Did We Wake You?

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Prior to our chance meeting very late one night in the hallway of our house, most of the times I had seen Mom’s boyfriend were from waves we exchanged while he was in his car picking up or dropping my mother off on the several times they had gone out together. We had been introduced by my mother as well. With me starting college and working part time I wasn’t around all that much, but I knew when Mr. Carle’s car was there and Mom’s door was closed there would be some noises happening.

The hallway encounter was far different from those however, because the balding little fellow behind the spectacles was, besides the glasses, as naked as the breeze as he exited Mom’s bedroom, and less embarrassed than I was about it. Then again, as I tried and failed to make eye contact with the slight older fellow, it was quite obvious Mr. Carle had nothing to be ashamed of.

Dressed, Mr. Everett Carle was as nondescript as they come, a frail looking fellow in his fifties I had guessed. Wearing glasses that hinted at what Harry Potter might look like way down the road, his nebbish appearance almost made me look macho by comparison, and he seemed to sense and revel in my spastic response to his question, “Did we wake you?”

I hemmed and hawed in place, feeling more naked than Mr. Carle as I mumbled incoherently while my eyes bounced up and down from his face to his crotch.

“No. Er. Uh. Not really,” I finally got out as he closed Mom’s bedroom door behind him.

“Your Mom. She’s a bit of a screamer,” Mr. Carle suggested, something I hadn’t been aware of before. “She did try to stifle herself but…”

Mr. Carle shrugged his shoulders as he took a couple of steps towards me although the bathroom between us was his destination, and that made what had gotten my attention and was responsible for the noises my mother had made earlier sway a little as he moved.

“Ellen’s dead to the world if that’s what you’re worried about,” Mr. Carle explained when he sensed I was nervous about talking to him like this.

I could understand that about my mother, and as I kept looking down at what was – while slender in girth – was easily the longest limp cock I had ever seen, I figured that maybe Mom wasn’t actually dead but she might have trouble walking come morning.

“No, I…” I replied as I could feel the sweat beading up on my brow even though it wasn’t warm.

“I’ve heard a lot about you Jimmy,” Mr. Carle told me. “And from what I’m sensing with the way things are going between me and your mother, you might be seeing a bit more of me around these parts in the future. I hope that’s okay with you.”

I tried like hell to answer in the affirmative, and even though at about 5’9″ and 150 pounds I was taller and heavier I seemed to shrink before him, this despite that his voice was more high pitched than mine.

“Were you headed in here?” he finally asked when I just stood there twitching nervously, and after I shook my head he smiled and before ducking into the bathroom he added, “Got to drain the lizard.”

After standing in the hall and listening through the door as he pissed like a racehorse I went into my bedroom and ducked under the sheet, pulling off my boxers to wrap around my boner, but a light tap at the door interrupted me as I got my hand doing what it did best.

“Huh?” I mumbled as my door opened, and there in the doorway, still naked with the dim light from the hallway behind him making him look rather mystical, stood Mr. Carle.

“Your Mom suggested I try to spend some time with you – sort of getting to know each other a bit?” Mr. Carle said almost apologetically. “I know that doesn’t sound like fun having to spend time with an old guy like me, but she said you don’t have classes until late some days, so I was thinking after she goes to work sometime… say, did I interrupt something?”

“Uh,” I responded as he looked at the activity under the sheet that he had seen before casino şirketleri I had stopped.

“Something tells me that you aren’t all that tired right now,” Mr. Carle said as he closed the door behind him, and then he approached the bed smiling. “It’s okay Jimmy. Why don’t you pull down that sheet?”

My erection was gone, having been frightened into limpness by Mom’s boyfriend’s entrance but I was in a trance of some sort, hypnotized by the ghostly pale uncircumcised penis that swayed like a metronome as he walked. I was still in an awkward position on the bed when he got to me, and I guess he must have tired of waiting for me to do it so he tugged the sheet down and managed to get my boxers away from me.

“There. Certainly no reason for you to be modest,” Mr. Carle commented as he looked at my equipment. “Now why don’t you lay back down and relax?”

He eased me down to the sheets and then went to his knees at the side of the bed, his hand coming up to my chest and rubbing it gently, all the while giving me that smile that I cold see in the glow of the nightlight at beside.

“Is that your heart beating?” he asked as his hand rested briefly over it, and after I nodded he replied, “I’m excited too. I’ve been looking forward to this happening, even though I wasn’t sure it would ever be.”

“You seem older than your 18 years. You act so mature for your age,” Mr. Carle suggested, although he might be the only one who felt that way, and then his hand went to the center of my chest to play with the tiny nest of hair that had begun to grow. “Not just mentally mature but physically as well.”

“You’re going to be a hairy young buck soon,” he suggested as his fingers moved to toy with the hairs around my nipples. “I like that. Very much so.”

“Does it bother you for me to speak of you like this? To explore your body as I am?” he asked after he nudged the arm closest to him up and ran his fingers through my pit hair, but I was speechless as he leaned down and kissed my armpit.

“It would be so exciting for me if I were to move in with you two as your mother has suggested. Sort of the best of both worlds if you know what I mean,” Mr. Carle suggested while sliding his hand down my chest and over my slightly soft stomach, pausing at the timberline of my pubic hair. “Of course, that would depend in large part in how you felt about me. Right Jimmy?”

“You – uh – seem like a nice guy,” I ventured as I looked down at his hand which avoided my dick which was coming to life because of his touch.

“I am, and if you let me I would love to be even more than that to you,” he told me while his hand went over my thigh and down my calf to my ankle before slowly coming back up. “Hairy legs too. I love that, but I think I mentioned that already. Nervous me. Spread your thighs apart for me. Farther. A bit farther.”

“My word,” Mr. Carle hissed as his hand cupped my nuts, rolling them in his palm and kneading the sack. “You’ve got the balls of a bull, do you know that? Jimmy, you’re so young and virile, I bet they are overflowing with your seed, aren’t they? And look – you like them being played with don’t you?”

I didn’t have to look down but I did anyway and saw my cock beginning to rise, and within seconds it pointed straight up and then curled towards me as it got fully erect.

“That’s a thick piece of meat you have there son,” Mr. Carle said as he let go of my balls to trace the underside of my dick with his finger, and when he reached the cleft at the base of the head a pearl of cum oozed out to the tip. “Yes, nice and thick.”

That was his way of nicely saying that the girth was way more impressive than the length of my tool, which was average at best, but as his fingernail kept gently scraping up and down the undercarriage of my dick and the bead of cum turned into ropes drooling into my pubes I didn’t care about anything else but cumming.

“I could do this all night,” casino firmaları Mr. Carle opined as he kept stroking and I started squirming, and before long my cock looked really angry, beet red and seeming to be visibly throbbing. “Would you like that?”

“That wouldn’t be fair though,” Mr. Carle concluded, and after he had me slide over on my bed built for one he knelt at my hip and grabbed the shaft of my cock in his fist.

“Look at that. I can hardly fit my hand around you,” he mentioned as his hand went over the ridge of the mushroom head and back down. “Now I want this to last as long as possible, so do your best to keep from cumming.”

“When you can’t hold back any longer though,” he added as he started to bow his head. “There’s no need for a warning, just let it happen.”

Right after his mouth took in the head and his lips began moving down, it almost did happen but I managed to control myself, but the way his lips slid right down to the stump and then back up I knew the end was pretty near. His other hand churning my nuts didn’t delay anything either, so after a minute of my legs churning and my hands clawing at the sheets I came – erupted might be a better description giving how it felt.

Mr. Carle though? He didn’t even skip a beat. His mouth kept going up and down and his hands kept squeezing my balls and pinching the base of my dick while I kept as quiet as I could manage, not screaming like I wanted but kept it to a series of odd noises until I was spent.

Through very blurred eyes in the murky light I saw Mr. Carle’s head come up, semen drooling out of the corners of his lips, and after he gave me an open mouthed smile that revealed he had some left in his mouth, ducked down and took me back in his mouth again so he could go back down on my deflating dick a few more times before straightening up again and wiping the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand.

“I think you might have enjoyed that as much as I did,” Mom’s man told me as he climbed off the bed and when I saw his cock sticking out straight I believed that. While it hadn’t gotten all that much longer when it stiffened it was still a remarkable thing to see.

“Let me,” I said as I swung my feet onto the floor, grabbing the slender prong at the base which still left about 6″ outside of my grip, the cone-like tip of the glans peeking out of the end of the foreskin.

“By all means,” I heard Mr. Carle say as my lips slid down the smooth tube, and when I tasted something unusual it hit me that it was probably from Mom’s pussy, and while I don’t know if that excited me more, I know it didn’t hurt.

I made it halfway down on my first trip down, and as I began to go up and down I grabbed his balls, normal sized nuts in an elongated sack which had hung way down before I grabbed them. It was my plan to see if I could deep throat him but that idea was aborted when I gagged a bit from the tip hitting the back of my throat. From then on I contented myself with going about halfway down each time, even venturing below to suck on his nuts, and while I thought I was doing okay I felt Mr. Carle’s hand in my hair, pulling me away.

“Sorry,” I gasped. “I’m not used to anything this long.”

“No no no, you’re doing great Jimmy,” he assured me as he looked around the room, and then he went to my night table and turned on the light so he could look through the drawer.

“You don’t mind me snooping I hope. Rude of me,” he added as I looked at his cock springing up and down, the saliva coated prong looking like a diving board that have just been jumped off. “It occurred to me that an industrious lad like you would have something – ah yes. Here it is.”

What he had found was a tube of lubricant which I had only used once for the purpose Mom’s boyfriend had in mind. The rest of the time I used the goo to jack of with when the mood struck me, but it was clear Mr. Carle had other plans.

“You güvenilir casino have done this before, haven’t you?” he asked as he flipped open the cap. “With a butt that’s as cute as yours look to be in your jeans, I find it impossible no one has sampled your boy pussy before.”

“Once,” I answered truthfully and then noted that I wasn’t that crazy about it, and when he asked why I recalled, “his dick kept popping out.”

“That would not be a problem with me honey,” he chuckled, and then asked me to get on all fours. “Mind if I leave the light on? I want to get a good look at – oh yes! What a gorgeous bubble butt you have.”

“You should see yourself from this angle. Your scrotum looks even more impressive from back here,’ he noted as he gave the pouch a squeeze before spreading my cheeks. “What a sweet looking puckered ring you have there. Let me get you primed up.”

“Ooh!” I moaned when I felt a greased finger enter my virtually virgin orifice, and it was then that Mr. Carle suggested I bite the pillow or something similar to stifle myself.

“Your mother’s a very sound sleeper but she’s not dead,” he chuckled while fingering me, and then the finger came out as he climbed on behind me with the sound of what I assumed was his fist lubing up his manhood. “Someday when we’re alone I would love to paddle your bottom. Make it nice and pink.”

I didn’t answer because I had taken his advice and had a mouthful of pillow. After all, although the door was locked if Mom ever did wake up and check the door…

“Ready Jimmy?” he asked as I nodded while staring at the headboard. “You seem nervous. No reason because it won’t hurt, and if it does and you want me to stop, just say so.”

Then the conversation stopped and I could feel the tip of his weapon enter my anus. Slowly Mr. Carle eased into me, and it took forever for him to fully impale me. He was right. His sleek member had glided into me like a hot knife through butter and as he began moving in and out I let the pillow out of my mouth because the only thing I felt was good.

“That’s my boy. I knew you would like this,” he told me as he leaned over me, kissing my back and neck while reaching around and fondling my boy boobs. “You want me to go a little harder? Faster maybe?”

“Yes,” I grunted as he moved a bit faster in and out, and as he did I could feel his balls slapping between my legs.

“Such a tight boy pussy you have,” he said as his hands groped all over me, and when his hand ventured lower he chortled softly. “Hard again? Amazing. Would you like me to stroke you?”

I nodded as his fist grabbed me and pumped my dick as best he could, all the while probing me deeply. The bed was creaking a little as I suspected Mr. Carle was nearing orgasm, but I beat him to it, spurting out whatever he hadn’t already drained out of me into the sheets. After I came his hands went to my hips and after a few quick thrusts he froze in place.

A muffle groan accompanied his cock twitching inside of me, and then I enjoyed a soothing warmth as his seed filled my bowels. Mr, Carle leaned back over my back, hugging me until his lengthy probe slithered out of me, and then he got off the bed.

“That was wonderful for me, Jimmy,” he told me as I turned to face him, and after he kissed my forehead I told him it was fantastic for me too.

“I’m so glad. It would take all the fun out of it for me if it wasn’t. Well, guess I’ll clean up and go back to your mother,” Mr. Carle said while moving to the door, but before leaving he turned and spoke. “Your mother. She’s a fantastic person, but you know that without me saying anything. It’s just that there are some things I need that she can’t give me.”

“Any night you want to – you know – the door is never locked,” I explained.

“Good to know and I will take you up on that too. Night.”

I heard the sink being used in the bathroom, and as I felt his cum ooze out of me I made a mental note to wash this bedding myself because Mom wouldn’t understand. As for me I didn’t know how a middle aged guy would manage to service both of us but I was going to let Mr. Carle figure that out.


Thanks for reading.

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