Dream Lovers Ch. 07

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Following an immensely satisfying sexual marathon, Matt kissed the glowing Janet and left her room. Lucy arrived exhausted after spine tingling sex with insatiable Jeri. They snuggled together and talked about the amazing events of the day, dwelling on how the transsexual show at Women’s Cave ignited a sexual thirst for cock in Leslie and Janet.

Lucy, an avowed lesbian, enjoyed the show only in the abstract, not particularly turned on. She admired Michelle and Nicole’s stage performance and respected their courage in performing sex to a crowded room.

Janet felt entirely differently. The sisters’ openly incestuous relationship excited her and turned a mild lust for her daughter to intense desire.

Lucy appreciated and encouraged Janet expressing her sentiment clearly, “Baby dear, if liked cock, I too would be after Christine. She is a special woman inside and out. I can tell your lust for your daughter is genuine. If you are happy, I am happy for you. I hope you get together soon.”

Expectations of her weekly visits past agonizingly unfulfilled. Circumstances seemed to conspire against her. She never seemed to find time alone with her daughter and grew more and more frustrated.

Weekdays spent in mind-blowing sex with Lucy kept her on an even keel until her dreams filled with her beautiful sexy daughter and led to boisterous orgasms in her sleep.

Lucy lost patience with the entire situation. A less loving and caring person would jealously leave Janet. Instead, she hatched a plan to finally bring Janet and Christine together.

She enlisted the help of Jeri and Leslie. Saturday night, Jeri invited Matt to her room. Lucy invited Leslie to her room. Both recalled their past sex and eagerly accepted leaving Janet with Christine.

It is now or never, Janet reasoned and sat beside her daughter and casually placed an arm on her shoulder drawing her closer. “It has been awhile since we have talked,” Christine started, “I have been meaning to ask if you enjoyed sex with Matt.”

“Your man is wonderful. It has been so long since I had sex with a man. Matt more then made up for lost time. He is a caring, generous lover. I lost count of my orgasms.”

“I am so fortunate. Your understanding and support during my transformation is immeasurable. I know your past few years have been lonely. I am so happy you found Lucy, and Jeri found Leslie.”

“Did Leslie enjoy being with you dear?”

“Leslie is a great, caring lover. We enjoyed every moment together. For a woman uninterested in men, she turned out to be a great cocksucker. Soft blond hair covers her pussy. I love eating her and feeling her soft hairy mound on my cheeks.”

Janet shivered at her daughter’s words. Accustomed to talking openly with her daughter, Janet blurted, “I wish I could have been with you,” immediately regretting expressing her desire so openly.

Christine looked closely at her mother and noticed the passion in her blue eyes. “I know you are turned on by the memory of Michelle and Nicole. They are so special. I will never forget the time Jeri and I made love with them. I carry sweet memories of our sex to this day. I have a feeling you want to make a memory with me?”

“Oh yes I do, darling, I have wanted you for the longest time.” Janet moaned. The transsexual show reinforced my desire and shattered the taboo wall that kept me at bay. I realize now that if two sisters in love can have sex why shouldn’t a loving mother in daughter?”

“I love you so much,” Christine admitted.

“I have loved and admired you since you were a child. I see you as an extraordinarily beautiful woman who just happens to be my daughter.”

“I have always seen you as a sexually desirable woman. I regret it took us so long to admit our mutual lust.” Christine answered. “Michelle and Nicole will be happy to learn they helped bring us together.”

They skipped to her room like schoolchildren, laughing along the way. It relieved the mutual tension. They wanted this special night to be a lasting memory and proceeded slowly, savoring every second.

They removed their clothing and gazed at each other nude bodies in a new light.

“My God, Christine you are so hot! I know you are beautiful but seeing you like this; oh my, you have an incredible body. Please turn around.” Janet urged.

Christine turned her 38-22-35″ body. Janet, so turned on by her daughter’s luscious ass, she leaked sweet juices down her thighs. She moved behind her daughter and wrapped her arms around her waist cupping her breasts while pressing her 36″ breasts hard into her back.

She turned Christine and held her face. They maltepe escort kissed softly. Their lips opened slightly. Their tongues tenderly touched. Their kisses turned passionate. Tongues swirled around each other. More hot juices poured from Janet’s pussy.

Christine’s hardening cock rested against her mother’s belly. Her left thigh pressed against Janet’s pussy and soaked in her juices. Each desired to taste the other. They fell to the bed in a side-by-side 69. Each lifted one leg allowing the easy access to oral pleasure.

Janet held her daughters monstrous 9-inch cock and softly stroked it. She fondled Christine’s balls and ran her finger along her anal ring.

Christine whiffed her mother’s sensuous aroma and pressed her open mouth around her pussy drawing in her sweet juices and gulping greedily. She felt her mother’s finger touch her ass and pushed her forefinger far into Janet’s asshole.

Janet twitched and moaned loving the finger in her nether region and inserted two fingers into her daughter’s butt. Christine’s ass softened. She added two more fingers. Christine rejoiced in the wonderful anal intrusion she had grown to love.

Christine added another finger in her mother’s tight ass and twisted in in tight semi-circles. Janet moaned contentedly and sawed her fingers in Christine’s ass.



The fire in her ass ignited her passion. Her cock grew rock hard.

Janet immediately stopped, removed her fingers and took her daughter’s cock in her mouth. She held it just below the head and swirled her lips over the purple head.

Christine relented, removed her fingers from her mother’s ass, and turned to her mother’s juicy shaved pussy. She opened her outer lips and licked the tender pink flesh. She held her lips open and kissed her inner flesh, licking the entrance to her vagina.

Janet shivered as a thousand nerve endings sparked throughout her body. She probed Christine’s pee hole drawing out a nice stream of per-cum. She loved the salty sweet taste and swirled it around in her mouth adding it to her saliva in a syrupy blend. It lubed Christine’s cock as Janet moved slowly down, easily taking it deep in her throat, holing it firmly.

Her mother’s tight throat warmed Christine’s cock. Her sensitive head throbbed. She easily held back her orgasm, relying on a special prolonging technique she learned from Matt.

She jabbed two fingers into Janet’s vaginal opening, located and gently fingered her G-spot.

Janet munched her daughter’s cock and felt it twitch. Her daughter’s fingers entering her vagina and rubbed her G-spot. It brought her to the edge of ejaculation. She lost contact with Christine’s cock as the ejaculate pressure mounted.

Christine recognized the building pressure, removed her fingers and opened wide, determined to catch and drink as much of the pending flow as possible. She gently flicked her mother’s clit.

Janet grunted and spurted long hot streams if clear ejaculate. Christine tried in vain to catch and drink the lovely juice. She managed to drink only a small portion allowing the rest to cover her body and soak her auburn hair.

Janet could not help but laugh at the site of her daughter’s sparkling body. They giggled out of control. Christine wiped off some of the juice and flicked it on her mother. Janet wrestled her to the bed. They rolled around covering themselves in Janet’s warm sticky elixir.

They needed to rinse off in a quick shower. The mother and daughter could not keep their hands off each other. By the time they dried each other and returned to bed, their passionate fire burned hotter than ever.

Janet flopped face up on the bed eagerly waiting for Christine to straddle her body and feed her the cock she craved. Christine knew her mother wanted her cock but had hotter ideas. She leaned and kissed Janet tenderly, raking her blond hair.

The loving mother, daughter moment grew in intensity as Janet returned Christine’s kiss. Soft moans escaped their tightly locked lips. Christine offered her tongue and Janet gently sucked it, swirling her tongue around the soft sensitive flesh. Christine kissed her mother harder, thrusting her tongue deep.

Janet paused, released Christine’s tongue and fought to catch her breath. As her breath returned, an erotic tingling flowed through out her body. Every nerve stood on edge. The slightest touch sparked the fire burning in her soul. She swooned in wondrous arousal.

Christine fondled her perfect 36-inch breasts. She palmed maltepe genç escort her areolas and cupped the undersides, lifting and squeezing. Janet held her daughters head moving it from breast to breast. Christine sucked her mother’s nipples with the infant hunger of so many years ago. Trembling waves of ecstasy spread from her breasts to her pussy.

The wonderful aroma of hot sweet pussy juice slowly filled the room. Christine whiffed and loved the scent. She lowered her right hand to Janet’s frothy pussy, scooping a palm full of her mother’s nectar. She poured some in Janet’s mouth and drank the rest.

Christine French kissed her mother passionately. In her life, Christine tasted a lot of nectar filled saliva, none better than her mother’s. She licked the fragrant moisture over her mother’s face and neck. She pawing her breasts. She licked thru her valley to her navel. She then licked her mother’s tight belly back in forth.

“Oh baby that feels so good! Ooooohhhhh? Aaaahhhh! You are driving me crazy!” Janet screamed, thrashing violently, frightening Christine. She quickly flung her arms around her mother’s waist holding tight until she calmed down.

They looked carefully into each other’s eyes. Janet’s lovely blue eyes registered intense pleasure. Christine’s beautiful greens eyes turned from concern to joy, seeing the pleasure in her mother’s eyes.

Janet remained calm as Christine lovingly caressed and licked her left and right thighs. She inflountarily tightened her leg muscles in reaction to Christine’s talented tongue. “This feels marvelous,” she silently said to herself.

As Christine kissed and licked her calves, Janet remained still until she felt her daughter’s hot tongue probing back in forth behind her knees. She almost jumped out of her skin from the unexpected exquisite pleasure filling her consciousness.

Her rapture abruptly ended as Christine licked the bottom of her very ticklish feet. Janet begged her to stop. Christine held her feet steady and sucked each toe like a tiny cock.

Janet retuned to a state of euphoria as her daughter kissed her legs back in forth moving toward her fountain of joy. Since entering her lesbian life with Lucy, she enjoyed nothing more the giving or receiving oral sex. The thought of receiving oral sex from her daughter again filled her with unbridled joy.

Her emotions centered on her sopping wet pussy. Shock waves coursed throughout her body when Christine opened wide and surrounded her pussy. An intense orgasm took her by storm surprising Christine as her mother’s juices jetted, stinging her face.

Christine regained her composure and managed to catch and swallow most of her mother’s orgasmic broth.

She returned to her mother’s pussy, unfolded her outer lips and softly licked the sensitive pink flesh. She kissed the shiny skin beyond her outer lips and tongued the spongy entrance to her vagina. The taste and texture of her mom’s inner pussy thrilled Christine.

She detected a small spasm from her mom’s vagina and prepared for another orgasm, moving to her outer lips and locking her lips around her pussy. Her upper lip pressed on Janet’s clit. The magic button is the Crown Jewel of Janet’s erogenous zones. When touched correctly it never fails to bring on a fantastic orgasm.

Janet could not believe she felt another orgasm slowly building so soon after her last cum. The ecstatic wave slowly coursed thru her pussy building to a tidal wave. It rolled to a crescendo of monumental intensity. Her orgasmic release fired off in rapid succession, one after another and a multi-orgasmic deluge. Janet would recall every second of her orgasm and called it the cum of a lifetime.

It took her a very long time to recover. She felt drained of energy. She was groggy. Her eyes barely noticed Christine. In all her dreams, she never imagined sex with her daughter to be so phyically draining.

Christine prepared an energy shake and held Janet in her arms as she slowly drank every drop. The nestled in each other’s arms resting peacefully and recharging their batteries.

Janet recovered fully and pushed her daughter face up on the bed. She loves Christine’s bright green eyes and maintained eye contact as she moved slowly to her lips. Christine closed her eyes as the pleasure of Janet’s kiss intensified her passion.

Christine returned Janet’s kiss with the touch of an angel. The couple’s soft lips barely touched and grew to a gentle pressure. Protruding tongues slipped between their lips.

Christine opened slightly and ran her tongue over her mother’s teeth. Janet retuned the maltepe olgun escort favor. Keeping their lips together, they opened wide. They rocked back in forth in gentle munching movements. Soft moans escaped their tightly locked lips.

Janet sought her daughter’s tongue and sucked it like a cock. She allowed Christine to suck her tongue in return.

Janet lavished Christine’s magnificent 38-inch breasts. She alone knew her daughter had implant surgery at age 18 and kept her secret from all.

The surgically enlarged breasts are perfectly shaped. The cleavage allows her breasts to sexily touch when she dons a tight bra, dress or bikini. The fatty tissue gives the lower part of her breasts a perfect curvature down and away from her chest. Her perfectly matched nipples and areolas are extremely sensitive.

Janet cupped her daughter’s breasts and kissed her nipples back in forth. Christine’s cock grew harder as the sensitive breasts stoked her fire. Janet pulled Christine to one side and gaped at her magnificent ass. She kneaded her soft buns and kissed up and down the crack. With each lick, she opened the crack wider until her anal ring appeared.

Janet kissed Christine’s anal ring and tongued the brown asshole.

Christine loves anal sex and over time developed perfect muscle control. She relaxed her sphincter muscle allowing Janet’s tongue deep in her bowels. She tasted musty and smelled of intestinal waste.

Hearing Christine’s sighs, she inserted two fingers into her ass and fucked her softly, gradually increasing the pace until Christine stopped her by clamping her ass shut. Her anus popped closed when Janet removed her fingers. The smelled musty and she offered her lover a whiff. She was shocked when Christine licked her fingers clean.

Christine grinned mischievously and rolled to her back, presenting her rock hard 9-inch cock. Janet rose to her knees, grabbed her daughter’s cock and quickly lowered her body engulfing her daughter’s entire cock in her tight pussy.

Janet’s vaginal walls closed tightly around Christine’s cock. It throbbed in exquisite titillation. To her immeasurable satisfaction, Janet held her deep for several delicious moments. Janet remembered her special techniques for pleasurable fucking. She bobbed up an inch then bobbed down. She bobbed a bit higher then down. With each bob, she raised a little higher. Eventually she moved rapidly up and down the entire length of her daughters cock.

Christine’s cock grew delightfully warm in Janet’s fire pit. Their ecstasy grew beyond control and they reached simultaneous orgasms. Christine’s cock unloaded several blasts into her mother’s pussy. Janet’s orgasmic cream diluted her daughter’s cum into a tasty milky mixture flowing from her pussy covering Christine’s mound, stomach and legs.

Janet planted her pussy on her daughter’s face feeding more of the mixture in to her mouth. She swallowed her daughters still hard cock deep recovering more of the diluted pussy juice and sucking out the last of Christine’s cum.

The lovers kissed deeply sharing the milky mixture. Janet recovered the delightful mixture from her daughter’s body feeding her open mouth repeatedly. The finished by swirling the last of the creamy soup in a sloppy cream pie that turned into passionate kissing.

Christine’s cock remained improbably erect. Janet’s pussy was sore from the intense fuck. She was thrilled to finish the blowjob interpreted earlier by her ejaculation.

She stroked her daughter’s cock and took the sensitive head in her mouth lavishing it lovingly with her hot tongue. She swirled down the long shaft and took each of her recharged balls one at a time into her mouth strongly humming, driving Christine crazy. The lovely feeling of pre-orgasmic bliss surged from her balls to the head of her cock.

Monumental control contained Christine’s orgasm as her mother again munched her cock repeatedly. Janet drove an ecstatic excitement in her daughter far beyond her ability to control.

Her orgasm rumbled from deep in her balls, ripping up her cock in a continuous volley, filling her mother’s mouth, covering her face, and painting her breasts with thick hot cum.

Janet swallowed the load in her mouth and helped Christine remove the remaining tasty treat. They traded often filling their bellies.

Christine, drained of cum and energy fell into her mother’s loving arms. The exhausted couple clung together in a tender embrace.

Matt, physically drained by Jeri, returned and found his lover and her mother fast asleep. Soon, Lucy, Jeri and Leslie joined Matt gazing with joy at the loving couple. They gently closed the door and returned to Lucy and Jeri’s bedroom peacefullly sleeping the night away.

Peace and tranquility settled over the three couples in the coming weeks. All are living a dream come true in a world full of unbridled love, respect and care for one another.


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