Dream Come True Ch. 01

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Fantasy of mine, names been changed

It was the end of a typical Friday afternoon at college. I looked at my timetable and saw I had English, I couldn’t stand the subject, but I could stand gawping at my gorgeous English teacher, Cathy. She was tall at 5″9 with blonde hair in a bob and dreamy blue eyes. She had never-ending legs that she showed off with her clothing. Today she was wearing a typical day to day ensemble for her which consisted of a white blouse, caressing what must be at least E cup breasts, an above the knee black skirt and black tights with kitten heels.

My lessons with Cathy were never boring, even when we were studying Shakespeare (Like we were right now). I was far too busy admiring that gorgeous bum to actually listen to the lesson when I heard my name being said over and over. “Lizzy, Hello, Lizzy?”

“What sorry?” I replied, hearing snickers from the back of the classroom. (I always chose the front row, not because I was a goody two shoes but because I got the perfect view of Cathy when she was sat at her desk.) I had yet again zoned out and was fantasising about releasing those heaving breasts from that tight white blouse and suckling on her hard nipples, making her moan my name. Little did I know, that today was that day, the day I had imagined over and over with my hand between my legs at home, in college, anywhere I could that would ease some of the relief I needed. I needed it now, but couldn’t do anything about it and before I knew it the bell went, signalling the end of lesson. I got up as fast as I could and was going to head out of the door so that I could find a spot and cum hard when I heard Cathy calling me over. My face unexpectedly casino şirketleri dropped…

“Wait Lizzy, can I please have a word with you?”

“Uhm, yeah sure, what’s the matter” I replied

“You’re very distracted today, is everything okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine I responded, just got a few things on my mind” my eyes must’ve wandered down that lovely body as she asked what was on my mind, I looked up and saw a wicked grin on her face. Little did I know my teacher had been watching me too, admiring my firm C cups. She smiled that big gorgeous smile of her’s then leaned in and said “go on you know you want to”

Gobsmacked I gasped and claimed I had no clue what she meant.

She then turned away from me giving me a great view of that perk bottom as to my surprise she locked the door. She came back and before I knew it my lips were on hers, just like in my fantasies. I had leaned forward and kissed her just a slight peck on the lips, my heart was racing I was so scared I didn’t know what to do so I froze, not moving and then she kissed me back. Her lips felt so delicate as they gently caressed mine and in that moment nothing else mattered.


After that all my inhibitions were gone, I didn’t care who saw or who heard for that matter, I wanted her, there and then and I knew that she wanted me too.

Our kiss got more passionate and then she broke away, I was breathless and wanted more, she must have seen the look of upset in my eyes because she came back to me and kissed harder with more wanton lust than last time. I gained a lot more courage and I finally let my hand travel up to her bust and casino firmaları I squeezed, she let out a moan. The moan I had imagined was nothing compared to the real thing, I then took my other hand and squeezed both her breasts simultaneously. I felt her nipples become erect and I knew that was my que to slowly undress my beautiful teacher. I started to unbutton her blouse, and those big gorgeous boobs popped out, I couldn’t help but stare at them and she giggled. I quickly hurried to get her top off and threw it onto the floor. Her breath hitched and I saw her boobs heave dying to be released, but I stopped, and took a breath.

“God my pussy is wet” I thought and I slowly slide my hands down her beautiful torso round to her bottom where I gave it a quick squeeze and found the clasp of her skirt. It quickly fell to the floor, and I was shocked to see that in fact I was not met with her typical black tights but with stockings. (How did she figure out that stockings turned me on) I take a step back and admire her beauty in all its glory, she senses what I’m doing and poses for me with her legs shoulder width apart. Oh god she’s fucking sexy. She turns around and wiggles her perk bottom for me and I giggle.

I walk back to her and our lips are touching again my hands wander behind her back and I finally unclasp her bra, slowly taking the straps down her right then her left arm slowly tickling her soft skin with my fingertips as I go. Then I release them big breasts fully and she moans. They’re perky for their size and the nipple are a juicy pink and stand to attention in front of me. Cathy lets out a moan as I slowly get closer and closer to her boobs, with great difficulty güvenilir casino however, I resist. Teasing us both I start in between them and gently circle my fingertips towards her erect nipples, making sure not to touch them beautiful mounds just yet. I then go back to the middle, repeating the process each time I do this her nipples get harder, her moans get louder and she starts to beg.

“Please Lizzy”

“Please Lizzy what?” I tease

“Please touch my rock hard nipples with your….”

She couldn’t finish her sentence, because I quickly grabbed her nipples pinching them both hard making her yelp “Oh Lizzy” she moans loud. I slowly lower my head towards her chest and I start kissing every inch of her breasts teasing her getting closer and closer to her nipples just like I did with my fingers, I’m still pinching them hard and the response urges me more, her nipple slides into my mouth. I suck gently at first still pinching the other one. I push her back on to her desk, the desk I’ve fantasised over for the past year. “Mmmmmm yeah” she says panting.

I swap and do the same with the other one, biting it this time, I’ve clearly got her wild because she can’t take anymore she pushes me off and then turns me around sitting me on her desk, she takes my top off as her lips find mine again and in one quick swoop my bra is in the heap of our clothes. she kisses my neck slowly teasing me as she gets closer and closer to my breasts she teases me just like I teased her only Cathy does it with experience. She goes to my right nipple and sucks it into her expert mouth then to my left after sucking, pinching and moaning she lifts me off the table and lays me on it.

I’m so mesmerised by this beautiful creature that I don’t realise that she’s removed the rest of my clothes apart from my soaked panties.

“Someone’s enjoying this a bit too much aren’t they?” she purred

All I could do was nod.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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