Emily’s Summer Vacation

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(Part Two of The Brat’s New Roller Skates)

Eighteen year old Emily White was the only daughter to her small town’s widower Baptist minister. This small riverside community was dull, at best. Especially now as the Depression sunk even lower, many people were forced to live as migrant workers leaving the town feeling a little deserted.

Emily was a tom-boy at heart, and could play with the best of ’em. She was as fast and as brave as any boy, and was not afraid to fight for anything. She had the admiration of every boy in town.

Just under six feet tall, Emily had a curvaceous body, and a wholesome pretty face with a speckled band of freckles bridging her pert, upturned nose. Bright, innocent, blue eyes sparkled as bright as her perfectly white teeth. Naturally red lips pouted without trying.

But, now a mature young woman, she was curious about her developing body. Lord knows, she couldn’t learn about that in school, or in church. Definitely not from her stodgy older father. She loved him, but he didn’t understand. Or didn’t want to.

Emily didn’t want to be taken advantage of like some girls in town. She caught the magician showing Becky Molson his “wand”. Becky seemed to know what she was doing, although she played dumb. Emily suspected it was all an act.

Emily had a voracious appetite for learning something new everyday, and had been spending a lot of time in the library. She was studying anatomy texts, and books on sexual development.

What got her really interested was when she found explicit writings on sex in a corner of the library no one went to. She found herself saying things out loud like, “I didn’t know you could do that,” or, “You can put that in there?”

Her imagination grew, when she discovered masturbation. Whenever her father wasn’t at home, which was often, she would explore her nubile young body. She discovered many wonderful new things.

She wanted to have sex with a boy, but not here in town, where everyone could find out. She was really looking forward to her stay at her Aunt Mary and Uncle’s John’s farm.

Her uncle was picking her up in his truck early in the morning. She had been awake for hours. She packed, got dressed, masturbated, cleaned up, and changed her clothes again. Finally, she heard his truck rattle up, and screech to a stop. She ran to the door, as Uncle John was walking up the stairs. She waited for the knock.

Knock, knock. Emily opened it a few seconds later.

“Hi! Uncle John, I’m all ready. I’m really looking forward to this summer,” she said brightly. The morning sun was just coming up over the town, and it’s warm rays turned her chestnut brown hair into gold.

“Morning Em, just want to say hello to my brother before we go, I can take your bags for you.” Uncle John was tall and lanky and in clean clothes, but his face was unshaven and haggard. He took off his hat before he stepped into the house.

“I just have one bag Uncle, I can manage. I’ll wait for you in the truck.” Emily called for her father, and ran upstairs to her room.

The two men stood looking at each other, it had been a while. “So how’s the Lord?” John asked with a smirk.

“He provides. How’s farming?” He sounded like he didn’t approve of his brothers choice to work the land.

“It provides.” He crossed his arms, and stood straightly. A moment later he started to smile. He burst out laughing, and punched his brother in the arm. “You old coot! You win,” he put his arm around his little brothers grey head, and rubbed it vigorously with a knuckled fist.

“Hey, ouch, stop it!” Levi stomped down on his brother’s steel toe boot. It didn’t hurt him, but John stopped anyway. He gave his brother a hug, and patted him on the back as he parted. “You take care of my little girl, I worry about her.”

“Don’t worry Levi, I’ll have her help with the chores, and there’s plenty of books for her to read.” They walked to the porch to wait for Emily.

They heard her heavy foot steps as she lugged a huge suitcase out the door. She put it down, and hugged her father.

“Bye, bye daddy. I love you. You be good, and stay busy. You need the exercise.” She couldn’t wait to leave.

“I’ll always be good, and I get plenty of exercise, have a good time Em.” He patted her shoulder before she heaved up her suitcase, and several determined tries later got it up onto the bed of the truck.

Emily thought she was going to need a few things. I will have a very good time, I promise, she told herself as she waited for Uncle John in the truck.

She watched as the two men shook hands, and Uncle John turned to walk away. It took her Uncle both hands and feet to start the truck, and with a little coordination, they were clunking down the dirt road in a dusty haze.

It was quite a trip to the farm, a few hours, and there were many bumps. Uncle John tried not noticing his niece’s bouncing tits by keeping his eyes forward, and not pendik escort speaking.

Which was fine with Emily because she was lost in blissful anticipation. Her lips pursed in thought, as her light brown eyes wandered the countryside. Her dangling pony-tails swayed with each bump, as she felt her firm young breasts shake involuntarily.

Emily hugged her sweater to her chest to keep them from jiggling. She wasn’t embarrassed for herself, she was embarrassed for her Uncle. It looked like he was having a hard time staying on the road. Emily thought she’d better say something.

“So…who’s at the farm this summer, anyone I remember?” She couldn’t hide her smile.

“Oh, a few fellas you might remember. Then, of course there’s me and your Aunt,” he chided her. He always liked his spunky niece, and it was rare for her to visit.

Emily smiled brightly as the truck pulled into the farm. Although half the town was poor, they supported John and Mary’s farm by buying their products in its markets. Acres of green corn surrounded a small farmhouse and a barn. There were a couple of horses, some ducks, pigs and chickens. Just your every day farm complete with windmill.

But now that I’m here, Emily thought, I’m running wild. She wondered where that thought came from.

She seemed to think it came from her vagina, because it was pulsing wetly . Did it know something she didn’t? She was starting to wonder what kind of trouble she was going to get into this summer, when they shuddered to a stop.

Aunt Mary heard them coming, and was outside to greet them. Plump and good natured, she beamed at her darling niece as she ran up to hug her Auntie.

“Hi Auntie, I missed you,” Emily kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh Emily, how you’ve grown.” Mary stood Emily in front of her to get a good look at her blooming niece.

“Sugar, what’s for lunch? We’re starving,” John smiled and nodded towards Emily.

“Kiss me first you old goat, then I’ll tell you.” Mary still loved her husband after all these years. He worked hard for his family and ranch, and she could depend on him. He was a kind man, but with a short fuse. He didn’t light that fuse around her though, he knew better than that. If he did at all, he did it around the boys.

The old couple kissed, and they all went in to eat chicken soup and fresh bread. They laughed about some of the funny things that have happened since the last time they saw Emily. She told them about the strange thing she saw on a man’s head.

“It looked like a dead rat, so I ripped it off his head, ran out of the library and mashed it with a stick!” They all laughed at the unfortunate man. “I learned later what it was and offered to pay for a replacement hair piece. He thought I owed him an apology instead, thankfully. I didn’t have a penny to spend.”

They knew she was a good girl, and tended to let her run around on her own. She was so damn curious and exploring all the time, they rarely saw her but for a few hours a day.

After lunch, Emily helped her Aunt with the dishes, and asked if there was anything else she could do for her.

Aunt Mary knew she was looking to play, so she said with a knowing smile, “No sweetie, you go ahead and put your things away in your room. It’s the one on the right, the one you stayed in last…” She was calling after a quickly fleeing Emily, her suitcase bouncing on the stairs loudly after her.

After Emily closed the door, she dropped her suitcase, opened the window, and flopped onto her bed. She rolled over to the window that was over it, and surveyed her classroom. She had challenged herself, this summer, to fully explore the possibilities of her young body, no holes barred.

While her fingers wandered over her body one day, she found much to her surprise that her anus was quite a pleasure spot. If she tickled it just right, and put a little spit on the end of her finger, her masturbation sessions were ten times more exciting and satisfying than normal. She thought it was strange, and a little gross at first, but Emily soon saw her asshole in a whole new light. She was pulling up her dress now as she looked out the window.

There was Uncle John, walking to the barn, chickens scurrying out of the way as he went. Some men were in the barn, fixing a tractor, He must going to help. She couldn’t quite see clearly, Wait, ooh, who’s that new one? He’s kinda cute, Emily thought. Best to keep a distance though, I still don’t want it to get around. I’ll just…ooh, yeah.

A hand had wandered beneath her to her moist pussy and was rubbing it lightly, separating the lips. She lifted her hips slightly, and spread her legs as she propped herself on the other elbow. She fantasized about the new boy.

He looked older than her, but still quite young and quick. He seemed to have a good sense of humor, because he laughed a little when the tractor rolled onto his foot. She imagined his big strong hands exploring escort pendik her body for a change, and touching her in ways she hadn’t yet discovered. She was sure there were plenty.

Emily rolled over, put a finger in her mouth and generously coated it with spit. It dripped down her knuckle as she brought it to her tiny rosebud. Her fingers were busy on her clit as she inserted the wet finger in her asshole, and heaved as the pleasure intensified. She wanted to be quiet, but she couldn’t help but moan a little.

She worked the entire finger in, past both knuckles and was fucking it in and out as she rolled her hips to her clit strumming. Emily was going to try something different. She moved a second finger to her asshole, and tried putting it in. It was quite a job, but she did it. She decided that spit wasn’t a very efficient lubricant, and she would have to find something else later.

The new boy’s face entered her mind as she brought herself towards orgasm. She bit down on her lip to keep from screaming, as her breathing became rapid and her cheeks flushed. Emily shook uncontrollably as her body arched up in release, her fingers a blur as she rode her wave to the beach.

Her forehead had a thin sheen of sweat as she calmed down and relaxed. Wow, that was good, Emily congratulated herself. Now to clean up, and put things away.

Emily went to the washroom. Hey, an inside toilet! I have a feeling I’ll be using this room a lot. The last time she was here she had to go to the outhouse. She was glad they were doing so well during this difficult time.

After Emily washed her hands, she started looking around for lubrication. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but was certain she’d know it when she found it. The only thing she found was some Vaseline, but she thought it might irritate her delicate asshole. She went back to her room to put things away, and saw the stranger again.

He was looking back at her through the window, then shyly turned his head. I hope he didn’t see me touching myself, Emily worried, but dismissed it quickly to put her things away.

Ten minutes later, she bounded down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. Her Aunt wasn’t there, Perfect. On a hunch, she headed to the pantry.

Yes, there it is, she smiled when she saw the can of lard. This might work better, it’s natural. She found a small tin, and scooped it in until it was full. She put the lard back and put the tin in her overalls pocket.

Emily went outside to check in before she went off somewhere else. She told her Aunt, who was watering flowers outside, that she’ll be back before supper, and not to worry about her.

“I don’t worry about you sweetheart, you’re too smart to get into real trouble.” Her Aunt smiled and waved goodbye to the retreating Emily. That girl is always off and running, smiled her Aunt, and went back to watering.

Emily was looking for something special. Not a man, because that would only cause problems, but a substitute. Then it hit her like a tornado. There it was in front of her. Acres of privacy, and long ears of corn. She ran full speed into the corn field.

Emily didn’t stop running until she felt she was far enough away from the farm, then cleared a spot on the ground. She took several ears of corn off the stalks, all of varying size, and sat down to shuck them.

She started whistling as she worked. A bright cheerful number, that lilted along happily until she finished. She stood up, removed her big overalls and laid them on the ground. She sat on them and removed the tin, setting it off to the side.

Emily laid back and rested on an elbow as she bent a knee and laid on her side. She spread her wet pussy apart, and pushed an ear in lightly. She lost her hymen long ago wrestling hard one day with the boys. She pushed harder, and her head fell back.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? We have plenty of corn at home, thought Emily. She fucked herself slowly with the corn, pushing it in until it stopped. The nubbed ridges felt like nothing else, and she was hooked. I bet it would feel great back there…

She opened the tin of lard, and removed the small ear from her pussy. She coated it liberally with lard and moved it to her asshole. She relaxed her pucker as she pressed against it.

Oh yeah, that’s good, she heaved. Ooh, it’s big, it hurts a little. Ungh, keep at it Emily, you’ll get there, she coached herself. She sucked up the pain and turned it into pleasure through her spirited determination. It wasn’t difficult, and she soon had half of it in her tight little backdoor.

As she fucked herself, she twisted the cob, creating a vibrating effect. Emily rolled over with a squeal. Jesus, that’s great! But it could be even better. She reached for the next biggest ear, and replaced the small one.

Good heavens! Emily almost screamed as she felt her ass widen considerably. She knew that it could go up a notch with something pendik escort bayan else though. She got another ear and slid it into her hot pussy.

She laid on her arm as she spread her legs widely, jutting her ass high in the air. Emily rolled her hips onto the bottom ear, and plugged away slowly at her ass with the second one. When she started twisting it, she went wild and started going faster.

As Emily fucked herself to climax, she started drooling. She tried to suck it up between clenched teeth, but it leaked onto her overalls. She could always spit better than the boys, and often won spitting contests. But she had never drooled before.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she rattled loose. “Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD! SWEET JESUS!”

Emily shuddered rhythmically as words escaped her… and dropped into a wonderful new world. Her orgasm crested higher with each twist and plunge of either ear of corn. She pushed herself as far as she dared to go until the violent twister left her body on it’s own.

When it did leave, Emily lay gasping for air in the quiet cornfield. It took a while to come down, but eventually she had to part with her new friends. I will have to remember that for sure, Emily said with great satisfaction. And remember it she did. She would come to the corn field two or three times a day when she didn’t have anything else to do. Like, look at that boy.

He’s really more of a young man, Emily confided to herself. He has to shave, and he’s got the most beautiful muscles… Emily felt herself drooling as she thought about him. She had better not look at him anymore, or else she might do something she would regret. So, for a month Emily tried not noticing him, but she still couldn’t help it.

Roy looked back at her, more with curiosity than with anything else. But was very careful not to rile John. He saw him fire someone for looking at Emily the wrong way. He kept his nose to the grindstone, but found himself thinking about her much too often. He made a mistake one night when putting the pigs away while thinking about her.

The next morning on market day, John pulled him round to the back of the barn.

“You were supposed to lock the pig gate last night, Roy. I spent most of the night looking for them while you were off, god knows where.” He looked greatly agitated, his gentle eyes burned. “I can’t afford to let that happen again Roy, so I’ve got to let you go.”

“No, please,” Roy blurted, “I swear it won’t happen again, please don’t fire me. I need this job.” Roy pleaded with some dignity. He would never tell John the reason he couldn’t find him, that he was in the corn field jerking off while thinking about his niece.

John was having none of it, “Since you’ve been such a good employee up to this point, you can stay the night. But in the morning, you’d better be gone. We’ll leave your pay and some food in a basket for you.” He sounded deadly serious. This was the part he hated, but you can’t have a successful farm without stompin’ a few toes.

“Will I get paid for today, if I kept working while you were gone?” Every penny counted during the Depression, and Roy needed that penny.

John thought, I’m getting rid of this boy? Yes, I have to. “Yes, I think I can trust you enough not to just take it and run.” He looked steadily at Roy to emphasize the point.

“Yes John, you can trust me,” Roy said honestly.

John nodded and walked away to load up the rest of the produce and leave. John, Mary and all the hands left him there alone. Or so he thought.

Emily had been watching him work when Uncle John fired him. She ran off almost crying before they finished speaking. Emily and was crushed, she ran off to the corn field for an hour. Not to play, but to think.

She knew she had all day because she had told her Aunt and Uncle she didn’t feel like going to town, she was having too much fun here. Now Emily almost wished she had gone, but it was too late now. She heard them pull away soon after she left.

As Emily sat there, she got horny again. But she was tired of corn. She wanted something hot and meaty. She started heading back towards the barn, lightheaded with desire. Emily heard the excited whinny of a horse.

I couldn’t possibly… Could I? Emily walked in the general direction of the corral, gaining the courage with every step, to even think about what she was thinking. Her knees wobbled as if made of gelatin, yet continued to propel her towards God-knows-what.

The smell of the horse pen grew nearer, but she decided to investigate further before rushing headlong into something really dangerous. Just then, she heard a grunting noise behind the barn.

No one else is supposed to be here, she thought. She wasn’t afraid, just curious, and felt very lucky to have a distraction. Emily peeked around the corner and saw him.

Roy had his shirt off, bucking hay. Sweat glistened off his golden muscular body as he grunted with his final chores.

Emily backed away quickly and snuck around to the other side of the barn. Oh my, she thought wickedly. And he’s fired too, he’ll never tell. How perfectly delicious.

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