Doctor of Desire Ch. 06

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Barb wanted nothing to do with him.

“I’m a lesbian for goddess’s sake! I don’t fuck men. And I don’t want you fucking men. You might develop a habit you can’t break.”

Aylean was taking no crap.

“We’re not talking men, we’re talking A man, actually, a donor. Once we have our donation we’re done. And he’s not just any man, he’s your second cousin, your DNA.”

Barb shook her head, hard.

“Why can’t we just do it the usual turkey baster way? How come you have to have dick in you? No matter how great the kid is I am going to have that scene that I am not part of stuck in my mind the kid’s whole life.

“But you will.”

“Will what? Think about it? Damn straight I will.”

“No, you are going to be part of the conception, too.”

“You mean they got some new kind of strap on that I can use that will squirt just in the right place at the right time?”

“Hey, that’s an idea. We could patent that. Little chamber just the right temperature. Bulb or trigger you can squeeze… I like it.”


“But that isn’t the idea. It’s more like a…a…


“Yeah, I guess…for want of a better word.”

“And just how would this ménage work so that I don’t get grossed out?”

Aylean was positive that she was at the peak of her fertility that night. Her temperature was right, her nipples were a little sore, and she really was in the mood to fuck. In fact, at lunchtime, in a corner of the warehouse behind some big cartons of toilet paper, she had got herself off so hard she wet her pants. Fortunately an eighteen-wheeler roared into the dock just as she came, because her whoop was that loud.

She had worked the whole thing out with Casey. She was so ready. That wasn’t the hard part. The hard part was getting Barb ready. The deal was that Casey would not appear until the absolute last moment. A key word and he would pop in the side entrance just in time to do the seed deed and slip out again. Those were Barb’s terms. That’s what Aylean told Barb was going to happen.

But Aylean wasn’t dumb. She knew men. She had had her time with men and then moved on. But she knew how they worked. A rigid pecker doesn’t just come ready-made in the door, full of fertile sperm, ready to spout. A healthy, mature guy can use a bit of warming up, just like a woman. Aylean had offered to have her friend Marcie come over and be a “fluffer’ like they called them in porno movies, somebody to get Casey excited. She knew Marcie would pay good money for the privilege.

Casey had nixed it. Too many cooks. But he was grateful when Aylean offered to find a way he could watch them unobserved, a comfortable chair in the corner, half hidden behind a wicker dresser. He would have to wear a big silk kimono she bought just for the occasion, so he would blend in with the Asian flavor of her room décor. He also had to do one other thing. Aylean had other conditions. He had to shave his chest and his legs.

“I feel that hairy mat against my back and I’m gonna freak. You’re smooth I can pretend you are Lurleen my ex ex. She was ripped and she was tall and she liked to take me from the back with a nice strapon. It should work.

Everything was ready. Miles Davis on the pod, filling the apartment. Nothing but candles. Aylean got a special outfit for Barb, a little butch, a little femme, suede with lace, a low scooped neckline to show off the crisp lines of her collar bones and the plump mounds beneath them. It worked. But she was not allowed to put it on until Aylean had taken her into the shower and scrubbed her from soles to scalp with a loofah and some natural bath oil. Aylean had considered a nice long, sexy bath, but she didn’t want Barb relaxed. She wanted her pumped, wired, ready to spark.

She pinched Barb’s round bubs and her tight ass cakes. She scratched her back and she tickled her a.h.

Barb begged Aylean to get on her knees in the streaming water and eat her box until she squirted and slid down the wall. That was one of their favorite games. But tonight Aylean would allow none of it. She wanted her woman casino şirketleri fired up and hard. She wanted Barb to do her best to drill this baby into her. She wanted her so stoked that when the time came for Casey’s little donation Barb would hardly notice. She’d be too intoxicated with lust, too damn busy.

“Bitch tease. A little cuntly warm up won’t make you crack an egg. Just a taste, please?”

But Aylean would have none of it. She wanted to feed her gal, nothing too fancy, but nourishing, the stuff Barb loved.

So the steak was expensive and rare, so soft you could poke a finger through the soft meat. Barb did it. Picked the thick T-bone up by the bone and poked her carefully clipped middle finger through the meat.

“Suck my rod, honey.”

“Aylean boldly took the whole finger into her mouth and sucked the gravy off it until her lips were up against the hot meat. Fiercely, she gnawed right into the steak, leaving a sizeable hole.”

“You asked for it babe. But I’m generous. If you don’t get enough you can eat some of mine.”

They tried to eat slowly, but it was almost impossible. The big salad with thick ruddy slices of tomato and crunchy croutons disappeared in a flash, as did the thick baked potatoes loaded with butter, sour cream and chives. Most of a bottle of Beaujolais disappeared. Aylean fed Barb a large helping of a creamy, obscene tiramisu. Some of it she spooned into the hollow of Barb’s collar bones, licking it off as it oozed down her ample breasts.

Aylean was playfully slapping at her gal’s strong hands as they tried to sneak into any available crevice even though she was so eager for those firm digits to push up into her, to feel them dig deep into her ass, and squeeze her bubs until the nipples gleamed shiny and tight. She wanted those strong white teeth on her tender nips. She wanted that tongue to dance everywhere.

But she held Barb off, waiting, listening. It was as though she could feel that tender egg ripening inside her body, as though she knew that there would be a moment, an aching moment when it would release from its little sac and start down to her womb and at that moment she wanted to come. She wanted Barb to come too, both of them lost in a hard-soft kiss that was so deep they couldn’t reach the bottom of it.

Aylean had frozen beside the table, the last spoonful of the dessert in her hand.

“What’s the matter, hon?” Barb was squeezing her hand.

Aylean filled her mouth with the last bite of the creamy concoction and let it drift down her throat before she spoke.

“I am so ready for this. I’m on fire.”

“Come on. Burn me up.” Barb growled into the side of her neck.

Locked hip to hip they moved dreamily into the bedroom, now and again stopping for a deep wet kiss. Finally, they reached the end of the bed. They were totally unaware of Casey waiting quietly in his corner.

Casey tried to keep his breathing light as Barb began to undress Aylean. The two women were so different, and yet there was a magic energy that seemed almost to turn them into one being. Barb was sturdy, but with a dancer’s arms and legs, cut, showing smooth, toned muscle whenever she moved. The hair on her head was cropped into a short curly mop, the hair on her bush a neat triangle.

Aylean was gypsy dark, with eyelids heavy and seductive. Her breasts were thick and meaty and crowned with purple domes rising like puff pastry to the marshmallows on top. Her hips were wide and her belly accented by a deep groove that ran from her breastbone down into a mop of dark curls. When she moved her ass danced in all directions.

Barb very slowly drew the strap of Alylean’s silky peach dress off her rounded shoulder, kissing the firm flesh as it was revealed inch by inch. As the second shoulder was released the slippery fabric slid down Alyean’s dark amber skin and puddled around her feet. Under the dress she wore a teddy as filmy and close fitting as a second skin. Her high breasts seemed to be imitating those of a nursing mother, pushing out against the thin fabric as though bursting with rich casino firmaları milk.

“My nipples!” Aylean cried with her eyes closed as Barb’s hand brushed the left one. Barb could not wait for the silk to be gone. She lowered her head and took the tight cone in her lips, silk and all, mouthing the filmy stuff until it was soaked and tickled and revealed the deep maroon puckered corolla.

Aylean felt her womb clench until it ached, her lower lips thicken and weep until the fabric was slick. Her thighs turned to butter and grew so weak she sank to the bed strewn with rose petals.

Barb fell on her and filled her mouth with a powerful kiss that melted into a serious tongue battle. Their bodies tangled in a loving wrestling match, each trying to get the top hold, to work the other until she burst under the swift pressure of rubbing fingers and hot mouth.

Usually, Aylean couldn’t wait for Barb to go down on her, especially as she began to lubricate. She itched for Barb to cup her strong lips over the whole of her mons, tongue lapping up the thickening honey as it began to pour. She needed to feel Barb’s thick tongue dig in and spread the inner lips as far apart as they could go. But much as she needed that hot mouth she wanted that swamp to be slick and fertile and ready for the seed that was soon to swim up into it. So every time Barb’s mouth began the descent onto her belly she dug her fingers into the thick curls on either side of Barb’s head and pulled her up to disappear in a deep kiss.

Then she took over, surprising her sturdy partner with her fierce moves, shoving Barb back deep into the coverlet, pinning her arms to the bed, eating each nipple until it knotted into a tight bead and the pink carolla around it was puckered tight and buffed red.

Then Aylean dove for her lover’s sweet spot, lathering her thick, dirty-blond fur with her tongue until it lay sleek against Barb’s tanned skin. Nipped at Barb’s inner thighs making her yelp and growl, her hips bouncing up and grinding against Aylean’s hot lips. Aylean grabbed a big handful of firm ass. The middle two fingers of her right hand slid deep, reaching, stirring until she could feel her fingertips flick the tight bulb around the mouth of Barb’s womb. She knew Barb loved this. Her tight abs bounced with each flick and a kitten snarl came from deep in her chest.

Aylean’s hand filled with hot juice as Barb came hard, her hips bucking high against Aylean’s hand, three four, five, seven times.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Aylean moaned.

“What are you sorry for you little bitch?” That was the greatest quick one I’ve had in forever.”

“I just wanted us to…you know…get there at the same time. I just wanted this huge, together, messy, wonderful…”

“Hey honey, I’m just getting started. What do you think? Is it toy time?”

“OK, but nothing in…me. I want that ready for the…you know.”

“Cunt. But this is your night, you little tease. Still, I won’t be easy on you.”

Barb slid a silver egg out of a blue velvet sack.

“Will this do the job?”

The egg was Aylean’s favorite. Just enough buzz to lift her right out of herself.

Casey, hidden in his corner, was in no big hurry, though his cock had come to attention during the wrestling match and almost gave up its precious cargo as Barb came hard. Now, as Barb sucked on Aylean’s thick marshmallow nipples and teased her bud with the silver buzzing egg, just sliding it between the scarlet lips and then pulling it out again, as Aylean’s moans went from coo to growl and her hips started working, and lifting off the bed, Casey felt an explosion coming.

Soon would be good. He could feel the thick semen building up. His balls were beginning to ache. He held his cock tight in his fist but forced himself not to stroke it. The silk of the robe begged to be rubbed up against his aching knob.

Aylean and Barb were crushed into an embrace. Barb’s firm leg was pressed hard against Aylean’s swollen wet lips. Their buttocks clenched and released in tantalizing rhythm and their cries, mingled with wet kissed güvenilir casino began to grow stronger, more hungry, more desperate.

Casey knew his time was coming, as soon as Aylean gave the signal.

Would she remember? Would he be able to do his part without spoiling the moment? Where were the words? Please! He couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Oh! Ooo! Ayee!”

Aylean was losing it. And Barb was crying out so loud it shook the lamps.

“Yeees! Yeees! Fuck yes!”

Finally, Casey heard it, the code word, at first just a murmur, and then loud, and louder, a yearning, a siren’s call.

Baby! “Oh baby! Oh, please! BABY, please!”

The two women were side by side, face to face on the bed. Swiftly, quietly but with his wood-hard pecker in the lead Casey slid next to Aylean’s ass. The women were in it down to the short strokes, breath coming hard and fast, belly-deep moans smothered in each others’ mouths. But as Casey moved his cock against her ass Aylean, almost instinctively arched up and back, presenting a slick purple oval target.

He pushed his cock home and Aylean bust out with a hard cry.

Casey was so full he thought he would pop, but Aylean’s tight cunt clutched him and he felt himself needing to work that hot tube. Every time he drove in he felt her cunt clutch him like a firm hand. He felt compelled to pull all the way out and then drive in hard and deep, wedging his balls into Alean’s ass, reaching as deep as he could go.

They did a wild threeway dance, six legs tangled, hands grasping at whatever flesh could be pulled tight. Casey found himself stacked on top of the two women.

Finally, he felt it coming, a dozen sudden, fast strokes and the cream poured and poured into the cup.

Casey choked off a growl, burying his face in the thick folds of Aylean’s hair, his mouth tight against her hot, moist neck. He willed his sperm deep, deep into her womb. At first Aylean’s ass crushed hard against him. But then as Barb cried out Aylean jammed forward tight against her lover.

Casey slipped out.

He knew he was not done. Eager to seal the deal he drove forward again knowing he had some good juice left.

Something was different. Barb let out a hard cry and her eyes and mouth went wide. Casey was ready to pull away, but he felt two firm hands suddenly clutch around his back and then two strong heels hooked over his thighs. A hot mons was grinding against him popping again and again as Barb let out a roar that deafened all three of them her body shaking in fierce frantic spasms. Aylean joined with her own deep wail and Casey unable to keep silent, howled.

Slowly, the three of them shuddered to silence, chuckling at the aftershocks.

Barb was smiling.

“Bastard!” she hissed.



Soon, Casey knew it was time for him to go. Barb and Aylean didn’t know he exist any more. He was no more than a warm silk bolster on Aylean’s side of the bed. They cooed, murmured and kissed. As the women drifted into a light snooze he slipped away to the downstairs bath.

The deal was that they would give it three tries, once a month until it took and Aylean tested positive. After the first try Casey was eager to see what they would do that was new and different. He found his mind wandering to scenes of the two women, both open, both eager.

Fortunately, or unfortunately the first time out had done the trick. Aylean called him a little more than a month later with the happy news. there was a plus on the pee stick. But then she grew more serious. Barb was ill, some persistent flu bug that made her nauseous and throw up.

“Does she throw up mostly in the morning?”

“Yup. You don’t…”

“Doesn’t want to eat favorite foods? Any cravings?”

“Anything with tomatoes. And whole bags of potato chips. She hates herself.”

“Better lend her a stick.”

“Not really.”


The “twins” were born a week apart nine months later. Barb helped birth Aylean even though she was out to there. A week later Aylean returned the favor. Casey would have loved to attend the deliveries but he figure that from then on it was not his province. Aylean had a cute little girl with fuzzy brown hair. Barb had a skinny boy with a dark, curly mop.

Casey became their favorite uncle.

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