Dream Lover

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What woke Jane was her moaning. She couldn’t tell if she was just moaning in the dream or really moaning. Unable to go back to sleep, her mind drifted back to the vivid images that seemed so real.

She and another man were naked in a bed somewhere she had never been before. She was on her back turned halfway toward him as he knelt next to her. The middle finger of her left hand, the one with the nail filed down unlike all the other ones, was buried so deep in his ass she could feel his pulse, strong and fast.

His cock was so far into her throat, it touched where her tonsils use to be. This is how the dream opened. She couldn’t see anything because this man was quite literally “in her face” but she could smell in her dream and she could taste, and she KNEW it wasn’t her husband. At that moment of realization Jane moaned, the vibrations seeming to take her lover higher and he came, flooding her throat with his cum, and — damn! — she woke up.

Her hands were sweating from the dream, and she realized her clit was swollen and engorged. Oh, if only her husband would wake up! She’d ride him like a wild mustang. But it was only 5 a.m. It was Saturday; it would be hours before he stirred.

Jane got up and made herself a cup of warm milk, drank it and then went back to bed. Warm milk usually made her sleepy, and this time was no exception. In just a few minutes, she was back to sleep. And surprisingly, back to her dream. How curious she thought within the dream “I’ve never dreamt back-to-back before.”

A radio was playing and she heard the Everly Brothers singing: “Whenever I want you, all I have to do, is dre-e-e-e-eam, dream, dream, dre-eam…”

She was back in the same room, a hotel room as best she could tell, and her lover was now on his back. He was stiff and hard, and she was straddling his hips, facing away. He was pressing the head of his cock against her rosebud and slid in easily.

Jane rocked back and forth a few times to get him in as deeply as possible, and then kağıthane escort she slowly leaned back against his guiding hands until her back rested on his chest. His hands came up to enfold and embrace her just as her ass embraced his cock. A deep peace fell over her.

The man then squeezed and caressed her breasts, and told her to play with herself. She reached down and flicked her clit back and forth faster and faster as he squeezed harder and harder. With her pelvis rocking back and forth, back and forth, she soon convulsed in waves of orgasm, her ass pulsating and massaging his cock. It wasn’t long before her lover’s cock erupted, filling her ass with copious amounts of cum as Jane and her lover continued to buck wildly. What a wild ride!

The next time Jane looked at the clock it was 8 a.m. and she was wide awake now. Who was this lover/stranger invading her dreams and passions? Almost in answer, a song popped into her head.

Jane often found parallels to her life in the words of songs: “Imaginary lovers, never turn you down. When all the others turn you away, they’re around. It’s my private pleasure, midnight fantasy. Someone to share my wildest dreams with me…”

And boy, these dreams were wild. And increasingly distracting, Jane discovered later as she was sitting at her desk trying to concentrate on writing out bills.

Instead she drifted back to the dreams, and her captivating stranger. Soon, she was daydreaming, imagining his mouth and lips kissing her eyelids, her throat, her breasts, sucking her nipples, her navel, her mons, her labia, driving his tongue deep inside her while fucking her ass with his finger deep and hard and… ohhhhhhhhhh Christ, she felt herself spooling up towards an orgasm and she wasn’t even touching herself! Luckily she was wearing her big white terry bathrobe, so the cream now seeping thickly from her cunt was soaking into it and not her cloth-covered chair.

Mmmmmmm…she was so fucking hot! She rubbed some kartal escort of the cream on her nipples and imagined it was his fingers caressing them.

In her daydream he looked at her and said: “Darling, your eyes are like limpid pools, the sparkles in your hair put the midnight heavens to shame, and your mouth … those luscious lips … communicate sensuality that makes my blood boil…”

Yes, it sounded like something out of a typical romance novel but it sounded damn good to her.

In her fantasy she was wearing a black see-through negligee–she so liked the way that word caressed the tongue– and her thighs trembled as he caressed them with his cock.

His strong sexual scent heightened her arousal even more…and then she sneezed. She sometimes sneezed when she was powerfully aroused. A touch of comic relief. She smiled.

Jane’s eyes were closed in the daydream, imagining his hands now caressing her heavy breasts and stiff nipples, which were still a pale pink even after breast-feeding two babies. Uhhhhhhhhhh!

Her clit erect and oh-so-sensitive, Jane began to stroke it faster and faster, wishing it was his finger stroking and caressing her, then plunging deep inside her.

“I am wet,” she thought aloud…”wet with cunt cream that has gushed out for YOU. Your smell mixed with mine is intoxicating!!! You make me soooooooooooooo HOT! I want to fuck you so. To possess and be possessed by you madly, deeply, completely. Ohhhhh, baby.”

And then she came in a blinding, pulsating orgasm that shuddered throughout her body and made her gasp with its intensity.

Bobby Darin’s “Dream Lover” played in her head as she ebbed slowly back to reality: “Dream lover, until then, I’ll go to sleep and dream again …” Only she wasn’t sleeping…this man was invading her waking hours as well as her dreams.

She didn’t realize how much until she was getting ready to go out to dinner with her husband. He was snapping close the clasp on the string küçükçekmece escort of black pearls around her neck when the image of her dream lover appeared…only he was whispering in her ear, “I have some big “pearls” of my own for you, to pull slooooowwwwly out of your ass as you shudder in a pounding climax while I am fucking you doggy style.” She shuddered and her husband said, “Are you cold dear?” She smiled and shook her head “No,” thinking she had never been so hot in her life.

After dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant, they went to a movie. But halfway through the movie, a different dialogue began to play in Jane’s head: “Darling, tonight when I come to you, my tongue will be teasing yours, my cock slooooooowly moving in and out of your pussy, and my right arm will be pressed against the left side of your body so that my right hand can be under your butt. Having liberally wetted my index finger with your pussy juice I will be simultaneously sliding that finger deeper, then almost out, of your ass, in time with the thrusts of my cock. Now close your eyes and feel it, darling. “

Jane couldn’t wait to get home, and go to sleep…of course, after fucking her husband’s brains out. She was an honorable woman, she wouldn’t think of her dream lover while making love to her husband. It was almost midnight when she fell back on the bed, exhausted from the marathon sex with her husband. She would have no problem sleeping tonight.

And no problem dreaming. It seemed within moments she was in the arms of her dream lover. His very warm body lay on hers, front to back. His cock was deep in her ass, stroking slowly and gently. He was murmuring in her ear: she couldn’t hear the words but the melody of it soothed her soul.

She let out a deep sigh followed by a long moan and raised her hips off the bed to get him somehow even deeper inside. She felt as if his cock touched her heart. As she did this, his stroking got faster and she felt his body tense. She heard him call out her name as he came, and felt a great peace wash over her. Before she drifted away on an endorphin-high, she felt his arms tighten around her and heard him whisper “For now, you are mine.”

And while in his embrace she heard Roy Orbison sing: “in dreams, you’re mine, all of the time, we’re together in dreams…”

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