Distracting Leggings

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Big Dicks

This is an Ellie and Sam story. If you want the back story, please read my other stories, starting with Late Night at the Office, then Ellie’s first time, then (optionally) Tied to a Table.

This story is deliberately short and sweet 😉 I’m close to publishing a good long one…


‘So we’ll meet back next week and brainstorm new ideas.’

Ellie finished speaking, standing in front of the almost empty whiteboard. The rest of the team packed up and left; it was late and they were the only group left in the building. Within minutes, she heard the main door close for the last time and then only the hum of the beamer and her increased pulse in her ears.

‘Frustrating meeting huh?’

Ellie jumped. She hadn’t realised that Sam was still around. He looked at his boss with sympathy. Through no fault of her own, the meeting had been a shambles. And Ellie hated bad meetings. Especially ones she’d organised. It really grated against her ridiculously high standards.

Nevertheless she managed a smile.

‘Thanks for the supportive looks. I needed them’

‘I gotta admit, not all of them were just supportive.’

Sam’s eyebrow was raised, a telling grin on his face. He continued.

‘Do you know how amazing your ass looks in those leggings? It’s downright distracting.’

She could see just how distracting from the bulge in his pants. Twirling slowly and deliberately, she let him take a long hard look. The material was more than skintight, if that was even possible. It clung to every curve, fully accentuating the crease where her round ass met her muscular legs.

‘I need to speak to you in your office.’

Sam’s voice was quietly determined. Even though no one was left in the building, he wanted a door to close for what he had in mind.

Ellie walked to her office, Sam following her. She knew he was still checking out bursa escort her ass. She’d gone very quickly from frustrated to … well… frustrated in an entirely different way. She was already wet with the anticipation of Sam’s touch.

As soon as the door closed behind them, they moved hungrily towards each other. Sam’s hands grasped Ellie’s ass, she moved her hands to his hard cock, stroking it through his jeans. Sam reached behind himself for a chair, and sat down, pulling her onto his lap, facing away from him. One hand grabbed her hip, pulling her onto his hard cock. The other hand moved to first her breasts, then to her clit, rubbing it through the thin material.

Ellie ground her hips onto him, aching for the release that only he could give her. Sam continued to rub her clit, whispering intensely into her ear.

‘That whole meeting… every time you turned round… I’ve been thinking of nothing but your ass for over an hour.’

Ellie moaned softly before replying.

‘Wait till you see what I’m wearing underneath them…’

She knew that would pique his curiosity. And she knew that they wouldn’t spend long tonight building up. Their need was too primal, they both needed release.

Sam pushed her ass up in front of him, and with one movement, peeled the tight material to just below her cheeks. She was right. Under the leggings she was wearing nothing but the tiniest black thong, a slim strip of lace with a cheeky bow on top. The part of the lace between her legs was already soaking wet; he needed no more invitation.

‘Ellie, I need you now.’

‘I need you inside me.’

Sam bent her over the table and moved the thong to one side. Unbuttoning his jeans, he freed his cock and rubbed it against her wet slit. Once the tip was covered in her juices, he pushed all the way in. Ellie tensed in sudden pleasure, looking over her shoulder and bursa escort bayan catching his gaze, her cheeks flushed and her eyes begging for more.

Sam was only happy to oblige. With short, hard thrusts, he practically pinned her to the desk. Ellie gasped as she felt the wonderful length of his cock move deep inside her.

Not breaking his rhythm, Sam sucked on a finger and rubbed it against her inviting asshole. Ellie knew what was coming and reached behind her with one hand to spread her cheeks wider and give him better access and a better view. Sam listened for her cry of pleasure when he pushed the finger in, and was not disappointed. Ellie loved feeling his finger in her ass, and wriggled happily as he pushed it past her tight muscles, curling it to feel his own cock through the thin wall.

Moving his finger and his cock, he surveyed the sight before him. Ellie was supporting herself on one arm, the other was underneath her, her fingers between her legs and on her sensitive clit. The tight leggings were just below her round ass cheeks, and the thong was pushed to one side. As if Ellie knew he was looking, she lifted her ass higher, gasping at the change in angle of his finger and cock.

Just seeing her ass move like that made Sam need the one thing he’d wanted the whole meeting.

‘Ellie… I wanna fuck that ass’

He saw her nod without hearing any response. If she was speechless, she was already close. He was too, but he wanted to come deep inside her ass.

Removing his finger, he spread her cheeks with both hands, and stepped backwards. His cock left her pussy; Ellie kept rubbing her clit, breathing harder and feeling the build up of tension that let her know she was going to come soon.

Sam’s cock was wet from her pussy, but he took the time to lick once from her delicious pussy to her ass, and move his lips and tongue over the escort bursa small hole. Partially to make sure he wouldn’t hurt her, partially to hear the almost scream that she let out when his mouth touched her. Normally he loved to spend ages eating her ass, but he was dangerously close and needed to be back inside her.

Positioning his cock at the tight entrance, he let the pressure of his hips guide him in. Ellie tossed her head back and used her hand on the table to push herself back onto him. Everything exploded in ecstasy. The thrill of him in her ass compensated for the initial pressure and every sensation soon turned into absolute pleasure as she felt his balls against her pussy and the skin of his thighs against hers.

Sam wasn’t expecting to be so deep so quick. Groaning involuntarily, he dug his fingers into her hips and thrust again and again, hearing Ellie gasp in pleasure each time. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. Fortunately, he heard Ellie moan his name as she began to come, her legs stretching and tensing, and her ass increasing the pressure around his cock as she pressed hard on her clit to activate every last nerve, cascading like an electric current through her body.

Feeling her ass grab him so tightly, he pushed even deeper and came, his body twitching and his hands holding her ass in place. Once the first wave had passed, he gathered all his willpower and pulled out completely, watching his come cover her asshole. Promising to never forget the sight, he pushed back in, feeling the mix of their juices on his lower belly and her muscles welcome him back, contracting around him as they orgasmed together.

Ellie moved her hips more slowly as her orgasm calmed, enjoying every part of Sam’s cock inside her. Sam let her movements push his cock in and out of her, watching in fascination as her ass took him so easily.

He relaxed his grip on her hips and stroked her back, leaning forward to kiss her neck.

Ellie moaned softly, shifting herself to look over her shoulder at him.

‘Time to test the office shower?’

Sam grinned and nodded.

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