Desperation Ch. 01

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“Oh god finally,” I sighed.

I was in a studio apartment with a thirty year old stud and he was practically my height. Thanks to my parent’s genetics I had finished out at six feet nine inches. He kissed my throat and was squeezing my 30 E boobs. I had fucked nine men-and I only used fucked when it wasn’t good-and they all had dicks that were so small that they didn’t even break my virginity. My big sister Jessie had the same problem her first time, but it had been getting ridiculous.

This one seemed to know what he was doing though, “Oh Will,” I moaned when he slid his hand down my pants and past my panties. I kept myself nice and bare down there so I didn’t have any problems with guys that got squeamish. I even kept an incredibly difficult work out regimen that kept my ass tight and my legs strong. I had read and practiced every kind of sex position so that when my first real time actually came it would be amazing. When he slid one of his large fingers inside of me I pulled his pants down and almost started crying. He was the size of my thumb,

“Looks like somebody exaggerated on their nine inches,” I said.

“It said nine centimeters.”

“Oh yes I’m sure that was by accident,” I said thickly with sarcasm

“You know what forget it; your pussy is probably enormous anyway,” he said getting redressed.

I buttoned my pants back up and slapped him hard across the face. Once I was dressed I walked out the door and down the steps of the complex until I reached my car. I knew it wasn’t going to work the moment I saw him because I had had bigger inside of me and it didn’t then. Then again the biggest I had ever had was like four inches so there really wasn’t much to be said. Usually I went through with it anyway, but I guess I was just getting tired of being a slutty virgin.

I drove home crying the whole way. I still lived with mom and dad in their big house that kept me and my seventeen brothers and sisters. When I pulled up to the drive I turned off the engine and got out. I went into the front door and ran inside. It was like three in the morning so no one was awake; or so I thought. I ran into Michael in the front room.

“Hey sis what’s wrong?” He asked.

“You don’t want to know,” I said planting my completely virgin body next to him.

I had never had real sex, butt sex, or given a blowjob to a real dick.

“Come on tell me.”

I told my big brother of my sexual predicament and he sat there and listened to the whole thing without looking grossed out. Mind you we were both in our twenties and had jobs, but I thought he still might find it odd.

“Wow that really sucks Rose.”

“If only it sucked, blew, or fucked; but it’s just stupid.”

He laughed, “That’s one way of putting it,” he said.

“Do you have any idea how ready I was for this; I have been on the DEPO shot for the last half year and have a full prescription of day after pills so they don’t have to wear condoms; I know every possible sex position and have been in ballet and gymnastics for the last five years so they can all be possible. Every time I get ready I get so wet and horny that I’m antalya escort ready to explode, but thanks to my bad luck my vaginal muscles are tighter than my rectum.”

“Oh well that’s nice to know,” he said shifting his shorts.

For the one second he wasn’t shifted yet I saw how big he was through his shorts. My eyes briefly opened wider than ever before, but then I regained my composure. I knew from tell that all my brothers had dicks of death, but I had never seen one of them erect before. Mostly when we went nudist in this house everyone was pretty platonic about it. I thought about having a real nine to ten inch dick stretching me out and ripping me open and lost my focus for a minute. I wonder if Michael was up for it . . . what was I thinking; how desperate was I? For a whole three seconds I checked him out like a man and not as my brother. My oh my what a man he was.

“God I getting wet right now,” I muttered.

“What was that?”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight since all my sister sisters are gone?”

“Sure just don’t get up a lot it’s getting late.”

We walked up stairs and went into his room. I stripped naked out of the very little clothes I was wearing. Got into bed and watched him strip to his birthday suit. I gasped one silent gasp when I saw his Washington monument.

“Sorry, you were talking a lot,” he said.

“It’s okay; it’s not like you can help it.”

He got into bed and I curled up next to him. He switched off the light and fell asleep in minutes. I couldn’t sleep because I had to think about my problems and if I should pursue them. After weighing the pros and cons I decided that I would touch him until he was hard and make my decision when he woke up and caught me.

It was six in the morning so I licked my lips and grabbed his morning erection. I slowly started jerking him off until he was pulsing him my palm.

“So hard,” I moaned. He moaned awake and his eyes made contact with mine. He just kept staring at me so I stopped; he got up and left the room. I sat up on the bed and waited for him to get mom or dad or both and rat me out. I slapped an empty cup off the bedside table and screamed into a pillow. I started crying again only harder this time; my sobs were thick and my tears streamed like rain. I didn’t even notice the door opening until Michael sat down next to me.

“Okay what’s wrong?”

“Please?” I begged.

“Rose no,” he said.

I tried to suppress a sob and failed. “Oh come on; I mean it’s not like you’re not really attractive and we never really hung out as kids until high school,” he said.

I bit my lip and smiled hopefully, “Please,” I whispered desperately.

“You start and just this once and we can’t tell anyone not even our identical siblings,” he said.

I smiled uncontrollably. “Thank you so much Michael; I’ll do everything.”

“Well then convince me before I change my mind.”

I stood up and kissed him on the lips like we never had before. There wasn’t some strange natural deterrent like I thought there would be, just bliss and heat. I started to touch him like earlier and alanya escort he got harder and massive again. I got down on my knees and swallowed him whole. After practicing on large toys for so long it was so relieving to actually have a real dick. I stroked him in congruence with my lips. Oh god I was getting so wet that I was dripping on the floor.

“Oh fuck, how are you doing that?” he asked.

I pulled him out and stood up, “Lay down handsome; I want to make you feel amazing,” I said.

I shoved him onto his back and locked the door. I was about to shove him in me, but he stopped me and flipped me over on my back. He looked at me hungrily instead of shamefully.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself too badly,” he said. He prodded me with the tip of his massive cock and his hot lips parted giving me the chance to suck on his lower lip.

“Stop teasing me and break me already,” I begged. He pressed forward and I felt the ripping pain I was anticipating. “Oh god, don’t stop; make me feel better,” I said. He started slowly pushing in and out of me and his huge dick stretched me out. I was slick with blood and wetness and he took advantage of that by going gradually faster and faster until after about five minutes he was pounding me. Every thrust sent tremors through my whole body to the point where I barely noticed the pain anymore. He started swirling my clit and hardening my nipples.

“You’re so tight,” he appraised.

“You’re so hard,” I moaned.

My toes crunched and all my nerves exploded as I climaxed for the first time; little did I know how many orgasms I was going to have.

He turned me on my stomach and put a pillow under my abdomen. Before we started I thought I was going to get to try all my tricks, but I could barley remember that I was going to do them in the first place. I felt so many different sensations in the walls of my pussy. I must have climaxed like five times before I finally got my lucid mind back.

I pulled him out and angled him towards my ass. He was drenched in my blood and cum. He slowly pressed forward and stretched out the walls of my ass.

“Ung, slow at first,” I grunted. He went painstakingly slow until my body was assimilated to his size and depth. He did something amazing then.

“Here I learned this from Riley,” he said pushing two of my fingers in my pussy and curling them into my abdomen. I started panting uncontrollably as I climaxed over and over again and I squirted him each time. The last time I did I tightened around his massive cock and he pressed deep in my ass and I could feel his sperm shooting in me and slickening me. He stayed in and emptied the contents of his balls in my ass. When he pulled out we collapsed together.

“Hold me?” I asked.

The corners of his mouth went up and he wrapped his arms around me gently. I stared at him for so long with my fingers resting on his chest like a kitten. I smiled uncontrollably; I had never been so happy to be sore and bleeding in my whole life. I felt so giddy that I even started crying,

“What I thought this is what you wanted,” he said.

“Oh belek escort Michael; It’s everything I wanted and more,” I said burying my face in his chest.

He sighed.

“What’s wrong; was it really that bad?” I asked.

“No that’s just it; it should have been horrible and wrong, but it was so good that I’m a little disturbed by how much I enjoyed it.”

“Please don’t be; the only reason this would be wrong is if we had any kids and I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon considering I haven’t had my period in months.”

He moved his eyebrows in agreement. I relaxed and began tracing the broad patterns of his chest.

“You realize we’re going to have to explain this to god one day.”

“I know; but how much worse can we be the Abrahams daughters. At least I’m not sleeping with dad; not even I’m that morbid.”

He grasped my butt, “God you’re beautiful,” he said moving his fingers softly on my back.

His warm hands caressed me into oblivion. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was until I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until one in the afternoon. I felt well rested, crusty, and really sore; it was the best feeling I had ever felt. I reached over and didn’t encounter anyone.

I huffed and got out of bed. I stretched out my sore muscles and my vaginal walls tightened causing a surprising stabbing pain. My face puckered a little and I let out the smallest of whimpers.

“Are you alright?” Michael asked.

“Whoa; where did you come from?”

“The basement; there’s a little stairway that leads to the laundry room and the shower room just there,” he said pointing at a small door.

I only just noticed that he was wearing only a towel, “Wow you’re really sexy; how do you keep like that?” I asked. He smiled and I felt a strange tightening in the center of my chest that left me breathless.

“Well I run a lot and I do a lot of core work so I can eat what I like, but mostly I just try to keep up with dad’s martial arts regimen.”

I stood up an stroked his hard biceps and forearms. An open mouthed smile of appreciation spread across my face. He rested his hand on my breast hesitantly and then slowly squeezed it. “That feels incredible; what is going on? I’ve never felt this with anyone before and believe me I’ve attempted sex with a lot of guys before,” I said.

“I know what you mean; I’ve shared a bed with a dozen girls and none of them made me feel as great as you did.”

“Well mom and dad always said I should spend more time with you; I doubt this is what they had in mind, but I really don’t care.”

“You should and so should I, but I want you so badly now that I think I’m going to rattle your bones again tonight and the next night and the next night,” he said.

I took in a happy breath and tackled him to the bed with kisses. “Oh you smell,” he complained.

I giggled, “Sorry, I haven’t bathed since yesterday,” I said.

“You should probably go do that; mom and dad are having lunch and Jace is at work.”

Work, “Oh crap; what time is it?” I asked.

He checked a clock, “Half past one.”

“I have thirty minutes until the Salon opens I got to go.”

I sprinted naked out the door and into a bathroom. I took a quick shower washing out my hair and thoroughly scrubbing the macabre sight that was once my vagina. I would shave my legs tonight . . . just after dinner.

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