Eddie’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 05

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Part V: Dreams

The television droned out the sounds of Eddie and Cari making out on his bed. That evening they had decided to ‘Netflix and chill’ and were doing well in accomplishing both goals. Eddie was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top while Cari donned his Hurricanes hockey sweater and nothing else.

She looked good in it. The sweater practically swallowed her small size but she managed to look sexy and be comfortable. Eddie had noticed she preferred to wear it so much during the cold months, that he had to get himself another one just to wear to watch the games.

On his bed, their attention was one each other. Cari could feel him getting aroused under her. She slid off his shorts and helped remove his tank top. Eddie looked at her. There, she sat straddling him wearing the white hockey sweater; her bare legs holding onto him. He watched as Cari raised up and took a hold of his cock. She guided it to her wet and wanting pussy. Once inside, Cari began riding him in a slow and deliberate manner.

She closed her eyes as she felt him inside of her. They had been doing this for nearly a year and she believed each time after was better than the last. Also, there was the sense of security she felt with Eddie. He was always there for her. To her, he was her world and she felt the time had come to take the next step in their relationship.

Cari placed her hands on his chest as she continued riding him. Then, she removed the sweater and got off Eddie to lay on the bed. He climbed on top of her and entered her gently. He looked at her beautiful face as he thrust himself inside of her. Cari looked at him and placed a hand on the side of his face. He looked at her, deep into her bright, blue eyes.

“I love you,” she said.

Eddie didn’t respond. He felt himself releasing deep inside of her. Cari let out a moan as she felt herself reaching her orgasm as well. The two stayed in that position for a couple of minutes before Eddie kissed her and rolled off to the side. He held her close as they watched the movie they had started.

Cari looked up at him. “Do you love me?” she asked.

Eddie looked ahead, like he was thinking about his answer. He knew what he felt in his heart about her but he knew what that would mean moving forward.

“Cari, I care about you a lot. I just don’t know if I am ready for a committed relationship,” he said.

She looked away from him and focused on the television. She was thinking about what he had just said. For her, the time of having a fuck-buddy had passed. She wanted something more. She got up and began getting dressed.

“Where are you going, babe?” Eddie asked.

“I need to think,” she replied. “I do love you, but I want a real relationship that doesn’t involve us just sleeping with each other.”

She finished getting dressed and collected her things. “I’ll call you later,” she said before heading out.

Eddie heard the door close and considered going after her. He understood where she was coming from but, both had different expectations as to where they wanted the relationship to go. He reached for his phone and thought about texting her. After looking at the screen for several minutes, he decided against it. He figured she would reach out to him sometime tomorrow.

The next couple of days went by uneventfully. Eddie was busy with work and while he had the occasional distraction of an office intern to pull him away from his thoughts, he was curious as to why Cari had not called or texted him. After he put his phone down, Lesly came over to his cubical.

“Hey, Eddie,” she said warmly.

Eddie looked up to acknowledge the greeting. Lesly was a young 21-year old intern who was in the office two days a week. The rest of the time she was studying at the nearby university. Pretty and petite, Lesly was Latina with jet black hair, big brown eyes, full lips and a bright smile. She appeared to have perky little breasts and a nice little ass that were always defined by the outfits she wore. Today was no different.

“Do you want to do lunch?” she asked.

He was hungry but, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be in the company of others. This included the pretty little thing asking him out.

Lesly picked up on his apprehension. “It’s alright. We’ll go and grab something. Then, we can come back,” she said.

“Okay,” Eddie said as he put on his jacket.

Lesly beamed her bright smile again. “Great! I know a place not far from here that has the best sandwiches,” she said.

The two walked down the street to the corner diner. It wasn’t too far a walk and despite not wanting to go out, Eddie was enjoying the newfound company. As they walked, Lesly began talking to him.

“So, how come you don’t have a girlfriend?” she asked.

Eddie shrugged. He knew the answer but, a long drawn out explanation was not what he wanted right now. Instead, he kept his answer short and to the point.

“I’m not ready for one,” he said.

Lesly looked at him admiringly. She found herself attracted to him but, she was uncertain beşiktaş türbanlı escort about being more involved with him due to the large gap in their respective ages. Still, she was curious as to why a good looking guy who seemed to be on top of everything didn’t have a significant other.

“Well, maybe that’s a good thing,” she said with a devious smile.

They made it to the diner and decided to eat in. Eddie ordered a BLT while Lesly ordered the turkey club. The two sat in the booth talking about a variety of subjects but, Lesly could sense something was bothering Eddie. She knew he wouldn’t open up but, she figured maybe she could take his mind off things.

Eddie had just finished his food when he felt Lesly’s foot rub up against the inside of his left leg. He looked at her but, she maintained the same look on her face while her foot began to explore higher up on his leg and inside his lap.

It was then that it became obvious as Lesly had to slide down a bit to get her foot to rub up against Eddie’s cock. She just smiled.

“What are you doing?” Eddie asked.

“Trying to take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you,” she said.

“Well, it’s working,” he said.

The two paid the bill and dipped behind the building for a quick make out session. She was soft and warm as their mouths interacted with one another. Lesly pulled back and looked around. Then, she dropped to her knees and unzipped Eddie’s pants. She pulled out his cock which was almost hard.

“Holy shit, you’re huge,” she exclaimed.

Eddie didn’t have time to respond as the naughty Latina went all in and put the entire length of his cock in her mouth. He was impressed. Lesly took the large member deeper into her mouth, gagging as she took too much and sucking on his shaved balls. Her lips looked amazing wrapped around his cock and Eddie was suddenly glad he went out with her.

“Cum in my mouth,” she said as stroked his cock and licked his balls some more.

Eddie released a large load into her mouth. He felt his cock pulsating with each burst and didn’t withdraw until he was absolutely sure he was done. Lesly swallowed it all. She even licked the head of his cock to make sure nothing was left. She stood up while Eddie zipped up his pants.

“That was fun,” she quipped. “Now, I need you to wake up.”

“What?” Eddie looked at quizzically.

“Wake up, Eddie…wake up,” Lesly kept saying.

Eddie stirred from his sleep. He had fallen asleep at his desk and Lesly was there trying to wake him. He looked around, trying to get his bearings.

“Welcome back,” Lesly said. “It looked like you were having a good dream. I felt kinda bad for waking you from it.”

Eddie composed himself and stood up. “I’m fine,” he said. “I guess I was a little more tired than I thought.”

Lesly smiled and walked down the office corridor. Eddie watched as her hips swayed side-to-side with each step. It was almost hypnotic. He looked at the clock. He still had another two hours before his shift was over. He went down to the break room to get some coffee. Once he had the little cup of liquid gold in him, he resumed his work which wasn’t nearly as tedious as he had anticipated. He clocked out and headed home.

When Eddie arrived, he found the deadbolt was not engaged in the lock position. This was strange because he always secured both locks before leaving. He thought that maybe Cari was inside since she had a key. Eddie unlocked the knob and entered his home.

On the small end table by the door, he found a note with the spare key on top of it. It was from Cari. He opened it and read the contents inside.


I know you care about me and I for you. However, we want different things in our lives. I met someone a few months ago and I’ve grown to like him a lot. I can see myself in a long-term relationship with him and that is why you are reading this. I wanted to give you the opportunity to be that man in my life. I will admit I was disappointed but it does not change how I feel about you. I just want something that is mine and mine alone. It seems like you sleep with every woman you meet, the bet with Mia not withstanding. I hope you find happiness in your life and I wish you the best. I will always have a special place for you in my heart.

Love Always, Cari

Eddie digested the words she had written him. He wasn’t sad or heartbroken. He really didn’t know how he felt. Cari had been a constant presence in his life for a year and now she was gone. Everything she had written was true though. He wanted to continue his lifestyle of bedding different women without the restriction of a committed relationship holding him back.

He folded the note and put it away along with the spare key. He turned around and left his place again to go to the bar. He felt he needed human interaction and the best place for that was at After Hours.

The bar was unusually slow for a Friday. Not that Eddie cared or anything; he just wanted to beşiktaş ucuz escort drink and talk with Mia and Leah. Mia was expecting him as she had a beer ready for him at his usual spot. He sat down and took a drink. Mia came over and said she knew about Cari leaving. Apparently, she had quit her job there.

“It looks like I am going to have to hire another girl,” Mia observed. “I’m glad we’re slow tonight.”

Eddie looked around and shrugged. “You’ll find someone soon enough,” he said.

Mia went to the other end of the bar to help some customers. Leah approached Eddie from behind and gently blew in his ear while touching his leg. Ever since they hooked up on Halloween night, Leah had treated him differently. She was bi but seemed to prefer women. However, she really warmed up to him when he was around. Eddie wasn’t going to try and make sense of it all.

“How are you doing?” Leah asked him.

“Oh, you know. My best friend just up and leaves without warning. Fun times,” Eddie said cynically. “Maybe I was wrong for being with her in the first place. It’s just weird not seeing her around.”

Leah nodded knowingly. She had noticed that Cari wanted more from her relationship with Eddie but, she didn’t think Cari would leave altogether. In a way, Cari was a glue that held the four together as the group was a fixture every Friday night and few weekends at the bar or somewhere else.

“Leah, if you want to get laid by him again, do it on your own time,” Mia said unexpectedly.

Eddie looked at Leah with wide eyes. “You told her?”

Leah sort of shrugged at the question. “Hey, I was drunk and we were playing Truth or Dare. I chose the truth.”

Mia walked back over shaking her head. “Congratulations. I don’t think I have ever known anyone to sleep with my entire staff.”

Eddie kinda chuckled at the comment. “Your wait staff consisted of two women. It wasn’t exactly a tall order,” he said. “Plus, the orgy on Halloween paved the way for our hookup.”

Mia tilted her head to the side in agreement. “Perhaps. Maybe we should have gotten the two of you involved,” she said.

Eddie downed his beer and Mia poured him another. Before she handed him the glass, she asked for his keys. “Take them,” he said. “I’m getting drunk tonight.”

Mia took his keys and placed them on a key ring holder next to the register. She was known for looking out for her customers like that and for the most part, they were appreciative. Afterwards, Mia resumed taking care of her other patrons.

The next several hours went by quickly. Eddie was drunk but, still functioning. He did stop for a couple of hours and drank water instead. He found himself making a few trips to the restroom as a result. Leah caught him on his return from one of those trips and got a little frisky with him.

The two kissed. She tasted good. To be honest, she tasted like sobriety. Leah broke away from the kiss and returned to her tables. Eddie went back to the bar and acted like nothing had happened.

Soon, it was last call.

The band Semisonic came on the jukebox with their song “Closing Time” as was always the case 30 minutes after last call. There weren’t too many people in the bar and the ones who were left began filing out. Mia gave Eddie a beer on the house and directed Leah to take him to the break room and come back to help close the bar.

Eddie sat on the sectional in the break room. He was sitting almost in the same spot he was in during the Halloween orgy. He turned on the television and caught up on the sports highlights from earlier. It was strange being up through the night. He had not really done that in a long time. All he knew, was that he was drunk and Mia would not let him go home.

He took another drink of beer and looked around. “Fuck it. If I’m staying here, I might as well get comfortable,” he mused to himself. He began undressing and stretched out on the couch in just his boxers.

Meanwhile, the girls had just finished closing the bar and said goodnight to Byron. Leah walked back towards the ladies room to change. She peeked in the break room as she passed and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw Eddie laying there in just his underwear. Suddenly, she recalled that Halloween night and how horny it made her.

Her hands began exploring her body over her clothes. Leah started to unbutton her blouse so she could caress her boobs while she touched herself some more. She hiked up her skirt and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She looked around and made a decision.

Leah entered the room and walked over to the couch. Eddie was asleep. She looked him over. Not overly muscular but, toned and in shape. His hairy chest seemed to be perfect for him. She noticed how the hair got shorter the closer it got to his waistline. She knew he kept himself groomed and despite seeing him nude before, she wanted another look. She pulled down his boxers.

Eddie let out a low grunt as his body shifted after his last piece of clothing was removed. beşiktaş üniversiteli escort Leah looked at him. He was nicely groomed. He was shaved smooth down there, making his large cock appear that much larger. She found herself losing control and took the cock in her hand.

Leah began sucking him. It was slow and easy. She didn’t want to startle him awake. Soon enough, she had him erect. It was a sight to behold. She licked his balls. They too were cleanly shaven and smooth. Leah started jerking him off as she took his balls in her mouth. At this point, Eddie began stir.

“What…,” he groggily asked. “Leah, what are you doing?”

“Shhh…just lay back,” was all she said.

Eddie wasn’t going to resist. He had been aroused earlier from her so, he might as well let her finish him off. He slightly closed his eyes as Leah continued with her blowjob.

Leah stopped and took off her blouse. Then, she stood up and dropped her skirt and panties. She considered mounting his prick but, decided she wanted to suck him some more. She felt Eddie’s hand on her as she sucked him. It was exploring her back and ass while her head bobbed up and down on his cock.

“Holy shit! What the fuck, Leah?” said Mia.

Leah didn’t have time to explain before she found her boss next to her taking Eddie’s cock in her hand and putting it in her mouth. Leah’s eyes got big. “I knew you were horny, Mia, but goddamn!”

Eddie watched with the same amazement as Leah. He had been sexually attracted to Mia since he met her but, he never acted on his urges. On this night or rather morning, he didn’t need to. The buxom redhead was having her way with him, taking every inch of his cock in her mouth.

Mia let Leah get in and they both took turns sucking and licking his shaft and balls. The redhead used the opportunity to take off her shirt. Then, she removed her shoes so she could take off her pants. She resumed her kneeling position wearing a tiny bra and thong. Her body looked incredible. The thong alone really showed off her curvy ass. Her tits were beginning to fall out of her bra as she continued sucking Eddie’s cock.

Leah got up and sat on Eddie’s face. She needed her pussy licked. She needed it sucked. Hell, she just needed a mouth on it. She positioned Eddie in a way that he was still comfortable but, she had room to straddle his head. He grabbed the top of her thighs as she gyrated on his mouth. She was incredibly light because of her slim frame. Leah started off cupping her tiny tits but, began rubbing her pussy furiously as Eddie’s tongue worked its way along her slit.

Mia got up and removed her thong. Then, she climbed on top of Eddie and eased herself onto his large, erect prick. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as his cock entered her pussy. “I’ve had big but, holy shit!” She didn’t waste anymore time. She began riding his cock hard and fast. Mia had not had a dick in her for awhile but, this more than made up for it.

Eddie watched as she placed her hands on his chest and squatted up and down on him. He watched as her freckle-covered breasts bounced up and down as she rode him. When she slowed down, she leaned in and kissed Leah who was still straddling his face. The kiss was gentle yet sensual. The two got off of him and began kissing each other.

As they were doing so, Eddie sat up.

Mia and Leah got on the couch with their knees on the seat and their arms on top of the back. Eddie positioned himself behind them, stroking his cock trying to decide who wanted to enter first. He didn’t have to deliberate long as he slid his cock inside of Mia. That curvy ass of hers was too much to resist. He didn’t neglect Leah, however. He began fingering her pussy as he pumped his cock inside of Mia’s hot, wet hole.

“Ohhhh…fuck!” Mia screamed as she felt the meaty cock pump in and out of her. She grabbed the couch tightly with her right hand, while rubbing her pussy with the other.

Leah watched and continued to rub herself. She felt herself on the verge of climax just from watching. Her small tits were so hard, they appeared to be pointy. She continued to pleasure her slit as Eddie continued thrusting inside Mia.

Mia appeared to have exuded a lot of energy after Eddie pulled out of her. She collapsed onto the couch in a seated position. While she was recovering, Leah propped herself on the couch with her knees, offering her tight little ass to Eddie’s waiting cock. He wasted no time sliding it inside of her.

“Oh yes. Yes! Yes!” Leah screamed as she was taken from behind.

Eddie kept the pace fast and hard. He knew Leah liked it that way. He felt his balls getting wet from Leah’s pussy juice. It just made him harder.

“Oh god,” Eddie said pulling back.

Leah and Mia got on their knees in front of him. Eddie blew a tremendous load of cum on Mia’s huge breasts. It felt like it took forever to drain his sack but, in reality it was just a few seconds. Mia and Leah rubbed their tits together while making out. Leah then began licking the cum off of Mia.

Eddie fell back exhausted.

He closed his eyes and then re-opened them after what felt like a few seconds.

He found himself in his room. His sheets were soaking wet and he was naked. “What the fuck?” he thought to himself. Upon further investigation, he found that he came all over his bed. “Jesus Christ! What the hell happened?” he said to himself.

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