Drive Ch. 05

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A beefy arm hooking around his waist hoisted Chris’ light body up from the bed. Jim slung the boy over his shoulder easily, carting the thin blond off to the bathroom. Jim made an attempt to be careful in putting the boy into the bathtub, but still dropped Chris down on the porcelain for the last foot. The fall shoved the side of a handcuff into Chris’ wrist, and the blond whimpered deeply.

“Up on your feet, son.”

Still gagged, Chris couldn’t voice his disbelief and ask Lou if he was crazy. Still handcuffed, he couldn’t punch the asshole square in the face and feel much better about his evening. Nor, he found, could he get the leverage on the slick white surface to accomplish the feat. Jim’s hands slipped under the boy’s armpits and yanked him upright. Chris was left to teeter back against the tiled wall on his own, but maintained his balance. Jim disappeared out the door as Lou stood back in silence, filming every inch of the boy soiled by the older men’s seed. There was no shortage of his subject. Orders grumbled out for Chris to turn a circle, then face the wall as Jim returned. The rustle of brown paper arose again, replaced a moment later by the running sink faucet. The two men debated briefly over the water temperature, reaching an agreement Chris wanted to know nothing about. They were determined to make him a part of it, anyway.

What felt like a small tube pushed easily into the blond’s ravaged hole; after an inch, it flared suddenly to an inch diameter. Someone gave a hard squeeze, and hot water flooded into Chris’ rectum. The tube pulled away, and the sticky remnants of Lou and Jim poured out of the boy’s body. The tip and flare pushed in again after a refilling. Strangely, it felt good. It took away most of the vile and sleazy sensations, at any rate. Five rounds of the cleansing were performed altogether, before it seemed Lou and Jim were satisfied. Their prisoner felt almost comfortable again. But not for long.

Lou passed off the camera once more, leaning over the bathtub’s edge to turn on the shower. The cold handle was all he bothered with. Chris shrieked against his gag. He tried to move himself back and out of the heavy, icy spray, but faltered on his shaky legs. Jim spared him from the fall, but held him fixed under the frigid downpour. Chris could swear Lou purposely waited until he saw the boy shivering before mercifully adding hot water to the mix.

Hand towels propped the camera up on the closed toilet seat. The lens carefully centered on the uncurtained shower. Lou stripped off his socks and boxers, and both men stepped into the steaming water with their captive. Lou and Jim luxuruiated in soaping Chris’ defiled body thoroughly. From the boy’s hair to his toes, they missed nothing. The young buttocks and crotch received the most attention. As suds rinsed away, tongues came out to taste the fresh pale skin along Chris’ neck and shoulders. Both men licked over the boy’s face, grinding Chris between their spongy bodies. The fleshy crush wasn’t all bad. It kept the boy from dropping in his exhaustion. It was bursa escort attention. Two people actually found Chris attractive. Not only attractive, but desirable. And not just a few girls at school he had no interest in, but two men. Fast losing the last of their youth, unable to draw anyone else properly, sick, perverted – Chris wouldn’t doubt nor deny any of that about the pair. Yet they wanted to have sex with the blond. That was more than any other men in town were willing to consider.

The licking and petting stopped. The flow of water turned off. Lou and Jim toweled themselves dry and left the bathroom. Through the door, Chris could easily hear them from where he’d been left, sopping wet, against the shower’s wall. They spoke of some people Chris didn’t know, some he did. Who was a jerk at their respective jobs, who was an ass. Wives, exes, the year’s new models in trucks and cars. Rather manly talk, once Chris thought about it. Not one mention of the fact that they’d taken turns sodomizing the same young man not half an hour before. No talk of removing the cuffs or gag, nor what they’d do or have him say once they did. Football. Baseball. How boring it was to watch school soccer games. That continued to dominate their discussion.

Rustling again became the background noise to their voices. It sounded like they were packing things up, preparing to leave. Chris finally felt a real sense of relief that the night was drawing to a close. Jim eventually returned to the bathroom, fully redressed except for his coat. He pulled the boy from the bathtub, haphazardly drying Chris’ waterlogged skin and ruffling the towel over the boy’s snowy hair. Chris was escorted the few feet back into the motel room’s main area with an arm around his waist to keep him upright. Held up to the doorway wall, Chris found Lou in his new favorite position of standing behind the video camera. He and Jim smiled, to themselves and each other. Their excitement could almost be smelled in the still steamy air. Lou chose to toy with his babysitter a little more, before doing anyting else.

“It’s almost over, son. Have you liked it? Having a couple of big dicks taking their time fucking you up in that tight little ass? Did you like how your daddy and uncle fucked you tonight?”

Similar questions rambled on from Lou’s swaggering voice. Chris reluctantly nodded to everything he asked.

“Jim: take the gag off, and give him a drink. I want to hear my son’s dirty little mouth.”

The buckle tightened behind Chris’ head by a fraction, and just for an instant before the leather loosened and fell away from the boy’s face. Drops of water beneath the band and a copious amount of saliva that had been pooling in Chris’ mouth dripped down his chin as Jim pulled the obscene pacifier from between his lips. One of Chris’ own discarded socks came up to wipe the fluids away. Jim brought another can of the horrid beer up to Chris’ mouth, but thirst helped the blond ignore the flavour and drink half the container down without a mess at all. Drunkeness had a firm grip on the teenager’s bursa escort bayan thoughts by now, a fact his elders delighted in.

“What’s my dirty little bitch been doing, hmm?”

“Fu… fucking my daddy… and uncle.”

“And you like that, don’t you…”

“I love it, daddy. I love being fucked that hard.”

“Fucked by what, baby?”

“Your fat cock, daddy. Mm, I love it pounding in me.”

“And what about fucking your uncle, you little slut?”

“God, Uncle Jim’s ass was so hot and tight and slippery… thought my balls’d drain inside out…”

Both men let out a low laugh at the spent, bedraggled creature’s confessions. Jim’s hand, almost affectionately, cupped the boy’s crotch to fondle him for the camera. Through Chris’ blatant fatigue, the youthful shaft twitched at the touches, threatening to spring back to life.

“Okay, take the cuffs off, Jim. I think the whore’s earned his present.”

Presses and bumps had ratcheted the cuffs closed as tightly as possible on Chris’ wrists. They didn’t seem to want to release him as Jim struggled with the small key. A couple clicks, and the restraints fell to the floor with a heavy metallic thud on the cheap carpeting. Chris was too intoxicated and tired to rub at the dark red rings on his skin, only putting his palms back to the wall to stay upright as Jim’s touch moved up to pet the boy’s flat, hairless stomach.

Lou returned to the table, his back to his cohort as Jim led Chris over to the rumpled and still damp in places bed. Chris welcomed the relative softness, plopping down on his stomach with intent to pass out and sleep off the night’s alcohol and lust. The sound of a paperboard box opening didn’t interest him, nor metallic bouncing like a flashlight being filled.

“No, no, baby, we want you awake.”

Jim’s voice reached Chris’ dazed ears just before wet, almost sopping kisses touched to his shoulders. Thick lips travelled down his shoulder blade and back, until, ultimately, a hot, wet tongue lapped at the only orafice between Chris’ legs. The blond groaned against his will to feel himself still being used. Jim sucked at his hole, poked a stiffened tongue inside, and flickered it in every direction. A stout finger penetrated the hot and slick hole, Jim’s mouth now occupied with kissing and biting the boy’s curvy cheeks. Lou chuckled, camera still up to his eye, soon approaching and handing one of the last two implements from the bags to his friend.

“Come on, come on, outta the way. Our young pro here needs something bigger than fingers, don’t you, son?”

Chris wasn’t sure if he was expected to answer. He didn’t have time to formulate one, anyway, before a battery-powered buzzing filled the room. Trying to raise his head for a look wasn’t a fast enough manoeuver, either, before a heavy vibrator made of jellied silicone pushed easily into the boy’s ass. Jim twisted the artificial shaft in the blond’s anal sleeve, pulling it back and forth slowly. His tongue traced around the elastic puckered flesh broadly, filled nearly escort bursa to tearing with the bright pink pole, making Chris squirm and whimper. The buzzing echoed maddeningly through the boy’s genitals, shaking his core in a way nothing else had accomplished throughout the busy night. Chris threw himself from his stomach onto his back, groping for a hold on himself to help releive the swiftly building tension. Lou reached a hand down to twist and pull his babysitter’s nipple as the bear tortured him and the boy masturbated.

“You’re such a horny little fucker, baby, but I don’t want you sitting on no one’s dick but your “family’s”. You understand me? No one. That’s why we got you this rubber one, for you to fuck youself every night and picture your daddy and uncle up in you. Loving you, like no one else can. Ooh, that’s getting you off, isn’t it? That’s right, you sick, incestuous fuck. Beat it, faggot. Beat it, and cum in your uncle’s mouth!”

Jim’s pursed lips sucked the twitching staff into his mouth, and bobbed. Twice. Three times. Four. Chris shrieked out harshly, shooting what little cum he had left in him onto Jim’s tongue. Jim thrust the humming dildo into the the boy’s ass rapidly, and sucked hard for every last drop of passion he could get. Chris lost control of everything but the will to live, and passed out cold.

Jim lifted his head up to look at the unconscious and deeply-breathing form, collecting all of Chris’ sperm into one mass. Lifting the boy’s leg and nearly pinning the thigh to Chris’ stomach, Jim withdrew the vibrator. His lips pressed to the boy’s asshole, strongly sptting Chris’ own semen into the raw rectum as Lou filmed every second. Jim licked his lips with the task completed, swallowing the scant residue. He traced the buzzing head around the hole, causing the pucker to spasm and seize involuntarily. Lou tapped his shoulder, handing his friend a solid and much heavier piece of rubber.

Jim smiled sleazily into the lens, then shifted the marbled black-and-white butt plug in his hand to position it. A molded loop on its flared end had a tugging string removed, and replaced with a small brass lock, symbolic more than functional. Jim slipped the bulbous end in, sighing happily as the boy’s sphinchter gripped the tool’s thinner neck tightly. He looked up to Lou with a broad, dark smile.

“Goddamn, that’s the sweetest piece of ass I’ve had in years.”

“He’s good. Say what you want about the broody little fag, but he is good.”

“We’ve gotta do this again, Lou. Got to.”

“Well, Thursdays, his ass is mine. How about I bring him to your place next week, and we can have at him there?”

“Nah, I’d never get rid of my wife that long. Hey… what about my hunting truck? It’s big in the back. Take him and fuck him out in the trees? Tie him up? Let him scream this time?”

“Mmm… that could work. We’ll flesh it out more tomorrow. Come on. Get him dressed, and let’s dump him off, eh?”

“What about all the bruises? Is it really safe to just leave him?”

“Like he’s really going to admit that he gets himself roughed up and fucked for money? Nah. He’ll come up with something, and his dumb bitch mother’ll believe it. Leave the plug in, though. I want him feeling it as soon as he comes to…”

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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