Dolly Pt. 08

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Dan was in a familiar position. He wasn’t baked but he was a little stoned. He was drinking less these days, he figured it was a good thing. He was handcuffed to Dolly’s iron bed, his arms extended above his head. She had his legs spread and she was sitting between them. She was a plump little thing and when she rolled her chubby thighs up under her round belly and immense tits she was just a pile of flesh with a broad smile and bright blue eyes. She had her finger in his ass slowly fucking him. He had gotten used to it. Before he had gotten hard she had placed three rings on his cock. Now that she had massaged his prostate for twenty minutes his dick was swollen, purple, and aching. She would get on him in a minute and just stay there. She had once spent an hour and a half on his cock and only gotten off of him when she had fallen asleep. He’d had to wake her to unlock him.

“Are you going to do it for me?”

“No. I don’t think it’s right.”

“It has to be done. She even told me she wanted it to happen. She likes you. I think you are the perfect man to take her cherry.”

“I’m still against it.” He said.

“I don’t care. That’s not how this works. I tell you what to do, you do it.”

“I read about what the whole D&S thing is supposed to be. I don’t think you are ever supposed to ask me to do things I actually don’t want to do.”

“Fuck that. It works because you do what you are told or you are punished.” She worked a second finger in his ass. It wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t feel good, like when she fingered him with just one. It was still good though. It was good in that way that he knew it shouldn’t be good but still was.


“Cool. I work tomorrow night.” She said. She let loose of his ass and climbed on. He loved to watch her rock on top of him.

Dan got off earlier on Fridays. He didn’t really get off early – he just left. He went back to Dolly and Steph’s place. Stephanie wasn’t home yet. He made a cocktail and smoked on the patio looking down on the pool. Their neighbor, a pretty good-looking older chick was laying out. He liked her. If he hadn’t taken up with the plump deviant he probably would have been dating someone like her.

He was surprised when Steph joined him. He must have been home longer than he thought.

“Wanna hit?” she asked him.

“Just a little,” he agreed. They went inside. There wasn’t shit in the little metal tin. Steph texted Dolly to bring some home. It was a benefit of working in a bar.

“Want a drink?” he asked her.

“Not really,” she said. He made a drink for himself anyway. It was the end of the bourbon. There was beer. It was going to have to do if he wanted another. When he came back to the couch she was watching an old movie. Dan had almost forgotten about old movies. He had loved them. His ex-wife had been a fan. It was what they did when they were young and in love.

“This is a good one, there is a panther or a puma or something. It’s very silly.”

Stephanie giggled. He made a pizza and switched to beer. He hated frozen pizza but his zaftig girlfriend and her roommate loved them. He realized once it was done and he was sitting eating, he wasn’t watching the movie but watching Stephanie.

Truth be told, he had a crush on her before he had even met Dolly. As he remembers it, and he doesn’t remember things that well he had been chasing Stephanie, trying to get her to go out with him, when Dolly had grabbed him, drunk, and brought him home.

The movie ended. She had eaten most of the pie. “What now?” she asked. She absentmindedly flipped through the channels.

“Kevin stays over all the time.” If drove him nuts. He didn’t like the dude. He suspected Dolly was right, he was gay and denying it by dating the round little blonde. He wondered if he would like him better if he came out of the closet. He suspected probably not, the dude was still an arrogant prick. “You really have never slept with him.”

“Not really any of your business.”

“Okay.” Dan said, letting her off the hook. He wasn’t one to pry.

“Should we go to the bar?” she asked him.

“Naw.” casino şirketleri He said. He had been given a mission. He wasn’t dead set on carrying it out but he also didn’t feel like going anywhere. “Wanna go to the hot tub?” he asked her.

“You are going to get all worked up if we do. Dolly closes tonight.”

“I know.” He said.

She looked at him for an overly long time. He just looked back at her. She was adorable. He was thinking she wasn’t as big as Dolly but that it might be an illusion – she carried it differently. Her waist was smaller but her hips and thighs were wider. He wanted her. He wanted to go down on her. He could get down there and just stay for as long as she would let him. That was his thing.

“Ill put on my suit.”

He stripped naked in the living room. He liked how much time he spent naked here. He had to root though the things he had piled in Dolly’s room to find his own trunks. He got two towels that didn’t smell entirely awful and they walked to the adult spa. There was no one there yet. They would come later. Stoned and drunk grownups from around the complex would show up later at night. It was a fucking nightmare. They all seemed to pair up at random. He loved it. His complex was much nicer with larger apartments and a resort feel but there was no pickup action at the hot tub. He supposed it didn’t matter. He had a girlfriend.

They sat alone in the tub not talking for a full cycle. He had to get up and twist the nob to turn the bubbles back on. He hadn’t wanted to. He liked the way her body floated in the water and how he could see her if the bubbles weren’t going.

“Put that thing away!” she giggled as he ran over to the button and back. He realized looking down he was fully erect and it was obvious.

Back in the water, rather than settle back where he was sitting, he moved straight towards her.

“I told you, you would get worked up.”


“It’s okay. It’s like saying you like me.”

“I do like you.” Dan said. He was kneeling between her legs. She was working not to touch him. Each time their legs bumped she moved hers. It left her pressed back against the deck with her legs spread.

He kissed her.

She didn’t push him away but she still was struggling not to touch him. He liked the game, he kept touching her and she would wiggle and allow only his lips to touch her. He played along for a bit but grew tired of it. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him. She kept kissing him and wrapped her round little ankles around him.

“We are bad.” She said.

He supposed, if she knew and still was okay with it, he wasn’t taking advantage of her and he was doing what Dolly had asked him to do.

“Not really. She told me to.” He kissed her some more.

“Dolly told you to kiss me?”

“Not just kiss you. More than that.”

“Is it a test? Like she wants to see if I will bang you behind her back? I guess that sounds like something she’d do.”

“Not really.” He said. He tried to kiss her again, this time she stopped him. Instead he fondled her large tit, gripping it firmly in his hand.

“Stop that. What did she say?”

“She told me to make love to you.” The first time should not be referred to as fucking.

“She thinks I’m a virgin.” She was gripping him around the waist with her plump thighs and he could have, with a little bit of hip action, gotten himself off. Instead he just gripped her other tit. He gripped them hard, the way he had seen Dolly play with her tits when they had put on their little show.

“Are you?” he asked.

“No.” she said. She had her eyes closed. He was pinching her nipples.

“Yes.” She changed her answer. She opened her eyes to look at him. “Is that bad?” she asked him.

“Not at all.” He said.

“Stop that.” She said. He didn’t. He just pushed her bikini top aside and pinched her bare nipples underwater. It was easy to torture nipples in the water. She bit her lip.

“Let’s go inside,” he said.

“Okay,” she complied. She immerged from the water. He ached for her broad hips.

“We’re casino firmaları not going to do it though.”

“Okay.” He said. She was drying off. He stood dripping. He liked the cold air.

“You are really worked up.” She said. He knew what it looked like. He took a chance seeing more would appeal to her. He tugged the chord of his shorts and ripped loose the Velcro and dropped his pants.

She didn’t stop looking at him.

He stepped closer to her, pressing his cock against her belly. She took it in her hand and looked up at him.

“Okay.” She said.

He wrapped the towel around himself and picked up his trunks. He held her hand as they walked back to the apartment.

She giggled a little as they kissed in the hallway but as they moved into her room she became quiet and serious. He removed her swimsuit. She was a delightful pile of flesh. He pawed her and ran his mouth over her. She cooed and sighed. He moved her to the bed. She sat on the edge and ran her fingers over his chest and belly and then took his cock in both hands. She stroked him gently, recently wet flesh does not move smoothly against other skin just out of the water.

“Do you want me to suck you?” she asked quietly. Her eyes begged him.


“I’m very good at it. It’s what Kevin likes.” She said. He didn’t want to think of the young closeted dude, he wanted to think of her.

“I’m sure. Move back.” He said. She worked her ass back on the bed and then, spreading herself wide for him, gripped her ankles in her hands. It was simply gorgeous. He crawled until he was on top of her.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she said.

“Does it feel like I don’t want to?” he pressed the head of his cock against her lips. She didn’t part for him – wet flesh again. He descended the mountain range of her body giving attention to each breast and nipple. He ran his face along the expanse of her belly. She was shaved bare and his mouth watered. He bit delicately the soft fleshy inner thigh. She was pale, like heavy cream. He would have been happy to spend the rest of the night just running his lips over her.

She moaned softly when he licked her. He lapped at her delicately, long slow strokes waiting for it to open. It was cold, her pussy was sealed against the Jacuzzi water and it took a minute until the choline taste faded and he felt her juices on his lips and tongue. She was ready.

He moved back over her. He kissed her when he was back to her face on her lips and chin. He kissed her neck and her broad arms wrapped over his shoulders. This time his cock was welcomed and she took a deep breath as he moved inside of her.

“I know its like, not normal. It’s not like a normal virgin. I use a dildo too much. Is it okay?”

“Shh. It’s wonderful.” He said. It was.

Her warm moist pussy coddled his long thin cock. He was a tall skinny man; it was as if he was designed to fuck heavy women. He fit easily between wide thighs and could probe deep within their fleshy cunts. He moved slowly. She was quiet.

He was being careful. He moved gently. Her rolls moved beneath him and she sighed quietly in his ear. He felt her pulse around him. He would normally move faster but not today. It was too perfect. She was like a cream puff you would get from an over priced French bakery. He loved the feel of her beneath him. He loved her fingers gripping his shoulders. Her body shook – first just once, and then in a rapid fire of spasms. “Ahhhhhhhhh…” she squeaked then suddenly bit down on his shoulder and every muscle in her tightened around him. It had been less than a minute.

“Oh baby.” She cooed, when the moment had passed. “Oh, baby.” She whispered in his ear. “Did she say you could finish inside me? Do I get to feel it?”

She hadn’t said anything but it wouldn’t have mattered if she had. He wanted Stephanie, he always had, and now that she was making love to him it was better than he had hoped. He kissed her slowly as he moved deeply in and out of her.

She was gasping for breath again. This time he moved faster.

She groaned, pressing güvenilir casino her hips up and into him and he felt himself plunge deeper. He moved more quickly, he humped her precious little cunt. He was close; he didn’t want to be. He thought of Kevin, the arrogant little prick and it helped. He kept going. She moaned louder. He felt her little fingernails in his back.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…’ she cried again and rather than just letting it happen around him he fucked her orgasm out of her.

Dan had, once before, had a virgin. They were young and she had given herself to him in the back seat of a Seventy-Five Cordoba. It had hurt her. He had tried to be gentle but it didn’t matter. They broke up shortly after that. Stephanie was not like that. She was a willing welcoming little bowl of flesh and he humped her sweetness until he himself growled through his release. She was giggling and moaning when he did. He kissed her. She just kept giggling.

He didn’t leave her. He just moved slowly inside of her.

“Do we stop now?” she asked. It was a ridiculous question he thought but again, what would she know.


“Do you wanna… From behind? She asked him.

“Yes.” He said without consideration. The thought had him going again.

Her ass was broad and ripe. Her skin was flawless, her ass, a perfect little pink circle. ‘Later,’ he thought to himself. Her plump pussy welcomed him. He wasn’t exactly tender but there was nothing rough in the way he took her. Again, she cried out when she came. “Ahhhhhhhh…”

He had her roll over. He pulled her to the side of the bed. He wanted to watch her. He wanted to watch those glorious tits. As he slapped his hips against her they bounced up and down, too and fro, he couldn’t help but smile. Again, his growl was instinctual, his orgasm, an explosion. He was a dam, broken by floodwaters and she was the hapless valley that took the torrent.

Lying in bed after she petted him. With his Dolly, he had grown familiar with being the bitch. He didn’t mind, he liked lying in the afterglow stroking her. With Stephanie, she was the one smitten and she lavished attention on him. She stroked his long lean body until his cock twitched for her again.

She asked if they could do it again and he answered her. She smiled at him. “As soon as he’s ready.” He said, motioning to his dick.

“I can help with that.” She said.

Three more times she sucked him until he was ready then fucked him till he was raw. Plump girls they like it on top. He was okay with that. He liked the view.

It was just after midnight and he realized he had been dozing. “I love you, Danny,” she said. He feigned sleep. It was endorphins and whatnot. He was her first. Of course she loved him.

They were both sound asleep when Dolly came home. He hadn’t even considered that he should have left Stephanie’s bed for hers. She found them beneath the old quilt coddled together naked. He woke when she sat on the small bed beside him.

“How did it go?” she asked.

“It was a good time.” He said.

“Were you sweet and romantic?” Dolly asked him.

“Of course.” He said. He looked up at her. She was pretty too. Damn. ‘Which one was prettier?’ He asked himself.

“Move over,” she said. He watched her pull her shirt over her head. He watched as she unfastened the bra that held her chest. Stephanie had better nipples he thought, Dolly, firmer breasts in general. She slid into Stephanie’s bed with the two of them.

“Shit.” He said. “Really?” She had his dick in her hand. He would have resisted, if he could have. He was week willed.

“Yes.” She said firmly, gripping him almost painfully. “I’m a territorial bitch.” He wondered if she was smiling or if this was something serious. “She only got to borrow you.”

Stephanie woke up as the bed creaked and moaned. Dolly hadn’t been trying to be especially quiet.

“Hey” she said quietly – more a greeting than anything else. She gripped Dan’s hand and went back to sleep. Dolly came loudly waking her up again. They wriggled their bodies a moment until everyone fit in the smallish bed.

Dan was getting used to these odd moments. With Dolly you had to. He liked holding Stephanie’s hand though. He dealt with his concern the same way he dealt with everything else these days. He closed his eyes and ignored them.

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