Discovering My Sister

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It was one of those days, you know, where my lust had just been out of control. You know, the days where you’re just desperately horny. I had woken up horny (not that I don’t always), feeling desperately in need of a fuck, and despite giving my hardon some repeated attention, my desires refused to subside.

And it only got worse. Perhaps it was my desires skewing my vision, but the universe seemed to be playing a cruel joke as I began my day. The ratio of stunning women I encountered was unreal. Seemingly everyone I met or walked past on the street was absolutely beautiful. Slim brunettes with perfect asses on every corner, constantly reminding me how desperate I was.

I had been single for a while, and was doing fine most of the time, but days like these were a bit much. What could I do? I suffered through it, drooling over every ass, every perky pair of breasts, every curve, and every red-lipped grin I saw. I tried to keep my mind on more pure subjects, to distract myself from the misery, but the universe wasn’t having it.

I needed to get home for a release, or even just an escape from all the fantasy inducing people. Until I could, I would give into it. So I admired wherever I went, taking in all the sexual beauty, realizing that we’re all sexual creatures, and underneath all the clothes, everyone has genitals, and goddamn I wanted all of them. Of course this didn’t help and when I finally got home, I was throbbing before I had even walked through the door.

To my dismay, everyone was home. The house was abuzz with activity as my mom, dad, and sister went about their business. I forgot it was Friday; everybody gets home early on Friday. As they greeted me one by one, I zoned out, trying to find a way to get some alone time, but it wasn’t going to happen, not right away anyways.

I settled for the TV, hoping that a show could distract me for a while. I plopped on the couch and surfed for something interesting and distracting. After ten minutes, it actually kind of worked. My desires hadn’t vanished, but my need to release the tension was at least pushed to the back of my head. I started to relax.

Then my sister came in.

She was eighteen, only a year younger than me, but I had always been the older brother, or at least that’s how I thought of her. She seemed young to me, my kid sister, and we had always been close friends, sharing this dynamic.

I had not once thought of her in a sexual manner. Sure, I realized when she began to develop, and I saw her body change from a girl’s into that of a young woman, and I knew that she was beautiful, even sexy, objectively, but those feelings were for someone else.

But again, my desires were intent on skewing my perceptions, and as she walked across the room to join me on the couch I saw her curves in a whole new light. She really was beautiful, and like everyone else on this planet, she was a sexual being.

Her hair was long, silky and dark brown, framing her face perfectly as she smiled. And her eyes glistened above reddened lips. Had she dressed up today? Her skin was tanned, and was accentuated by a blue button up shirt she wore. It was loose fitting, but shaped right, and I could make out the subtle shapes of her breasts beneath it.

And her bottoms were anything but loose. They were leggings in fact. The matte black fabric hugged the slender forms of her legs. They were toned, but soft, and led to her shapely ass. And she really has a perfect ass. The tight spandex of her leggings curved up subtley between the two rounded teardrops of her butt. There was no impression indicating her underwear…she must have been wearing a thong.

That’s where things shifted, or became more acute. She must have been wearing a thong. Something switched,a dn I was imagining my sister’s panties, hugging her most private part, her most sexual part. Kelly was a sexual being, like everybody else on the planet..

Suddenly, my desires were back, and they were focused.

I felt uncomfortable as Kelly sat next to me. Our usual dynamic felt gone, and for a moment I felt guilty. But as I lapsed in my attempts to avoid my gaze, the shape of her legs crossed and coalescing at the confluence of her pelvis eclipsed anything else in my mind.

She tried to talk to me, but I couldn’t remain coherent. My responses were terse and cordial, not our usual honest discourse. After a moment, she seemed to realize I wasn’t in the mood for talking, and settled in to watch the show. Again I felt bad.

But I continued to glance over. She was driving me crazy. The way she crossed her arms, or the softness of her hands, even just the slight shape of her bra showing through her shirt added to my desires.

I had forgotten about the show, and was enthralled in my sister. My attempts to shift my mind became weaker and weaker, and my fantasies hotter and more explicit.

I was no longer just undressing her in my mind. I was teasing her, and feeling her breasts, kissing her hard, and grabbing her ass. I was between her legs, licking her güvenilir bahis and tasting her cunt, and I was fucking her.

I had a strange sense of guilt through the whole thing, but it was too pleasurable to stop. When Kelly got up to grab a drink from the kitchen, the proximity of her perfect ass to my face pushed me over the edge. I bolted upstairs to the bathroom.

Again, my cock was a rock before I had even made it all the way up the stairs. I found myself undoing my pants frantically as I walked down the hall, and I was stroking away by the time I sat down in my sanctuary.

Furiously I pumped at my aching hardon, trying to keep the image of Kelly’s spandex clad ass burned into my mind, and then it hit me. Kelly’s hamper was right in front of me. My heart skipped a beat, and then made up for it by beating twice as fast.

I began to shake, still trying to convince myself that I had a choice of whether or not I was going to do it, but even as the thought crossed my mind my hand was on the lid and I was going for it.

I knew I was safe in the bathroom, everybody else was downstairs and had probably forgotten I even came up here, but I was still silent, moving things slowly and secretly, trying not to be detected.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look hard. It was right on top, pink and soft, with a lace waistband. Kelly’s thong was there, and my cock was harder than ever.

I grabbed them, just to look at them, to see what she wore under those leggings, but they were so hot, wrinkled slightly and stuck in the shape that her body made.

I turned them around and opened them, so that the soft crotch of the panties faced me. It was coated with a thin translucent white crust, a line really, that mimicked the shape of her sex.

Kelly had worn these. This thong had spent a day and maybe a night nestled against her most sexual parts, held firmly against her ass and her pussy. I stared at this surrogate object of my desires, this evidence of Kelly’s sexuality a moment more.

And then I don’t know why I did it. It felt like the natural thing to do. I had only wanted to look at them, but now with them in my hands I knew there was more. I brought them to my face.

Intuitively I pressed the gusset to my nose and took a breath. My cock felt like it would explode as I was presented with the most delicate, musky, sweet smell. Kelly’s scent very nearly scent me over the edge, but I held off, wanting to savor the scent of my sister’s pussy for a moment longer.

…But not much longer. After a few more deep inhales, and a few final strokes I came with a force I did not know I had, shooting gobs of cum all over the area around me.

Almost immediately I felt guilty. I threw the panties back in the hamper and looked around sadly at the mess I had made. I felt dirty cleaning it up, knowing that this seed was spilt to the thought of my sister. I avoided looking at the hamper—the image of the panties brought the guilt back up.

I stayed upstairs for a while longer, not wanting to confront Kelly, but eventually it was dinnertime and I was forced to leave my hideout.

I trudged down the stairs holding my head down, and was greeted with a cheerful family. I didn’t look at Kelly.

For the first fifteen minutes or so of dinner, I didn’t say much, or anything at all really, but the food and the conversation, along with time passing helped break me out of my funk, and by then end of the meal I was back to my normal self.

Even talking with Kelly felt back to normal, and better yet, I could look at her without getting a hardon. I guess the guilt was good for one thing. I felt like the desperate horniness that had plagued me all day had gone, and I thought, despite the slight uneasiness at the back of my head when I engaged with her, that my relationship with Kelly was unaffected.

The panties were a one-time thing, I thought, and got cheery at the idea. But we all know how this works.

Whatever the reality, I felt happy, and balanced, and helped clear the table before heading out to watch some more TV.

My family came in and we had a normal night for the next few hours. Kelly sat next to me on the couch, and we joked like we normally do. She was still wearing the leggings, and I felt my eyes start to drift a few times, but passed it off as residual. Things were good.

After a few hours, mom and dad went to bed, which left Kelly and me alone on the couch. I felt a little flutter as the realization hit me, but again just passed it off as anxiety. We were siblings after all.

Kelly and I have a sort of routine where we watch weird documentaries after everyone’s in bed. A lot of them are really bad pseudo-documentaries, a lot of them are just weird, and everyone else seemed to hate them, but not us.

We loved them, for whatever their quirks, and it had become our thing: when the parents go to bed, we switch to documentaries. So we skipped around a bit, from some show on parasites, to another on weird animals.

We watched Ghost Hunters türkçe bahis for a while, but even that is a bit much for us. Channels kept on flicking past, but there didn’t seem like there was much on. I was getting bored, and I’m sure Kelly was too. She curled up on the couch and rested lazily on her arm as she clicked the remote.

My desire rose momentarily again as I glanced down at her curled form. Her ass was protruding towards me and straining against the fabric of her leggings. I gave in a bit, let the feelings return, but quickly recovered and turned my mind to other thoughts.

I got a bit impatient for Kelly to choose a channel, and told her so. She told me to calm down. I needed her to choose something though, to help distract me from my thoughts.

I sat anxiously, tapping my foot while she would rest on one channel for a second, and then change it to the next thing, until finally she settled on a show.

“Hm. This looks interesting,” she said.

I wish I could have breathed a sigh of relief, but the show she had landed on was anything but helpful. I looked at her sheepishly, half hiding a plea on my face.

“What? You prude. It looks interesting!” She laughed and settled back into her seat.

The show was called “Laws of Sexual Attraction” or something like that, and it was basically a show about what turns us on. This was not fair; the universe is a cruel, cruel beast. But I gave in, and settled back into my seat.

And for a while, things were okay. The documentary was actually pretty interesting, and it wasn’t too sexual at first, but of course it didn’t last.

Eventually the scientific narrations turned to descriptions of body parts, with images to match.

The narrator talked about breasts, and a beautiful woman was shown as an example, many beautiful women actually. And then they went on to walk about asses, and again followed it with images of wonderful butts.

Nothing was very explicit, to be honest, but it was all very suggestive, and in my current state, I was perhaps overly sensitive. As they showed these scenes and talked about what turns us on, I couldn’t help but look over at Kelly.

She was still sitting There, curled up on the couch, ass out in those beautiful leggings. I gave in again, and for a little longer this time. I locked my eyes on her ass, and imagined it nude again. I was worried she’d see me and glanced back up to her face, but she seemed enthralled in the show.

I began to wonder if she was getting turned on be it as well.

Talking about scent, interspersed with scenes of sex…Talking about arousal—erections and wetness…the scent… The show went on for ages, driving me crazy and captivating Kelly.

And then it ended. It was late, and I had had quite enough sexual stimulus for the night, so I told Kelly I was heading to bed.

She clicked the TV off, and said she’d join me.

Kelly asked if she could sleep in my room. I said sure, despite my uneasiness about being alone in a bed with the new object of my desires. This on any other day was not an unusual occurrence. I suppose, it was becoming more unusual as we grew older, but was definitely not unheard of.

Kelly and I were close, and often, whenever we stayed up late together, we’d just end up crashing in whosever room we ended up in. It had always felt innocent, but now I couldn’t say that. I couldn’t help but think of Kelly’s warmth, her soft ass, and perky breasts lying next to me. Could anything happen?

The moment I thought this, my troubles were mitigated. The notion was so absurd that anything could happen that it helped me to calm down. Still, I lay far to one side of the bed when I got in, trying to keep my distance.

Kelly grabbed a shirt from my dresser, a big one that I only used for pajamas. “Can I wear this?” she asked.

“Of course.” (She always did)

She slipped it on over her day clothes, and then slipped her arms inside, using the bigger shirt as a curtain as she removed the clothes underneath. I couldn’t stop myself from watching as she did so. Her blue shirt was the first to go. It dropped to the floor from under the shirt, as Kelly’s arms wriggled underneath.

And then there was a “click” and some more wriggling, before a pink Victoria’s Secret bra followed. Kelly’s breasts hung free under the shirt, and I was getting hard. She popped her arms back out of the sleeves and reached under her “dress” for the final article.

My heart was beating with anticipation as she hooked her hands around the waist of her leggings and slowly brought the fabric down her torso, to her waist, and then below it. The fabric gathered around her hands as the tights were lowered. It was so slow, and almost sensual, the way the soft skin of her legs was exposed inch by inch.

When the leggings were on the floor, she stepped out of them and walked to the bed. The shirt seemed smaller on her than it had before. It was still enough to cover her up, but only just.

It draped down no more than a couple of inches güvenilir bahis siteleri below the line of her ass. I could see nearly the entirety of her legs. They were beautiful.

Without the bra, I could make out the shape of her breasts under the shirt. They were not small, but proportional to her slim body, and perky. Her nipples poked through the fabric slightly.

She stopped by her phone, which was charging on the floor, to check for any last texts before climbing into bed. And she bent down. Like I said, the shirt was short, and as she did, the bottom of her bottom became visible.

My eyes locked on her and all my desires, which had been there, but being kept at bay, surged back with a loud mental pronunciation: “fuck.,” I thought.

Kelly’s ass was perfect. I knew this from the leggings already, they didn’t hide much, but the tanned skin of each globe, and the shape perfectly shown in flesh was too much. For a moment I thought she wasn’t wearing underwear, but as she leaned over to the phone I could see the thin strip of fabric emerging from her cheeks.

This only made things worse. As much as I would have loved to see her naked bum, and perhaps a peak at her pussy just below, the thong brought back memories of her panties. I had been repressing them until then, and with such a sight, I couldn’t help it. I wanted my sister.

My gaze was broken as she stood back up and walked to the bed. She got in, and lay a little closer to me than I was hoping, but it was okay. Our bodies weren’t touching, as long as our bodies weren’t touching, I would be fine.

I turned on my side to hide the erection that she had given me and reached for the lamp.

“Goodnight,” I said, and she responded in kind.

I flipped the switch, but was unable to sleep. I laid awake for what seemed like hours, horny as I had ever been, imagining the beautiful woman who lay next to me. Her breathing kept me awake, even it reminded me of her beauty, and I struggled to not touch myself, but I didn’t. Perhaps I should have.

I stayed awake for what seemed like hours, but eventually I dozed off and slept soundly until early morning when I woke up.

The sun was shining directly in through the window; it must have still been early. It glared in my eyes and I took a moment to gather my surroundings.

My mind was foggy and new, forgetting about the previous day’s events, until my surroundings came into focus. I was warm, and too comfortable. It wasn’t my own warmth. Pressed against me was my sister Kelly. We were spooning.

I panicked as I realized the extent of the situation. Her body was curled up next to mine, asleep. My arm was around her—and resting on her breast. As my mind began to understand the sensations my body was receiving I realized the worst, and the best, throbbing between my legs.

My cock was hard, very hard, and it was pressed against my sister’s ass. I froze, not knowing what to do. I wanted to roll over, to turn away, somehow to get to my own side of the bed without her waking up, but I couldn’t.

I just sat there, enthralled. My heart was racing, but I couldn’t help but notice her warmth, or the softness under my hand that rested limply on her chest. I couldn’t stop myself from feeling the crevasse of her ass that enveloped my cock.

I tried to breathe normally, but this just led to another sensation. Wafting up from under the blanket was the musky scent of arousal. I recognized it immediately from the day before. It was the same as that on my sister’s thong, but more powerful, stronger and more carnal. Was Kelly turned on?

It was wonderful, and I was lost. I didn’t dare move for fear of waking her up, I just laid and enjoyed the embrace. Then Kelly’s breathing shifted. It was no longer the slow and steady breathing of someone in slumber, it was conscious and awake.

My panic returned. What the hell was I supposed to do? Kelly was awake. I could tell she was awake, but she pretended to sleep. I did the same, trying to come up with my next move. Maybe she would fall back asleep, I hoped.

She didn’t. We lay there motionless for ages. I kept waiting for my dick to deflate, but it wouldn’t. How could it in such a situation? In fact, it seemed to take over. My desires decided my next move, in spite of my panicking brain.

I moved, barely, not quite a thrust, but a wiggle, just enough to send shivers down my spine as I felt Kelly’s ass shift over my dick. As I did it, I felt the fear return and waited for her to jump up and scream at me, but she didn’t.

She breathed slightly, and then we sat for another minute. Should I do it again? The question played in my mind over and over until my dick took over again. I did the same motion, slightly pressing myself against my sister.

Again, she didn’t resist, but she did respond. She inhaled deeper than normal, and pressed back against me. Her move was subtle too, but more than enough to make my dick throb against her. I pushed back.

I was less subtle this time, though it still couldn’t be called a thrust, and she did the same. Her breathing was heavy now. We continued this pattern of push and reciprocation for a seemingly long time, slowly building up pressure until we were gyrating rhythmically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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