Equestrian Afternoon

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After our first encounter, a casual fuck following on from a meeting in a favourite chatroom, I had not expected any further contact from Jay. Appearances can be deceptive.

I have a preference for big muscly men with powerful thighs and arses, preferably hairy but certainly manly. The more manly, the better.

I get hit on by young men a lot. Quite often by teenagers. It’s not really my scene. It’s not that I mind being a Daddy, I love the trust that evolves in these relationships and it’s fun flirting and stretching the fantasy aspects of it with guys online but I have serious concerns about developing links with young men, particularly those who’d like you to believe they are older than they really are. Breaking in virgins is a protracted business for me because I am only interested in mutual enjoyment, not in taking what I want. The fact is, I prefer being a Daddy for someone a little older, a little stronger, a little hairier, a little more masculine, a little less likely to get clingy and needy. Someone who’s been around a little and knows how to relax and enjoy themselves even to laugh but to also understand that this is about fun and possibly friendship and not a precursor to any kind of “Happy ever after”. Taking someone’s cherry is a big deal, if it’s going to be my responsibility, I want it to be something really memorable but I don’t want a reminder, forever more, of the favours I’ve done for you.

I have found that a lot of younger men, fantasising about sex with men considerably older, find the reality is not as thrilling as they expect. I have a powerful body but not the perfect frame of the porn model, I am not a professional beauty, I have to work for a living and although my face is masculine, even rugged, I imagine , with its lines and other signs of ageing, it a disappointment to a lot of them.

Also, after a few visits, they might realise that I have simple tastes and the basics are still f such huge enjoyment for me that I don’t feel the need to explore much further. I don’t do dressing up, I don’t do S&M, abuse, drugs etc. etc.

So, when Jay sent a message to say he was in need of an hour or two of Daddy love, I made strenuous efforts to put him through a rigorous scrutiny before giving him my full location details.

A lot of young men are very keen to send pictures once they’ve seen mine and particularly when they’ve seen one special shot of my genitals rampant which took me ages to get right. Beşiktaş Escort This one I keep in reserve for those showing some real promise. I don’t have a gigantic cock or one of those enormous sets of nuts you see (and feel, if your that lucky) but the package is a joy to behold in this picture and it does no harm at all when I am trying to hook up.

A lot of the pictures I receive, close ups of hairless, pale flesh, shaved, gaping arseholes, pimply teenage cheeks, don’t do anything to inspire me.

When Jay contacted me first he sent shots of his thighs and his arse and I commented that they were prodigiously powerful for such a young fella, he had just got his driver’s license, he was just 18. The shots showed no genitals, no pink puckered and pouting hole, but the form of his powerful quads and leg biceps and glutes got my interest. He told me that he was and always had been keen on riding horses including steeplechase and cross country. That was ample explanation for the development of those muscles. He wore a red T shirt and long, red boot socks covering up his upper body and lower legs. His hair, a dusty blonde including his pubic hair and almost no leg hair visible. He was very keen to meet me and assured me that he had a boyfriend his own age and that this was strictly a bit of fun.

The strength of his lower body was enough to guarantee some sort of stimulation for me but when he arrived his masculinity was so obvious I was certain we’d be able to make a successful coupling of some kind. As I stripped him and we kissed before removing the next garment and the next it became obvious that here was a young man with maturity beyond his years. His pictures, focusing on his legs and arse had made little of his powerful shoulders and chest, they were pale and hairless but very strong and well formed indeed, giving his maleness a solidity I liked very much and my cock made it very apparent that I was pleased to see him.

He wore a jock, he filled it very nicely and I lingered over that musky area, snuffled it delightedly, eliciting considerable tension in the fabric before I finally released the pressure against the elastic and allowed his genitals to come bounding into the bedroom. Closely clipped pubes, large tight balls and a big bulbous head atop a fat, sturdy shaft. Some considerable length and girth beyond my own.

So I get to work. I confess that oral sex is very important to my enjoyment of any Beşiktaş Escort Bayan session and although I won’t claim to be the best sword swallower, cramming cock head into my throat is a great thrill for me and I certainly understand those women who say that it is a good substitute for getting them to orgasm if a guy fails to hit their buttons. I love to plough a guy but as part of the build up and very often the big finish, I do love to eat arse and suck fat cock.

The feeling of a big strong man, quivering with excitement as you gulp his dong is, I’m sure you agree, a powerful stimulant. Probably the main reason I like them ‘bigger and stronger the better’ is that the effect of their total surrender to pleasure as you suck, bite and tongue-fuck their arses is more palpable. The helplessness a great muscle hunk exhibits when I swing his legs up over his head and chow down on that manly hole is a thrill I cannot live without and I will never tire of it, particularly the surprise expressed by my first timers. Jay was no exception. I don’t know if he’d ever been eaten before but from the noises he made and the effort he went to to see the look on my face and try to see what I was doing in spite of his ecstasy, would all suggest it had never been quite the way I do it.

I have learned to used my hands and elbows to support the hips of even the biggest of men with little effort, my thumbs free to part his cheeks and my face can then burrow delightedly into his vulnerable tenderness, my lips tongue and teeth massaging teasing and probing and petting as I slaver greedily over my meal. Jay was very keen to assist me as much as possible once he’d realised how delighted he was to be under my control and one great benefit of youth over more mature and stronger guys is that having his hips over his head for a considerable banquet, didn’t bother him at all. He was breathless, sure, but it was breathlessness on the verge of blowing his load.

As his wriggling and writhing continued in response to my dribbling, biting and drilling of his fuck-port, his long socks, as seen first in his pictures, rumpled towards his ankles, revealing big square calves covered in generous brownish blonde hair, quite unlike his sooper-smooth upper legs. Now, I have the fondest of memories of fucking some fabulously hunky guys over the years and a huge appeal for me comes from stoking a bloke with his heels high in the air and his downy calves Escort Beşiktaş resting on my shoulders tickling my ears. A little thing but the fondest of memories and however long our physical relationship continues, I will forever remember Jay’s lovely legs, both hairy and not.

When, gibbering and pleading, I allowed him to suck my member up into his body, he took is totally joyfully, hungrily, conclusively, even expertly and he thrived on my tool as if it had been made for his arse in a way I can only say I adored. I was amazed by the beauty of his movement, the low tender grunts and honks he exuded acknowledged me as doing things he liked, without all the fake porn movie crap I can’t stand about how big I am or how he loves it. I’d like to think he was so please with our coupling that he was not capable of words except the odd “yuh!” type grunt accompanying a wide eyed smile affirming what we were doing.

For my part, I was so long on the edge of cumming that I thought I might pass out before I went over the edge. We made no change to our position, so complete was our satisfaction at the friction we had found in near perfect coitus. His penis was so hard up against his soft lower belly that it snapped back against his abs when I reached for it and fisted it a few times. He threw his head back and his eyes rolled back out of view, his jaw hanging and tongue lolling he allowed his arms to fall limp behind his head and his ring clamped down tight on my shaft, deep inside him.

I held still and felt the ripples of his intense intestinal excitement pass along my cock and his fat cock head spat 3 wads of thick gluey cum across his upper chest, his chin and his left shoulder. As I resumed a slow out and in, taking my flare cock head right to the outer sphincter and slowly back in again, he shot again and the scent of his strong, sticky orgasm hit my senses like a primal memory, my own responses entirely subconscious, I was not in any way controlling my animal, it was controlling me as I pumped again and again, provoking shot after shot from his delighted prostate, each greeted with a wide eyed grunt of relief and a tiny hint of a smile.

I couldn’t go on much longer and with a surprised gasp from Jay, I abruptly pulled out, skinned away my condom and pumped four great blasts of my best Daddy juice over his chest, his shocked face, his gorgeous cock and balls and his arse as the last dribbles of his own cum pooled under his own glans, still so hard I had been tempted to ride it to my own orgasm. We’ll save that surprise for another time.

Recanting this tale of ball busting satisfaction, I realise now that it’s perhaps not so surprising to receive the occasional text from two years on when he wants his Daddy love.

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