Ellie Ch. 02

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Thank you for all the love and support. I am sorry it took so long to update this. There was some confusion on the part of Elle’s purity rest assured it was intentional. This is my first story and I’m a fairly new writer so try to be too harsh okay? Love you guys!

“You are so beautiful. You are the type of girl that has the chemicals to make me fall in love.” The sound of Alec’s ringtone woke Elle out of her coma. Her entire body felt bone tired and sore everywhere. She reached onto the floor trying the best she could with the little room Gabe’s arm allowed her.

“Hello?” she winced at her voice it sounded scratchy and broken.

“Hey babe” Alec’s voice boomed through the phone. “So do you plan on showing your beautiful face today at school?”

Elle was confused “Huh?”

Alec’s chuckle sailed into her ear “Firecracker its 8:20 first period is over in fifteen minutes.”

“Shit!” Elle exclaimed she pushed Gabe’s arm off of her and sat up in bed. She ignored his disgruntled snort. “I have to make it to school before third period otherwise Hayden will kill me if I leave him without a partner for the Grease Medley.

“It’s unlike you to be late for class. Is everything okay?”

Elle looked guiltily at Gabe and found his green eyes staring back at her. “Yeah babe everything is fine.”

Alec sighed “Okay if you say so I won’t pry. So are you coming today?”

“Of course I am. I don’t feel like being murdered by Hayden.”

“Yeah he is a scary gay man isn’t he?”

“Absolutely frightening” Elle forced a chuckle to make everything seem normal. She didn’t want him to think anything was out of the ordinary. She had to hide what Gabe did from Alec. Elle asked the one question sure to distract him. “What should I wear today?”

The excitement in Alec’s voice was apparent. “Yay I love dressing you. Hmm let me think. How about the leggings with the studs going down the side? The black LOVE crop top with your black samsun escort lace camisole. Then your boots with the buckles that go up to your knees?”

Elle smiled because once again her boyfriend had chosen a flawless outfit. “Sounds amazing as always I’m lucky to have such a stylish boyfriend”

“Make it work girl” he said sounding like Tim Gunn. “Love me?”

Elle’s heart broke as she answered “With all my heart.” As she listened to the dial tone Elle realized that she was a horrible person. Here she had this loving man who adored her and she cheated on him by enjoying sex with her brother. She was disgusting and a pervert.

“You just asked your boyfriend what to wear and he told you happily. Do you really think he’s not gay?”

At the sound of Gabe’s voice Elle flinched and turned to meet her tormentor’s eyes. “Leave me alone.” She moved to get out of the bed but he grabbed her upper arm. “Let go!” she cried

“Don’t flinch when you speak to me it fucking cuts me up to see you scared of me.” His voice sounded agonized.

Elle shut her heart to his pain “Maybe you should have thought of that before you raped me.”

His eyes flashed “Yeah I forced you. It was a shitty thing to do. I’ll probably regret that for the rest of my fucking life. I’m a douche bag. That I can admit to myself but I also know you liked it. Hell I had you screaming as you creamed me.”

She pulled and yanked her arm from his grasp. “Must you always be so crass? Okay I liked it so what? What does that change Gabriel? It doesn’t change that fact that you forced me. Or that we’re siblings. Or the fact that I have a boyfriend who I love. He may not be perfect but I love him.”

Gabe felt himself getting angry when she claimed she loved Alec. She loved him? No, he couldn’t believe that. “If you loved him then you wouldn’t have done any of that with me. I made you come so hard your cried. You think he loves you? No one can love you samsunkurdu.com the way I can. You’re in every fucking breathe I take. Do you think I like feeling like this? Hard all the time lusting after my own sister? I’ve tried everything I could. Alcohol and women but nothing can make me feel the way I do for you.” He was basically screaming at her when he was done. Why couldn’t she see how much he needed her, how much he wanted her?

The passion in Gabe’s speech brought tears to Elle’s eyes. “Gabriel I’m your sister. That’s the end of the story. L-let’s just forget last night happened okay? Can we go back to the way we were before daddy died? Playing tea parties with me and taking me shopping? I miss the way we used to be. I just want my brother back. I-I can’t do this Gabriel. I can’t be what you want.”

Gabe grabbed her by the fore arm once again and yanked her to him. Her body was flush against his. Chest to chest Elle could feel his warmth against her naked breasts. He pressed his lips forcefully against hers. Elle closed her eyes expecting a harsh seductive attack instead the kiss was soft and tender. When his tongue gently probed her lips she couldn’t stop herself from opening to him. His song slid into her mouth warm and gentle. He wrapped his tongue around hers and sucked. When she moaned he bit her lip softly. He then released her lips. When she opened her eyes his bore into hers

“When will you understand Ellie? You are exactly what I want. And I am done waiting around trying to hide it. I won’t give you to anyone. I’m going to make you mine.” He then reached his hand up to cup her breast and when she moaned he smiled at her with a wolf like grin “and I plan on playing dirty.”

He let her go and stood up out of bed unashamed at his nakedness. “I’m going to go down to my room before mom wakes up confused. You better get ready for school. Let Alec enjoy his last days with you as his. But Ellie I really think he’s gay.” Gabe leaned down to pick up his clothes as he walked to the door Elle found herself looking at his muscled back. How could this scary seductive man be her same big brother? He loved her all this time? How did he stand being around her? No wonder he began to shut her out. Once again Elle began to think this family would’ve been better off if she never had come to live with them as he opened the door he stopped.

“One more thing Ellie. How were you a virgin? I could’ve sworn I saw you and Alec together on the couch and he was on top of you.”

Elle felt a flush extend on her face she knew she would have to explain this sooner or later. “Alec wants to wait until marriage before sex.”

He looked confused “But he was on top of you.”

Elle wanted to die “-h-he was using his…fingers”

Gabe burst into laughter. She thought he was waiting for marriage but the real reason was because Alec didn’t want to have intercourse with girls. He had nothing to worry about. Alec may love Ellie but not the way Gabe did. No one ever could. “Wow okay Ellie. He’s definitely not gay.”

“Shut up! How could you understand him? He loves me and wants to wait until marriage to have intercourse. He loves me. He would have never taken my virginity so harshly” Elle screamed at him. She was tired of hearing him down Alec. How could Gabriel understand?

“You’re right I may not understand Alec personally but I know if you were mine which you will be. It would be impossible to keep my hands off you. But you refused to believe me right now so I’m going to let it go. If you were mine you would never doubt me.”

As he closed the door Elle threw the alarm clock at him but missed. She listened to his footsteps as he walked down the stairs. Alec did love her. He maybe was a little different but he loved her and she loved him. She got up and gathered her clothes. She would forget what happened with Gabe. She was Alec’s girlfriend and she was happy and loved. So why did it feel as if she were trying to convince herself?

Sorry about the no sex. However rest assured I will make the next chapter juicy. Until then thanks for reading.

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