Dreams Do Come True

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‘I did something a little bit naughty last night,’ she said, closing the fridge door. She snuck a glance to see if Anna was listening.

Anna was sitting at the table, slowly getting through a piece of toast — absorbed in her phone.

Rachel put her container in the microwave and closed the door.

‘Did you hear what I said?’

Anna looked up.


‘I said I did something a bit naughty last night,’ Rachel said, and felt the colour flush into her cheeks. She quickly turned away to face the microwave.

‘On your shift?’

The microwave beeped. She took the container out and went and sat opposite Anna.

‘Yep. I—,’ she started, but then thought better of it and took a bite of food.

Anna put her phone face down on the table and watched her stepmother look everywhere except at her.

‘What did you do?’

Rachel felt herself blush again.

‘It was Dean,’ she said quickly. ‘I was doing the rounds quite late and he was still awake. It was really quiet on the ward so we started having a chat.’ She stopped and fidgeted with her fork.

Anna leant in.

‘The guy you were talking about last week? Young guy?’

‘Yep that one.’

‘How’s he doing?’

‘He’s ok – I mean, given the circumstances. He gets a little bit weaker every day but he’s still got a bit of time left I think,’ she said, and let out a sigh.

Silence hung in the air for a moment.

‘And — what did you guys chat about?’

Rachel put her fork down and brought her hands together under the table.

‘Just the usual really. Things he’d done, things he’d dreamt of doing. Everyone talks about this kind of stuff on the ward all the time, but he’s just… different, in a way. He’s so young, well-‘ she stopped herself, blushing again ‘not that young, I should say. But he was talking about having been shy, and feeling like that held him back from experiencing life. And in a lot of ways I feel like that’s true for me too.’

She felt herself tearing up, like she had the night before.

‘Anyway, we’re talking and after a while I notice that he’s, you know-‘ she fidgeted in her chair, ‘he’s, like, hard,’ she blurted out.

Anna raised her eyebrows.

‘The hospital gowns don’t always leave much to the imagination,’ she added. ‘Well one thing led to another and — you don’t need to know the whole story — but I gave him a, uh- ‘ she stuttered, knowing her face would’ve been beetroot red by now, ‘I gave him a, uh-‘

‘Handjob?’ Anna interrupted.

‘Well, I, uh- ‘

‘Blowjob?’ Anna said, her mouth agape.


Silence hung in the air.

‘Wow. I’m — I’m impressed,’ Anna said.

‘Don’t be silly,’ Rachel said quickly. ‘It was a silly thing to do. I shouldn’t have told you.’

She got up from the table.

‘Hey — wait,’ Anna said.

Rachel sat down again.

‘Were you worried about getting caught?’ Anna asked.

‘Not really. He’s got one of the special suites right down the end of the hall. His family must be super-wealthy to afford it, even though I hardly ever see them visit. A few of the rooms before his are empty at the moment so the closest person is a fair way away. And the other nurses know that I,’ she paused, ‘that I like to take care of Dean when I’m on shift so they won’t come down to his room.’

Anna raised her eyebrows.

‘They know you like to “take care” of him?’

‘No, no, not like that. They just know I like to look after him.’

Anna leant back in her chair.

‘I’ve got to say, that’s pretty wild.’

Rachel blushed.

‘He — he mentioned something else to me afterwards as well,’ she said, and stopped.


‘Well, I asked him if there was anything he’d ever wanted to do — sexually — before he, you know,’ she trailed off, a tear forming in her eye. She wiped it away and continued. ‘I thought maybe I could do something special for him.’

She took in a deep breath.

‘And?’ Anna asked.

‘He said he’d always dreamt of being with 2 women at once.’

‘A man who knows what he wants,’ Anna said.

‘I was kind of hoping he might say for someone to wear a policewoman’s costume or something like that, something I could do easily,’ she paused. ‘I’ve thought about hiring someone to do it with me for him — a sex worker.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ Anna said. ‘Hiring a sex worker would be super expensive.’

‘Well what else am I going to do?’

Anna had a think.

‘I’d do it if you wanted,’ a grin spreading across her face.

Rachel shook her head and got up from the table.

‘I’m serious!’ Anna said. ‘You’ll feel way more comfortable doing it with me than some random stranger. Plus, I don’t cost anything.’

‘You’re — I — I don’t even know what to say to you right now,’ Rachel said. She busied herself with washing up her container and fork. ‘You’re my stepdaughter!’

‘Suit yourself,’ Anna said, still grinning. ‘I think it could be kind of hot.’

Rachel reddened.

‘You’re ridiculous,’ she said. ‘I need to go to sleep.’ And she walked off without another word.


The pendik ucuz escort next day Rachel came home from her night shift again. She put her bag down on the table and burst into tears. Anna heard the noise and walked into the room.

‘What’s wrong?’ she said, coming up beside Rachel and giving her a hug.

‘It’s Dean,’ Rachel replied, sobbing. ‘He got some bad news. They don’t think he’s got very long left. He’s starting to get quite weak.’

‘Oh no,’ Anna said. ‘That’s awful.’

‘You — you know what we talked about yesterday?’

Anna remembered.


‘I want to do it,’ Rachel said.


They stood outside the door to Dean’s room. Rachel hesitated. She turned to Anna.

‘Are you sure about this?’

‘Of course. Are you?

Rachel looked up and down the hallway.

‘Rachel, there’s no one around,’ Anna laughed. ‘It’s midnight!’

‘Ok, ok.’

Rachel put her hand on the door handle and then pulled it off again, she couldn’t help but glance up and down the hallway again.

Anna put her hand on Rachel’s shoulder.

‘We really don’t have to if you don’t want to.’

‘No, I want to,’ Rachel replied. ‘I’m just…,’ she took a deep breath, ‘nervous.’

‘That’s ok,’ Anna said, ‘I’m a little bit nervous too.’

Rachel reached for the handle again.

‘Hold on,’ Anna said. ‘Are we still definitely not using the stepmom/stepdaughter thing? I really think it’d be a big turn on for him if he knew.’

‘No,’ Rachel said, firmly. ‘I just, I would just rather he didn’t know.’

‘Ok,’ Anna shrugged.

Rachel opened the door and they entered the room — making sure to lock it behind them.

Dean was lying on the bed, reading a book. A lamp from his bedside gave the room a soft light.

‘Rachel?’ he said, putting the book down in his lap. ‘Hi.’

‘Hi Dean,’ Rachel said, stepping closer. ‘Still up?’

‘Can’t sleep,’ he replied, now noticing Anna was in the room too.

Rachel noticed him noticing.

‘Dean, this in my friend,’ she said, and glanced at Anna. Friend. ‘Anna.’

‘Hi Dean,’ Anna said.

Anna came around to Rachel’s side and got a better look at Dean. He was thin in the face, Rachel had told her was slowly losing weight, but still handsome. He had an open, easy, smile.

Rachel started speaking again and Anna couldn’t help but watch her. She liked the way she looked at Dean. She could tell she cared about him.

‘Do you remember what we talked about the other night Dean?’ she said, gulping.

His mind was racing. He was noticing Anna wasn’t in scrubs like Rachel was.

What was she doing here if she wasn’t a nurse? At midnight?

‘We talked about a lot of things the other night, I think?’ he stammered. He remembered one thing in particular.

‘Well, there was one thing that you mentioned had been a bit of a fantasy of yours, and Anna is here to,’ she paused, ‘help with that.’

He lay perfectly still. He ran his eyes properly over both women. Back and forth. Rachel and Anna. Side by side at the foot of his bed.

Rachel, with paler, creamy skin — round, full, breasts poking out from beneath the uniform, and a nice, curvy ass that he watched every time she left the room.

Anna with slightly more tanned skin, darker hair — slimmer, smaller, breasts and tight jeans showed off a perfect ass.

‘I-,’ he started.

‘Is that something you want, Dean? Are you comfortable with Anna being here? I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to,’ Rachel said.

He looked at Anna and nodded. He couldn’t speak. He licked his dry lips.

‘When you pictured this, in your dreams, how did it start?’ Rachel asked

Dean didn’t respond. Couldn’t.

‘Do you want to see our tits to begin with?’ Rachel continued. ‘Or which one of us do you want a blowjob from first?’

‘I-,’ he stammered, ‘in my, uh’ he was breathing heavily, ‘in my dreams I guess I pictured it that you two might get started with each other.’

Rachel looked at Anna in horror.

With each other?

She was frozen for a moment. She turned back to Dean.

‘With- with each other?,’ she said. ‘You don’t just want to — have — each of us together, but separately?’

Anna looked over at Rachel and frowned. Was she trying to back out now?

‘I- sorry, I didn’t mean,’ Dean started, ‘I’m happy with whatever you want to do.’

‘No, no, no, Dean, it’s ok,’ Rachel said. ‘So, in your dream we,’ she glanced at Anna, ‘we would do stuff to each other as well?’ Rachel could feel herself getting flush.

‘Well, only if you wanted to,’ Dean replied.

Rachel looked over at Anna with a panicked look.

‘Just give us a minute Dean,’ Anna piped up. She took Rachel by the arm and led her into the spacious, private bathroom and closed the door.

‘What are you being so weird for?’ Anna whispered.

‘Didn’t you hear him? He wants us,’ she gestured between them, ‘he wants us to-‘

Silence followed.

‘And?’ Anna ventured. ‘You don’t want to anymore?’

‘Anymore? What tuzla anal escort do you mean anymore? I never said we were going to do that!’

Anna had a quizzical expression on her face.

‘What did you think we were going to do?’ Anna asked.

‘I thought we would just take turns doing stuff with him!’

Tears sprang into her eyes. She had wanted everything to be perfect and now she felt like a failure.

‘Wait…,’ Rachel looked at Anna, ‘you thought we were going to fool around?’

‘Well, I mean, when you said he wanted a threesome I figured that’s what most guys want when they say that.’

‘And you said yes to coming along!? To fooling around…. with me?’ Rachel hissed. ‘I’m your stepmother.’

She looked cross.

‘I thought that’s what you were asking!’ Anna hissed back.

‘And you didn’t think that was strange?’

‘Well, I didn’t think it was that big a deal. I mean, we’re not related.’

Rachel shook her head.

‘Plus,’ Anna continued, ‘I said yes because I knew how much it meant to you to do this for him. I was thinking about that more than the thought of us fooling around.’

Rachel sighed.

‘We can’t do it,’ she said.

‘Let me get this straight. Under your plan, we were going to be naked together, right?’

‘Well, yes,’ Rachel responded.

‘We were probably both going to be sucking his dick?’

‘Yes, well separately.’

‘We were both going to have him inside us — separately?’


‘I don’t see how, if we were going to be doing all that stuff, how it’s that different for us to have a fool around too? Especially if it’s what he really wants.’

‘It is different,’ Rachel hissed. She was almost crying. Anna leant in and gave her a hug.

Rachel eventually pulled away.

‘I just wanted everything to be perfect for him. I can’t do it,’ she said. ‘We can’t do it.’

Anna sighed.

‘Ok. I’m sure he’ll still enjoy fucking us both anyway.’

That didn’t seem to cheer Rachel up.

She opened the door and they walked out together. Dean looked up.

‘Dean, I’m really sorry. I think we’ve had a bit of a misunderstanding.’

‘Oh,’ he said.

‘My fault,’ she said quickly. ‘Completely my fault. Not yours at all.’ Tears were in her eyes. ‘If you still want to do all the other stuff then that’s great but unfortunately we-‘

She stopped abruptly. Anna had stepped around in front and kissed her. Rachel’s eyes flew wide open. Anna’s lips were pressing against hers. Anna’s tongue was inside her mouth. Anna’s chest was touching her own.

Rachel pulled back, breathing hard. She and Anna were staring at one another.

You’re my stepdaughter.

Anna was gently nodding. Rachel glanced at Dean, who looked on excitedly.

Dean. Sweet, young, Dean.

She looked back at Anna and gave an imperceptible nod.

Anna stepped back in a kissed her again with full, wet, lips. Anna put her hands on Rachel’s shoulders and started to rotate the both of them. Rachel pulled away and furrowed her brow.

‘So he can see,’ Anna whispered. Rachel realised she had rotated them so they were now side-on to Dean.

They came together again. Anna’s tongue explored Rachel’s mouth, and her hands began to explore Rachel’s body. Rachel’s arm hung stiffly at her sides.

‘Relax,’ Anna whispered in her ear.

Rachel reluctantly put her hands on Anna’s waist.

‘Look how much he’s enjoying it,’ Anna continued.

Rachel glanced and could tell how much he liked it. Not least by the bulge forming beneath the sheet that was covering him.

She turned back to Anna and kissed her properly this time. Their tongues swirled forcefully together. Anna’s hands moved to Rachel’s breasts and Rachel moved her hands to Anna’s ass.

Rachel had always thought Anna was a beautiful young woman with a perfect body, but never in this way. She used to think of all the attention she would get from men, never did she think she would feel herself being attracted in the same way. She could tell Anna wasn’t wearing a bra because she could feel her nipples through her shirt. She gave them a light pinch and felt them harden.

Anna couldn’t believe what she was feeling when she ran her hands over Rachel’s body.

Her tits are fantastic!

She’d always thought her stepmom had a great body for her age but to feel those big, perfect, tits, up close was something else entirely. They were so soft, but sat so strongly on her chest.

I want to see them.

She started to tug on the bottom of Rachel’s scrub top. Rachel lifted her arms up and allowed Anna to lift it off her. Anna threw it on the ground.

Then she unhooked Rachel’s bra and stood back.

Dean let out an involuntary grunt and both women looked over at him.

‘Sorry,’ he said.

‘Don’t be sorry Dean,’ Anna said. ‘I thought the same thing.’

Rachel felt awkward, they were both just staring at her big tits. She felt herself reddening.

‘I think you need to take this off too so I’m not the only one with no top on,’ she said to Anna, and tuzla elit escort lifted her top off her. Rachel had been right. Anna wasn’t wearing a bra.

Dean made another noise and both ladies laughed. Anna reached out and cupped her hands under Rachel’s breasts and gently squeezed.

Dean’s bulge grew.

Anna leaned in for another kiss with Rachel, then drew back, looked her in the eye, nodded – it’s ok – and moved her mouth down to Rachel’s breast. She licked around Rachel’s nipple in slow circles and then closed her whole mouth around the pink nipple.

Rachel drew in a sharp breath.

Anna gently sucked away before switching, and doing the same with Rachel’s other breast. Rachel checked and made sure Dean had a good view.

I can’t believe this is happening. My stepdaughter is sucking on my breasts! And it feels good.

Anna came back up and put her hand behind Rachel’s head. Rachel thought she was pulling her in for a kiss but she guided Rachel’s head down lower, to her own breast. Rachel found herself inches away from Anna’s pair of perky tits. She moved forward and kissed one, right beside the nipple. Then she kissed the other side of the nipple, this time with tongue. Back and forth she moved, until moving to the nipple itself – with a long, passionate kiss. Anna moaned. She moved over to the other breast and did the same. She flicked over Anna’s rock-hard nipple with her tongue.

She came back up and they pulled each other in close, tongues entwined. Their breasts pressed against each other. Anna pulled her hips back a little to make a bit of space and slid her hand down Rachel’s stomach and inside her scrub pants, inside her underwear, and found her pussy lips. She started to rub in a circular motion.

‘Anna!’ Rachel said, panicked. That’s too far!

Rachel kept her legs close together.

‘Anna,’ she hissed into her ear.

Anna stopped rubbing but kept her hand inside Rachel’s pants.

‘We can’t do that,’ Rachel whispered.

‘You were just sucking on my nipple!’

‘That’s different!’

‘Don’t you think Dean would like to see it?’

Rachel sighed. She could feel Anna’s finger right against her, and part of her wanted her to start rubbing her again. But there was a line that they shouldn’t cross.

But Dean would like to see it.

Even now, she knew he’d be looking at Anna’s hand and wondering why it wasn’t moving against her.

She’s my stepdaughter!

‘We can’t,’ she whispered. ‘Please.’

Anna slowly withdrew her hand and Rachel turned to Dean.

‘Are you ready for us to get started on you now?’

Both women looked at the bulge beneath the sheet.

Dean nodded.

‘Hold on a sec,’ Anna said.

Rachel shot her a glare.

‘You’re going to have to wait a little bit longer Dean,’ she continued, ‘because this show’s not over just yet. Something tells me when you think about this in your dreams, there’s 1 more thing in particular that those 2 ladies do before they get to work on you. Am I right?’

They both looked at Dean.

‘Well…,’ he paused, ‘maybe 1 other thing.’

Anna raised her eyebrows to Rachel. Rachel took a deep breath.

Anna moved in close.

‘Trust me,’ she whispered in Rachel’s ear. ‘He wants this, and we can do it. We’ve come this far.’

Rachel didn’t respond.

‘Do you want to sit up a bit more there Dean?’ Anna said, and Dean slowly pushed himself up so he was sitting at the very top of the bed, against the wall. Anna guided Rachel over to where he was.

‘Lie down. In his lap,’ she said.

Rachel couldn’t think of anything else to do so she did what Anna said, getting on the bed and lying back into Dean so her head rested against his chest. She could feel his cock pressing against the middle of her back.

Anna moved down in between Rachel’s legs and started to tug on her pants. Rachel lifted her hips – slightly – off the bed and Anna pulled down her pants and underwear in one go.

What am I doing? My stepdaughter is about to…. But Dean will like it. Dean will like it. Dean will like it.

She repeated it in like a mantra.

Dean will like it.

She stole a glance down at Anna, who had thrown the pants and underwear onto the floor, and was now just gazing in between Rachel’s legs. Rachel involuntarily brought her legs a little closer together. Anna leaned in closer and lay herself down lower. Her legs dangled off the edge of the bed. She looked up and made sure Dean was in a good position. He had the perfect vantage point, looking down the full length of Rachel’s naked body to where Anna was now perched. Anna looked back between Rachel’s legs. She put her hands under Rachel’s knees and gently spread them further apart to expose more of her pretty, pink, pussy.

She lowered herself down and kissed the smooth skin on the inside of one of Rachel’s thighs. A long, slow – tender – kiss. Then the same on her other thigh, inching closer.

Anna kissed again, her wet tongue leaving a coating of saliva on Rachel’s skin.

Rachel’s body was rigid.

Anna looked up and caught Rachel’s eye.


Rachel couldn’t. Her breathing was short and shallow.

Anna leant in and softly licked the entrance to Rachel’s pussy. Again, and again.

Her pussy had a sweet scent, but she was not yet wet. Anna’s tongue slipped in between Rachel’s pussy lips and explored.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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