Encounter With A Long Lost Love

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Boy was I ever nervous. The day had finally arrived when I would get the chance to meet face to face with the woman I had loved so long ago. She had found me by doing a Google search. A month ago at work I was checking my e-mail and there was her name. We instantly reconnected, which shocked me in a way, because of the way our relationship had ended abruptly some 7 years ago. You see I felt the relationship was moving way too fast so I bolted. Nicole let me know right away that she had never stopped loving me and had been waiting, hoping, wishing for the time that we could be back together. So much had changed in our lives. I was married with 3 children and she was still with the father of her own child. We have been writing back and forth and talking on the phone almost constantly at times in the past month. Our love for each other growing more and more as the days go by. It has gotten to the point now where we both need to meet up face to face. Pictures and voices are great but nothing can take the place of seeing each other in person. How I am so longing to look into her eyes to help confirm the feelings I have for her right at this very moment.

When will it ever happen? Both of our schedules are so hectic at times. We both have so many responsibilities to deal with. We have talked about meeting half way at a convenient time and place but I have no idea how I can get by with something that I want to take up so much time. I don’t want to just meet up for fifteen minutes or so. That would hardly give us time to say hello. I want our first meeting to be special, something neither of us will ever be able or want to forget. Getting the kids to the babysitter while my wife works is the only viable option but still a major obstacle to overcome, as I’d have to have a really good excuse to get someone to watch the baby for such a period of time, in addition to having an even better excuse for the wife to believe.

I am torn so bad right now having to make a decision to do something that I know is wrong yet feels so right. My family life is wonderful, I guess. Up until a month ago I had thought my life was just where it was supposed to be. Having talked to Nicole as much as I have has really put a spark in me and brightened my life so much that there is really no words to describe it. Just the other day she threw out a line from Jerry Maguire, which just so happens to be my favorite movie. She said “You Complete Me.” I feel the same way, like there is a completeness about me now that has been missing for so long.

I want our first time back together to be special, romantic. I want it to give us a feeling we will cherish for the rest of our lives, because the feelings and love I have for Nicole are something I will cherish forever. But after the past few days of talking with her and hearing the things she wants us to do together is really driving my animal instincts crazy. I want to do things to her that would make our sex life 7 years ago seem very boring, which it wasn’t by any means of the imagination. It was and still is the best sex I’ve ever had. I hope to change that in the very near future. My hands are craving her soft skin, my lips are dying to touch her, my cock desperately wanting to be inside her anywhere she’ll take it, my ears yearning to hear her scream my name as we try everything possible to satisfy both our needs and wants.

Well, well, the time has finally came. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve gotten a sitter for the kids and my wife is working then going out with the girls after work. She has come to believe that I’m going to the city to hang with my brother and won’t be back till tomorrow afternoon. I make one last phone call to you as I get ready to leave work, letting you know where to meet and about what time. I have planned a nice dinner for ourselves at the Outback and rented a motel room in the city. I rush home to shower and prepare myself for you. My mind is running about a million miles an hour and my heart is racing just as fast if not faster in anticipation. As I shower I give myself a quick shave, not missing a single spot as my cock is rock hard thinking about you. I get out and dress in a nice button up shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. I throw some gel in my hair and then stop by the mirror to check myself out. Damn I look good, I think to myself. I sure hope she feels the same way after all these years. I throw on my shoes and it’s out the door I go.

As I walk out the door to begin my journey I see the minivan I’m about to get in to go see you. For a brief instance reality strikes as I’m fully aware of what is about to take place. I stop for a second and ask myself if this is what I truly want. Yes, maltepe escort I tell myself, I want this more than anything in the world. I get in and begin driving to my ultimate destination, to see the woman that I love.

Just my luck traffic was terrible. There was a brief delay on the interstate just outside the city. Apparently a semi had overturned just prior to my arrival. I finally got through that mess to be confronted with really heavy traffic inside the city during rush hour. I finally reach the restaurant about 20 minutes behind schedule. I sure hope if she’s waiting for me she hasn’t thought I lost my nerve and went and left. At last I drive into the parking lot of the Outback and drive around till I see her car. There was a parking spot free just beside your car. So I pull in and park. She’s not sitting in it though. She must have went in and gotten us a table already.

Walking into the restaurant the hostess immediately greets me. I tell her that I’m meeting someone special here tonite. She says she knows already because the young lady I’m here to meet has been telling her all about me. As we are walking to the table she puts her hand on my ass and whispers in my ear, “You are even cuter than she was describing.” That startled me a bit and I had to recompose myself as we approached the table you were sitting at. Arriving at our table you immediately stand up and in doing so I notice you are wearing a very sexy low cut blouse and sexy skirt that hung down just below your knees. You practically jump into my arms, embracing me with a very passionate kiss. Our lips meeting and tongues intertwined, God I’ve waited for this moment for so long. We stay in just that position for what seemed like an eternity when we are interrupted by the waiter clearing his throat. We finally separate ourselves from each other and take our seats, giggling to each other like a couple of love sick teenagers.

We order our drinks and some appetizers. “You look so beautiful, Nicole” I tell you. As we sit there engaging in small talk and holding hands, I can’t stop from staring into your eyes. It’s almost as though you have put me in a trance. Getting our drinks and appetizers we both decide that we won’t be having the main course, at least not here anyway. As we are enjoying each other’s company and the drinks and appetizers I feel a foot work its way up my leg, pleasantly startling me. I smile at you as your foot works it’s way farther up my leg till it has pushed its way into my crotch. You begin stroking my cock thru my shorts with your bare foot. I take a deep breath. Taking my hand i begin rubbing your leg as your toes begin doing a number on me. As we finish the appetizer and the second round of drinks I ask if you’d like to go back to the room. You eagerly say yes, as if I didn’t already know the answer.

After paying the tab, we walk out of the restaurant. On our way out you whisper something to the cute hostess who flirted with me on my way in. In the parking lot I question you as to what you said to her. You reply by saying “Nothing” with an evil little grin on your face. We get to our cars and once again embrace in a very passionate kiss. Our hands having a hard time not just tearing each others clothes off right then and there. We finally realize that now’s not the best time so we decide to take our cars back to the motel, where we can really get serious. So with one last peck on the lips we both get into our separate cars and you follow me back up to the motel where our room is booked.

As we both get out of our vehicles I see you have brought an overnite bag, which i graciously offer to carry for you. Once inside we walk to the front desk, hand in hand. I pay for the room reserved for us and since it is a top floor room we get in the elevator. Oh boy, once inside the elevator we once again are practically tearing at each other. You jump up into my arms and put your legs around my waist and arms around my neck as I push you towards the wall of the elevator, my hard cock pressing thru the fabric of my shorts towards your wanting pussy. I begin kissing your neck as we dry hump right there in the elevator. Just as we were getting into a good rhythm the elevator stops and the doors open. Unaware of our surroundings we suddenly get distracted by a gasping sound made by an elderly woman who is standing at the door of the elevator with her husband. We quickly compose ourselves, giggling uncontrollably and trying to sincerely apologize for the show we just gave the old couple as we make our way past them as we head down the hall to the room. As we get a few feet away from the couple I swear I heard the old man say “Eleanor hurry mecidiyeköy escort up and get in there, I wanna try that with you.” Which was followed by another gasp from the old lady. As the door closed we both burst out laughing.

Once to the room I open the door and whisk you up off your feet, carrying you inside the room. Once inside I stand there with you in my arms as we begin to kiss once again, slower with so much passion and fire. I carry you to the edge of the bed. Standing you back on your feet I just look you up and down for a moment. “You are so beautiful Nicole. I love you so much.” I say to you. At that moment a tear runs down your cheek. “Why are you crying?” I ask as my hand reaches up to sweep away the tear from your very soft cheek. “I am just so happy that this day has finally came,” you respond. “Me too baby, me too,” I say as I lean in again to kiss you. My hands cupping your face as my tongue gently works past your lips to touch your own waiting tongue. You reach up and begin to unbutton my shirt as we are liplocked. A sudden sense of urgency has just come upon you. You pull my shirt off my shoulders and it slides off of my arms and hits the floor. You step back away from me a few steps and pull your own blouse off over your head, throwing it on top of my shirt. Then you reach to the side of your skirt and unzip it, letting it fall to the floor as well. You are now standing directly in front of me just wearing your bra and panties. You spin around in front of me, showing off your sexy body. “So what do you think?,” you playfully ask. “Absoulutely amazing,” I say with a sense of anxiousness to my voice. My heart is racing wildly right now as the moment I’ve so longed for is rapidly approaching. As you walk back towards me you reach behind you and unclasp your bra, letting your succulent breasts pop free. I reach up to touch them but you slap my hands away. “Not yet sweetie. You’ll get your turn.,” you teasingly say as your soft hands begin to rub my bare chest and work their way down my belly to the buttons on my shorts. You begin to unbutton them as you start to kneel down in front of me. Once on your knees you tug slightly on my shorts dropping them to the ground as I quickly kick off my shoes and proceed to step out of my shorts. Just inches from your face is my throbbing cock, aching to be freed from my boxer briefs. You reach at the waistband and pull them to my ankles as I step out of them. Instantly your hands reach for my cock. You slowly begin stroking on it with one hand while gently massaging my balls with the other. After a few intense moments of stroking my completely shaved cock your tongue shoots out of your mouth as you begin to lick the tip of my cock like a lollipop. “Oh fuck yes” I moan as you continue stroking my cock and licking me with your tongue. Then without warning your mouth fully covers my cock. It feels so freaking good, your warm mouth slurping back and forth over my cock. Taking me just as deep as you can, back and forth, back and forth. Looking down at you as you suck my cock for all you’re worth you stare up at me as well, our eyes meeting as you seem to be really enjoying pleasuring me in this way. A very sinister look in your eye which is bringing me really close to the edge as you continue sucking with even more intensity almost willing the cum to shoot out of my cock. My balls begin to tighten as you are still gently massaging the smooth skin surrounding my balls. You begin stroking on my cock with your other hand once again as you continue sucking and sucking. Our eyes still focused on each other. “OH FUCK!!!! I’M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” I scream as my cock starts shooting shot after shot into your very hot mouth. Only then do we lose eye contact as my head jerks back and my eyes close as my hips begin uncontrollably jerking as what seems like a never ending orgasm overtakes my body. You just hold my cock firmly in your mouth, your lips clamped tightly around it as I empty myself into you.

As soon as my orgasm has subsided I reach down and pull you to your feet, pulling you close to my body, holding you tight against me as we kiss once again, tasting myself on your warm tongue. Your breasts pressed firmly against my chest. Unable to stand from having weak knees from the best blow job ever we fall onto the bed, our lips still locked with one another. Laying on our sides, our hands touching every part of each others body. My body just melting at your touch. My lips begin exploring other parts of your body, starting with your neck and slowly working my way down your shoulders. I move on top of you kissing my way down to your soft ample breasts, kissing them, licking them, teasing nişantaşı escort your nipples with my tongue. I gently put each nipple between my teeth and give them a slight tug as my hands squeeze and massage your breasts. After kissing and nibbling on your tits for quite some time I begin working my way even lower, taking in as much of your silky smooth body as I can. I have now crawled between your legs and have begun a barrage of kisses and licks up and down your legs, rubbing your feet firmly as your legs are pointed straight up in the air. I kiss my way back down your legs and slowly begin teasing your pussy with my tongue, searching for and finding your swollen excited clit. My middle finger dives inside your soaking wet pussy as my clit gently flicks back and forth on your clit. Diving in as deep as I can go, searching for and finding easily your g-spot I feverishly begin tapping away at it. Your legs begin shaking and your ass lifts off the bed as I bring you to shear extasy. Before long you are begging me to stuff my cock inside of you. I’ve never been one to deny a lady a request so I jump back up on top of you and grabbing my cock in my hand I begin running it up and down your soaking wet pussy lips, tapping it along your clit on each upward stroke, sticking an inch in and pulling out. I continue teasing you this way till you look me in the eyes and almost growling say, “FUCK MY PUSSY NOW!!!” Hearing this I slide my cock deep inside you with one quick deep thrust. Your legs wrapped around my waist as I thrust in and out of you deep and fast with each stroke, our bodies slapping together totally in sync with one another. My hands now massaging your breasts, pinching on your nipples as we proceed to fuck the life out of each other. You begin screaming my name out in total pleasure. “Oh fuck yes Jeremy, fuck me, fuck my pussy, oh fuck oh fuck, oh yes Jeremy, I love you, I love how you fuck my tight wet pussy.” I move my hands back to your legs and lift them up over my shoulders and continue plowing into you even deeper and faster than before. Your hand moves down to your pussy and begins rubbing your clit as my thrusts become more intense into you. My eyes are glued on your face, loving every reaction you have to every thrust that goes deep inside you. Wondering just briefly how much sound is escaping our room as your moans and screams fill the room.

Releasing your legs they drop down to my side, without missing a beat I roll us over onto my back so you can have your turn at riding me. You begin bouncing up and down on my cock, your head bouncing from side to side as you continue to scream at me to fuck you harder. My hips thrusting up to meet you as we fuck so hard and fast. My hands reach up and grab your breasts, firmly squeezing them as you ride me for all you’re worth. Squeezing your nipples with my thumb and index finger as you scream even louder.

All at once you jump off my cock and onto your hands and knees with your ass pointing up. You look over at me with a real evil look in your eyes and tell me you want me to fuck your ass. Excitedly I get between your legs, giving you a firm but playful slap on the ass. I soak my fingers in your sopping wet pussy and rub your juices all around your ass and onto my cock. Spreading your cheeks open I slowly begin pushing my cock inside your tight hole. Oh my god the feeling is incredible as I inch deeper and deeper into your tight ass until I am fully inside you. You begin slowly rocking back and forth and with me being pretty inexperienced I let you control the tempo. I squeeze your ass as you continue to buck back against me, increasing your tempo with every backward thrust. The feeling is incredible and before long I feel another orgasm quickly building. As it rapidly approaches I pull out and as I do you roll over on your back as I quickly stroke my cock, shooting shot after shot of cum on your belly while a few shots jump up onto your tits. You rub it into your skin as shot after shot erupts from my hard cock. As my orgasm subsides I collapse on top of you. We lay there for a bit, both totally exhausted for the time being.

As we catch our breath finally and our heart rates have come back to somewhat normal levels, you look at me and tell me I should jump in the shower to get cleaned up for the surprise you’ve gotten for me. I question you but you just tell me to be patient it’ll be worth the wait. As I get up to take a quick shower you tell me that you’ll be in to join me in just a second. After a few minutes in the shower you open the door and come in to join me. We lather each other up and get ourselves real clean. My cock comes back to life as you focus your soapy hands on my cock. You stroke me till I’m nice and clean. “Easy now big boy” you whisper in my ear, “you need to save some energy for what’s to come.” Hearing you say that excites me more and really has peaked my curiosity on what’s in store for later. So we get out of the shower and dry off and proceed to cuddle on the bed for a while.

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