Dr. York and Nicki Pt. 01

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Ding. There was the all too familiar sound of yet another email popping up on Dr. York’s laptop. He would get a lot more done if emails were not a constant stream. As a faculty member with a teaching load and chair of the undergraduate program he got more than his fair share of emails. As he clicked away from the paper he was working on for a journal and into his email he saw the familiar subject pop up.

“Do you have office hours today?”

Ugh. Was about to be his initial response but then the name that was associated with the request was a game changer. Nicole Alteil. He was ashamed of the smile that grew on his face. Yet he just couldn’t help himself. Nicki was his all time favorite student. She had been in his intro class a year ago and since then had taken multiple classes with him. As a professor in Race Studies he appreciated the students who came in with real questions. Who really wanted to learn and challenge themselves. Miss Alteil raised the bar on this particular strength. But more importantly she was special. He couldn’t put his finger on it but he felt drawn to her like no other student.

Yes he’d taught for a few years at this university and had seen his fair share of beautiful young women. Many of whom were happy to flirt with him. They would wear low cut tops. Extra short shorts. Perfectly fitting yoga pants with T-shirt’s that barely reached the waistline. He knew most of it happened because he was not young. Which made him safe for them to practice their flirting. He had too much too lose anyways for a meaningless romp. Family. Reputation. Job.

But he was always glad when they left their Instagram unlocked. They were great motivation for jerking off. Many of them loved to post sexy pics of themselves posing at campus parties and in their dorm rooms. Some on the verge of pornographic but great to fantasize about. But back to the email. Back to Nicki.

Nicki was different. She did not have an open social media account. She did not typically wear revealing clothing but she always made her presence known. She always made a point of saying hello on her way into class. She always stopped on the way out to say thank you even if he was with another student. She never left until he looked at her and responded. She maintained solid eye contact all class. Even when he looked directly into her wonderfully deep brown eyes she would not look away. Her curly hair and olive skin gave evidence of her middle eastern background. Nicole was about 5’7″. Her slim build that reflected her yoga workout regimen. A neat tidbit she had shared at an earlier office hour meeting. She came to his office often. And she never stayed less than an hour. All time was lost talking with her. But this is not what brought the smile to Malik York’s face. Her emails somehow conveyed her in-person exuberance. She used a lot of exclamation marks in her emails.

“Hi! Dr. York! It’s Nicki Alteil. Can I come by your office hours today? Thanks! Nicki.”

If Dr. York hadn’t been so conscious of how this younger generation put so much meaning into every text he would have dismissed the excessive use of the exclamation point. But according to social media sites exclamation marks were supposedly open attempts at flirting. So he replied carefully.

“Hello Nicole (he always used her full name). Yes I am in my office now. Dr. York.” Send.

Ding. “Great! I will be right over! Thanks! Nicki.”

No sooner than he had finished reading the email was there a knock on the door. She must have been just down the hall when she sent the email.

“Come in.”

In walked Nicki. If she noticed Dr. York catch his breath unexpectedly she did not let on. Confidently and without hesitation she walked into Dr. York’s office and closed the door behind her. It was just after spring break and she must have gone somewhere sunny. Her thick brown hair had some lighter almost blonde streaks in it and it was braided tightly into two French braids. Each braid carefully draping down the front of her shoulders. Her skin was a little browner than usual. She was wearing a loose white T-shirt that revealed some of her stomach. Many a time he had fantasized about cumming all over her stomach. Dr. York for the first time noticed just how big her tits were. Easily a large c cup. Nicki was also wearing very short jeans shorts. The kind where the pockets were longer than the shorts. Baby blue classic adidas sneakers with ankle socks. Her legs were smooth and tanned. Dr. York could feel the bulge in his pants begin to grow. Thank god I’m sitting at my desk was all he could thInk to himself.

“Hi Dr. York!” She said.

Bouncing over to the open chair across the desk from him. Her tits bouncing along.

“Hello Nicole.”

Hopefully his voice hadn’t really cracked like he imagined it just had. The 21 year old sitting across from him continued zeytinburnu escort to smile as she propped her feet on the chair and brought her knees up to her chin. Giving him full view of her tanned smooth thighs that should have been hidden by the desk. Was she intentionally displaying for him? He could only imagine. She was either a curse to his existence or the most amazing present the universe could bestow upon a man. It was days like this that he loved his job!! Many days it was the sole motivation that got him out of bed in the morning. Where else would he go and have beautiful women so eager to be around him. So easily displaying their body. There was that bulge again. Focus you idiot.

“What can I do for you today Nicole?” Slide my dick between your tits he thought.

“Oh it’s nothing major. I was in the area and wanted to say hi since I just got back from California.”

“Oh I see. I guess that explains why you’re almost as brown as me.”

Dr. York was also the only black person on faculty in the department.

“Geez. Dr. York you always bring our conversations back to class work.”

As a specialist on race and ethnicity. Dr. York’s classes were extremely popular even if they were known to force students to have difficult conversations. It was usually a follow up to these conversations that brought Nicole into his office. She always wanted one on one talks. Sometimes he felt himself talking to her less as a student of his and more like someone important in his life.

“What else are we supposed to talk about?”

How about those beautiful tits slamming into my face over and over again he thought to himself. Bulge. Focus. You idiot. Too much to lose. And why would she be interested in you anyways.

“I don’t know. How about you? You always get us talking about ourselves.”

There was that smile. Her eyes locked on his. What kind of invitation was this? Dare he?

“Well. I do have a question for you Nicole that I’m hoping you can help me with.”

“Absolutely!” She said as she readjusted her seating.

She now leaned forward propping her chin on her hands. Bringing her tits together. How the hell had he not noticed them before!! Her eyes conveying the same eagerness she always seemed to be thirsting for. God this girl was beautiful. Bulge. Stop it.

“Well. Given that I am slightly older than most of my students I had a question about social media etiquette.”

All of Dr. York’s students knew he did not have any presence on social media.

“Does punctuation matter?” He asked.

“Oh my God Dr. York! How can you know so much about how the world works but can’t figure this out. Of course it matters!!”

He wondered if her teasing him was already crossing the line. Most students were too intimidated to ever tease him. But Nicole always acted completely comfortable with him but never disrespectful. She bounced herself into an upright sitting position. Her wonderfully round globes of flesh happily following along. They continued to jiggle a little longer that she did. I love my job he thought again.

“Punctuation is everything!”

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well. A period is like a slap in the face No.”

“That’s good to know. I’m asking because I’m thinking of starting an instagram account for class. What about exclamation marks?”

Here it was. He had no idea how he ended up here but here he was putting her on the spot. I’ve got to be losing my mind he thought. It was then he noticed that Nicole’s body language had changed. Oh shit. It’s over for me. She was now sitting back. Quiet. No smile on her face. Shit. Shit. Shit. My career is over. Why’d he say that. Nicole stood up. Walked to the door. It looked like she was going to leave but then he heard “CLICK” as the door to his office locked. She turned and stared directly at him.

“Well it only took you two whole semesters to figure it out. I was going to give up after today you know.”

Gone was the innocence in her voice. It was suddenly a little deeper. More serious than he’d ever heard her. She slowly walked towards Dr. York raising her T-shirt over her head. Revealing her gorgeous round olive toned tanned tits. Encased in a red lacy bra that seemed like it was meant for tits two sizes smaller. He could make out the edges of her dark brown aereolas. His dick was doing it’s best to rip free of his pants on their own.

“Nicole I don’t think this is a good idea.”

As if he hadn’t spoken at all she continued to walk towards the frozen professor.

“The exclamation point is the way you tell someone you want them. How excited you make them feel. How when they sit in their class and listen to them talk they leave with a warm wetness between their legs. That when they get back to their apartment they aksaray escort can barely get their pants off fast enough. Pull up your department profile picture. Make it a full screen on their laptop and masturbate staring into your beautiful brown face moaning your name as they slide one finger into their pussy and with the other hand try to rub their clitoris off the face of the earth. Until that wonderful moment of ecstasy as the world stops and all they can say breathlessly is ‘Dr. York! Dr York!’.”

She never broke eye contact. She was now standing between his legs and began to kneel. Dr. York stopped her.

“If this is going to happen. Then I want you to know how I feel about you. This is not going to be some 50 shades of grey bullshit. Nor am I some frat boy who is going to jack hammer away at you. You’re too special for that. And it won’t be through words.”

He held her by the shoulders staring deep into those brown infinite pools she called eyes. Dr. York stood up and turned Nicole away from him and placed her hands on his desk. He placed his hands on her shoulders. Pulling down her bra straps and undoing the hooks in the back freeing her perfect tits. All they were aware of was each other’s breath. He ran his hands around her waist and cupped both breasts. He had waited so very long for this moment. She must have too as she relaxed back into him effortlessly. Gently squeezing and massaging her tits he bent forward and kissed her on her neck. He could have stayed like this forever.

He could have died in this moment and died a content man. But there was more to be done. ThIs young woman was going to know how special she was and how much she meant to him. Dr. York slowly lowered his hands to her waist. She wrapped one arm behind her around his neck and ground her round plump but firm ass into his crotch. If she didn’t know before she knew now how hard his dick was because of her. Dr. York unbuttoned her shorts and in one movement slid her shorts and panties to the ground. Resting on her feet. He gently applied pressure to her shoulder to let her know to lay her torso on his desk. She complied.

He knelt down behind her and placed his face right against her ass crack and inhaled deeply. Her smell was intoxicating. He couldn’t imagine anything ever smelling better. She was already delicious and he hadn’t even tasted her yet. He looked over her waist as she lay on his desk. Naked. Her tits smashed and spreading away from her body. Her eyes closed. She was letting him know without words that she completely trusted him. She was his to have. And she was. He placed a hand on each ass cheek and spread them slowly. He sensed a little tension from her but not much. Soon she would have full knowledge of how much she could trust him. With her ass cheeks spread her smooth hairless butthole peaked back at him. Slowly winking. His only evidence that she was unsure about what was going to happen next. Then he did it. He laid a perfect wet kiss right on that perfect winking butthole. The reaction he hoped for happened. Nicole practically melted into his desk.

No one had ever kissed her there before. She’d had guys fumble there way there and put a finger in but she usually stopped it pretty quickly. Nicole couldn’t believe that Dr. York had just kissed her butthole. Kissed it like he’d kiss her on the mouth. She raised her head and turned her head to look at him. There he was looking back at her over her ass cheeks.

“Dr. York…”

“I think you can call me Malik now Nicole.” He interrupted.

“Dr. York you’d never consent to calling me Nicki and I wouldn’t want you to anyways. So it’s always going to by Dr. York.” She replied insistently with strength and confidence in her voice despite being almost completely naked splayed our on his desk.

“Good. Because in all my fantasies you always call me Dr. York.”

And with that he disappeared behind her ass cheeks and she contented herself and laid her head back down on the desk. And as she did that she could feel Dr. York’s tongue probing her ass. So wet she thought. His tongue circled her butt hole. Licked all around the edges. Up the side of her ass cheeks. Down her thigh and then up inside her thigh. He was headed to where she wanted him the most. Not that she didn’t want more ass licking. She’d have to ask him for a whole night of rimming in the near future. The thought of Dr. York licking only her ass all night long sent a quick shiver through her whole body.

Dr. York held his face as close as he could to her waiting pussy lips. Waiting. She could feel his breath on her pussy. Making it tingle all the way down her legs and up into her stomach. Why was he waiting?! Oh. He wants me to tell him. She looked back and deeply said,

“Take me please. Please. I want you to eat me. I want you to…”

Her breath ataköy escort was taken away by the force of his tongue on her pussy lips. Delving into her folds. Searching. Searching. And there ahh god yes there he found her clit. She let out a low whimper. It only served to encourage him. He slipped his hands under her hips and raised her slightly off the ground so he could continue burrowing into her pussy with his mouth. She tasted better that he could imagine. Fuck fantasy the real thing is always better. He devoured her pussy rejoicing in the increase of fluid flowing from her vagina. He slurped it all up as a man just from the desert and coming upon a fountain of the most clear cool pristine water anyone in the history of the world had ever drank from. That’s who she was to him. And he would never spoil it. He would never desecrate this fountain. He would always kneel at it in reverence and hope she knew this.

Nicole couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Her pussy was covered in his spit. Leaking out her own fluids that he seemed to drink without hesitation. No one had ever given her this kind of attention. It was always about him. Always rushed. So quick to drive their dicks into her. She was no better than an interactive flesh light for them to masturbate into. Not now. Not with Dr. York. She felt like he would stay there forever. And she would let him but she could feel the heat building in her thighs. The tension in her belly. The tingle… oh shit he was at her clitoris again. This was good beyond words. She knew she said something out loud but had no idea what she said.

Dr York knew she was close. The mumbled words she just uttered were the telltale sign. He pursued into her pussy flicking and nibbling at her clit. There was the increase in her natural lubricant filling his mouth. His hands had been all over her lower extremity. Up and down her thighs. Calves. Squeezing her ass cheeks. Kneading them like bread dough. But not too rough. He took his right hand and slid a finger into her pussy. Another mumbled word from Nicole. He loved making her feel this way. Completely open. Uninhibited. Just not too loud. It was late in the day and probably everyone was gone but he didn’t want to take and chances. He pulled out the finger to her whimper but he had to suck on it. Back in it went. In and out it went. Slow at first but then he picked up the pace.

He slid in a second finger and she obliged him by raising her right leg onto his desk and opening herself even more for him. He slid out the second finger and aimed it at the still winking butthole. Carefully he rested it on the opening. Without hesitation Nicole leaned back to welcome the lubed finger into her asshole. She was letting him know she was completely his. York stroked his fingers into her ass and pussy in unison. She rocked back and forth in sync with his hands. He kissed her all over her ass. Sliding his tongue into the folds of her pussy. Juices running down his hands. This dress shirt was going to have to be cleaned. Seriously.

York removed both fingers and dove at her clit furiously. Nicole knew this was it. He wasn’t going to stop until she came. She had just enough presence of mind to know that when the time came she would not be able to scream out in joy the way she wanted too. The way she would yell out his name in her apartment when she knew her roommates were not home. The heat was building in her thighs. The tingling in her clit now webbed our into her body meeting the heat in her thighs.


And with that Nicole collapsed. York sat back in his chair. Nicole splayed out on his desk. Sweaty. Out of breath. But not even trying to move. Her chest rising and falling as she tried in vain to catch her breath. She had never come so hard and so fully. Her whole body felt like an electric current was running through it. She didn’t want to move. She didn’t want this moment to end. Had she really just come all over Dr. York’s desk! Was she actually laying naked on it. Or was this one of her many dreams about him and she was about to wake up disappointed and have to rub herself into happiness in the shower before going to class as she did on many mornings.

“I have to say Nicole I am shocked at hearing you swear.” He said mischievously.

Nicole placed her hands underneath her and raised herself up. She turned and looked at York. His face and goatee glistening with her pussy juices. This was no dream she thought. This was real. And she was going to make it better than any dream she had ever had about him.

“Oh you think that was a lot of cursing. Wait til I fuck that beautiful black cock of yours and you fill my cunt with all of your cum!”

And with that she stepped out of her jean shorts and panties. Juices running down her leg. She stopped briefly to run a finger through it. Yummy she thought. No wonder he started there. But now it was her turn. She kicked her shorts and pantries behind her under his desk. She walked to him like a panther moving through the jungle ready to pounce. Effortlessly. Deliberately. She was headed straight for York and she would not be denied.

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