Echoes of the Storm Ch. 04

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All characters are 18 years or older and any advice or criticism is freely accepted.


I looked down at the sultry red head and her hand wrapped around my long thick cock and her hand looked so tiny! The head and a few inches of my cock were still in her mouth being teased and pleased by her talented tongue being licked and sucked. I slid my fingers into her hair on either side and pulled her head closer to me then pushed her head away slowly and then pulled it to me again. She quickly figured out my plan and went with the rhythm as I started to fuck her mouth and soon she was drooling and I was panting as she sucked, licked and raked her teeth along the sensitive flesh of my cock. It wasn’t long before my cock was iron hard and was swollen and twitched ready to release a load of cum down this little slut’s throat. By this time she was the one setting pace for the throat fucking and she was burying every thick inch of my cock down her throat without any hint of gagging.

I looked over and my ‘daughter’ was already out of her new jeans and underwear and seated in a chair her legs spread and supported on opposing arms of the chair her hands buried in her pussy teasing it mercilessly. As she finger-fucked herself her first two fingers got soaked with her pussy juices and soon her fingers were driving in and out so fast that the ‘SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!’ nearly drowned out Katie’s and my moans of pleasure.

“MMMMM MMMM MMMMM!!!!!” Every moan… every vibration… was a near painful sensation of pleasure that coursed through me. Finally I couldn’t fight it anymore. I threw back my head and hollered as my cock pulsed and pulsed sending thick white ribbons of cum down this lovely slut’s throat and she swallowed each and every drop her throat muscles working furiously. The tension built from long hours at work and few hours with of sexual release had built up quite a lot of energy to be released and this first discharge was strong but was just a taste of things of things to come. Katie spun around and crawled away from me her bubble butt swaying from side to side oh so inviting! I stood up and stripped as quickly as I could and followed after. I caught up with the two nymphets the one seated hands clenched on the back of the chair her back arched in pleasure; the other had her face buried in the other’s pussy licking, lapping and suckling. I knelt behind Katie and stripped her out of her clothes and soon she was vulnerable to my mouth, fingers or cock. As eager as I was to bury my cock in her pussy I wanted to taste her pussy. So I flickered my tongue over her clit and eased a finger into her tight little pussy. Katie moaned and ‘Stephanie’ lost her battle with the orgasm that had been building all this time. The sound that came out of her mouth was beautiful, the stuff angel must make, and it was one pure note that seemed to hang in the air forever. Her face was red and her back remained arched as far as it could be during the entire duration of the climax. Katie finally broke contact and looked up.

“Damn girl!” Katie said in utter amazement, “breath!” Then it was all over and Stephie relaxed and collapsed on the chair utterly spent. I returned my attention to Katie. I suckled her clit lightly as my fingered moved in and out slowly at first. The little vixen squeezed her pussy around my finger telling me what my cock was in for when it penetrated those wet tight depths. I inserted a second finger and suckled her clit a bit harder now and started finger her pussy faster bakırköy escort and harder; my hand slick with her pussy juices which starting to make a nice rhythmic slapping sound as I thrust my hand forward. Katie started to grunt with each thrust of my hand now, a deep throaty sound, “Unn… unnn…. Yeah… like that…. Unnn… unnn….”

My daughter maneuvered out of the chair and ran upstairs to return with a dildo and a mischievous grin on her face and handed it to me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Really?” I asked. My daughter nodded. “Ok, if you are sure.”

My daughter returned to her position and grabbed Katie’s face and pulled it to her aching pussy, “lick my pussy slut!” And the eager red head did just that with a renewed vigor. She began lapping and nipping and pleasuring Stephanie like a woman possessed. While this went on I took the flood of her pussy juice and applied it to her ass and lubed it very nicely and started to ease my index finger into her ass. Katie moaned loud and long and I believe came right there on the spot. Now she new the use of the toy Steph had brought down. When I was able I began fingering her ass and pussy at the same time and Katie was mine from then on. She looked over her shoulder and the hunger and pleasure she showed in her eyes and lust for me were iron clad I could do anything and she would submit. I slowly fingered both holes giving her such pleasure and eased into two fingers into both holes. Once I could easily slide two fingers into both holes I picked up the toy and eased it into her pussy and got it nice and lubed up for it next journey… her ass. She was moaning/begging for my cock now and so was Stephie.

“Fuck her Dad! Come on drive that iron hard cock into her pussy!” Katie’s moan’s got louder and louder until the dildo left her pussy and touched her butt cheeks.

“Pull them apart for me.” I said calmly. Katie reached back and grabbed a beautiful round ass cheek in each hand and pulled. I touched the tip to her anus. “Ready?” She nodded vigorously. I pushed slowly and the tip moved forward ever so slowly like a slow motion camera until…

“UNNNNN…!!!” Katie let out a soul-wrenching moan.

“Should I stop?” She shook her head vigorously.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!” She lowered her head savoring the pleasure. “Please.”

I pushed the toy further equally as slow until a few inches was in her and stopped and once more a moan escaped her but this one was low and almost predatory. “MMMMMMMMMMM… Yesssssss…!!!” I looked up and there was my daughter leaning over her watching the whole thing. The look on her face was a vision of unbridled lust. She licked her lips and waited for the next event. Who was I to disappoint? I eased the rest of the toy into her ass hilting it as I took my iron hard cock and slid it without warning into her tight wet pussy. Katie nearly went airborne, her dual screams of pleasure that came from her ass and pussy bordered on the inhuman. Her low moan of pleasure as the dildo moved deeper lead directly into the high pitched squeal of bliss of my cock being slammed into her pussy. So now I began to fuck both holes moving my hips back and forth as my hand matched the rhythm double penetration with only one man and dear Katie howled in pleasure as she squeezed around my cock in loving desire to please the man as he gave her move pleasure than any one before or after.

I looked at Stephie and winked and that told her to follow başakşehir escort my lead. I pulled out of Katie and laid on the floor and Katie impaled herself on my cock and Stephie took control of the toy in Katie’s ass and the three of us played there on the floor of my office. Katie squeezed her pussy around my cock pleasuring me until I was panting fighting off a powerful orgasm.

“Watch me. Watch your cock. See it slide deep inside of me.” She whispered to me as she rode me slowly. As she moved upwards she would let go and then as she dropped down she would squeeze me like a velvet fist. “Feel me around you. You know you want to cum!” I grabbed the carpet and bit my lip. Katie and Stephie were both lapping at my cock taking turns sucking on it… taking it in their mouths until Katie sensed it. “Now!” she said and they both open wide and caught the huge torrent of cum the exploded from the head of my cock spraying their tongues and faces.

I was panting and drenched in sweat after so strong an orgasm.

“Damn…” I muttered over and over.

“Delicious.” Katie said licking her fingers.

“Shower?” Katie smiled and nodded.

I caught my breath and was lead up stairs and they started a shower and I in the middle and soon my ‘poor’ body was pummeled with firm young breasts and asses and deft hands stroking and when I was ready Katie positioned herself in the back on the shower hands pulling ass cheeks apart inviting me to violate her, and I did. Stephie provided the lube and even applied it for me stroking the shaft making sure it was nice and hard. She held it and directed the head to her asshole and watched intently as the head of my cock slowly disappeared into Katie’s ass.

“Unnnnn yeah… I have waited for so long for someone I trusted to take my anal virginity!” I waited for her to accept the head and when she was ready inch-by-inch I slide all eight inches of my cock into her once virgin ass. Stephie slipped inbetween the shower wall and Katie and they began to kiss and hold each other as my hands settled on Katie’s hips. I began to thrust slowly at first waiting for a sign from her and it came sooner that I would have thought she thrust back and I thrust into her a bit harder. She broke her kiss and moaned.


I pulled back and slammed my cock into her ass burying my cock between her ass cheeks and she thrust back as hard as she could. My daughter was cupping her tits and biting her nipples and soon Katie was panting and her body shuddering in pleasure. I slowed my thrusts but not the force of them. There was no rhythm I would thrust and grind my hips enjoying her incredibly tight ass around my cock and pull back and tease her and then thrust again all the while Stephanie was making love to her from the front. Katie’s body shook and shivered and then my little lover tossed back her head sending a soaked mane of scarlet hair arching backwards as her ass squeezed me so tight I couldn’t move as her orgasm hit like a force or nature. Her scream was echoed off the bathroom walls and became a banshee like shriek. I pulled her down onto my cock and held her there all through her climax impale and I flexed my cock from time to time and her eyes rolled up in her head as these flexes set off new micro-orgasms and she shuddered for what seemed like forever. Finally.

“Done?” She shook her head and smiled.

“Cock still hard?” She asked. I nodded. We both looked at Stephie.

“Assume bayrampaşa escort the position.” We said in stereo Katie and I. Stephanie shrugged and shivered and muttered ‘where it’s warm’. We all exited the showered dried each other off and moved to the living room. “Well sweetie pick a piece of furniture.” She looked around and smiled. Stephie walked over to the couch and sat down on the floor in front of it and turned around. Then she lay down and pointed her feet to the ceiling and then walked her shoulders towards the couch until her pussy was pointing to the ceiling. I walked over to the couch and Katie followed she knelt next to Stephanie and smiling wickedly drizzled lube on her fingers and began to apply it to both entrances. As I stood in front of the couch Katie took my cock in her mouth and she licked and sucked for all she was worth. Her head moving forward and back first slow then fast.

“Mmmmm… how bad do you want this cock?” She asked Stephie as she stroked my spit slick cock.

“Give it to me!” Stephie cried out. Ignoring her Katie preceded to deepthroat me ever so slowly inch by inch while Stephie watched. I began to moan louder and louder.

“Yesss… suck my dick slut!” Stephie started to pout. Katie took my cock out of her mouth and licked the underside from the base to the tip sending a shiver through me. As she did this she had secretly lubed up two fingers and with all her attention on my cock Katie now eased the two fingers into Stephanie’s ass.

“UNNNNNNNNN!” Stephie’s hips rose up automatically impaling the fingers in her ass. “UNNNNNNN FUCK ME!!!!!” Katie continued to stroke my cock and add a little lube until it glistened just right. I straddled Stephie and Katie removed her fingers and stared as my cock took their place. Stephie moaned like a whore as the head of my cock opened her asshole up much wider than the fingers ever could. Just like Katie I waited until she was ready and eased the shaft behind the head until she was full up with my cock.

“…well???” I wasn’t sure is she was ready for anal sex…

“Fuck me… did you hear me? FUCK MY ASS OLD MAN!!!!” I pulled up and dropped down impaling the horny little bitch with all eight inches of my cock.

“YESSSSS…. THAT’S IT FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER’S DIRTY LITTLE HOLE!!!!” I grabbed her hips and fucked her ass with the same force and pace I would have her pussy and she thrashed around and hollered until somehow I ended up on my back and she was riding me. She was furiously rubbing her clit as she lifted and dropped her body on my cock. I felt as my pleasure built and built that my climax was none to far off and I looked her in the eye. I mouthed the words, ‘I am getting close,’ and she nodded to me that so was she and she began to squeeze her ass around me to help me along the way and as my body began to shake as I fought it tooth and nail she looked down and I could see she was at the breaking point as well. “One… Two… Three…”

“NOW!!!” she screamed and I let go and let my body do the rest and she thrust downward ramming my cock as deep as it would go and as my cock erupted inside of her spurting pulse after pulse of hot cum; her pussy and ass were wracked in spasm of one orgasm after another. Katie sat on the couch in the throws of her own orgasm with the help of the dildo she had brought from the bathroom. I stood up and walked over to Katie, “clean my cock slut.” She bolted to knees and greedily took my cock into her mouth and licked my cock and balls clean of fluids; she didn’t miss a spot and even stroked my cock and made sure every last drop of cum wasn’t wasted.

I suddenly find myself in a position of power were I never had any before. I like it, a lot! Katie obviously likes being told what to do but I will have to test her and myself just to be sure.

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