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Our story continues…



Eva smiled gently at Daddy Julian, her grin a delight and a mystery as she slid off the chair, the crushed velvet rubbing her ass gently as she want to the floor on all-fours’. Her long brunette locks moved like a waterfall of black and brown in the morning light of the room. Her knees and palms sunk into the soft rug of the room, her eyes glancing up and her face a wicked gleam of trust and passion for this man. To whom she gave the treasure of her beauty and desires, surrendering any inhibition earlier as he watched her reach the most earthly delights possible.

Knowing he loved her somehow.

Understanding he wanted her deeply in his heart.

Accepting that he was going to do things she’d have never expected.

And submitting to them all.

“Come my delight” he crooned, smiling softly from the corners of his goatee, squatting to where she could still see the outline of his jutting cock embracing and erect along the length of his slacks’ zipper. His fingers stoked her hair off her face and he touched her gently, smiling and watching her dazzling eyes moving with his range of expressed emotions. “Come to Daddy.”

Lust, passion, desire, delight – all this burned in their mutual hearts, in giving and taking and appreciating on both sides.

She let her face slip into the palm of his hand, her soft lips scented with the juices of her pussy still lingering in the air. She knew licking her vibrator and fingers clean as Daddy Julian watched made him happy, but his eyes gleamed and his brow arched as he smiled, still able to smell the concentration of pussy juices on her tongue and in her breath. “Not cum for Daddy?”

“Not yet” he replied ever so tenderly. “Not without him this time.”

Hi voice trailed gently; her heart skipped a beat and she beamed at him licking her lips. “Do I get to unwrap my present?”

“Yes my dear-heart. Please do.”

A crunching sound exited the space between them as she unzipped his slacks, reaching in gently with big wondering eyes, slowly removing the thick cock from it’s constraints. Seeing the tip soft with excitement and a glossy sheen over the tip, precum slipping out slowly with the straining fingers of her stroking his cock. She gasped in approval, smiling and leaning down to kiss the tip, using her tongue to gently graze the surface and lick the salty mixture of desire and lust creeping out of Daddy’s cock. Eva smiled again, stroking him gently stirring his juices and making his harder than before.

“Oooooh Daddy” she cooed sweetly, her saccharine voice touching his nerves and stroking the impulses down to the flexing prostate, “Do you really think I can get all this in my mouth?”

“Only in trying will you please me. Don’t make Daddy wait dear.”

His loving fingers stroked her hair out of her eyes, the brunette locks and hazel eyes fixed into his grip, his fingers lingering over the brow and stroking her face and his wishes kissing her from the sides of her cheeks. In touching and stroking Daddy’s cock, rubbing it and letting the precum lash over her cheeks and face, she showed her devotion to him. In her kisses on the thickening length and the lapping of his salty manliness, she was proving to be his desire as he was hers’. Inhaling, she showed her love.

Daddy Julian groaned as she wallowed in the length of his cock luxuriating on the wrapping motion of her tongue spinning over his sensitive flesh. Her cheeks hollowed obscenely, taking all the sweetness and lust she sought from as far down as possible. He could feel her tongue slapping the underside of his dick; the tongue reaching his vainly shaved balls and slapping them mecidiyeköy escort as her nose crept into the hair of his cock. She smiled, fluttering her eyelashes and occasionally looking up, seeing Daddy staring down. Daddy loved watching, stroking her hair with one hand, cradling her cheek with the other, letting his hips grind and fuck her mouth slowly, gently, aching to show her the love she desires to taste and suck out of him. She knew he was smiling, her mouth sucking him harder deeper, her head now bobbing furiously, moaning in utter satisfaction of his lust and her want to have Daddy splash his cum in, over or on her, marking her… making her his playtoy alone. To do with as he pleases, any time, any way, always satisfying them both and sating their desires and deepening lust and attraction for one another. Something they wanted for too long. Repressed and now breaking out like a waterspout in a hurricane, ready to level anything hindering their passions and perversions.

She vaulted forward faster; his finger wrapped into her hair, fucking her mouth harder madly, the gurgling groaning moans stuffed in her throat like a Thanksgiving turkey, pumping faster deeper, ramming harder enjoying his Eva. She moaned peeking up again, seeing his head thrown back in surrender to her wicked & wanton tongue and lips, cheeks hollowed in true lusting hunger, moaning & needing her, using her, having her… cumming for her. Eva doubled her efforts on his member, sucking deeper faster furiously pumping her own mouth atop his cock, growling needing her tongue stud to do its’ work and make the underside of his shaft wiggle. She needed the vein full of man-seed to splatter into her mouth and tongue, on her taste buds and down her hungry throat. Her long, perfect fingernails kept his ass in her hands, scraping the soft flesh and keeping herself atop his dick selflessly, gobbling him faster with each stroke, fucking her own mouth with his dick. She could feel his hips grinding down pressing his groin deeper into her mouth fucking its’ way deeper, faster, harder, repeatedly, enjoying everything. Every drop of saliva, every gasp of air when she swallowed his length to the balls, every touch of her hard nipples to his thighs, atop his slacks, making her own sensations double in need and delight.

Without warning, Daddy suddenly ripped his cock out of her mouth. Eva’s eyes were glazed as she panted breathlessly, “Oh Daddy… p-please. Let me have it… all of it… all of you…”

He knew she wanted more, more servitude, more passion and more commands. And he was a grateful and fulfilling man: “Lick my balls; they’re shaved for you my pet. Suck them. Feel their smoothness on your tongue. And give my ass a little lick too. Just because you want to, my dear.”

She sunk closer to the floor, pressing her lips then consuming one testicle with her hot breath and hungry mouth, sucking it against her tongue-stud and wrapping her talented greedy mouth over it licking madly, moaning deeper as she crept to the floor, pressing her tongue further back. It moved and scraped the zipper, then Daddy Julian smiled and unbuckled his belt, letting his slacks fall, revealing he wore nothing under them but his close shave. Then he smiled, watching Eva’s hair dripping off her head as she pressed back, licking his anus, pushing her tongue deeper, and licking the ripe little opening. Daddy relaxed, moaning softly in the room. He was so happy his succulent daughter was aching to please him, juggling his balls with her tongue, licking them happily, moaning delightfully, jacking the length of his dick with her free hand while moving the balls with her tongue merter escort and the stud inside her mouth. Her scalding breath moved his passion, his cock jumping in her small, lithe hands, wiggling with the need to spew.

His heart was a jackhammer, trying to keep himself about his own wits, not wanting to release himself yet. Even though the impulse was so great, he held off.

Again, another selfless tug and a harsh whisper: “Stop baby. Please.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

Her eyes were pleading, brows upturned, the corners of her mouth down and a pouting expression on her lips. Daddy relented for a second, wanting to feed her hunger as much as his lust, but then he saw her mischief. She was still stroking his cock, moving it gently in long strokes, lubricated with her saliva and his precum leaking down over her fingers.

“No baby. In fact you’ve never been more right. But Daddy wants you smiling too.”

Somewhere along their adventure in flesh he had undone his cuffs and now, tore his shirt open quickly, brazenly ripping the fabric and tossing small round buttons into the air in a scattering of plastic rain. Eva watched and saw Daddy stepping out of his slacks and Italian loafers, smiling as his nude body move over her, kneeling beside her and kissing her lips hungrily, sucking her tongue into his mouth, resuscitating her awe for him and seeing his body crushing her onto the carpet. His cock jutted out like a extension and touched her belly as she lay back, her heels digging into the floor, her knees bent. Then his hands wrapped over the bottom and sides of both breast, manly fingers crushing the flesh with his grip, but the touch just delicate enough to let her know she’d never leave his embrace, no matter how it ached or hurt. The thumbs pressed under the aereole, his face down and tongue licking the hard nipples, wet kisses suckling them and wrapping around the hardness, slurping and moaning as he continued his adoration of her sensual body. Moaning again, his salt and pepper beard pressed and stroked the sensitive sides of her body and along the full amazing firm breast, the double-D cups jiggling like mad in his fingers. He continued licking, biting and sucking the nipples, nursing his lust as one of her legs tried wrapping over his back, wanting to push him down, needing Daddy inside her total smoothness of her sex.

Aching for him to fuck, to fuck her… fuck her good.

“Daddy don’t tease me. Fuck my pussy good puh-leeeeeasee… ” She howled, exhibiting her horniness, moaning and trying to press her boot into his ass, wanting him to satisfy her and make her a woman loved and a daughter needed. His knees pressed up, thigh muscles hard, and he kept himself upright, licking her nipples teasingly sucking them and making her head thrash like mad moving back and forth, needing his total use of her delightful body.

“Not yet Eva. You’re going to have to be very very good for that.”

A whine escaped her lips, then she felt Daddy pressing his belly down into her pussy, his face licking the underside of her amazing breast, kissing and sucking the soft flesh and moaning with lust for her. She began grinding upward, her clit touching his chest, his body keeping her thighs splayed wide, and his kisses now trailing down her belly, his tongue on her belly-ring, kissing the smooth flesh and feeling her thrash like a hooked trout. She groaned again, slipping her fingers into Daddy Julian’s hair, pressing him down onto her body, his kisses more frantic. Kisses wiggling and wetting the flesh over her thighs, on her belly, around her groin and inside her thighs. Then, and only with the pause of the nişantaşı escort tender kisses, did her eyes light up. She knew what he was going to do to her and it made –

“Oh Daddy… my Daddy” she panted lovingly, a stream of soft air hitting her slit slowly, then his tongue began bathing her wet clit and hot pussy with kisses and licks. His reaches moved faster, licking the clit in circles, sucking her sweet sticky juices from around the hot wet pussy and licking it like mad, a starving creature bent on her pleasure alone. Daddy pressed his furry face into her pussy, licking and sucking the clit and pink lips, pinching the nipples still in his grip, tugging them, moving them. He felt her sensual grinding on his face as he licked faster, harder and gently tongue fucked her pussy with the length and thickness of his talented tongue, groaning as he savored the taste of her smooth bald sex. His tongue fissured her pussy open, licking for his liking and slurping, sucking, pressing the depth of his wetness inside of her growling like a sated creature.

Then his tongue continued the rapid-fire slurping and sucking, moving deeper and faster inside her wet, wild pussy. She wiggled and moved, stroking his hair with her long, manicured fingers, watching the ceiling flash with fractiles of light, a flash as the nerves of her body went on alarm, every touch a radiated motion towards her impending orgasm. Breathing faster, Eva labored as Daddy did, holding her dignity and wiggling unconsciously lost in the abandon of his touch, his love, and his lust. Without even a switch in her delight, she accepted the intruder in her sweet, wet box, the pussy boiling upward into a sex cauldron as he slipped one, then two fingers inside the pink lips, reaming them. He was spreading them to taste more of her than she previously thought possible and finger-fucking her super hot and dripping wet pussy. His expert touch kept her sensitive body on pins and needles, expecting to feel the orgasm of her dreams.

What he did next surprised her.

A finger, wetted with her pussy juices, was slowly pushed into the winking brown eye of her battered ass, previously opened with her own fingers. Daddy’s were thicker, longer and would penetrate her deeper just on those two thoughts alone. His fingers were now pumping as his tongue lapped like mad over the spinning, whipped clit, batting back and forth like a kitten with a catnip toy: something he won’t resist. His eyes shut tight as he drank her juices, finger-fucking her on both sides to keep her moving, humping and jumping off the carpet and deeper into his mouth and onto his tongue.

And from the bottom of her stomach it came, churning upward, exploding out of her gaping mouth, filling the room and her shaking body with the surrender to Daddy. “OH GODDAMN! OH OH OH OH DADDY… DADDY… D-D-DADDY…”

The wail lingered in the room. Her body fought the corset and wiggling grinding her asscheeks into the carpeting as she lost herself, cumming with the explosive power of an atomic bomb. Her legs kicked out and Daddy Julian continued riding her beautiful body, losing himself in the swollen clit, the pussy pink smooth pussy and the super-sensitive clitty jumping in his mouth and with his swiping licks of his tentative tongue.

A delicate purr escaped her lips: “Daddy, oh Daddy. That was soooo good.”

Daddy Julian smiled, looking up with one last lick, his face glazed with her honey, smiling broadly. His broad shoulders still kept her knees up and her body wide, his face creeping over her breast and atop her mouth to kiss her lips. She could taste both of their lust, his precum and her girly-juices, and loved the delight it gave her. Another kiss and she smiled, then looked directly into his eyes.

“But Daddy? What about you?”

He smiled devilishly: “What about me?”

It was then that she noticed he was still rigid and between her thighs… already stiff and thick for the next part of their wicked sensual adventure.

The End (for now…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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