Diane’s Fall Ch. 03

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Diane’s chest heaved as she struggled to bring her breathing and pulse rate back to a more reasonable pace. Little shocks and jolts were still running through her core as she tried to recover from the second orgasm in a row to come courtesy of her Mistress’s magical tongue.

She looked down to find the Native American beauty staring back at her. At the same time, she made slow circles with her tongue around Diane’s opening. Her face was covered with Diane’s juices as the second time she’d come, she’d squirted. Something she’d only done since meeting Kayla, and it had happened half of the six times since she’d climaxed in the last twenty-four hours. The look in Kayla’s eyes was mischievous as she stared hungrily up at Diane as if wanting to devour her.

“You…are…fucking…amazing,” Diane said, listlessly, still trying to catch her breath. Kayla smiled up at her as she began to tease her clitoris with slow licks and kisses.

Diane once again began to feel her arousal building as Kayla continued to torture her with that wicked tongue. She could remember all those times watching old westerns with her father, how the Indians in the old movie had always proclaimed that the white man spoke with a forked tongue.

Well, Diane was reasonably sure that Kayla ate pussy with one.

Her two orgasms had come less than two minutes apart. She hadn’t thought that possible. That made six times today the young woman had made her come. That was twice as much as her husband had been responsible for in the last seven or eight years. The thought ran through Diane’s head that either Jerry was a lousy fuck, or she was a lesbian.

She felt Kayla move below her and looked down to see her raise up just high enough to move her hand up underneath her. She could feel several of the younger woman’s fingers slide into her opening as Kayla dropped her mouth back on her engorged clit. Her hips arched off the bed as the feeling in her cunt became one of fullness. Kayla’s fingers seemed impossibly long and thick as they slid in and out of her over and over. The seductive young dominant continued to work her slight of the tongue on Diane’s clit, pounding it continuously with just the tip. Wrapping her lips around it and sucking hard caused Diane’s head to thrash side to side as she cried out repeatedly.

“Fuck, God, fuck, shit, Oh God…” Diane cried in an apparent form of profane prayer. She was unaware that Kayla had managed to fit her entire fist inside her and was slowly working it deeper and deeper into her orifice. As Diane seemed to teeter on the edge of the abyss, Kayla bit down lightly on her clit, sending her into oblivion.

When the blonde came to, she found Kayla snuggled up in her arms as she kissed her neck gently. Diane had two thoughts, one she couldn’t imagine it was possible to have a more accomplished lover, and this girl was only eighteen.

The second was that she was definitely a lesbian.

She let loose a sigh of complete contentment. Kayla looked up at her and smiled, saying, “Did you enjoy that?”

Diane laughed slowly and said, “Your tongue should be enshrined in the lesbian hall of fame. And what was that you did with your fingers? I felt so full, and it felt like you got them so deep.”

Kayla leaned in and kissed her. Diane could taste her own pussy on the younger woman’s lips as their tongues dashed together. When the kiss finally broke, Kayla wiggled her eyebrows, smiled, and said, “It’s possible to get your fingers really deep if you put all of them in there at the same time.”

Diane’s eyes got big as she said, “You mean…”

Kayla interrupted her by holding up her right fist and saying, “Don’t feel bad, though, as I have tiny hands.”

Diane laughed at her young lover, whose hands were not the least bit small. She had the long and graceful looking fingers of a concert pianist, and they’d played her melody just fine.

Kayla reached out and caressed the older woman’s cheek and asked, “Are you still interested in how you can get your retribution against Frannie and Beth?”

The memory flooded back into Diane’s mind causing her eyes to widen. “Definitely,” she answered.

Kayla smiled and said, “Then how would you feel if I set it up so you could dominate them both?”

The look of worry was instantaneous in Diane’s eyes. She wasn’t sure she was capable of dominating anyone. I mean, wasn’t she a submissive? And doing so outed her to both women, and she couldn’t see that being a good thing. Yes, both women were married and had a lot to lose, but neither had kids, and Diane had to put her girls first.

She relayed her thoughts to Kayla, who said, “I can understand you being reticent about them finding out, but I really believe your overthinking things. Frannie could lose her job for giving up your private financial details and her marriage if her husband found out some of the things she’d taken part in. And your dear sister-in-law is an admitted lesbian who only remarried because casino şirketleri she was afraid her parents would leave her out of their will otherwise.”

“Wait, you’re kidding?” Diane asked incredulously.

Kayla grinned and said, “I am not. She told Cherry she would love to come out and find a fulltime partner or Domme, but couldn’t because her parents would cut her out of their will. Her new marriage is a scam. The guy she’s with is as gay as she is.”

Diane suddenly felt better about the prospects of confronting them both, but there was still one doubt. “Okay, but are you sure I’m even capable of dominating someone? I mean, you had me ready to drop to my knees pretty quickly after nearly fourteen years of marriage and never having been with a woman. I think that indicates I’m pretty submissive.”

Kayla took both her hands and said, “Look, you’re obviously a great Mom to Lena and Lana. They seem to worship you from what I could gather from them. You can’t be a good mother and be a doormat. From what I’ve been able to garner about your business dealings, you’re also very good at your job and could be a top agent if you chose to work full time. Most people who do sales type work are assertive people. And from everything Beth told Cherry, you’re definitely the aggressive one in the bedroom as far as your marriage is concerned. Still, your husband isn’t very motivated when it comes to sexual matters, at least according to Beth.”

Diane frowned and said, “After today, I’m starting to wonder if our sexual problems weren’t a combination of things. Him being a bit too much of a boring traditionalist in the bedroom and me being a lesbian. The few orgasms I’ve had with him over our long marriage have been tiny hiccups in comparison to the ones I’ve had with you. It takes a half-hour of halfhearted foreplay on his part before I’m wet enough to be penetrated. My panties were literally drenched by the time I arrived here today just from thinking of being with you. Jerry is a great husband in all other respects and a great father too. He might not be a horrible lover if he had a straight wife.”

Kayla smiled and said, “Would it be so bad if that were true? At least you know who you are, and you have someone that loves you to share that part of your life with.”

A mist of tears came to Diane’s eyes as she leaned in to kiss Kayla. She couldn’t remember a time, other than the birth of her girls when she’d felt this complete. When their kiss broke, she tried to hide her tears but was unsuccessful.

Reaching up to wipe the tears away, Kayla said, “What is this? I hope these are happy tears because otherwise, I’m going to be very confused.”

Diane smiled at her comment and said, “I’m just thinking about how happy I am to have found you, but at the same time, how losing you will break my heart.”

Kayla, looking confused, asked, “Why would you lose me?”

With a sad smile, Diane said, “Because you’re going to go off to college next fall and I’m so busy between my job, my kids, and my husband, that we’ll never get to see one another.”

Kayla leaned in and kissed the older woman on the end of the nose, saying, “You worry too much. I told you I have a plan.”

Diane rolled her eyes and replied, “So you keep telling me, but I’ve yet to hear any details.”

Kayla leaned in and kissed the older woman just as her cell phone chimed. As she left the bed and headed over to her dresser to retrieve the phone, she said, “All in good time, pet. All in good time. I will fill you in on some of the broader strokes later, some of the finer details still need to be worked out. Once they are and you’ve agreed to my plan, I promise you we’ll get to be together a lot more than you think, and your husband won’t have a problem with it.”

Diane started to ask another question, but Kayla held up a finger while looking at the text on her phone. She looked over at Diane and gave her a little smirk before asking, “How would you feel about some company tonight? It would give you a chance to stretch your legs as a dominant and my number two. It would also help clarify things to my other pets about the hierarchy around here. I promise I’ll still get you out of here and home to your husband around midnight.”

Diane’s heart raced at the prospect of other pets being present. She still felt anxiety over possible exposure despite fully believing Kayla that the other girls could be trusted. No, it was more the prospect of having sex and dominating other women. It intrigued and excited her for obvious reasons. Though she’d never met Ah or Aayhlia, she found the prospect of having the beautiful Carrie between her legs exciting. Surely someone who’s sexuality seemed to center around being able to pleasure a woman with her tongue could be devastating between her legs.

“Are you sure I’m ready for this?” Diane asked.

Kayla didn’t bother answering until she’d texted back whoever it was that had contacted her. Looking back over at the bed, casino firmaları she winked at Diane and said, “Relax pet, you’ll have me there to help you establish your dominance. Once you find your feet, you’ll likely find it to be delightful.”

A thought suddenly occurred to Diane, “I don’t have to leave at midnight if you don’t want me to. Jerry is out of town until tomorrow night, and I left the twins at my sister’s house. I don’t have to pick them up until tomorrow afternoon.”

Kayla squealed and jumped onto the bed, saying, “Why didn’t you tell me? This is going to be so much better than I thought.” Grabbing the blonde and laying her back on the bed, she straddled her chest and said, “That was Carrie texting me. Ah’s boyfriend dumped her while on a double date with Aayhlia and her guy. My tiny pet needs a little cheering up. So while you’re down there pleasing your Mistress’s pussy, pay attention to the things I’m saying.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Diane said as she snuggled a pillow up underneath her neck and brought her mouth eagerly to Kayla’s already lubricated opening.

Kayla sighed, saying, “So nice, fuck. Where was I? Oh yes, when they get here in the next hour, we will all go into the other suite. That room is specially set up to accommodate the needs we’ll have for this type of play.”

The Native American beauty reached around behind her with both hands feeling about until she’d located the older woman’s erect nipples. She began to twist and pinch them as she rode Diane’s tongue.

“Okay,” Kayla said as she began to gyrate her hips, “Carrie isn’t a problem. As long as she’s allowed to have her face between someone’s legs eating their pussy, she’s perfectly content. Ooooh fuck slut, that tongue of yours is just such a natural at pussy pleasing.”

Diane moaned into her Mistress’s opening as the younger woman twisted her nipples. When Kayla had gathered her thoughts, she said, “Ah, on the other hand, she will need special attention since she’s feeling down. You just follow… Oh, fuck, yes, slut, right there. Fuck me with that tongue!”

Kayla began to bounce up and down in tight movements using her pets tongue like a little cock. When she’d found her rhythm, she said, “You just follow my lead with Ah. Don’t worry about being too crude in the things you say to her. What you hear may sound rude and even racially insensitive, but that’s what she needs to help her get off.”

The raven-haired beauty released her grip on Diane’s nipples and spread her ass cheeks, grinding down on her subs face.

“I’m getting close slut. I’m going to coat that beautiful face of yours with my come and then make you wear it to meet your sister pets.”

Diane moaned, a steady throbbing beginning to build between her legs. The humiliating thought of having to face those three beautiful young women with her Mistress’s come on her face made her drip. Desperately wanting to taste Kayla’s come again, Diane removed her tongue from the young beauty’s orifice and began to slide it up her cleft. Leaving little licks and kisses until she reached Kayla’s swollen nub, she wrapped her tongue around it, sucking hard as she did.

“Fuck, you’re going to make me come slut. Work my clit just like that. You want to taste my girl cum, don’t you? You want to wear it with pride all over your beautiful face, don’t you slut?

Diane just nodded her head in response, unwilling to release her prize long enough to answer verbally. The shaking motion brought even further stimulation to Kayla’s clit. In response, she began to grind her pussy back and forth on Diane’s face, saturating its surface with her juices.

It was impossible at that point for the middle-aged-blonde to hold on to Kayla’s clitoris. The best she could hope to do was flatten her tongue out and give the younger woman a pleasurable surface on which to grind.

Diane stared up at her Mistress as her orgasm hit. With her head thrown back and long black hair flowing down her back, eyes closed as convulsions raced through her body, she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

Grabbing both of Kayla’s ass cheeks to pull the younger woman’s core tighter to her eager mouth, Diane worked her tongue even faster. She was determined to make her Mistress climax last as long as possible.

When she could take no more of the ministrations of Diane’s tongue, the Domme collapsed onto the bed, her breath coming in hitches. The blonde rolled over onto her stomach and went back to licking between Kayla’s legs. She paid particular attention to the sweet juices escaping from her Mistress’s opening, some of which had coated her thighs.

When she was done, she assumed the rest position and waited for Kayla to catch her breath. The raven-haired girl looked up at her and smiled, saying, “I love you so much, slut. You have no idea how happy it makes me knowing that you are mine finally.”

Diane sheepishly asked, “Is it okay if I borrow a brush to fix my hair?”

Kayla let out güvenilir casino a little giggle and asked, “Don’t want to meet your sister pets with that just fucked look? I happen to think you look sexy as fuck like that, but if you insist, you’ll find one in the bathroom in the center drawer. You can fix your makeup if you’d like, but remember, you have to leave my juices on your face.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Diane said as she leaned in and kissed the raven-haired beauty before making her way to the bathroom.

By the time they heard the cheerleaders coming up the steps, Kayla and Diane had retreated to the comfort of the second suite. It was located at the opposite end of the hall from Kayla’s room. Unlike the twin doors to her room, this suite only had a heavy single door with a deadbolt.

When they’d entered the room, Diane had found herself in awe of everything she saw there. In its center, along the far wall, was a massive bed that was surely custom made in its design. It was large enough to fit close to eight people comfortably and, at first, appeared to be an oversized mattress sitting on the floor. It wasn’t until they’d gotten closer, that Diane realized the bed itself was actually sunken into the floor.

Around the room, sat several pieces of equipment that the older woman could only guess as to what they were used for. There was what appeared to be a small leather padded picnic table. The surface area of the center part was barely more than the lower portions themselves. She could see leather bindings at the end of each bench and felt her heart quicken at the prospect of what those might be used for.

On the other side of the bed, running half the length of the ceiling, was a metal beam. Large O-rings hung down in several places on its surface. Diane could remember Kayla telling her how Aayhlia loved to be tied up and suspended off the ground. She wondered if this was what Kayla used for that purpose. There were also two odd-looking chairs complete with what appeared to be padded stirrups.

It was the most significant piece of furniture, other than the bed, of course, that really got Diane’s attention. It sat about the height and length of a massage table but was at least twice the width. Its top was covered by padded leather and surrounded along its perimeter by O-rings. Mounted to the leather surface and feeding through it to the underside of the table were nylon binding straps covered in leather with fur on the inside. Thoughts of being bound to that table while unspeakably naughty things were being done to her sent jolts of pleasure through Diane’s core.

Along the wall to the right and surrounding a leather chair situated on top of a box platform, were more custom drawers inlaid into the wall. Diane could only imagine the type of tools and implements those drawers might hold. The thought that she might get to use some of those things on her sister pets sent a fresh batch of flutters through her core.

Kayla led Diane over to the platform that held the leather chair. It was a big and bulky chair with a high, slightly sloped back. She instructed the older woman to assume the rest position just to the right and at the foot of the chair.

Diane watched her Mistress head to the wall of drawers and watched as she flipped open a panel and entered a code. After closing it, Kayla opened the drawer next to it and pulled out a gift-wrapped box. She shut the drawer and, after making sure it had locked, made her way back over to where Diane was sitting.

Kayla seated herself in the chair, and patted her knee, signaling her pet to come to sit on her lap. Diane rose to her feet and quickly obeyed. When she was seated, Kayla placed the gift in her lap and put both her hands on the blonde beauty’s shapely


“I had this made six months ago in the hopes that one day I would have you here and willing to serve me. I make all of my girls wear a collar when they’re with me, and you will be no different. I want you to be able to wear yours always, though. I knew for you to be able to get away with that, it would have to be something that wouldn’t draw questions. I put a lot of thought into this, and I really hope that you like it.”

Diane looked at the package with her heart racing. It was wrapped in an embossed silver foil and tied in braided blue and green ribbon that ended tied up into an intricate bow. She was excited to see what the box contained, but also apprehensive about the thought of the collar. Wearing one in private with Kayla didn’t bother her at all. The idea of it excited her beyond belief. Just imagining a collar closing around her neck made her pussy feel moist.

What would the girls and Jerry think of her new piece of jewelry, though? She knew it wasn’t something she could do if it brought to many questions or suspicion. Still, the thought of disappointing Kayla made her feel sick to her stomach.

As Diane undid the bow, she could feel her Mistress’s eyes on her. It was apparent how much this meant to the young woman. She had pined away over Diane for close to two years and had gone to the trouble of having this gift made custom in the hopes of being able to one day give it to her. How could she possibly let her down?

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