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He was trying to decide what to do for lunch as he was tired of eating at the same places day after day. Lunch had gotten as boring and dull as work was. What he needed was to try new places for lunch rather then grabbing something quick and eating at his desk. He needed to get out more and experience life, isn’t that what his friends were always telling him. Well, today was the day he started living. He got in his truck and drove around until he spotted a little restaurant that looked like it was closed. But upon closer inspection he noticed the open sign.

At 40 and single again he needed to get out and meet new people, ones he didn’t share with his ex or coworkers. He noticed that there was only 2 other cars in the parking lot. Oh great, the probably sucked. Well, he was up for new experiences, and what better way then to try food that hopefully wouldn’t kill him.

He walked in the door and was greeted by a hostess wearing a see thru dress, was that his jaw that just hit the floor? “Have you ever been here before?” she asked as she lead him to a private room and handed him a menu. “No, this is my first time here.”

“Today you will experience a new dining delight that we hope you will enjoy and come back often.” She winked at him and told him to make himself comfortable and to read the menu very carefully as each selection was special and came with it’s own personal server. His heart still pounding he opened up the menu to see what they offered for lunch. He didn’t even hear the door close.

He would never have believed it if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. Mouth watering choices every one of them. He read the menu once and then again. His eyes jumping trying to decide, oh such a wonderful variety was offered. He thought maybe he should call the office and let his secretary know he was taking an extended lunch today. But that thought was soon forgotten as a bell rang and a sultry female voice asked him if he etiler eve gelen escort was ready to order his lunch. Yes, I’ll have the

with a side order of

9. His mouth started watering in anticipation of what was to come.

After a short wait, a beautiful woman with long dark blond hair with the biggest brown eyes he had ever seen walked into the room wearing a white teddy and carrying a covered tray. “Your lunch is served sir, I hope you are happy with your choice.” Too stunned to say anything, he could only nod his head yes.

She set the tray on the low table and walked behind him. Running her hands across his chest. She brushed a lock of his hair off his forehead and bent down and kissed where the hair had lain. She straddled his lap facing him, removed his tie and asked him if he is hungry. Couldn’t she see the hunger in his eyes, he wondered or how could she not feel his reaction?

She removed the lid from the tray and started to feed him, one bite at a time. Licking the side of his mouth to remove the crumbs. Wiggling in his lap as he chewed each bite. He had never tasted a sandwich this awesome. Well, maybe the atmosphere added to his luncheon pleasure too. When the last bite is gone she asks him very innocently “Are you ready for your side order?”

He could only nod, not trusting himself to say anything.

She slowly reached up and unbuttoned his shirt and slide her hands inside to feel his feverish flesh. A moan escapes his lips and she smiled shyly. Sitting in his lap she can still feel his reaction to her touch and she is as turned on as he was. She flicks her tongue across his nipples, they are instantly hard.

Leaning back a little she unbuttoned his pants and slipped her hands down inside the band of his underwear. His hard cock jumps into her hand. She kisses and nibbles her way down his chest, torturing him on her path. Her tongue snakes etiler grup yapan escort out and slides up one side of his cock and down the other, continuing until his cock is very wet and slick. She sucks one of his aching balls into her mouth and rolls it across her tongue only to release it and capture it’s mate. Licking the sensitive spot between his balls and up to the outer lips of his anus. Flicking and teasing him before returning to his hard cock with her hot mouth and took him into her hot mouth. Sucking him in slowly inch by inch, until he is buried deep in her throat.

Moaning loudly and not able to keep his hands to himself any longer he twines his fingers in her hair pulling her closer still. A fleeting thought crossed his mind, why couldn’t his ex have given him head like this. Most of the woman he had dated didn’t know how to give good head, maybe they could take some lessons from this wonderful mouth that was quickly bringing him to that point of no return. When he could stand it no longer he pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and slowly raised her up as her tongue flicked in and out of the tip of his cock and placed her on the edge of the table.

He is throbbing for release but he must taste her first, just one little lick. It had been way too long since he had tasted the heady scent a horny female emitted when she received a tongue bath. He pulled the wet teddy to the side to allow him access to her hot wet pussy. He couldn’t believe how wet she was, her juices pooling at her entrance. He slowly traced the outline of her pussy and her hard clit. He dipped his tongue in for a taste of her sweetness. Oh sooo good.

She grabs his head and pulls him closer, pushing his tongue deeper. He is determined to enjoy his dessert, that sweet taste that he had missed for far too long. He flicked her clit with his tongue and was thrilled to see more juices pool for him to etiler masöz escort enjoy. Moving his tongue like a hummingbird he flitted between her clit and her hot sweet pussy. He started tongue fucking her as he would with his hard cock.

Both are moaning and whimpering with the need for release of their passion. She pulls him up and gives him a deep kiss, licking his lips and tasting each other. His lips, chin and cheeks covered with her juices. She whispers against his lips, I need you. Take me now, I’m yours.

Wanting to enjoy every minute and prolong the sensation of what was happening but unable to control themselves he entered her with a mighty push that had them both cumming with the one inward thrust. Dang, it had been way too long since he had felt the hot tight cunt of a female. He couldn’t believe he had cum so fast or how tight she was.

He continued to stroke in and out of her tight pussy, still hard and wanting more of her and the sweetest and tightest pussy he had ever felt wrapped around his hard cock. They moved together in a rocking rhythm, building up the tension until they both exploded again.

She took him in her hand and slowly licked him clean. He helped her to her feet and she helped him straightened up his clothes. She asked “Did you enjoy your lunch, Sir?” and he replied “Ohhhh yes, it was one of the best lunches he could remember having in forever. She replied “come back tomorrow and order the same side order and I will be very happy to serve you.

He huskily replied “I will be back everyday and order blow job

as long as she was the person who served his meal and with a smile he left the room.

The hostess asked him “Did you enjoy your lunch?” He assured her that he had and would be back often. He returned to work with a smile upon his lips (he could still taste her upon them) and a renewed energy. His coworkers asked him where he had been because it had been a long time since they had seen a smile upon his lips. He answered them, “I was at a little diner that had OK food but the service was excellent. “

Yes, he would return every day and try out each selection on the menu and of course he would save room for desert as he we looking forward to seeing her again…. Might even start going there for dinner too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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