Elise Ch. 08: The Fireman

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Mid-morning and Elise was seated in the kitchen waiting for her fresh-brewed coffee to percolate. The aroma was powerful and filled the kitchen and leaked all over the house. Lisa was upstairs fixing the bathrooms and Jacques was as usual down at the office in Central. Was that a cat mewing from somewhere outside?

Elise opened the kitchen door and the mewing was louder and appeared to be coming from the Flame-Of-The-Forest tree. Elise walked over to the huge tree but the tree was in full bloom with masses of bright red blossom and no sign of the kitty. Elise went back into the kitchen and took a key from the small drawer under the table and went back out to the garden shed to get the A-ladder.

Elise dragged the wooden ladder over to the tree and opened it up. She then mounted the ladder as far as she could but still no sign of kitty. Elise climbed back down and went back to the kitchen and dialed 999. When the Services answered she explained the problem and they promised to send someone round in about 20 minutes, so Elise went back up the ladder to keep looking for kitty.

After what seemed like an age, an old Mitsubishi Hi-lux appeared with a large extensible ladder in the back which extended high into the air above the cab. The driver, a sturdy European guy in his late 40’s, emerged from the driver’s side, and a young Chinese guy emerged from the passenger side. The driver came straight over to the ladder with Elise at the top and peered up. “See anything?” he called.

“Nothing at all. How about you?” replied Elise.

“I’ll come up and take a look,” replied the fireman.

Elise had come outside dressed in a short flared skirt, elasticated boob-tube, wedge mules and of course no panties, as usual for her indoor attire. As etiler eve gelen escort the fireman peered up the ladder, he became much more interested in what he could see beneath her skirt. The kitty was now secondary. He mounted the ladder directly behind Elise and leaned forward to look around. Elise became conscious of something quite hard pushing into the left cheek of her bum and then the right as the fireman moved over. The penny finally dropped as she realised how she must look and how this could affect a red-blooded man. She had fished a fish without even trying!

“I had better get the long ladder from the truck,” said the fireman as he descended. He and his assistant untied the large ladder, slid the sections into one piece and pushed it up into the tree foliage. The fireman went up and within a minute had a cute black and white tabby in his hand. He descended and handed it to his assistant.

As Elise herself came down, the fireman took the kitty and fondled it close to his chest. Elise reached for it and as her body came into contact with the fireman, there again was that unmistakable hardness located somewhere down in the front of his pants.

Elise was now hot on the scent and took the initiative, “I’m taking this kitty inside now. I have just brewed some coffee. Would you like a cup before you leave, or even something else instead?” said Elise.

The fireman looked at her sharply, then realised his best bet was to just go with the flow, “Sure thing. Sounds good. Lead the way,” responded the fireman. Turning to his assistant he said, “Dang yat chang. I shall be back in about fifteen minutes, just wait for me.”

Elise led the way and opened the kitchen door. Instead of going etiler grup yapan escort inside she stood sideways in the doorway, her right hand extended as a sort of welcoming gesture, and the fireman had to squeeze past, brushing against her pendulous boobs. Elise clutched kitty in her left hand and held her against her chest and dropping her right hand, it somehow was just at the right place to brush against that hardness in the front of the fireman’s trousers as he moved past her into the kitchen.

Elise went over to the fridge and retrieved some milk which she placed in a saucer. She bent down to place the saucer on the ground next to the table and placed kitty alongside, “Sorry to keep you waiting, but this pussy needs some attention,” said Elise, whilst wiggling her butt ever so slightly.

The fireman found himself looking at the sweetest bare ass he had seen in years and his three-piece suite was leaping inside itching to be released. Did he hear right? Was there any other way to take that remark, and that wiggle, did that not say it all? He made his decision and moved in behind Elise. Elise fully expected the move and without turning she simply straightened and raised her right knee up onto the table. The firemen ran his left arm around Elise and his left hand went straight up under her boob tube to fondle the luscious orb, while his right hand went straight under and up her skirt, and two fingers went straight up inside her vagina immediately giving her a rapid finger fuck.

Elise soon became very wet and even squirted as the excitement intensified. The fireman sensed it was time to move on and simply hoisted Elise onto the table on her back. Next, he spread her legs, bent his knees to etiler masöz escort align with her pussy and then buried his head in her crotch whilst firmly gripping her thighs.

Elise was in heaven but she was anxious to move along. “Fuck me now, Mr. Fireman. Bring out the fire hose, I’m on fire,” exclaimed Elise.

The fireman needed no more bidding. Standing up straight he rapidly unbuckled his belt; ran his zip down and dropped his pants and boxers in one move. Elise sat up and watched as the raw, red meat sprang into view. It was a tad warm in the kitchen and the fireman’s balls were hanging low all ready to smack into her willing cunt before much longer. “What a big fire hose you have Mr. Fireman,” quipped Elise.

“All the better to quench your fire, my dear,” replied the fireman.

Elise laid back and the fireman gathered her legs over his shoulders whilst sliding his large member into the wetness ahead. He was big, but she was wet and the cock soon found its way down the slippery channel until they were hair on hair. The fireman leaned forward and grasped Elise’s shoulders taking her legs back towards her ears.

Elise knew the fireman would not last long: he had been on the boil for quite some time. “Just go for it as rough as you like. Come when you want,” she said.

The fireman needed no more direction and just shagged Elise rapidly eventually shooting his load hard against her cervix. The fireman groaned as he discharged. “You cannot possibly know how much I appreciate this encounter. My wife has been incapacitated for the last three months and I was desperate for a shag, and to be offered one like this is beyond belief,” the fireman said.

“Do not wait until the house is on fire before you come back and shag me again. There is always a pussy here that needs some attention,” replied Elise.

There was a knock on the door and the pair rapidly straightened up. It was only the young assistant wondering when his boss was coming back. The foreman headed for the door with a huge smile. “Thanks again for your hospitality,” he said as he left for the Hi-lux.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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