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“I don’t even know your name.”

“That doesn’t matter. We may get to names. After all, you came to my room without needing to know my name.”

“That’s true, but I thought there might be a little preliminary discussion, so to speak.”

“Surely we know enough already. I’m a widower and you’re a widow. I haven’t had any sex for ten years and I suspect you haven’t had any for a good while, too.”

“Nothing like getting to the point. Well, all right, no, I haven’t had any sex for eight years. Not since my husband got ill.”

“We understood each other pretty quickly, downstairs, and there’s no-one in this hotel to take note of us. We’re quite free to do what we want.”

“That’s true. And since I came to your room you’re assuming what I want is sex.”

“It may not be just sex, I know. It may be simply human contact, sympathy, even companionship on this holiday we’ve both booked on.”

“I came to your room because I was curious to find out why you asked me.”

“That was brave of you. I might have wanted to rob you or rape you.”

“I ruled those out. My instinct tells me you’re a decent sort of man.”

“Thank you. My instinct tells me that you’re a passionate woman who’s been pretty much starved of human contact, sympathy, companionship, including sex. And I’m in the same condition. Your intuition told you that. That’s why you’re here.”

“My casino şirketleri name is Jane. I want you to know that, whatever we do.”

“My name is Jonathan, since names are important to you.”

“Well, Jonathan, if I’m going to have sex with you I want to the know the name of the person I’m having the sex with.”

“Jane, I very much want to have sex with you. You are a very attractive woman and I think we could click.”

“You know, Jonathan, I have been so miserable that I would probably have come to your room if I knew you were going to rob or rape me. The last eight years and Guy’s death have left me feeling almost nothing. I almost wished you would rape me. That might have made me feel something.”

“Andrea’s last years have done that to me, too. My idea was that sex with an attractive woman might bring me back to life a little.”

“It looks like we might try it, then.”

“You’re smiling, so I take it you find the possibility appealing. In which case let’s deal with the basics. First, I assume you’re past the menopause? Good. Then I should tell you I have no sexual health problems. Andrea and I were faithful for over thirty years, so I’m clean.”

“Guy and I were faithful, too, so there’s no danger from me.”

“Jane, you are as delightful as I expected. I haven’t had a kiss like that for so long I’d almost forgotten casino firmaları what it could be like.”

“It was good, wasn’t it? I’m all of a tremble, and I can feel you are.”

“Let’s do it again…Oh, yes, lovely.”

“Why don’t we get comfortable? Since we’re going to end up in bed we might as well get on with it. Do you want to undress me?”

“You’ve guessed I do. The zip’s at the back…Now I’ll take off those sandals, before you step out of the dress.”

“You can take your shirt off now. I don’t want to be starkers while you’re still dressed…Good. Now the trousers.”

“You are a beautiful woman, Jane. Look at those lovely breasts.”

“Not so lovely when the bra’s off. See? Sagging.”

“They’re lovely. Just natural. And those wonderful long nipples!”

“I’ve always hated those, especially after the children and they got even bigger.”

“They’re magnificent. And now I’m looking forward to the next move.”

“You can take my knickers off in a minute. But you can take your shoes off, and I don’t see why you shouldn’t take your shorts off first.”

“All right, but it’s a bit embarrassing.”

“I know you’ve got an erection, and you jolly well should have by now.”

“Well, I have. See.”

“I like a man who’s ready, willing and able.”

“Let me see your bottom…What a beauty!”

“It’s so damn big, güvenilir casino though.”

“It’s big but beautiful. So full, shapely. I love it.”

“Let me see yours. I like a man’s bum to be round and tight. Mmm, yes, a nice one.”

“Let me at those knickers…Aha! I’m not the only one who’s ready.”

“I used to moisten pretty quickly, but it’s been so long I’m quite surprised.”

“It’s delightful. I want to lick your clitoris. Lie down.”

“Go ahead…Oh, yes, the feelings still there.”

“But you must have masturbated often.”

“Yes, I did, but it’s different with a tongue…Are you coming into me? Because if so you shouldn’t wait too long.”

“Can you come if I go in?”

“Try it and see…Not too hard. Gently in.”

“Jane, that’s so wonderful. You’ve no idea how wonderful. Just sliding in. Your cunt is lovely.”

“Keep going. Push harder. Can you hold my bottom? I love to have my bottom held when I have orgasm.”

“What a pleasure to hold it. That’s so exciting, how your clenching it. Does that help you come?”

“Yes. It used to, anyway. Can you spare a hand for my clitoris? Like that, yes. Oh, yes, I can come. It’s coming. Can you come? That would be good, if you come with me.”

“Jane, Jane, I’m coming!”

“I’m coming, too. Yes, here it comes. Ahh!”

“That was…that was…there’s no word. Just, thank you, thank you, Jane.”

“It was a pleasure, Jonathan. I mean that.”

“If we rest a little while, could you come again?”

“Yes, I think I could.”

“Let’s rest and talk a bit. Now we can get to know each other.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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