Enjoying the Drive Ch. 02

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Dani fell asleep in my lap, my cock resting just inches from her lips. For the first time I saw a satisfied smile on my sister’s face and knew that I had put it there. My fingers gently stroked her thigh, the heat from her sex still strong against them. I sighed happily, knowing that things between my sister and I would never be the same, and knowing that was a good thing. No more fighting, no more spending all our time at each other’s throats. A lot more quality time.

I felt my eyelids start to droop, and knew I would be asleep before long. Giving my sister’s perfect little breasts one last glance and running my finger across her slit one more time, I pulled my hand free of her shorts and pulled her t-shirt down over her chest. As gently as I could I lifted Dani’s head and slipped the leg of my shorts back down, tucking it under her cheek. The effort exhausted me, and I fell asleep seconds later, my arm draped over her midsection.

A few hours later, I woke to the feeling of soft hands on my cock, gently stroking the length, wrapping around, squeezing and gliding up and down. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sight of my sister giving me the best handjob of my life, lying on her stomach beside me, her eyes fixed on her work as she jacked me. I let my hand slide from the small of her back down to her ass and gave a gentle squeeze, enjoying the feel of her hands and the drone of tires on asphalt.

“I was wondering how long you’d let me molest you before you woke up,” she whispered. Her smile was sexy, beautiful, and empty of the animosity nişantaşı escort it would have held just a few hours before. “Mom’s awake,” she warned, and turned her attention back to my cock, slipping her hands up and down the shaft in slow, deliberate motions.

“Morning, sleepy!” rang out from the front of the van. As the words left my mother’s mouth, Dani swallowed my cock, taking the whole length down her throat in one fast move.

“Ah! Ah… morning Mom,” I stuttered. I gently swatted Dani’s ass, careful to keep my arm below where Mom could see.

“Didn’t mean to startle you honey,” Mom chirped. “Is your sister awake? I’m a little thirsty.” Mom knew that my bulk would prevent me from handing her a soda, but that Dani had no such hindrance.

“I dunno, Mom. Let me check,” I replied. I scooted my hand up from Dani’s ass and slid it up under her shirt, slipping my fingers around her breast I found her nipple and pinched, pulling a loud, deep groan from my sister’s cock-filled throat. “Yeah, she’s awake,” I called.

“Oh, good! Dani, dear, could you hand me a Diet?”

My sister slowly slid my cock from her mouth, letting me feel every inch pass through her lips as she rose up and leaned over the seat in front of us. I heard her rustle through some crap before finding the cooler, then the sound of shifting ice and the cooler lid slamming as she found what she was looking for.

“Thank you dear. How has work been going? We haven’t talked about it in ages.”

Dani ortaköy escort and my mom chatted back and forth about Dani’s work as I sat back and enjoyed the view of my sister’s ass bent over the seat in front of us. As she talked to Mom, she shifted slowly back and forth, wagging her ass in front of my face. I knew Mom and Dad could only see me from about the shoulders up, and that they could only see Dani’s head and shoulders due to all the crap piled in the middle seat.

I smiled to myself as payback crept into my brain.

I moved my hand up to hover just above the waistband of Dani’s short and waited patiently while she filled Mom in on the boring details of working at an outlet store in the mall. The next big bump we hit, I snatched the waistband of Dani’s shorts and yanked the down to her knees, leaving her perfect little ass and smooth, bare pussy exposed to me.

Dani let out a yelp when her shorts came down.

“Are you alright sweetie?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Mom. Just wasn’t expecting the bump,” Dani replied. As she spoke, she reached behind herself and pretended to scratch her back while in reality giving me the finger.

I smiled to myself and waited until Mom was talking again, then slipped my middle finger slowly between my sister’s soft, beautiful pussy lips. She arched her back a little and slipped her hips back until my finger was buried inside her, my knuckles resting against her ass. I flexed my finger inside her in a “c’mere” motion as I gently pendik escort bayan rubbed my thumb against her hard little clit.

As Dani wriggled against my finger, I felt her pussy milking against my motions. I could feel her wetness start to trickle down my palm and knew that she would cum before long, almost nose to nose with our mother.

I slipped a second finger inside her and felt her pussy clench, her legs tense up. She dropped her head between her hands as she came, desperate not to thrash or moan out loud. Mom watched her, curious as to what was happening as she orgasmed hard on my fingers. I kept my face completely blank, praying that Dani would recover quickly.

She sucked a breath in through her nostrils and dug between some of the junk in the front seat as she came to her senses. A few seconds later, she came up with a soda and a pack of chips.

“Sorry, Mom. Stomach pains. I’m super hungry,” she said.

Dani slid off the middle seat and sank down next to me on shaky legs, gripping the soda and chips and glaring at me. She didn’t bother to pull her shorts up, just sat there breathing heavily with her legs spread open and her slightly red pussy still twitching lightly with the aftermath. Her nipples were hard points poking through the t-shirt, and her eyes were closed as she finished recovering in the relative safety of the back seat.

She gave me a half glare, half smile when she opened her eyes and mouthed “fuck you”. I saw her reach for her phone in the pile of stuff she had arranged in the corner of the seat and in the cup holder, type for a few seconds, then put it back down.

A moment later, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and opened a new text from my sister.

“That was close. And amazing. Lol. You had better shove that cock in me when we get to the hotel.”

Suddenly I couldn’t wait for today’s drive to be over.

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