Drinking With Dad

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Nikki stopped at the liquor store and grabbed a bottle of Cuervo before heading to her dad’s place. She wasn’t positive he’d be home on a Friday night, so she texted him first. He was a good looking guy in his fifties and she knew he hadn’t wanted for companionship since her parents divorced a few years ago. Typically, he dated younger women. His last girlfriend was in her early thirties, only half a decade older than Nikki! She just shook her head whenever she met one of her dad’s latest conquests. But he was single at the moment, the way he liked it, he claimed, and so was she. That’s why Nikki was headed over to her dad’s.

After dating for close to two years, her latest boyfriend, Paolo had broken up with her when she told him she needed to know if their relationship was headed for marriage. Although he was on the other side of thirty and had a good job, Paolo said marriage and a family weren’t even on his radar yet.

“I love you and I don’t see why we can’t just keep going and having fun,” Paolo said.

But Nikki didn’t see it that way. She had a good job and was closing on thirty and she wanted to start a family before her career took over her life. She figured the younger she started a family, the sooner she could get back to building her career. Nikki did not see why she shouldn’t have it all.

Ben answered the door and kissed his daughter on the cheek as she came into his condo. He’d planned on going to one of his local haunts down by the beach, but when Nikki called she sounded down so he told her to come right over. He always had time for his girl. Yes, it was wrong to play favorites, but he would have been lying if he denied that Nikki was his favorite of his three girls. He loved her sisters too, but he and Nikki had bonded in a special way from the time she was a little girl.

Being an athlete all his life, Ben had looked forward to a son to teach and coach, but his wife had given him three daughters. Luckily for him, Nikki was like the son he never had. She was sporty and quick from an early age and he had her playing soccer and softball almost from the time she could walk. Nikki loved competition, like her father, and took to sports like a duck to water. And Ben was always there as a coach. A growth spurt in her teens got her a track scholarship to university. One of his proudest days, though it would never admit it, was when she scored her first basket on him in the driveway when she was seventeen. Father and daughter were high competitive and always had been. They still raced when they ran together on the weekends.

“I brought our old friend José to hang out tonight,” Nikki said, holding up the bottle.

“This must be serious. Let me get some glasses.”

Nikki set the bottle down and went out on the balcony, which overlooked the ocean. Her father was a very successful businessman and even after giving her mother half of everything he still lived a very nice life. She loved the view from his balcony. Surfers were out catching the best of high tide while the sun made its slow descent into the ocean behind them, turning the sky into a searing vision of pinks and oranges. The breeze was warm and she slipped off the back so she could feel it on her arms. Her dad came up behind her and pressed a glass into her hand.

“I ordered Chinese. It’ll be here soon. I figured we could eat and catch a game on the TV.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“So what’s up? Am I going to have to go over to Paolo’s and kick his ass?” Ben had never liked Paolo and was relieved when his daughter had ended things. Still, he did not like to see his little girl hurt and he would gladly have taken a five iron to the kid.

“No, he hasn’t done anything else. He was just coming over to get the last of his stuff and I didn’t want to be there. I told him to leave his key.” She gratefully sipped some of the tequila and enjoyed the burn as it slid down into her chest.

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll take something that’s not his?” Ben put an arm around her waist. He’d already taken Nikki’s heart, something Ben felt he wasn’t entitled to.

“He’s not like that. He’s not a bad guy, Daddy, he’s just still a big kid. Not unlike someone else I know.” Nikki elbowed her dad in the ribs.

“Hey, I’m a responsible adult. I raised three beautiful and successful daughters, didn’t I?”

“And then you moved to the beach and started dating girls their age!”

“I have not dated a twenty-year-old,” Ben protested. That was the age of his youngest, Lindsey, who was in college. Nikki’s older sister, Ashley, was a successful attorney.

“Not yet, anyway,” Nikki laughed. “What if I dated someone your age?” Nikki asked. She did find older men attractive. She’d had a fling with a professor during university, something her father did not know about.

“I’d kill him. What do you want with a dirty old man?” Ben chuckled. “You’re bright and successful, what do you need a man for anyway? You’re too young for all that stuff.”

“Mom had Ashley and me by the time she was my age,” she pointed ataşehir escort out. “Besides, you’re never going to think any guy is good enough for me, even if I dated your clone!”

“You’d be lucky to find a guy like me.”

Nikki had a point. Ben knew early on he’d be beating the guys off with a stick. All three of his girls were beautiful blondes, like their mother. Ashley had done some catalog modeling during college and Lindsey was in school studying theatre. She wanted to be an actress, and although he knew she had the looks and the talent, he wished she were going to school for something practical. But then, he’d never been able to deny his baby girl anything. Lindsey reminded him most of his ex-wife, and looked the most like her, petite and curvy, with a ton of freckles. She was also a dreamer, like her mother. It was his ex’s lack of understanding about the real world that drove him crazy. It was cute when she was a co-ed. It was frustrating when she was forty and threw his money into one hare-brained scheme after another.

And just because Nikki was a star athlete in school it did not mean she was a tomboy. She had golden hair that fell halfway down her back and was nearly five-foot-ten. Her statuesque body was curvy, like a stretched out version of her sister’s, but toned. With her cute button nose and clearly blue eyes she could easily have modeled like her sister did. Ben had always thought she bore a striking resemblance to the actress Stephanie March, the DA on Law & Order: SVU. Boys were eying her up since middle school and Nikki always had boyfriends from an early age and he’d never liked it. Even the fact she usually wore glasses instead of contacts did not stop them. Nikki wore very stylish glasses and she was one of those women who looked even more beautiful with her glasses on.

Usually the guys were jocks, and Ben knew all too well what those guys were like. He told her that boys were a distraction and she should keep her eye on the ball, but she always just laughed at him and sometimes she would be overly affectionate with a boyfriend around him, just to get his goat. Once she’d told him, “You’re just jealous, Daddy. But don’t worry, no boy will ever come between us.”

Ben squeezed Nikki tight and kissed the top of her head. “Come on, the game should be starting soon.”

While he turned on the big, wall-mounted plasma television, Nikki fell back into the couch and stretched her long legs, putting her feet up on the coffee table. She thought it would be nice to find a guy like her dad. Sure he had his flaws, but he was a good provider and he loved his daughters, even if he couldn’t get along with his wife. Okay, maybe a guy like her dad, but one who could keep it in her pants. He left her mother for a sales rep who visited his company. He was in his late forties and she’d been twenty years younger and it did not last, but it ended the marriage. Nikki didn’t doubt there had been other affairs too, but she did not entirely blame her father. She could see that her mother was a little ditsy and could be hard to be around. And as she grew into middle age she did not exactly take care of herself. Her dad was as fit as he was the day they met and still very handsome. He’d just gone gray and now sported a goatee. Well off and successful, Nikki understood why her dad had his pick of women. Another reason to find a guy like her father, she wanted a guy who stayed active and held up, not one who got a gut and spent all his time in front of the TV.

“So how come you don’t have a hot date tonight, Dad?”

“You don’t know how many chicks I had to turn down to spend time with my beautiful daughter tonight.”

“I’m sorry I’m cramping your style.”

“Don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow night.”

Ben dropped onto the couch and put his arm around Nikki, who snuggled into him.

The food came and they ate in front of the television, washing the Chinese down with some beers. When they finished their food and they drank more of the tequila while they yelled at the television and the way their team was playing. Nikki insisted that if she was out there the score would be totally different and her father told her that her outside jump shot was gone.

“Bring it on, old man. Anytime, anyplace,” Nikki laughed. It had been a while since they took to the court against each other, but the competitiveness was still there.

“I’m almost twice your age and I can still beat you at anything,” Ben huffed.

Nikki laughed. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she intentionally kept it close when they ran together. He was in great shape, but she’d been a track star. It wasn’t a fair fight.

“Come on, Dad, you can’t be better than me at everything.”

“Name your challenge,” Ben insisted. He figured the game was nearly over and thought firing up their old rivalry would keep her mind from unpleasant things.

“Quarters,” she said, eyeing the bottle of tequila. She’d been quite the partier at university and had avcılar escort been a legendary quarters player. She didn’t know if they even played quarters back in her father’s day.

“That’s something with a quarter and a shot glass, right? Let’s go. How hard can it be?”

They moved to the small dining room table and sat across from each other with a shot glass in front of each of them and the tequila off to the side. Nikki explained the rules. Bounce the quarter once off the table and into the opponent’s shot glass. If you got the quarter in, your opponent had to drink, if you missed they did not. The shooter got to keep going until they missed. If the shooter hit three times in a row, they got to make a rule, making the other person do something. Typically, quarters was played with several people and you could pick who drank, the way Nikki always played it at parties. Between the drinking and the crazy rules things could get pretty wild. There were some legendary stories involving games of quarters, none of which her father would ever hear.

“You can go first,” she told her father.

“Okay, seems straightforward enough.”

Ben held the quarter between his thumb and forefinger and flicked it toward the table. It hardly bounced and came nowhere near Nikki’s glass. Nikki smirked and took her own shot. She got a good bounce, but actually overshot the glass and it hit her father in the chest. Ben went again and got some air, but not enough distance. They went a few rounds with no one hitting. Nikki just figured she was out of practice and it would come back to her. She did hit first and Ben did a shot of tequila without complaint. The best part of quarters was that the more you drank, the harder it was to win. They went another couple rounds and she hit again. By that time, she was pretty sure she had the right flick and the right amount of force.

Nikki was feeling pretty good before her dad sank his first quarter. He’d already done four shots, two back to back, and Ben hadn’t hit at all. But then he sank one quarter and as soon as Nikki finished her first shot he sank a second. She could still feel the burn of the second shot when he sank a third quarter in a row.

“Whoa,” Nikki said, her head fuzzy from drinking three shots so quickly.

“Beginner’s luck,” Ben grinned.

“Now you get to make a rule.”

“Like what?”

“Anything you want.” She couldn’t tell him the kinds of rules her and her friends used to make.

“Okay. You have to shoot with your left hand.”

Nikki made of show of being mad, but truth was that she’d perfected her off-hand quarters technique long ago. His was a common rule. Nikki immediately sank a quarter and laughed triumphantly. Ben did another shot and missed. And they each missed several times before Nikki sank three in a row. She was very pleased with herself and ordered her father to move his chair back from the table two feet. He told her it was no problem, but he missed with his next shot.

“What are we playing to?” Nikki asked. She was plenty buzzed already from all that tequila and was more than willing to quit while she was ahead.

“Until you cry uncle,” Ben said. It was obvious the tequila was affecting him too.

“Okay, but don’t blame me for your hangover in the morning. Maybe we should at least switch to beer.”

“Alright, but just for my little girl. I don’t want it to be too hard on you.”

Nikki let that one go, because she honestly did want to stop with the tequila. If her dad hit another lucky streak she was going to be on her face.

When they resumed playing, Ben was markedly better. He didn’t sink three in a row, but he was hitting as often as Nikki. It may have been many more years since he’d played, but yes, they’d had quarters when he was young too. And he had excellent hand-eye coordination. He was just playing Nikki in the first few rounds. But now that he had her nice and drunk he figured it was time to go in for the kill. He couldn’t remember the last time he was so drunk and wanted to wrap things up. It wasn’t that he couldn’t drink his daughter under the table, but he didn’t want to pay for it in the morning. Besides, he got pretty wild when he drank. If it had been some other pretty young thing across the table, that would have been one thing, but it was his daughter. Ben quickly hit three more in a row.

Nikki drank her beer and became concerned. Maybe her father was better at this than she thought. At this point her friends would probably make her do something very embarrassing, so she was relieved when he told her she had to take her shots standing. That would be harder, but Nikki focused. This was her game and she was not going to lose. With laser-like accuracy, she hit three times in a row while standing at the table.

“Okay, your rule,” he said.

Nikki wanted to embarrass him. If she could do that he might just stop and then she would win by default. What would keep from going on? Her drunken mind went back to school by avrupa yakası escort default. “Every time you hit, you have to tell me about one of your younger conquests. Her age, profession and her place or yours.”

“What? You don’t want to hear that!”

“Hey, you can forfeit if you want.”

It just wasn’t in his nature. Ben did not want to share the details of his conquests with his daughter, but he was not going to quit and he would not be embarrassed by having fun. He was a grown man. He could do as he pleased. If she could take it so could he.

“Fine, but you asked for it.” Ben dropped a quarter in her glass with ease and started her rough. “Crystal, twenty-six, she was a hairdresser and right here.” To rub it in, he added, “On the balcony.”

Nikki looked out at the balcony and said, “Ewww. Really, Dad? That’s like my age.”

“You weren’t twenty-six at the time.” He went again, but missed.

Fortunately neither of them hit for a few rounds, but neither of them was willing to quit either. And then Ben hit three times in a row again. He could see Nikki was very drunk and swaying on her feet. He thought he might be too if he were standing.

“Okay. Monica was thirty-three, a lawyer and we went to her place. Rachel was thirty, I have no idea what she did and we came back here. Finally, Dana was forty-one, a pharma rep and we did it out there on the beach.”

“Sex on the beach sucks, Daddy. You get sand everywhere,” Nikki laughed.

“I thought you were a virgin, my dear daughter,” Ben shot back.

“Of course I am. I’ve just heard about it.”

“Had enough yet?”

“Nope.” As drunk as she was, Nikki was intensely focused. She was not going to lose. And actually hearing what a stud her father was made her proud in some weird way. She’d always had a high, kinky sex drive too. One more thing she got from her dad. “Bring it.”

“Okay, same rule applies to you.” Ben was sure that would stop her. No girl wanted to tell her dad about their exploits in the bedroom.

“Fine,” Nikki replied defiantly, and promptly missed her shot.

They both missed and then she hit. As Ben drank, she said reached deep for something to end it. “I was a high school senior, it was my boyfriend Cole’s best friend, and we did it in your bed.” She grinned like she won some kind of prize.

“I don’t know what I’m shocked more by, that you did it in our room or that you cheated on Cole.” Ben was truly shocked. It was hard to think of her that way, a sexual being, but then she was a grown woman and they had needs. He knew that from experience. He’d always hoped the girls were like their mother, somewhat indifferent about sex, not like him.

“Really to concede, Daddy?”

“Not on your life.” Quit was not in Ben’s vocabulary. Hopefully, neither of them would remember the details in the morning.

Their over drinking led to over sharing too. Ben learned Nikki had done it in her dorm room with her roommate there, in a dorm room with the guy’s roommate present and mostly likely masturbating. She did it in the pool in the back yard of their old house and in the back of the family car and once very late at night in the living room while everyone was upstairs sleeping. Ben had no idea she’d been such an active girl! She had also done it with Paolo in a nightclub bathroom. In a twisted way, he was proud of her appetites and hearing those stories did not bother him or really shock him. They had always been impossibly close, able to share anything. No one, not even his ex-wife, understood their bond. Sometimes he thought she was jealous that he could share so much with Nikki. Clearly, his daughter knew what she wanted and wasn’t she about getting it. If he thought about those stories with someone else in them it was pretty hot.

Ben matched her nightclub story, which she literally applauded, and raised her sex not only in an airplane bathroom, but a hand job under a blanket on a transatlantic flight. He told her about sex in a park and in that same family car. It was odd that they’d had sex in so many of the same places. He’d also had sex at work, which Nikki matched. Soon the quarters were forgotten and it became of game of who could top who. Ben was getting pretty horny thinking about all those encounters and wondered if he could get away with masturbating after they went to bed. Somehow he didn’t think that would stop Nikki. He was right about that.

Nikki was horny as hell from all the sex stories, whether they were from her dad or not. She’d always been something of a voyeur and hearing those stories she couldn’t help picturing them. It didn’t seem to stop her juices from flowing that it was her father telling the stories. Somehow the forbidden nature of it only made the stories hotter. She just had to join the Mile High club now.

It was obvious to both of them that no one was going to concede and since they weren’t even drinking any more they needed to determine a winner. They both thought hard and Nikki suggested Truth or Dare. She was pulling out all the juvenile games!

“I’m not sure there’s that much Truth to share,” Ben chuckled.

“Then it’ll just be Dare.”

“Fine, I’ll go with a Truth, but I am not going to give up after all this. I don’t care what you throw out there.” Ben honestly couldn’t think of anything Nikki could suggest that would be out of bounds now.

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