over the edge of the bulb – sliding it against the tongue as it glided in, feeling the veins pass over her lips and her nose being tickled by his pubic hairs. Every little bit of his hard cock was in her hot mouth. She sucked.

As slowly as it had slid in, it with drew – until her lips were closed tight. She kissed it.

Terence gained a bit smile from that which quickly vanished into a gaping jaw as she took it in quickly again. She began to slide it in and out and his hips followed suit, in his fantasy he face fucked her.

Her nails dug deep into his arse cheeks as his cock vanished beyond that bright red lipstick.

‘Uhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhh!’ he moaned, he could feel his come begin to rise and Maggie sensed it! She pulled back and it slid glistening from her mouth.

She got up and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him deep on the mouth.

He was a bit hesitant at first but she gave him so choice and thrust her tongue into him.

Standing back, she turned around and bent over the desk. Her skirt was hitched gültepe escort high and she pushed out her hips invitingly. Her arse was even better than in his fantasies!

‘So about that disciplinary! Lets pretend it’s your cock and make it vanish, hmm?’

‘Was this woman ever off duty?’ he thought!

He moved up behind and began to slide his cock against her, it fitted just nice between the crack of her arse and felt amazing. He lined up the tip with her soaking wet pussy entrance.

She turned her head to look in his eyes, they were wide for a second and then he rammed his cock deep inside. They squeezed shut and she clenched her teeth.

‘Nnnnnnnnnn!’ her mouth then opened wide.


He began to pump it into her – thrust it deep then pull it out till it was nearly withdrawn. Then ram it in hard again.

Maggie pushed her hips back to welcome his cock, her fingers were curled over the edge of the desk and she was hanging on tight. He gripped them to aid her movement; he was in so deep that their pubic hairs mingled.

His cock reflected the light from her juices – she was so wet he slid in easily.

She could feel the contours of it as they passed over her pussy lips – the veins, the swollen bulb, his hairs and his balls as being in so deep pushed them back.

Their legs slapped hard together with each stroke, both their mouths were wide open and breathing deep, with the occasional moan.

‘Fuck me! Fuck me! I want that cock! More, more, harder!’ she was yelling by this point as she felt her climax starting to rise.

She moved her hips quicker – as did he. Reaching round, he squeezed her breasts.

Her nipples were rock hard. He pictured them in his mind like strawberries.

The thrusts became quicker: once a second, twice a second, three and more!!

They were frantic now and so close.

So close they would ignore the pain in their joints in favour of reaching it.

Maggie threw her head back again.

‘Oh god! Oh god! Yes, Yes, Yesssssss!’ He body shook as her climax took over.

Terence could hold back no longer, his face twisted in pleasure and pain.

His cock reared up just a little bit more and he stopped for a fraction of a second.

‘Arghhhhhhhhh!’ came his cry and his cock sprayed a volley of his cum deep within her pussy. It pulsed with each spurt and hit her pussy walls hard. She came again.


His body went into spasm periodically with each pump of hot cum within her.

They began to reduce in number as he continued to ram his cock home and feel the warmth of his own cum as it dribbled out along it and then down Maggie’s legs.

She lay on the desk for a while as she gathered her composure – breath slowing down and becoming quieter.

Terence just stood there after he pulled out unsure of what to do next.

She stood up and turned around to face him, she held out her arms and he joined her in a long embrace.

‘I think somebody’s record is clean now’ she spoke at last, he laughed with relief. One more mistake and he would have been fired. That’s why he was in so late.

They kissed on the lips and hugged again. The usually noisy office was at peace again, until the morning.

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