Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 04a

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After dinner on Tuesday night Eric walked into the living room sat down next to Amy, took the remote control and shut the TV off.

“Mom…can I talk to you about something?” Eric asked.

“Sure sweetie…what’s up?” Amy asked.

“Well…I know that you said you weren’t going to be with me as much as you’re with the guys, and I guess I understand that, but it’s been 3 weeks since the last time and I was wondering when we might be doing it again.” Eric said.

Amy looked at her son. The pleading and lustful look in his eyes pulled at her heart strings, but also tied her stomach in knots. She had known that eventually Eric would ask her when they could do it again, and she was quite surprised that he had waited that long.

“Oh Eric…I know I promised you we could do it again, but I’ve been so busy and so tired lately. We can do it on Saturday. Neither of us has to work…come to my room at 8:00 on Saturday and we’ll do it. Okay sweetie?” Amy asked.

“Is that 8:00 in the morning? Or at night?” Eric asked.

“In the morning.” Amy said.

“Okay…I’ll be there.” Eric said.

As Eric went to bed Friday night he had a smile on his face a mile wide. As Amy went to bed Friday night she felt queasy. Neither of them slept very well.

At 7:00 they both got out of bed and started through the shower. They both scrubbed every inch of their bodies from head to toe. At 8:00 exactly Eric knocked on the door to Amy’s bedroom.

“Come in.” Amy said.

Eric opened the door, walked in, and closed the door behind him. Amy was sitting on the end of the bed in her bathrobe. Eric was wearing his bathrobe too.

“Good morning mom.” Eric said.

“Good morning Eric. Judging by what’s poking out the front of your robe I’d say you’re ready.” Amy said.

Eric looked down and his erect cock was poking out the front of his robe.

“Yeah…I’m pretty excited.” Eric said.

“Do you remember the rules?” Amy asked.

“You say what happens…how long it happens, and I have to lick my cum back out of you after we’re done.” Eric said.

“Very good. Take your robe off and lay in the middle of the bed on your back.” Amy said.

Eric quickly dropped his robe and moved into position on the bed. Amy stood up and untied her own robe.

“With the other guys I haven’t been limiting them to only one orgasm each time anymore. They get to have as many as I say depending on my mood. Today you’ll get one from oral when we 69 then you’ll get another one when we fuck. Is that okay with you?” Amy asked.

“It sounds great.” Eric said.

“Good. Then let’s get started.” Amy said.

Amy dropped her robe and moved over Eric into a 69. Amy took Eric’s cock into her mouth and started sucking and stroking it intent on making him cum as quickly as possible. Eric kept pace with his mother’s frantic movements.

For several minutes the room was filled with the sounds of licking and sucking, then Eric groaned into Amy’s pussy as he came in her mouth and Amy moaned around Eric’s cock as she came with him. After swallowing every drop of her son’s cum Amy pulled off of Eric and moved onto her back.

“You’re still hard so let’s just go straight to fucking.” Amy said.

Eric pushed his cock into Amy and started fucking her.

“Oh god…that feels so good.” Eric said.

“Do it baby…fuck me…fuck me hard.” Amy said.

After a few more minutes Eric couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m gonna cum.” Eric said.

“Do it…cum for me.” Amy said.

Eric buried his cock in his mom’s pussy and sighed as he unloaded inside her.

“Oh god…that was amazing.” Eric said.

“Don’t forget…you have to get it back out of there now.” Amy said.

“I remember.” Eric said.

Eric moved onto his back and Amy lowered her pussy onto his face. For more than 10 minutes Eric licked his cum out of his mother’s pussy. When he stopped licking Amy looked down at him.

“Did you get all of it?” Amy asked.

“I think so. If there’s any left in there I can’t reach it with my tongue.” Eric said.

“Okay…then that’s it. You’d better go start on the yard.” Amy said.

Amy moved off of Eric’s face and he obediently pulled himself off the bed and pulled on his robe. He headed for the door.

“Eric, while I’m thinking of it…we need to talk about my birthday.” Amy said.

“Okay…what about it?” Eric asked.

“Well…I’m kind of throwing myself a party.” Amy said.

“Oh…cool…what can I do to help?” Eric asked.

“You can be out of town for the weekend.” Amy said.

“Out of town? Oh…when you said you were throwing yourself a party you were talking about having the guys all come over. So you’re giving yourself a gang bang for your birthday?” Eric asked.

“Not a bad present if you ask me. Is that okay with you?” Amy asked.

“Sure…that’s no problem…as long as we can have a birthday dinner Friday night…my treat of course.” Eric said.

“Your treat? You mean you’re taking me to dinner?” Amy asked.

“I already have karabağlar escort bayan reservations at Antonio’s.” Eric said.

“Oh Eric…that’s so sweet of you…I love Antonio’s.” Amy said.

“I know. So are we on for that Friday night? Or should I cancel the reservation?” Eric asked.

“Oh we’re on…we’re definitely on.” Amy said.

“So…about your birthday present…have you done that with them before?” Eric asked.

“Once…it was about a month or so into things. I figured that I’d do it again for my birthday and then one more time before you all head off to college. Does it bother you that I’ve done that with them?” Amy asked.

“No…what you do with them is your business…both literally and figuratively. The tone in your voice when you said it wasn’t a bad birthday present just made me think that you knew from experience that it was going to be good. So do they still pay you for something like that when it’s you that wants them instead of the other way around?” Eric asked.

“Yeah. The first time I charged them each $500 instead of $1,000…I figure I’ll do that again.” Amy said.

“So you’ll get $2,500 to spend on yourself…plus you’ll get several hours of continuous fucking…when you put it that way…it does sound like a pretty good birthday gift. I’m almost sorry I’ll miss it.” Eric said.

Amy took Eric’s hand in hers.

“Eric, you know I’d have you be a part of it if it were possible sweetie…you know I would, but the other guys don’t know about us…and they aren’t going to know…right?” Amy asked.

“Of course not. They may have bugged me about how hot you are, but if they found out that I’d actually had sex with you…I’d never hear the end of it. I guess I’ll come up with some kind of plans for the weekend.” Eric said.

“I’m sure your grandparents would love to see you again before you go off to college.” Amy said.

“Yeah…but I figure I’ll save that trip for your end of summer gang bang. I think I’ll see if I can get Lisa to go up to the lake for the weekend. We’ve only been on a few dates, but I might be able to get some pussy.” Eric said.

“Okay. Thank you for understanding sweetie.” Amy said.

Eric left to start mowing the yard while Amy showered and went about her normal Saturday routine.

On Friday night Eric and Amy both went to their rooms to start getting ready. Eric usually didn’t wear a suit, but Antonio’s was a very nice restaurant so he dressed up. For her part Amy slipped into an elegant low cut black dress.

“Eric sweetheart…are you ready to go yet?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…I’m ready. Wow mom…you look great. Turn around for me.” Eric said.

Amy twirled.

“Your ass looks amazing in that dress.” Eric said.

“Thank you. You look really handsome in that suit…much more grown up. My little boy is a man.” Amy said.

She straightened Eric’s tie and they headed to the restaurant. As they were eating Eric looked at his mom and raised his glass.

“Mom…here’s a toast to you on your birthday. May your life be as happy and full of love as you’ve made mine. Happy birthday.” Eric said.

“That’s so sweet.” Amy said.

They drank the toast. The restaurant had a dance floor and live music. Eric stood up, walked beside Amy, and offered her his hand.

“Might I have the pleasure of a dance?” Eric asked.

“Oh Eric…you don’t have to dance with me.” Amy said.

“Nonsense…it’s your birthday…you should have as much fun as possible on your birthday and you love to dance.” Eric said.

“Yes I do.” Amy said.

She took Eric’s hand and they went out and danced to several songs before returning to their table.

“Thank you so much for that Eric. I know that you don’t really like to dance.” Amy said.

“True, but tonight is a special occasion…like the prom.” Eric said.

When they had finished dinner they headed home. When they got inside the house Eric pulled Amy to him and kissed her. Amy pushed away from him.

“Eric…what are you doing?” Amy asked.

“I’m sorry mom.” Eric said.

“For what?” Amy asked.

“I’m about to break the rules.” Eric said.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“The rules say that you say when…you say where…and you’re in charge…well tonight I’m in charge.” Eric said.

“Eric…I…” Amy started.

She stopped before finishing when Eric scooped her into his arms and began carrying her up the stairs.

Eric carried Amy up the stairs and to her bedroom. He gently placed her on the bed.

“Eric…” Amy started.

“Shh.” Eric said.

He closed the bedroom door, took off his suit coat, kicked off his shoes and socks, and took off his tie. He then walked over to the bed and pulled Amy back to her feet.

He kissed her passionately then kissed his way first to her ear lobe and then down to her neck. His hands which had been holding her in a tight embrace unzipped her dress and slowly peeled it off of her until it fell to the ground around her ankles.

Eric’s escort karabağlar hands moved to Amy’s breasts as he first gently squeezed and caressed them through the lacy black bra that went with the matched lingerie set she was wearing then Eric removed the bra releasing Amy’s breasts.

Eric’s hands and his mouth…which had longed to become familiar with Amy’s breasts for years…found all the right places on her heavenly orbs and Amy moaned with pleasure.

While sucking on one of Amy’s nipples Eric’s hands moved lower. He firmly grabbed and squeezed Amy’s ass and then caressed it for several minutes. His hands moved to her hips where he caressed the silky smooth skin between her garter belt and the stockings that she was wearing.

Eventually his hands moved to Amy’s inner thighs. As he caressed her thighs Eric could feel the heat from her pussy on his hand. Slowly he worked one of his hands into position to begin gently stroking her pussy through the black lace panties that she was wearing.

The panties were soaked through and the heat coming from Amy’s pussy was incredible as Eric began rubbing his mother’s pussy. It took just a few minutes before Amy’s knees buckled forcing her full weight down onto Eric’s hand as she had an orgasm.

Once Amy had regained her legs Eric reached for the waistband of the tiny little panties and pulled them down until they dropped around Amy’s ankles. This left Amy wearing only a garter belt, a pair of black stockings, and black high heeled shoes.

Eric rose up to a standing position and kissed his mother. She had been a passive participant before her orgasm…letting it happen, but not participating, but as Eric kissed her Amy hungrily returned his kiss as her hands began to work on the buttons of his shirt.

Amy peeled Eric’s shirt off and then pulled his undershirt off as well. She kissed all over his chest and to Eric’s surprise she spent several minutes licking, sucking, and even gently biting his nipples.

Amy lowered herself to her knees in front of her son and opened his belt and his pants. She pulled his pants and underwear down together letting his erect cock spring free.

Amy gently took her son’s cock in her hands and kissed the tip…gently licking the little slit with her tongue to taste the drop of pre-cum that was there.

Amy used her hand to hold Eric’s cock out of the way as she leaned in to lick his balls as well as gently sucking them. Eric moaned as his mother sucked his balls into her mouth.

Amy began licking the shaft of Eric’s cock and then started to slowly stroke it as she took the head and the first few inches into her mouth.

Amy raised her left hand to massage Eric’s balls while her right hand stroked his cock in tune with her sucking.

After only a few minutes Amy could feel Eric tense up.

“I’m gonna cum.” Eric said.

Amy sped up her stroking and sucking and within seconds Eric groaned as he came in her mouth.

Amy sucked and stroked until she’d gotten every last drop of cum out of her son’s cock then she stood up. Eric immediately kissed her…tasting his cum in her mouth.

Eric then scooped Amy into his arms and moved her onto the bed so that she was lying on her back. He gently lifted one of her legs and removed the high heeled shoe and tossed it aside. He kissed Amy’s stocking clad foot and ankle and up to her knee. He then reached for her other leg and removed that shoe and kissed up to her other knee.

Eric then changed positions so that he could continue to kiss his way up from her knees up her thighs and finally to her pussy.

When Eric’s tongue reached his mother’s pussy he found that it was white hot and gushing with her juices already. He began licking her and almost immediately Amy was close to orgasm.

Amy’s first orgasm was followed by two more before Eric pulled away…but he wasn’t done with her yet.

“Roll over and get on your knees with your shoulders on the mattress.” Eric whispered.

Who was Amy to deny such a request from someone that was doing such unbelievable things to her? She moved into the position he’d instructed her to. Amy was surprised when Eric first started kissing…and then gently biting the cheeks of her ass. His hands were groping and caressing her ass the whole time.

What Eric did next really surprised Amy. He started teasing her asshole with his tongue. The guys had all fucked her in the ass, but other than when Lucas ate the cum out of her ass none of the guys had used their mouth back there. Eric didn’t probe into her ass with his tongue…he just teased the sensitive little hole. The sensation was incredible.

Eric moved his tongue to Amy’s pussy and began licking her again…this time from behind.

“Rub your clit while I lick you.” Eric whispered.

Amy began rubbing her clit. Eric started slowly but he sped up…the faster he licked the faster Amy rubbed her clit. After about 10 minutes Amy was rubbing her clit as fast as her hand would move and Eric was karabağlar escort licking Amy’s pussy as she had another intense orgasm.

Amy’s body was exhausted after that orgasm…and she wondered what Eric had in store for her next.

He gently rolled her over onto her back. He moved up beside her and he kissed her.

Eric moved up over his mom and began to ease his cock into her. Amy did not protest.

Eric began slowly fucking his mom.

“You’re so beautiful mom…I love you so much.” Eric whispered.

“I love you too sweetheart.” Amy whispered.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Eric whispered.

Amy pulled her legs wide apart and then hooked them around her son. He continued to slowly fuck her. Eric leaned down to kiss Amy on the mouth or suck on her nipples every few seconds.

Amy expected Eric to fuck her slowly for a few minutes then pick up the pace and finish, but he didn’t. For 15 minutes Eric continued to slowly fuck his mother…the slow steady rhythm of it felt wonderful to Amy and it had a surprising result that she didn’t expect from that slow rhythm…she had an orgasm.

When Amy had her orgasm her pussy clamped down hard on Eric’s cock, but he kept right on slowly fucking his mother.

“Jesus…that felt incredible mom…that must have been a pretty powerful orgasm.” Eric said.

“Yes…it was. I usually don’t have an orgasm when I’m getting fucked…at least not before the guy has one too…and definitely not one that intense.” Amy said.

“That’s probably because we usually have our orgasms so quickly that you don’t have a chance to get close. I decided that tonight I’m going to hold off as long as I can to give you as many orgasms from sex as I can.” Eric said.

“Oh sweetie…you don’t have to do that…the one I just had is enough.” Amy said.

“No…I want to give you at least one more…as a birthday gift.” Eric said.

Eric kept slowly fucking Amy and after another 10 minutes Amy pulled her legs tight around Eric’s body as she had a second orgasm. Eric showed no signs of stopping however. Ten minutes later Amy had a 3rd orgasm. She pulled Eric’s face to hers and kissed him.

“Oh god that felt so good…thank you Eric…thank you for such a wonderful birthday gift, but please…I can see on your face how much you need to cum…cum with me on the next one okay?” Amy asked.

Eric responded by kissing her and slightly increasing his pace. After 10 more minutes of fucking Amy clamped her legs around Eric so hard that he couldn’t pull back for another thrust so he just let go and they had a simultaneous orgasm.

Eric and Amy kissed passionately as they basked in the joy of their mutual orgasm.

“Thank you Eric…thank you so much. Orgasms from oral are great, but they’re nothing like an orgasm from sex. You gave me 4 in less than an hour…that was incredible.” Amy said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. We aren’t done yet though.” Eric said.

“We aren’t?” Amy asked.

“Why quit now? My cock’s still hard. Roll over again.” Eric said.

Amy was amazed that after 45 minutes of fucking Eric still had an erection. She rolled onto her hands and knees and Eric pushed his cock into her from behind.

Again he took things nice and slow at first. It was a slow and tender fuck, but after about 10 minutes of fucking Amy came again. Eric continued to slowly fuck Amy until they came together after another 15 minutes.

Eric moved his cock from Amy’s pussy directly to her asshole. He was sure to be very gentle as he pushed his cock into her asshole. He started slowly fucking her in the ass.

“Rub your clit.” Eric said.

Amy rubbed her clit with both hands as Eric slowly fucked her in the ass. After about 10 minutes fucking her in the ass Eric moved directly back to her pussy and started fucking her a little bit harder and faster than before for a few minutes. After only a few minutes Eric and Amy came together for the 3rd time.

Finally Eric pulled his cock out of his mom and rolled her over onto her back again. He crawled over her and kissed her as his hands caressed her beautiful body.

Amy was in heaven. Her body was exhausted…yet extremely excited…her heart was pounding a mile a minute. She’d been given pleasures that she hadn’t experienced in a long time…pleasures beyond simple sex…Amy realized that…Eric was making love to her.

Eric eased his cock into Amy’s pussy again and started slowly fucking her again. It felt wonderful…it felt so right. Eric slowly fucked her for half an hour before they had one last mutual orgasm.

Eric…still on top of Amy…his cock still inside her…leaned down and kissed his mother.

“I love you mom.” Eric said.

“I love you too Eric.” Amy said.

Amy had tears in her eyes.

“Happy Birthday.” Eric said.

“Thank you…this is by far the best birthday present I’ve gotten since your father died.” Amy said.

“Will it compare to the present you’re giving yourself tomorrow?” Eric asked.

“That won’t compare to this Eric. That is something that I wanted…something that I planned for myself. Tonight was different. Tonight was something that you did for me…something that I didn’t know how much I wanted until you gave it to me. There’s nothing that can compare to the kind of gift you gave me tonight.” Amy said.

She kissed her son.

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