Dirty Little Secret Ch. 02

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It had been 4 days since I had seen or heard from Vijay. For the first couple of days I tried to stay outside my house as long as I could so that I could avoid bumping into him & for the rest of the time I avoided walking down to his house which I so often did before our encounter. Even though I agree that my encounter with him was eye opening, mind boggling experience, but still being a traditionally nurtured girl, I still had an over weighing sense of guilt, shame and lots of confusing emotions about the incident.

There were still 4 days before my parents would arrive & till then I knew it would be difficult to stay away from my dear aunt & uncle who I depended upon to a great extent in the absence of my parents.

On Saturday though I had no where to go and I decided to stay put inside my house for the whole day. After having a shower, I sat in the living room watching TV and chatting with friends on Whatsapp, munching on chips as I usually did while watching a chick flick when the door bell rang. I sat up, a little surprised wondering who it could be. Vijay was still at the back of my mind but Vimal would be home today so he wouldn’t dare come along and even if he did he wouldn’t wait here for long.

I walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. Aunt Vimal was there at the other side of the door. Quietly thanking god I opened the door to welcome Vimal with a smile.

“Hi Beta…” Vimal greeted me in her usual loud and enthusiastic way.

“Hi Vimal…” I replied letting her into the house.

Vimal entered and spread her arms around me to hug me. I too embraced her tight as we usually did. Our hugs were usually very tight as if we had met after a long time even though we would meet almost every day and at times several times during the day.

“How are you Beta?” She asked me as she let go off me and started walking to the living room.

“I am fine Vimal, just chilling out.” I replied. We walked into the living room and made ourselves comfortable on the couch. I muted the TV and we started talking.

“You haven’t come to my house all these days?” Vimal asked me.

“Yeaah…aah..” I struggled to reply.

“What…is everything okay?” she asked seeming a little worried.

“Yeah Yeah…I am fine. It’s just that I have been busy the whole week with lectures and study.” I replied controlling my discomfort.

“Yeah but usually you join us for dinner when your parents are out of town. Then what happened this time?” She asked.

Now what was I supposed to tell her? I did actually go to her place to have dinner not because I was too lazy to cook for myself but because she cooked well and I didn’t have to worry about cleaning afterwards.

“Yeahh…this time I had the company of my friends. Some or the other would be there with me during dinner.” I gave her a reason.

Ohh…Okay…Well. I had sent your Uncle to check up on you a few days ago.” She said as she stood up. ‘Shit Shit Shit’ I thought as a chill ran down my spine. Was she on to us? Did she know what happened that day? What will she do? What will I say? All such obvious questions came to my mind and I was lost in them. I saw Vimal speak something but couldn’t really listen to her as I was so pre occupied with my exit strategy.

“Neha….” Vimal asked as she looked at me with a bewildered experession.

“Yeah..?” I asked as I back to my senses.

“I said that your Uncle told me that you weren’t at home that day?” She said.

“Ohhh…Sorry…Yeah…Maybe…” I replied trying to act as normal as I could.

“Hmm…okay then I will go home now. I have a lot of work to do.” She said as she started walking to the door.

“Join us for dinner tonight Neha.” She said as she stood at the door.

“Ohh…No No…I am going out with my friends.” I replied.

“Ohh C’mon Neha…you have been having dinner with your friends for the past 4 nights, you can have one with us tonight. After all we are as good as friends. Aren’t We?” She said trying to coax me into joining them for dinner.

“Well…I don’t want to impose…” I replied, trying to wriggle my way out of it.

“What…What is the matter with you? Why are you being so formal all of a sudden?” She said loudly. Her reaction was not surprising; after all I had never been even close to being formal or hesitant to go to their place or be with them.

“Hehe…Okay…I will come tonight.” I said. I had no way to refuse. It would be too strange to say no like this.

“Alright, we will meet you at 8.” She said as she stepped outside my house. I closed the door and slowly walked towards my bedroom.

‘Ding Dong…’ the bell rang as I stood outside Vijay and Vimal’s house. They had invited me over for dinner but I hadn’t bothered to dress up properly. I was wearing a simple blue T shirt and a pair of shorts. I had worn a pull over because it was a little chilly.

“Hey…come on in…” Vimal said when she opened the door.

I walked inside to the living güvenilir bahis room where I saw Vijay sitting on the couch watching TV. He looked at me and smiled. It was a normal smile and not the lecherous one that I had seen that day. It was a courteous gesture that one expresses when you meet someone.

But that smile was enough to make me shiver. I hadn’t seen Vijay since that day and now that he was just a few feet away from me just brought back the memories of that day. Those images just flashed in front of my eyes.

Vijay was sitting on the couch such that his butt was just on the edge of the cushion, his back against the couch and his legs stretched out on the floor. Even though Vijay was fully dressed I could still visualize his naked body; the firm chest, the flat stomach and the massive tool between his legs. I clenched my right hand when I remembered how his hard cock felt in its grip.

I had heard and at times been a witness to a visual undressing by a guy but I had never done that to anyone. ‘What the hell!’ I thought. As I just stood in the living room, lost in my own thoughts, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned back to see Vimal looking at me.

“What happened?” She said as she stared at me. “Uhhh…nothing…nothing…” I replied.

“Okay then…let’s go inside…” She said as she grabbed my hand and started walking towards the kitchen. I looked at Vijay who was still staring at the TV. I caught his glance as I walked away from the living room.

I spent the next couple of hours with Vimal in the kitchen helping her cook. Vijay would occasionally drop buy to fetch a beer from the fridge. Some small talk with Vijay would follow but I didn’t notice any abnormal behavior from him. It was as if nothing had happened. Neither did he stare at me nor did he try touching me more than required. Well…why would he? Why would Vijay try something funny with his teenaged niece when his wife was in the house?

“You ladies want some wine?” Vijay asked as he fetched another beer from the fridge.

“I would love some.” Vimal said.

“And you Neha?” Vijay asked me. I just didn’t know what to say. I had never tried wine; in fact, I was an occasional soda drinker.

As I stood there thinking how to react, Vimal spoke up…

“Yeah… why not Vijay? I think she is old enough to try some wine. Why don’t you pour her a small drink?”

“He he…yeah sure.” Vijay said as he moved to the wall cabinet and took out two wine glasses. He took out a wine bottle from another cabinet and pulled out its cork with a loud pop sound. He poured the wine in the glasses; a small quantity in one glass and a little more in another glass. He passed on the glasses to us before opening his pint of beer.

“Cheers to our grown up girl.” Vimal said as our glasses and his pint touched each other making a clinking sound.

“Yeah…all grown up…” Vijay said as he stared at me and took a sip of his beer. Vimal also took a sip of her wine but I still had the glass in my hand.

“Come on Neha…take a sip…it’s just wine and it can’t be the worst thing you could do.” Vijay said as he and Vimal kept looking at me with expectation.

‘What the hell was that?’ I thought. Vijay had just pulled off a sucker punch with his two statements.

I just quietly sipped the wine busy thinking about what Vijay had just said. I was tasting wine for the first time. It had a weird taste; little sweet, little sour. For the first time I didn’t like wine at all but I knew that it was an acquired taste.

When I finished the drink in a few sips, Vimal poured me another one. I sipped the drink as Vijay and Vimal engaged me in talking.

“I think the drinks are enough for today. Neha can you please set the dining table; Vijay and I will bring the food.” Vimal instructed.

Soon we were on the dining table. Vimal was sitting opposite to me and Vijay was to my right. We were enjoying the food and Vijay and Vimal were asking me about my college and other activities. It was a normal family dinner.

As I was engrossed in talking to Vimal, I suddenly felt something briefly rubbing against my leg. I looked at Vijay who was quietly eating his food and listening to our conversation.

I thought it must have been accidental and I continued talking to Vimal. A few moments later I again felt something rub against my shin and moved over to the right side of my calf. I immediately recognized that it was a foot and from the way it was moving along my ankle up to my mid calf I knew it wasn’t accidental. The only person to do this at the table was Vijay.

I glanced at Vijay who was still looking down at the plate and eating his food. Vimal on the other hand was still talking but at the moment she had my least attention. Vijay’s foot was now rubbing along my shin and calf freely as he knew I wouldn’t dare react to his actions in front of his wife.

I somehow managed to maintain my composure and continued eating, feigning attention to Vimal who continued türkçe bahis talking something about my studies. I think it was about some course. She wanted me to attend that course and was perhaps telling me about the features of the course.

“What do you think Neha?” She asked me.

“Yeah…I think it is great.” I replied not too sure of what she was asking me.

“Uhhh…okay…” She said as she got back to eating. I looked at Vijay and noticed his faint grin. He knew I wasn’t paying attention to his wife but was rather pre occupied in his erotic antics.

I kept eating and nodding my head in agreement to whatever Vimal was saying. Vijay now moved his foot higher and touched my knee. I gasped as he did that and that was enough for Vimal to notice. “What happened?” She asked at me.

“Nothing nothing…uhhh…I need a glass of water.” I replied.

Vimal got up and walked into the kitchen to get me a glass of water. The moment she was out of sight, I kicked Vijay in the shin and he gasped. His reaction to my action took me aback. Instead of backing off, Vijay put his hand under the table and on my thigh. While sitting, my shorts had been pulled up and now Vijay’s hand was resting on the exposed right one.

I gasped as I felt Vijay’s cold palm on my thigh. He squeezed my thigh with his large hand and moved it over to the left thigh and caressed it. This time I didn’t react but kept staring at Vijay as he continued caressing my left thigh. To gain access to my left thigh Vijay had to move forward and as he did he came closer to me. His face was now a few inches away from mine and we continue staring at each other. This reminded me of the same situation we had been in the other day when I was jerking his cock and he was fingering my pussy. I clenched my fist as I was reminded of the feel of his hard cock in my hand.

Vijay moved his hand up and his fingers sneaked inside my shorts. I held his hand and almost moaned as his fingers inched towards the hem of my panties. It must not have been more than a minute but it felt like it had been hours as Vijay and I engaged in carnal games under the dinning table.

Vijay immediately withdrew his hand and straightened up and I was pulled back from ecstasy and opened my eyes as we heard foot steps approaching us. Within seconds Vimal was back in the dinning room with a jug of water and a three empty glasses.

She sat on her chair and poured some water in the glass and passed it to me. The caressing had left my throat dry and I really needed a glass of cold water to calm down my nerves.

Dinner proceeded as usual and I was soon in the kitchen with Vimal helping her clean up. Vijay was in the living room watching TV while I and Vimal engaged in small talk about random topics.

After about half an hour Vimal and I finished cleaning up and walked into the living room. Vijay was sitting on the couch with his feet on the table in front of him and was flipping through channels trying to find something worthwhile to watch. Sunday nights, in my opinion was the worst time to watch TV. There were no movies, no serials or anything worth watching. It was a time when people would wind up in bed for the hard week at work the next day.

I and Vimal walked over to the couch and sat down. Vimal was sitting next to Vijay who had by now moved to make room for us on the couch. I sat next to Vimal at the other end of the couch. Vijay kept changing the channel till he found a new movie playing on a channel. It was an action movie of some Hollywood action hero. We started watching it as Vijay and Vimal were both fans of action movies whereas I didn’t feel so strongly about violence.

We spent almost an hour watching the movie and during the breaks one of us would get up for a drink of water or going to the loo. During one of the commercial breaks, Vimal got up and walked out of the room. Now Vijay and I were sitting alone in a dark room where the only light was from the television. I expected Vijay to soon start with his erotic antics but he didn’t move at all.

‘Now he will do something….now he will do something’ I thought as I expected Vijay to make a move at any moment but that did not happen. Vimal returned and we went back to watching the movie. We watched the movie together for another half an hour of so before Vimal spoke.

“I am sleepy…I am going to bed.” she said before she yawned and got up.

“Neha…if you are going to stay for the night then you can sleep in the guest room. Good night beta.” She said and started walking out of the living room.

I looked at Vijay who was still staring at the television. I thought perhaps he had his fill of action for the night at the dinning room itself and wouldn’t do anything so I went back to watching the movie.

After a while I looked back at Vijay and saw him staring at me. I faintly smiled back to which he too reciprocated. He got up and walked out of the living room to return back after a few minutes.

This time he sat to my left güvenilir bahis siteleri and moved close to me. I didn’t mind his closeness and didn’t move away at all. In fact I had been expecting this for sometime now. Vijay moved his arm behind me and placed it on my shoulders. He gently caressed my right arm and my shoulders. I sighed as I placed my head on his shoulder. He moved his right foot to my leg and started running it up and down along my left leg.

Vijay moved his arm over my shoulder and gently squeezed my right breast. At the same time he caressed by naked left thigh with his left hand. I sighed as my nipples hardened to his manual stimulation and a chill ran down my spine.

I looked up at him and smiled and he smiled back before lowering his face to kiss me. I closed my eyes as Vijay’s lips met mine. Vijay kissed me deep, holding me tightly in his arms; the lingering kiss felt like an eternity.

“What about Vimal?” I asked Vijay as I broke the kiss and tried to move away from him. I wanted to do this but the last thing I wanted to do was to get caught by my aunt making out with my uncle.

“Don’t worry about her…” Vijay calmly replied as he cupped my supple breasts from under my arms and gave them a soft squeeze.

I sighed and went back into Vijay’s arms as he caressed my breasts over my shirt. Vijay and I both turned to the right so that my back was against his chest. He pulled me close to him and now he had absolute access to my breasts. His caressing got firmer and my sighing turned into gasping with each passing second.

In the moment of ecstasy, I tilted my head slightly to the right, exposing my delicate nape. Vijay kissed my nape tenderly, slowly kissing his way to my shoulder and then going back towards my ear. I gently tucked my hair behind my ear to allow him better access to my nape, ear and cheek.

Vijay got the signal and immediately took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked on it. He sucked and licked my earlobe and his breath against my ear drove me crazy.

Vijay then moved his lips to my left cheek and gently planted kisses on it. His right hand was caressing my neck and his left hand was on my stomach. He continued kissing me on the cheek, moving slightly forward with each kiss towards my lips. A slight turn of my head to the left was more than enough for our lips to meet and as soon as they did, a furious bout of kissing ensued.

Our lips and tongues clashed against each other as if it was a battle…a sexual battle of an eager to please novice against her experienced master. The kissing was so furious that the sound of the slurps and smooches resonated through out the living room, perhaps to rooms beyond but we were now beyond reason and care. All that mattered to me was the pleasure I wanted from my lustful uncle.

As we went on lustily exchanging saliva, Vijay squeezed my boobs really hard and I moaned with his mouth still covering my mouth. I immediately brought my hands down to the hem of my T shirt and pulled it above my breasts. Vijay immediately grabbed my breasts and began cupping and squeezing them; all the while kissing me with the same gusto as he had displayed a few moments ago.

As my beautifully enormous, flimsy bra encased breasts were being played with by my dear uncle, a thought came to my mind. Vijay uncle must have virtually seen my boobs grow. He had known me all my life, from being a mischievous toddler to a little primary school girl, from a pre teen to a young beautiful late teen. The most visible of physical changes in me from the pre teen years besides my height were my breasts; and right now he was squeezing them to his hearts content.

He had perhaps seen me in my birthday suit when I was a baby and now eighteen years later he saw me naked the other day and the way things were progressing right now, he was well on his way to see me naked again.

Even though I loved my boobs being squeezed over my bra, I was a tad bit uncomfortable, knowing, that I could feel his rough hands over the tender, gentle skin of my naked breasts. I wanted that! And the only hindrance was the bra.

To that effect, I moved my hands behind my back and under my shirt and held the bra hook, all the while being at the receiving end of a mind numbing kiss and an extremely arousing breast massage. The kissing and squeezing kept me busy and distracted enough, for me to fumble with my bra hooks. A couple of more attempts followed and I miserably failed. What a shame! I couldn’t even unhook my own bra!

I gave up the effort, hoping Vijay would sooner or later unhook the bra. As I let go off the hook, my hands went down and stumbled upon his raging hard on. I grabbed his erect cock and gave it a light squeeze. Vijay broke the kiss and sighed as I continued fondling his cock; his erect cock which I could prominently feel in spite of being under layers of clothing.

Our kiss had been broken for the fist time since the whole episode started. We were gasping, trying to catch our breath; only staring at each other. A few light kisses followed as we took a break from a hectic session of foreplay. In the meanwhile, Vijay continued squeezing my breasts, albeit gently and I too was lightly caressing his cock.

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