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She wakes, quietly but thoroughly, her hand cupping one soft, breast, the nipple hard and elongated beneath her palm. Remnants of a remembered dream, soft and erotic, linger. Her fingers sweep out and under, trailing butterfly touches along the sensitive underside of her breast. Squeezing gently, her eyes seek the stiff red tip, measuring the length of her arousal. Between her legs, sprawled and relaxed, she feels dampness forming. Languidly, she trails her hand down between the sensitive lips, coaxing a finger between the soft, smooth, plump pudenda, touching lightly the curled tight clit. She closes her eyes. She breathes deeply, a yogic cathartic opening which expands her rib cage, causing her breast to swell and spill over her fingers.

The finger which rests lightly between her legs is gently enveloped in the sweet lips, now swelling, now dampening; she touches a single droplet of moisture. Bringing her fingers to her nose, she breathes her own arousal, then flicking her tongue from between swollen lips, captures the astringent, clean taste in her mouth. She had just shaved the evening before, her cunt is smooth, hairless and slippery. Again, her gaze fastens on the breast captured in the warmth of her palm – she squeezes again, watching the pale, lightly freckled flesh swell up and over, the long, pink nipple stiffened like a tiny cock. She wishes, not for the first time, her breast was larger so she could lean down and suckle. Instead, she leans forward, cupping, then flicks her tongue across the tip.

She shudders. Her breasts are ultra sensitive, something he often forgets. When her children were babies and used to suckle, she got intense but not sexual pleasure from the fierce movement of their tiny jaws, the feel of the milk letting down deep inside the swollen glands, then the almost orgasmic release as it swept down and through the engorged tips into their eager mouths. Often, she had thought how wonderful it would be if he would suckle, not a lick, or a cursory suck, but a steady rhythmic suckling … and visions of her milk sweeping into his mouth, and his hands between her legs …

Her fingers fumble between her legs. She pulls her long, shapely legs up slightly, planting her feet, parting her knees, muscles flexing in her supple thighs. She pushes the firm globes of her ass against the bed and stiffens her finger, probing purposely until her finger slips into the tightness of her cunt. Sighting, she pushes it in to the knuckle, moving it gently so the walls of her slick red hole are gently palpitated. Rhythmically, she pushes her finger in and out, curling the tip slightly so the spongy platform at the back of her cunt is manipulated and pushed. Each movement brushes the palm of her hand against her awakening clit – barely touching, a mere flick which stimulates without actually solidly connecting. Her clit is extremely sensitive and pressure around it is far more effective; too much and the line from pleasure to pain is crossed.

Pausing, she sits up, released the breast to bounce gently on her chest. She shakes slightly, relishing the feel of the soft globes against her ribs. She reaches into the bedside otele gelen escort table, fumbling, then capturing the dildo. Closing her eyes she pushes it between her lips, slathering her tongue over the hard plastic surface, wetting it. Laying back, she put her hands between her legs – moving her ass up slightly and putting the tip of the dildo against the tight puckered hole of her anus. She pushed down deliberately, feeling the hard tip slipping slightly. Using her thighs, she pushed more strongly against the hard tip, gasping as she feels the tip catching and pushing in, just slightly. She jams the bottom of the dildo against the mattress, the tip now just slightly in her ass. Then flexing her strong thighs, pushes down, her hand cupping her breast once again. The dildo sticks, meeting resistance from the tight sphincter. She persists, her cunt swelling at the feel of the hard length pushing up into her. It hesitates, then slides in, pushing aside the walls of the tight hole and sinking deep inside.

A soft groan escaped her lips, her breath catches. Her hand goes to her clit, spreading the lips over its sensitive head, not directly touching but pushing and pulling. She pushes, hard, against the dildo, pushing it as far as it will go, then pulling up, allows it to slide out several inches. As her hand moves against her increasingly wet cunt, she pushes down again, beginning a rhythm which pushes the dildo up her ass, rubbing her clit, one hand pressing and releasing her breast.

She can feel her cunt opening and closing, the sweet red hole sweating clear, mucuosy arousal. Her mind slows and focuses, flicks through memories and fantasies, a kaleidoscope of cocks in her ass, her mouth, her cunt …. of hot wet lips between her legs, lapping at her cunt, the feel of a stiff cock pushing in and out of her mouth.

A sound disturbs her, shattering, for the moment, her concentration. Her hand pauses, her eyes snap open. He’s standing at the door, his green eyes narrowed. His hand rests, lightly, delicately on the bulge which pushes out the front of his pants. He stalks in, his eyes never leaving hers, gliding on cat paws to beside the bed. Wordlessly, he reaches and pulls, roughly her legs to the side of the bed. Between her legs, a clear stream of her arousal snakes between the sweet crack of her ass.

He pulls her towards him, pushing her legs up and toward her face, so her ass is pulled to the side of the bed, accessible and vulnerable. She stiffens slightly. His hand moves quickly and a hard, sharp slap across her left buttock stings for a moment. She forces herself to relax. Her breasts are quivering, the nipples thick and distended. Her eyes are slits as she challenges him. Her nose flares and unknowingly, clenches her teeth, almost growling. He leans over her, his torso pushing against her legs, forcing them towards her swollen tits. She makes an inarticulate sound as she feels her calves straining. He stands abruptly, one hand holding her feet and thus her legs tight together and then looks down.

Her entire cunt is open to his gaze, a sleek, damp semicircle right down pendik escort to the rosy puckered beauty of her anus. Her cunt lips are pressed tightly together from the position, so the long pretty slit with its soft, petal like lips which she shaves every day seems to be straining to his hand, hiding the sweet pink hole. At the very top of her slit, he can see her swollen clit just peeking out; like a miniature penis.

Holding her ankles tight with one large hand, he reaches and gently, softly flicks the impudent pink tip. She gasps and her hips spasm. Almost roughly, he pushes her legs towards her face and then kneeling, keeping pressure on the backs of her straining calves, puts his face near the sweet feast of her most private places. He closes his eyes and takes a deep, sweet breath of her essence, then leaning, flicks his tongue from the crack of her ass up to the sweet junction of her thighs. He feels her hips straining against his hands as she tries to push her cunt into his seeking mouth. His cock feels heavy and swollen, turgid and erect it bobs against his belly. He fumbles at his fly, then manages to undo the button and carefully, protecting the soft skin of his straining cock, get his pants down. He licks again, flicking the stiff tip of his tongue between the lips of her cunt, lapping at the sticky, clear proof of her arousal. It tastes clean and sweet and sipping delicately at the very entrance to her cunt, he pushes his tongue into the swollen hole of her vagina. He feels his tongue suddenly clamped as she exerts the strong muscles of her cunt and pulls his tongue further in. Rhythmically, she squeezes and releases his tongue. Laughing, he pulls back and stands.

His cock juts out from his body, thick and red, the tip purplish, its protective hood retracted, leaving the slippery, purple head free. A viscous clear liquid oozes from the tip, coating his hand as he rubs it carelessly down the length.

Holding it firmly in one hand, he bends his knees slightly, angling the stiff erection towards her cunt. He pushes the tip between the swollen lips, coating and mingling their juices. Slick, slippery, the sounds of the their sexes meeting is thrilling. Her hips move restlessly. He pushes again on her legs which he has pushed again towards her face. The tip of his beautiful cock enters, he feels her cunt trying to suck it in. Slowly, almost painfully, he pushes aside the swollen folds of her vagina, closing his eyes, relishing the feel of the hot, tight flesh enveloping him. His groin bumps against the plumpness of her ass. Again, slowly he pulls out, a sucking wet sound and almost like a cork popping, he pulls free o f her cunt. She gives an inarticulate cry of distress as his cock is pulled completely free of her. He smacks her lightly and she is quiet. Again, he pushes his cock in, letting it sink into the swollen damp folds of her cunt.

He starts a rhythm, pumping slowly, exquisitely almost painfully slowly, in and out, pumping his stiff, turgid prick, slickly, in and out. Her eyes are closed as she looks inward, seeking out the sweetness of a stiff prick in her aching cunt, passive, rus escort she allows him to fuck her as he wishes, only the frantic pumping inside her cunt betraying her.

He pulls out and then suddenly, with no warming, his prick is pushing against the tight furled hole of her ass. Startled, she bucks. He smacks her = hard this time so the mark of his fingers are clear on the pale creamy skin of her ass. Stiffening he pushes the slick tip of his prick against the tight hole, insistent and determined. The spongy tip slides in slightly. He moves his hip slightly side to side, pushing hard and then another inch sinks into the dark tightness.

He looks down – three inches of his hard prick are now in her ass. It looks unbelievably sexy – the pale, pink flushed pink of his stiff cock in the small tight hole, the cheeks spread wide. Just above his protruding prick he can see her cunt hole gaping slightly open and her clit at the juncture of her nether lips is fully elongated and stiff. Watching intently, he pushes his hips purposefully forward, watching and relishing the sight of his prick sinking into her sweet ass. His groin hits the spread cheeks of buttocks. He pulls out slightly. It is almost painful, then pushes in. As he continues his rhythmic intrusion, the juice which is now trickling in a stream from her cunt hole coats his prick, making it slick and slippery, helping him slip it in and out far easier.

He hears her groaning. Beneath his hands, her straining calves are jumping. He hears her breathing hitch, then tremble and stop for a second. Her eyes are closed, her face strained and almost painfully clenched. Suddenly, she groans and her body stiffens. He sinks his prick into her faster, pumping in and out rapidly, feeling the tug in his balls as they tighten and pull up to his body. His prick is slipping in and out easily now and he can feel her starting, a tremor in the distance, a clenching of muscles deep within. Her breath hitches and suddenly her hips move frantically, pushing her ass against the stiff prick. Her breathing is rapid, panicking and suddenly she slams her ass against him, enveloping the stiff, turgid cock deeply within her. He closes his eyes and feels her come. His prick feels the pulsing of her cervix, the thin membrane separating her vagina from her ass conducting the deep rhythmic throbbing. His prick is so swollen it is almost painful. He feels as if the muscles pulsing beneath the soft skin of his penis are bursting out. As his prick is enveloped in her powerful wave, it feels as if a hand deep within that sweet ass has taken him and is squeezing. His balls contract and the pulling feeling increases. Suddenly, his orgasm hits, he feels the sperm pulled up from the tight furled sweetness of his testicles which have pulled up into the warm cavity of his body. He feels it exploding up and through the shaft of his penis then burst from the tip, flooding the dark anal passageway with thick, white come, soaking her. Frantically, he pushes up against her, ensuring that all that sweet sperm is ejected into her ass. Pulling back slightly, he pushes into her again, tight, almost painfully as he empties his cock.

She starts, opens her eyes. Reaching between her legs, languidly, she pulls the stiff vibrator out of her ass. Suction causes it to pop as she pulls it. Sighing, she sits up, pausing for a moment, then heads for the bathroom … wishing again he would get back from his damn trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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