Disciplinary Action

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


(Content warning: Power differences, blackmail)

“Honestly, Tamara… I’m appalled at your lack of progress this week.”

Tamara stood there, clutching one arm with her other hand and averting her eyes from Saskia’s icy cold glare, her words incinerating and aggressive. Tamara always found it in her to do her best at work, not just to keep a steady paycheck but also to avoid being put into this very situation. Saskia might have been a successful businesswoman, but she didn’t get there through any sort of kindness or altruism. She was fearsome, and ten times more scary while going at Tamara the way she was.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Tamara murmured. Her words were achingly soft after around 30 minutes of Saskia’s rampage against her. Tamara originally tried to hold her ground, reaffirm her good points and her care for the position of Saskia’s Executive Assistant, but after the 10 minute mark that resolve in her dissipated.

“You should be,” Saskia scoffed, looking at Tamara’s review papers and writing something down. “Your negligence is holding this company back, and providing an unwelcome nuisance to my work. Do you really care for this position? Or is that all just talk too?”

“It’s… it’s not,” Tamara said, her voice barely above a painful whisper. “I really do want to do well. I promise.”

Saskia couldn’t help but let out a smirk. It was clear she was amused by Tamara’s feeble attempts to secure her job, and win Saskia’s praise. In a way, being laughed at by Saskia was a worse feeling than being yelled at by her. “You do, huh.” She put the papers down and looked back up at her subordinate. “I’ve gotta say, you have an… interesting way of showing it.”

Tamara couldn’t do it. She couldn’t look at Saskia anymore. She almost started tearing up, but she managed to stop herself before Saskia could have another reason to laugh at her.

“I’ve, either unfortunately or fortunately, got to reconsider your place at this company,” she continued. “Maybe hire someone who can do more than get my coffee order right 50% of the time.”

“Please, I promise… I can improve. I’ll do better.”

“Really? You’ve said that quite a few times, but what have you done to do better? Scan things to the wrong folder? Lose important papers regarding the annual budget, again? Spill coffee on the marketing coordinator? Please tell me, what more are you going to fuck up?”

Tamara didn’t have a good read on Saskia, ever, despite usually being an empathetic person. However, she could at the very least tell that Saskia was getting some sort of sadistic enjoyment out of this, out of insulting Tamara until her skin crawled.

“I… I can prove myself. I can do better. Please, just give me one more chance,” Tamara pleaded.

Saskia’s smirk became an even wider grin at this. “Really? Any suggestions for what you can do to amend this?”

“I’ll… um… I-I’ll learn to be more diligent. I’ll write things down more so I don’t forget them. I’ll… organize my desk better.”

“So… things you should have been doing this whole time, then?”

“I… um…” Tamara was beginning to realize she had to take drastic measures — she had to do something, anything to rectify this. The next few words poured out of her mouth without her thinking.

“I’ll do anything you want.” Once a long enough pause passed, with Tamara seeing Saskia’s grin turn into a more neutral expression, she continued. “Anything. Say it, and I’ll do it.”

“…Really. Anything,” Saskia echoed.

Tamara nodded. And then Saskia broke out into cruel, cold laughter, making Tamara even more ashamed, more embarrassed of what she just said. She wasn’t willing to do anything, right? No. No, she was.

“Fine,” Saskia chuckled through the single word. “Then I’ll görükle escort bayan take you up on that offer.” She put Tamara’s review papers down and ushered them to the side of her desk. Leaning over on her hands, she gave another inhumane smile. “See, I’ve been rather unhappy here. I don’t have time to date people, or spend time with my friends. Unlike you, I actually put time and effort into my job. So you could say I’ve been a bit… repressed, huh?”

Tamara nodded. She wasn’t entirely sure what to say, though a part of her didn’t like where this was going.

“So, in exchange for me giving you yet another chance…” Tamara now knew exactly what she was saying before she even finished the sentence. “What do you say you help me work some of this pressure off?”

The squeaky blonde EA tried to divert what she was trying to say. “Um… you mean, like, help you decompress? Um, well, I’ve got two tickets to the amusement park, you could take them and bring one of your friends, or, I have—”

“Oh, no no no no. I don’t want that,” Saskia spoke as she stood up, went around her desk to Tamara, who was frozen in place. She placed a finger up her cheek and ran it down her face to her chin. “I mean I want to fuck the shit out of you. Give me something to take my anger out on, no?”

“What?! No!” Tamara gasped in horror, recoiling from Saskia’s touch. “That’s… I would never!”

“Never? I thought you said you would do anything? Anything to keep your job, at all?”

Tamara bit her lip. This couldn’t actually be happening, could it? “Well, yes… I did, I did say that. But—”

“So, you were lying?” Saskia’s face fell into a scowl. “I don’t take kindly to liars, Tamara. Especially when I’ve already made such a lovely proposition to them.”

Tamara stood in place, frozen. She couldn’t believe what was happening at all – her boss was downright blackmailing her info giving her sex in exchange for keeping her job. It was absurd to her, that Saskia would stoop to such lows in order to get what she wanted.

But as the initial shock dissipated from Tamara, she was filled with a new feeling. Upon further inspection, she did find Saskia quite attractive. Her black hair with blonde highlights was shining, her skin was glowing as it always was, and the suit jacket and pencil skirt combo complimented her curves perfectly. Her boss was extremely attractive, at least in looks – morality was a different story.

And at the core – Tamara needed to keep her job. She couldn’t afford to be homeless or poor again. The job paid well, and gave her good hours. She didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, as she was beginning to realize.

Not that she particularly wanted a choice.

“Okay,” Tamara bit her lip and spoke in a hushed voice. “I… I can do that.”

Saskia’s frown reversed once again into a sadistic smile, one from knowing she got exactly what she wanted – and was going to get even more. “Good girl,” she cooed, swirling her chair to the side. “Get on my side of the desk, now.”

Tamara almost hesitated, still bewildered by the situation. But soon enough, her reasoning told her to go over to Saskia, and so she treaded over. Her footsteps felt heavy, heavier with each step as the consequences of her agreement weighed down on her. Eventually, she reached the other side of the desk, standing in front of her boss.

She wasn’t standing for very long, though. Saskia reached up from the chair and grabbed the neck of Tamara’s dress, dragging her down to her level for a fiery hot kiss. Tamara was immediately overtaken by the sensation, the thrill of being taken in so possessively by her boss wracking her. Not only that, but the depth of Saskia’s kiss made it hard for Tamara to breathe – even more so when Saskia wrapped her hand around Tamara’s neck and began to choke her just a little. bursa otele gelen escort She let go, when she saw how quickly Tamara lost her breath — and then she choked her again, this time harder and longer, up until the point Tamara was about to pass out.

Saskia lifted her hand from Tamara’s neck, and began playing with her new sub’s hair. She almost tied knots in the back of Tamara’s skull, pulling on some strands to keep Tamara on her toes. “Now, now, don’t pass out on me. I’m going to need you to stay awake for just a bit longer.” She kissed Tamara once again, this kiss less toxic and more forgiving.

When Saskia leaned back, she began glaring into Tamara’s eyes. Tamara looked to the side, only to be met with a slap to her face. “You’re supposed to look at your boss when she’s talking to you. God, do you know anything?” she chided. Tamara blushed, putting a gentle hand to her own cheek to caress it softly. “From now on, when we’re together, you’ll refer to me as Mistress Saskia. Do you understand, toy?”

“Y…yes, Mistress Saskia.” Tamara was becoming more and more appalled by this situation the more it went on, but a part of her couldn’t get enough. Saskia was greedy in her wanting all of Tamara – and Tamara loved the feeling of being wanted, no matter how degrading it was that she traded her own dignity for it.

Saskia reached under Tamara’s shirt, the toy flinching from the sudden skin-to-skin contact as Saskia went up to grab her breasts. The stretching of the shirt managed to pop a few buttons, and Tamara secretly prayed that her favorite shirt wasn’t going to be ruined by something like this.

As Saskia stroked with her fingers, Tamara’s nipples hardened under the touch, becoming more and more sensitive with the increasingly rough contact. She stood there, still frozen in embarrassment like a cute little deer in headlights.

One of Saskia’s hands retreated from her shirt and grabbed Tamara’s wrist suddenly. When Tamara yelped, Saskia responded with a growl. “I’m not going to let you just stand there and look as stupid as you are. Get to work, toy.”

With a rough pull, Saskia forced Tamara’s hand under her pencil skirt and to her wet crotch. If Tamara wasn’t already humiliated enough, she was now that she was getting her fingers lightly coated with Saskia’s juices, even through her panties. Her fingers gently stuck to each other, the smell permeating the room.

“What are you waiting for?” Saskia huffed again. “Go under and touch.”

“O-okay… I mean, y-yes, Mistress Sas, Saskia…” Tamara swallowed whatever was left of her pride and went under Saskia’s panties, beginning to lightly finger her wet cunt and getting her fingers even more drenched. Tamara’s skin curled when she heard Saskia let out a soft, drawn out moan, a sound unbecoming of such a dignified CEO — though who could call her dignified anymore, after her blackmailing her subordinate for sex.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that; Tamara knew that Saskia’s moans meant that she was having a good time, so she fingered harder to coax more out of her. Saskia kept her wrist on Tamara’s working hand, and used it to push her fingers deeper in, and right to the right spot. It was almost as if she was teaching Tamara her body, or rather, forcing her to learn.

“You’re doing so well, plaything,” Saskia huffed through a moan, grinning up at Tamara. “Let’s see what you can do with your mouth.”

Saskia pulled Tamara’s hand out of her cunt and moved her hand to her face. “Lick my juices, toy.”

As if not already debased enough by the humiliation of the situation, Tamara felt even more degraded being forced to lick her boss’ juices off her hand. The taste was bitter, with a strange sourness to it; though oddly enough, licking and smelling it was intoxicating in a strange way.

“Good,” bursa escort bayan Saskia sighed with a smile. “Get under my desk.”

Tamara complied, crouching down under Saskia’s desk, still facing her as her boss pulled down her underwear past her high heels. She spread her legs far apart, showcasing her dripping cunt in front of Tamara’s face, her big clit poking out of her folds. “I’m going to focus on something more important while you eat me out. Don’t take my passiveness as an invitation to stop.”

“Y…yes, Mistress Saskia,” Tamara responded. She was going to hesitate and wait for her courage to gather up, before Saskia grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged Tamara’s face into her pussy. She thrust it deep into her face, locking her knees around Tamara’s neck to get her to eat harder, faster.

Tamara of course had no choice but to comply. She kept eating out Saskia, getting her tongue nice and deep as to try to elicit any moans or cries of pleasure from her. But there was nothing. Tamara almost felt furious when she felt Saskia’s body shift and heard her fingers start to type and shuffle through papers again — as if she hardly even cared about how much degradation she was putting Tamara through.

Tamara was puzzled. She pulled back briefly, confused, only for Saskia to force her mouth back in again. “I didn’t tell you to stop, pet. Keep going until I cum, no matter how long it takes.”

Minutes passed. Tamara must have lost track of time, and her mouth started to hurt, but every time she even had a thought to stop Saskia roughly reminded her of her work duties with a rough hair pull and a kick to her back from Saskia’s heel.

At one point, someone came into the room to run something by Saskia. Tamara stopped, thinking that was the right thing to do, until Saskia forced her back in. Despite Tamara trying her hardest to please Saskia, she could overhear their conversation clearly, with no sense of Saskia getting any pleasure or distraction from Tamara eating her out. The conversation wasn’t a short one, either — Saskia was clearly in no hurry as she forced Tamara to keep at her.

Eventually, the other party left after some boisterous laughter from the two, and Saskia went back to her paperwork. Tamara thought her torture was never going to end. She must have been eating Saskia out for twenty minutes now, and she thought Saskia was never going to let her finish, or finish herself.

At least, that’s what Tamara thought, until Saskia suddenly let out a loud moan, bucking her hips into Tamara’s mouth.

“Nnn- ah, fuck— ugh…” With a few loud thrusts into Tamara’s mouth, Saskia came, seeping some of her juices into her new plaything’s mouth. Tamara choked on it, her gag reflex kicking in, and Saskia’s thrusts from orgasming went on for what went like a decade.

Eventually, she pulled back with a happy sigh of relief, grabbed her panties and pulled them back up over her soaked crotch.

“Get up.”

Tamara finally got up from under the desk, her bones aching but not nearly as much as her face from eating her boss out for over 25 minutes.

“Your technique needs some work,” Saskia quipped, though looking ever so slightly more happy from her orgasm. “Consider it part of your new job responsibilities to learn how to get better at that.”

Tamara flushed red, barely responding to that with words other than stammers.

“What?” Saskia laughed. “You think this was just going to be a one time thing? No, not at all. I’m your boss and your Mistress now, after all. Do you understand, pet?”

She was praying. Tamara was secretly hoping they would only have to do this once, that their debasement wasn’t something they’d have to go back to. But they should have known Saskia better — she was too cruel and cunning, as Tamara now realized.

A part of her thought to herself, that she could take this to HR. Or a lawyer. She could make bank proving Saskia to be who she really was.

But did she really want to?

“Now, let me take you for lunch,” Saskia stood up to grab her keys, jacket and wallet. “And maybe tonight, I can teach you how to work a little better. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, pet?”

“…yes, Mistress Saskia.”

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