Dillards Ch. 01

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Driving away, she could feel the day’s stress start to subside. With this week behind her, the plans for the evening included grey goose with oj and cranberry, two small candles, a warm bath, and Mr. Grey. Just as she pulled into traffic, her phone went off and the message said; “look up.” Tucked behind the drivers sun visor was a plain white envelope with her name on it. Two things puzzled her. How did he get inside her truck and how did he know she would be driving at precisely this time? She could feel her pulse quicken, realizing her plans for the evening were going to change and he would be a part of them.

“Miss Sophia; please follow these directions and I will meet you later. Go to the ladies department at Dillard’s and ask for Janet.” She did as instructed and Janet disappeared into the back room. She came out carrying a soft yellow summer dress with thin shoulder straps. It was lightly adorned with small red and blue wild flowers. She handed her the dress along with a hand written note with further instructions.

“Use the last stall, remove your bra and panties and put on the dress. When you are done, go to the pier and ask for Stacy.” Not wanting to disappoint him, she made her way to the dressing room, disrobed, and slid the dress over her head, letting it glide down her body. The cool silk fabric sliding across her bare nipples sent a rush of pleasure through her body. In the corner of the dressing room was a small bottle of vanilla lotion and another note. “Please put this in all the appropriate places. One other thing, prepare your lips the way I like.” She put the lotion just above her bikini line, where he makes her write Sir. Two spots on either side of her neck, just below her ears; she knows he will kiss her there. Her fingers slipped into her wetness and she coated her lips. Sophia gathered her clothes and made a beeline for the pier.

Stacy, the bar back at the pier recognized her immediately from his description. Look for a very sexy woman with a smile you’ll want to kiss. As she approached, Stacy smiled and said, “You have to be Sophia; he’s waiting for you at the Ti-ki hut. Also tell him he is right; I would love to kiss you.” She thanked Stacy by leaning over the bar and kissing her fully on the lips. Stacy smiled; “thank you for the taste, you are delicious.”

He was sitting at the Hut smiling as she walked down the breeze way. The dress was gracefully clinging to her body and her nipples kağıthane escort were on full alert. The silky fabric sent tiny bits of electricity throughout her body as it guided across each pinnacle. She loved pleasing him; no panties, no bra and every eye on her as she sat down; she was his. He ordered drinks for them; she immediately leaned over and whispered softly, “Sir, may I ask?”

“Please Miss Sophia, ask me anything.” Her voice was sultry and her demeanor submissive. She felt protected and safe with him; expressing her inner covet was starting to come easy.

“When we get comfortable Sir, will you allow me to lick your balls again? I love to watch your expressions as my tongue cradles them in my mouth.” She studied the room as she conveyed her lustful intentions. It made her feel so impish to play this naughty game with Sir. Her smile gave the appearance that she was prim and proper; no one would ever expect this level of decadence to live within her. “My warm mouth will caress them while I stroke your cock.” She saw him smile and knew he was pleased with her debauchery.

“You must have had a good night’s sleep; your bad girl is off the chain. Yes Miss Sophia, I love to watch you please me.” Her slutty comments made his cock strain against his jeans. She was learning how to please Sir; enjoyed how she could peak his craving for her body, her offerings. She sipped her drink and he leaned closely in to her; his hand cradled hers. “Spread you legs, Sophia.” She did as a directed and he guided their hands to her inner thigh. Gradually, he worked their hands under her skirt and to her wet pussy. “Start slow and soft, I want you to lightly touch your clit.”

Without detection, he removed his hand from hers and directed his focus to her erect nipple. The sheerness of the cloth added an intense sensation to her excitement as his finger circled her pointed hardness. Her obedience to his demands made this discrete game wonderful; she loved being a bad girl for Sir. “Are we ready to head upstairs?”

“Yes Sir;” her reply was coy and softly spoken. The blood to her clit had made it swollen and sensitive to the touch and the brink was not far away. She finished her drink on the way to the room. Once inside she saw the evening’s accessories; garter and straps, stockings, black panties, wrist binds, a crystal glass dildo and her instructions. He loved to detail how she would present kartal escort herself; it was her offering to his pleasure. Sir’s desire for this lustful woman was overwhelming and it fueled his imagination.

“Miss Sophia, do not disrobe. Put these items on in the order listed; garter and straps, stockings, then panties. I will secure your wrists later. I want you to stand slightly behind the couch, feet together, facing the door. And one other thing, once you are dressed properly and in position; be a bad girl for me, pull your panties to the side and insert the dildo. I’ll be up shortly, Sir.” Her pulse quickened as she dressed, making sure everything was in order for him; she stood at the couch and clutched the dildo. Her pussy was wet from the encounter at the bar and it slid inside her with ease. She wanted to pleasure herself but choose not to be naughty; rather, her mind concentrated on how his cock would feel. Legs together, she waited.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into an eternity before the door opened; she watched him come in and close the door. The dress he picked out silhouetted her body and she looked brilliant. She stood perfectly sill as he gazed at her; never looking into her eyes. He approached, reached out to touch her neck and pulled his hand back. He grabbed the chair and sat in front of her. “Use only your thumbs and pull your panties down just above your knees; spread your legs far enough apart to hold them in place. Do not let the toy fall out.”

She slipped her hands under her dress, hooked her panties on the sides and slid them down, she watched him smile; she felt such delight. It was difficult to hold her legs spread and maintain the toy inside. She could tell he was pleased by the bulge in his pants; his expression was filled with carnal thoughts and he made her stand there. She wanted to look into his eyes, share his lust but his gaze never left her body.

He moved to her, close enough to touch her body. “Raise you dress, please. I want to see the toy in my pussy.” She bunched the dress in hands at the side and started to raise it up. “NO, not like that!” his stern voice startled her. “Use your fingertips and grab the hem in the front. Raise it slowly.” She elevated the front of her dress to expose her bare pussy to Sir. Her lips were swollen and he could see the end of the dildo peering out. Her pussy was clenched around it so it would not fall küçükçekmece escort to the floor; he smiled. “Tell me how my pussy feels, Sophia.”

Her heart raced; talking this way was so difficult for her; so new to her, he made her bad. “It felt very smooth when I put it in and I liked that; I thought of you sliding inside of me. Your pussy is pulsing with it inside.” She wanted Sir to touch her there, put his finger on her clit and make her cum. She was so close to releasing, her body screamed. He brought his hand to her.

He made a “V” with his two fingers and slid them on either side of her pussy lips; gently massaging the flesh. As his fingers moved back and forth, he closed them together and manipulated the outside if her labia. Her soft moan signaled pleasure, “Oh, Sir. May I cum for you, please?”

He didn’t answer; his fingers worked the outside of her pussy, deliberately missing her clit. She tried to move her hips so he would accidently rub across her magic button. “STOP MOVING AND BE STILL OR WE WILL NOT LIKE THE RESULTS.” She immediately froze, unwilling to make that mistake again. The last time she disobeyed him in that manner; he got up, turned her around and impressed his disapproval on her bum.

“I’m sorry Sir.” She relaxed and focused on the pleasure he was giving. He pulled his hand back and stood up. They were close; she could smell him, his scent. He always he wore a very small amount of cologne; just enough for her to detect but not enough to overpower. His hand moved to the back of her neck and he grabbed a handful of her hair; close to her head. He pulled her hair down, made her head tilt up, made her look at him. She saw his passion; his lust and it fill her. She could see the pleasure she gave and they validated each other. He released her hair.

The palm of his hand found the tip of her rigid nipple and he teased it with a circular motion; very light pressure, just delicate enough to feel. “Does it feel good to be my bad girl, Miss Sophia?” His voiced tapered off as she felt his teeth lightly gripped her neck. The palm of his hand was replaced by his thumb and his fore finger; gently he pinched and tugged her nipple taught.

Sophia’s voice was decorous and proper; “yes Sir; it does.” The fact of the matter was quite simple; it did; she yearned to be his and it was splendid. She felt his tongue on her neck, moving, inching slowly upward; she turned her head for him. He knew what she wanted. He put his mouth on the outside of her ear and his teeth nibbled softly. Sir took care and made sure the only contact points were her ear and her nipple, each time he pulled her taught; he used his teeth. He moved his mouth to the opening of her ear and paused; she could feel the warmth…

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