Energy Play Pt. 01

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I know I should not be thinking of him but I am. I cannot help myself. The mind cannot be told not to do certain things and this is one of those times where I am powerless to shut it off. It keeps going back to that incredible weekend we spent together. Sighing, I try to push away thoughts of his lips, his body, his essence, which continue to creep into my consciousness. I know how this works: the images flip into my mind’s eye like so many Viewmaster slides circling through the viewfinder and I need to let them come or forever be haunted by them. A wise psychiatrist once wrote that when the difficult memories come, let them in and let them flood your being. Eventually they’ll dissipate on their own and no longer have power over your emotions. Yeah, right. How many times had I relived these moments, each time feeling them gripping me harder and harder and refusing to let go.

We had spent one magical weekend together. Just one. But it was two and a half days of pure Heaven followed by weeks of pure Hell. He flew into my hometown, a one hour flight, and I had surprised him at the gate. He was not expecting this, nor the astounding chemistry we would share. We had met online, as a woman who lives an hour from the nearest city center must. We very quickly discovered that we had much in common…many shared interests, desires and kinks. The conversations flowed effortlessly and we’d spoken and Facetimed often in a few-week period until we’d agreed to meet. It all happened pretty fast from our first email exchange to our first phone conversation…to agreeing to meet. When the universe presents an opportunity like this, we had both been ready. He was a bit hesitant at first because of the distance. He lives 400 miles away, but he couldn’t resist finding out of we’d have the kind of connection we’d both been searching for, dreaming of, our entire lives.

So he flew down to see me that fateful Friday evening. As he walked out of the gate, I suddenly came around the corner into his line of vision and he stopped and stared at me. He later told me that in that instant he knew he’d made the right decision to come and that I was everything he’d hoped to find. And more. We hugged like we’d known each other for years, which despite this being our very first meeting, we felt like we had. We had an easy camraderie and he took my hand like we’d been together forever as we left the airport.

I should mention here that his touch is very powerful. He has an extraordinary energy that flows through and out of him. Just being in his presence heightened my senses like I’d never felt before. We hugged finally as we got to my car. The feel of his body both surprised and shocked me. Despite being older than I, his chest was rock hard and well defined beneath his button down shirt and his arms were firm and solidly muscled as they snaked around me. pangaltı escort He felt ridiculously good. This was going to be one interesting weekend.

We drove to dinner where the conversation flowed and we laughed lightheartedly at each other’s jokes. Any shyness or unease I may have felt melted away in the presence of his warmth and charm. Despite the fact that he was a total stranger, I felt I’d known him a long time and was relaxed about taking him to my house.

He was a perfect gentleman – never making a move on me, never pushing any kind of sexual contact. He is a man – a man who knows his power and is confident in himself – a man through and through. From the steely hardness of his tight body to the way he fit right in to my home, my vibe. It was totally relaxed. Totally effortless. For the first time in a very long time, I felt womanly and open. He was calm, secure, confident, quietly powerful and it made me relax into myself, allowing my sometimes hidden femininity to shine forth. It felt really good to be in his company. Very right.

After a drink, we headed upstairs and he offered to give me a massage. Now this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time – having a hot, sexy man massage me while taking a few naughty liberties…the idea was heady. I was totally at ease as I lit several scented candles around the room and slipped naked under the sheet on the massage table. (Yes, I own one). He emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel and I lifted my head to admire his hard, muscular chest, shoulders and arms as he came toward me.

“I want this to be completely relaxing and indulgent for you,” he said softly in his deep, sexy voice.

This was already better than any massage fantasy I’d ever imagined and I was nervous, yet eager to get started. I rolled over onto my stomach and he began stroking my arms confidently with the lavender oil, soothing my tired muscles. His hands were strong yet gentle and he fluidly massaged my arms and upper back, leaving the rest of me covered by the sheet. He asked if he could work on my legs and when I agreed, he hiked up the sheet to just below my ass. There was a pause before I heard him pour the oil onto his hands.

“You have beautiful legs,” he said.

“Thank you,” I responded as his marvelous hands began their work on my aching calves and quads.

As he worked on my body, he adjusted the sheet to cover me, allowing only the parts he was working on to be exposed. His hands felt incredible against my skin, strong, steady, sure and utterly relaxing. While obviously a very skilled masseur, there was also a lingering playfulness to his touch that started to raise my body temperature. I was extremely conscious of his primal masculine energy and my naked state…I knew he knew exactly what he was doing to me and decided to pendik escort just go with it. I asked if he’d massage my glutes and he readily agreed. Stripping off the sheet entirely, I felt a cool rush of air over my warm, glowing skin.

I heard him suck in his breath and he said, “Your physique is astonishing. Strong muscles, beautiful skin, amazing curves…you’re built like a goddess.”

A huge smile crept over my face and I shyly thanked him, secretly proud that the months and months of clean eating and hard work at the gym were finally paying off. As he worked on my lower back and glutes, I sensed him bending down low over my body, just hovering there above my parted thighs. Whether to see better because of the darkness or to get more into his work, I did not know. But it felt wonderful to feel him so close, to sense his warmth and energy flowing around us.

That side now complete, he asked me to flip over onto my back. The sheet was completely gone now and I was slightly nervous to be completely naked and exposed to his gaze. This would be the first time he had ever seen me without clothes and I was nervous.

But with my confidence buoyed by his earlier compliments, I rolled over, letting him take a good, long look at my curvy, muscular frame as the candlelight danced over my now flushed olive skin. My breasts were now in full view, jutting proudly upward, my raspberry sized nipples hardening into sharp points both at the feel of the cool air across them as well as the heat and admiration of his gaze. He made no effort to hide his appreciation of my body.

“Magnificent,” he whispered softly as his hands set about their task again.

He worked slowly and languidly, hands gliding over my oil-softened skin, massaging away my aches, soreness and whatever vestiges of my shyness that still remained. An audible sigh escaped my lips as I relaxed into the feeling of his strong hands acquainting themselves with the curves and hollows of my legs and body. As he worked, I could sense him bending down low over me again.

This time, he inhaled deeply and said, “Your scent is intoxicating. I can’t get enough.”

“Is that what you’ve been doing?” I asked, shocked and aroused, my heartbeat jumping from zero to 75 mph in an instant.

“Yes,” he replied without hesitation. “I’ve been taking in your honeyed essence and it is turning me on beyond belief.”

My gawd, this man was so raw, so primal, so sexy! The way he looked at and spoke to me combined with the delicious feeling of his hands gliding all over my body made me start to drip with moisture as if he’d turned on a faucet. If he noticed, he didn’t show it as he continued his sinfully slow exploration of my body, concentrating now on my aching breasts. He knows they are the center of my pleasure, the apex of my desire, rus escort but he didn’t directly touch them at first.

Instead, he circled the giant mounds slowly with his hands, carefully avoiding my throbbing nipples, which have now puckered and hardened into diamond-like shards of pulsing agony. I was literally writhing on the table at his touch, once so slow and methodical, now so overtly sensual and teasing. He knew exactly what he was doing as he expertly swirled his hands around the base and sides of my breasts, dancing away from my eager nipples at the last minute. My breathing intensified, so ready was I for him to touch the sensitive pink peaks.

At last he brushed his fingertips across my swollen nipples and I cried out at the pleasure of his touch. Hearing and feeling my ecstasy, he began to concentrate his efforts more pointedly on my rock hard buds, lightly pinching and flicking them, pulling and twisting them as moans of desire were torn from my throat. His touch stayed light for a while and then as if sensing my building rapture, he intensified his pressure until he was firmly stroking and pulling my nipples, teasing me into a quickly building pre-orgasmic state. I squirmed and moaned under his hands and he could wait no longer, finally lowering his beautiful mouth to first one, then the other nipple, bathing them with his tongue…nipping at them with his teeth. He worked them over and over as my pussy began rhythmically clenching with need.

Again, he could read my body perfectly and while he continued the delicious torment of my eager nipples, his hand moved between my legs, hovering just at the entrance. I was beyond wet, beyond turned on and I know he is quietly pleased at how obviously my body is responding to his touch. I feel him slide one finger inside my burning, dripping pussy and I gasp at the gloriousness of being penetrated at the same time as his wicked mouth is wreaking mind numbing havoc on my breasts. Instantly he finds my g-spot and an electric shock goes through my body as he begins to work his magic on my little jewel.

Two fingers are inside me now and I can feel the exquisite sensations start to build within me – the incredible pleasure in my nipples starts to flow downward toward my slick pussy and the pleasure in my g-spot begins to flow upward toward my breasts. I can feel the two very powerful, very different sensations creeping towards each other and I am panting with desire, panting with need for the release this beautiful man wants to give me. When they finally collide, I am wracked by a shattering orgasm that shoots white hot darts of warmth and pleasure all over my body, leaving me breathless, shaking and a warm gush of liquid all over his hand. I cry his name out with the power and frenzy of my orgasm and he strokes me gently, making me shiver with delight and a growing feeling of contentment.

When I finally float back to earth he whispers in my ear, “God, baby, that was so hot.”

I close my eyes and try to catch my breath for a moment and I smile to myself. This is only round one. The evening is just beginning.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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