Donna’s Metamorphosis Pt. 01

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This is a relatively true story of my wife who found new pleasure with women. Although she never anticipated how her new experience was going to affect us, I gave her my blessing to try it.

Her lesbian experience started innocently enough as I actually encouraged it.

This is her coming out story. I hope you enjoy it.


My wife, Donna, and I moved into our new home a couple of weeks ago. It was an old colonial on the outskirts of Melbourne Beach, Florida. Why my wife wanted such a big house is beyond me but that is what she wanted. Now, I am glad we bought it.

That house had an eight foot high stockade fence around the property which was perfect as I am a nudist. My wife was not a full blown nudist but she was coming around.

We have been to a clothing optional resort where I said nude but the most Donna did was go topless.

Donna felt a bit uncomfortable even though she looked hot nude.

The front of the house afforded us a great view of the ocean, which was a big plus for me.

There was an in ground pool and the property was not quite fully landscaped and needed some work.

Since I work from home, I get to enjoy the house and wife more than if I had to commute.

There is only one house next to us which was still twenty feet from ours.

A day after we moved in, we met our neighbor.

Our neighbor came over and introduced herself as Vanessa. She looked like she was in her mid forties.

She was wearing shorts that rode nicely up the crack of her ass and her halter top clearly showed she had ample cleavage. Her long red hair hung down to her slim waist.

Vanessa told us she was a widow and has a daughter, Lisa, who just graduated college and was going to take the summer off before looking for a job.

Donna told Vanessa that they could come over anytime to use the pool and/or visit. She also told her that I was a nudist and that she was just getting into it so if they were coming over, to let us know and we would get decent.

Vanessa laughed and said nudity wouldn’t be a problem as she and Lisa are open minded when it came to things like that.

We exchanged numbers and invited them over for a small bbq the following Saturday, around 4:00 p.m. Vanessa said she would check with Lisa and get back to us.

That night Vanessa spoke to Donna and said they will be able to join us for the bbq. While on the phone, I heard Donna say that clothing was optional as she laughed.

After Donna’s hung up, she said that Vanessa asked if they had to be naked and we both laughed.

We spent the week getting unpacked and things put away and we still had a lot to do.

However, by the time Saturday came around, most of the hard work was done.

I had set up everything outside and was just waiting for our guests.

I was wearing a bathing suit and a tank top and Donna wore a white string bikini and a thin coverup.

Now, before I go further, Donna is 35, 5’9″, 130, long black hair, brown eyes, 36c tits, a well toned ass and shapely legs.

I, on the other hand, am 37, 5’10”, 180, toned body and active and my name is Tony.

At exactly 4:00 p.m., the doorbell rang and it was our guests.

Vanessa introduced us to her daughter, Lisa.

Lisa was a tiny young woman, 22, standing around 5’5″, long blond hair, blue eyes, around 110, and smaller tits than her mother.

We welcomed them in and Donna gave them a tour of the house and wound up outside by the pool.

Both mother and daughter wore tiny shorts and tank tops with obviously no bras.

Donna got some wine and we sat and chatted and got to know one another.

As time went on, I cooked and we had a delightful dinner on the screened in patio.

Our guests were delightful.

Lisa was funny, constantly asking questions about how I became a nudist and why and even asked Donna if she enjoyed being nude.

Vanessa just kept shaking her head and apologized for her daughter’s inquisitiveness.

Donna answered her the best way we could but didn’t tell her it was great bursa eve gelen escort when we wanted to have sex (no clothes made it easier and quicker).

Even as it was getting late, the heat was relentless.

Donna asked if they would like to use the pool. Lisa said she would but wasn’t wearing a bathing suit.

Donna said she was always welcome to go naked or go and get her suit.

Lisa looked at her mom and said, “Mom, is it ok if I went in naked?”

Her mom looked at her and smiled and said, “Lisa, you are a big girl. If you want to go naked, go naked.”

Donna told Lisa, “If you want, I will go naked with you, if that is ok.”

I was surprised at Donna’s suggestion but welcomed it.

We can go in naked now. Lisa smiled and nodded an ok.

Within minutes Donna was naked as was Lisa and into the pool they went.

Lisa looked extremely toned and her breasts were firm and her ass tight. She was completely smooth as well. Putting it mildly, she was gorgeous.

As the two women enjoyed the pool, I asked Vanessa if she was ok with Donna being nude with Lisa and she said she was.

Then, out of the blue, Vanessa told me she was hoping I would have joined them so she could get naked too.

I smiled and said I didn’t want them to get embarrassed.

Vanessa said that Lisa wouldn’t have minded it and neither would she.

While we chatted, I noticed Vanessa getting quick glimpses of my crotch.

It was great seeing my naked wife playing with our naked neighbor. A couple of times, their tits touched and I could see Donna’s nipples getting erect.

As it was getting late, Vanessa told Lisa to get out and dry off so they could go home.

Before they left, Donna invited them over for the next day so they can enjoy the pool earlier on. Vanessa thanked us and said they would love to come over.

I told them that we could finish whatever we had left and relax the day away.

After they left, we cleaned up and headed for bed.

I told Donna she looked terrific nude in the pool and that I was proud of her. I also told her I saw her nipples erect while she was playing around with Lisa.

Donna’s face got flushed and she said it was the cool water.

I laughed and told her it was ok if she liked Lisa in that way. Then my wife threw a towel at me.

We had great sex that night.

The next day we had everything ready for our neighbors.

This time I was going to get naked if the occasion arose.

The women showed up with two bottles of wine.

We immediately went to the patio and pool.

As soon as we got there, Lisa asked if she could use the pool. As soon as we said yes, she removed her clothes and jumped in naked.

I turned to Vanessa and told her it looked like Lisa likes being nude.

Then Vanessa said, “Tony, if you go in naked, so will I.”

I looked at Donna and she just smiled and told me to get in the pool and that she will join us after she pours the wine.

I stood up and removed my tank top then my shorts. I was completely naked in front of our neighbors.

I turned to Vanessa and just said, “Your turn” and I went into the pool.

I watched Vanessa from the pool. She removed her halter top, then dropped her shorts which showed she was already nude underneath.

She had a very trimmed red bush and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she walked toward the pool.

Just about the time Vanessa joined me and Lisa, Donna got naked and walked over to the pool.

Soon, the four of us were naked in the pool enjoying ourselves.

Donna had placed our glasses of wine on the edge of the pool so we never had to leave the pool for our refreshment.

The four of us played and swam and on more than one occasion, our bodies touched each other.

I don’t know for sure if Donna saw that Vanessa brushed her body a couple of times against my cock which was getting an erection.

Even Lisa’s body brushed against my cock.

I noticed that Donna seemed to lose her inhibitions bursa escort about being nude in front of others and was enjoying herself.

More than once did I see her body all over Lisa’s and Vanessa’s body. Their tits touching.

After quite a long time, we got out and headed for a lounge chair to rest and dry off.

My cock was semi hard but I didn’t care if anyone saw.

Vanessa and Lisa thanked us for having them over.

In the meantime, we finished one bottle of wine and were into the second.

I knew Donna was feeling no pain because she started asking Vanessa questions about sex, something she has never done to anyone.

Lisa then asked Donna, “You have seen naked people before. Have you ever wanted to have sex with them?”

Donna looked at us and replied, “Lisa, sometimes when I am with other nudists, men and women, I do wonder what it would be like to have sex with them. It is just natural when everyone around you is nude.”

Then came a bomb shell from Lisa, “Donna, you have seen me and my mom naked, would you want to have sex with us?”

Donna almost choked on her wine, as did I.

Donna looked at me and said, “Lisa, you and your mom are very beautiful women and I have not given that a thought. I am flattered that you would want to have sex with me though.”

Vanessa then said, “I apologize for my daughter. She never knows when to keep her mouth shut. I hope her questions have not caused our friendship any harm.”

I told her no and it was the wine talking and nothing more and let it go at that.

After they left, I asked Donna. “Tell me, do you want to have sex with them? It is ok if you do as long as I can watch.”

Donna pulled me to her naked body and said, “Tony, when she asked that, my legs nearly buckled. I never thought of that before and when she asked, I felt my body getting flushed and my Juices started to flow. I guess I do want them. What do I do?”

“Well, my love, if you want them, then tell them. However, I would talk to Vanessa first and see if she is really interested.”

The next day, while I was working in my office, I heard Donna call Vanessa and invite her over for coffee.

When Vanessa arrived, I closed my office door but left it open a crack so I could eavesdrop on their conversation.

Donna was naked as they were having coffee, Donna asked Vanessa, “Was Lisa serious about you guys wanting to have sex with me?”

Vanessa answered, “It’s true. We both fell in love with you and would want to enjoy you in bed. In case you don’t realize it, Lisa and I have sex together often.”

Donna replied, “You are both lucky. But I am so what about Tony? Besides, I have never been with a woman.”

Vanessa told her that I could watch and after they were finished with her, they would let me have them and she could watch.”

Donna told her she would let her know after she spoke to me.

I heard them get up and I peeked as I saw Vanessa give Donna a kiss as she felt and grabbed her tits.

When Vanessa left, I went to Donna and asked her what was she going to do. She smiled and said she was going to do it.

Donna said she was going to have them over for a girl’s pool party. I will tell them you will be in Melbourne for a meeting.

That night Donna called Vanessa and invited her and Lisa over for some wine and to enjoy the pool, just the three of them. She told Vanessa that I would be out.

Before they came over, I put my car in the garage and locked it so nobody could see it. I then hid in a room that oversaw the pool area.

I knew that this may be a once in a lifetime event so I set up my video recorder to catch all the action.

Donna was already nude when our neighbors came over. I could see Vanessa and Lisa each giving Donna big kisses as the felt her. I saw Donna returning their kisses.

My camera was already rolling.

As soon as they got to the pool, both women undressed. They each took a lounge chair on each side of Donna. I could see that the three women’s nipples were already görükle escort erect.

As I watched, my cock got real hard and I found myself stroking it.

Lisa suggested they all go in the pool and in a flash, the three were in the pool touching each other.

Lisa was kissing Donna as her hands were all over Donna. Vanessa was feeling up her daughter and sucking on her nipples.

Donna reached over and started playing with Vanessa’s tits and broke away from Lisa to kiss Vanessa.

I was jerking off as I watched the three of them feeling each other up.

Vanessa suggested they get out of the pool and go someplace to be more comfortable.

Donna suggested that she get some blankets and lay them on the ground and they could continue right there.

In a moment, Donna got up and brought some blankets and laid them on the ground. All three women laid down and Lisa and Vanessa had complete access to my wife.

Donna spread her legs and Lisa immediately started eating my wife’s pussy.

Vanessa straddled Donna’s mouth and I could see Donna’s tongue going in and out of Vanessa’s cunt while she played with Vanessa’s tits.

Lisa then switched with her mom and Donna pulled Lisa’s pussy to her mouth and started eating her as she played with her tits.

By this time I was ready to shoot my load and jerked harder and faster. In seconds I shot the biggest cum load ever.

I watched as Lisa mounted Donna. She started rubbing her pussy against Donna’s. Soon Donna’s body was squirming under Lisa. Her hips rising and then I heard Donna scream out that she was cumming.

Donna must have had multiple orgasms as her body convulsed for almost five minutes

As soon as she calmed down, Vanessa mounted her and did a repeat performance on Donna, with the same results.

I could not believe what I was seeing. My wife was lost in ecstacy having been pleasured by two female strangers.

I was never so proud of my wife and daughter that moment.

For the next couple of hours the scene was repeated often and I jerked off a couple of more times.

While they relaxed, I managed to sneak downstairs to the garage which was on the other side of the house.

I opened the garage door, started the car and made like I was just getting home. I left the camera rolling.

I got undressed and went out to the pool where I saw Vanessa and Donna in the middle of lovemaking as Lisa was watching.

When they saw me, everything stopped.

I looked at Donna and told her to continue what they were doing as it looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Donna just smiled and went back to making out with Vanessa.

Lisa got up and saw that my cock was hard. She came over to me and reached out and grabbed my cock. She then knelt down and started to suck me.

Vanessa told Donna that Lisa was sucking my cock. Donna looked over and told me to enjoy it.

It didn’t take long before I shot my cum into Lisa’s mouth be as she swallowed all my cum.

Then Lisa walked me over to where Donna and Vanessa were playing.

Lisa said to me, “Tony, my mom and I turned your wife into a slut that now likes women. She is now our slave who will do whatever we want her to do. Isn’t that right Donna?”

Donna turned to me and said, “Baby, she is right. I will do anything they want. God, I love this. I can’t get enough pussy. Isn’t it a little that ok, baby?”

I was caught completely off guard but told her that everything will be fine and that I love her.

With that being said, Vanessa told Donna, “We want to watch you get fucked by Tony. We want to see his cock slide in and out your cunt. Make him cum on your tits so Lisa and I can lick it off.”

Donna laid down and spread her legs. I mounted her and easily slid my cock into her cunt. As I fucked her she kept yelling out to fuck her harder and faster.

I did as she asked and then pulled out and shot my cum all over her tits.

Vanessa and Lisa were quick to lap up my cum and share it with Donna.

The party lasted until it got very late and when Vanessa and Lisa were leaving, Vanessa told Donna that she was going to their house to continue their activities.

The three of them left, still nude.

Donna got home the next morning around 7:00 a.m. and told me she was a new woman and will tell me everything later on.

Look for Part 2

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