Desiree’s Discovery

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It was incredible to feel it against her. The warm smooth presence against the top of her thigh made her ache inside. The warm, smooth shaft was a powerful distraction. The head, however, that massive, swollen head, truly boggled the mind. She felt it almost throbbing with heat and was confident that soon, it would start to moisten with escaping pre-cum. A marvelous, erect, glorious cock was between her legs, and it was all hers.


Desiree’ stood before the mirror, toying casually with her long red hair and waiting for the other woman in the restroom to leave.

“With a little work and some help from a good surgeon,” she said to herself, “I might be attractive.”

To any stranger this would have been a surprising statement. To those who knew her well, those few friends and fewer lovers, these thoughts would have been quite typical. Despite the frequent glances and comments, the passes that came when she so infrequently went out, and the reassurances of her friends, Desiree’ saw her self as barely attractive. If pressed, she would finally admit that she “knew” she was homely.

In truth, Desiree’ possessed an earthy, raw attractiveness that drew the attention of men, as well as some women. Her hips swelled widely, and neither her thighs nor her legs were model thin. However, this broadness of stature was not soft fat, but simply the firm muscle and bone that God had given her. Moreover, it was offset quite nicely by her round, large breasts, and the almost lion-like mane of red hair that surrounded her face. Although not beautiful, her green eyes and full lips added, too, to her handsomeness.

Still waiting, Desiree’ continued to brush her hair and tried to ignore the swell of her erect nipples beneath the thick, denim blouse. Her outer clothing, as usual, was casual and almost workman-like. She favored denim, plain cotton, and other dull fabrics in her attempts to hide what she felt to be an unpleasant form. Beneath this defensive exterior, her body fairly reveled in satin, silk, lace, and occasionally, although it made her blush, leather.

Desiree’, despite her belief about her body, was incredibly sexual. She possessed a hunger for physical pleasure that would have surprised even her few lovers. Because of her feelings about her body and appearance, however, Desiree’s sexuality was almost totally private and shielded from any one else. She expressed it through her writing and thoughts, as well as the pleasure she gave herself each evening with her hand and her collection of toys. She also expressed it through what she chose to wear under her drab outer clothing.

Today was extra special. Under the long denim skirt and gray denim blouse, she wore a very expensive lace garter set with matching half-cup bra. As she frequently attempted to do, she wore no panties and her nipples were exposed to the fabric of her blouse. As her nipples were quite large and sensitive, (she often thought this was because she toyed with then so much), they were prominent through her clothing when erect. And erect they usually were, sitting high on her breasts. Typically, this made the cleft between her legs ache. Today this was both true and different.

Finally, the other woman left, offering an un-noticed but appreciative glance at Desiree’s round bottom. Desiree’ quickly put her brush away and closed her eyes for a moment. Opening them slowly, she bent over and grabbed the hem of her skirt. Then, standing gradually, she fixed her eyes on the spot where the meeting of her thighs would appear. Slowly the skirt drew up over her stockings.

As she reached the top of her stockings, she saw it. Tucked into the top of her left stocking and extending al the way to her furry mound was one of the largest penises she had ever seen. It was partially erect and virtually hairless. The testicles that hung casino şirketleri below were proportionately sized and hairless, too. Where it had come from she did not know. Nevertheless, seeing and feeling it there had made her juices flow (Oh yes, she still possessed all of her other equipment!).

Desiree’ had woken up early this morning, slightly before 5:30, just as she usually did. As was also typical, she had lain there for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of her breasts and vulva pressed against the mattress. As she became more and more awake, she had noticed something else. Something large and soft was nestled between her legs. It was damp and clung to one of her thighs. Without thinking she reached down to grab it, unconsciously assuming it was one of her mechanical pleasures. When she touched it and realized what she had found, she screamed loud enough to make the dog in the next apartment bark.

After the tears, the shaking, and the panic had passed, Desiree’ had rolled onto her back and slowly slid the sheet from her body. Surely enough, there between her white thighs was a penis. A large penis. A very large penis. Moreover, to her dismay, as she looked at it, it began to grow and become erect. As she watched, it continued growing until it was extended across her round belly. With the head throbbing just above her navel, she knew it was over 10 inches long. And thick! My god, she thought, I couldn’t get my hand around that.

When she felt confident that she wasn’t injured or in any discomfort, and that it wasn’t going to break off, Desiree’ got up from the bed and proceeded to the bathroom. Although cumbersome and obtrusive, having an erect penis extended from her body didn’t seem that unnatural. It almost felt empowering. Bobbing around in front of her as she showered and put on her makeup, she felt even more aroused than usual. It had crossed her mind to do more than just give it a casual washing in the shower, be she didn’t feel quite prepared for that yet.

Dressing was an entirely different matter. Although no longer fully erect, the situation of placing a penis into clothing designed for a woman’s body was one she had never faced. Just attempting made it twitch and grow again. The long stockings had done the trick, and held her new appendage in place. Besides, she thought, feeling that between my legs will keep me pretty hot all day.

Throughout the morning while sitting at her desk, she had been unable to think about anything but her “cock.” She had decided on the drive to work that was what to call it. It was the name she would have used if it had been attached to anyone else. Therefore, it would be appropriate for hers, as well.

All through the morning, it had been there. Growing hard and then growing soft. Twitching and throbbing. And hot. Jesus, this thing is hot, she had thought many times. It was especially warm against her fingers. Once, on one of her many trips to the restroom, Desiree’ had caused it to leak fluid onto her stockings. Pre-cum, she was certain. All of this had kept her other sexual organs aroused as well. How strange to feel her cunny juices on her own balls.

Now here she stood, with her skirt pulled up to expose her rapidly hardening cock. She knew she had to touch it, and pulled it free from her stockings with one hand while holding her hem with the other. It felt so good to touch a cock, her own cock, and give herself pleasure. Her hand began to glide up and down the shaft. Slowly first, from her balls to the head, and then more rapidly. It was odd feeling the sexual tension grow without touching her clitoris or vulva. Nevertheless, it was definitely growing.

Caught up now in her self-indulgence, Desiree’ dropped the hem of her skirt and grasped her cock with both hands. Stroking firmly and briskly, she could feel the shaft bulge and an ache develop in her balls. casino firmaları Suddenly, just before her climax broke free, the door to the restroom swung open.

Quickly, Desiree’ tried to hide her new male appendage under her skirt, but in its engorged state, she simply could not. Humiliated, she stood there with her cock supporting the hem of her skirt. It throbbed in the air, and, as she turned to face the intruder, a drop of pre-cum splattered on the floor. With beet red cheeks, all Desiree’ could stammer was a quick, “I’m sorry.”

The woman stood in the door for a moment, trying to accommodate the sight. Her eyes darted from Desiree’s face, to the penis, to her breasts, and then once again to the penis. Her confusion was obvious, and it took a moment before she realized that she was holding the door ajar and exposing the situation to anyone in the hall. She stepped further into the restroom and paused. She stared openly at the still fully erect penis for at least thirty seconds and then took a deep breath.

My God, Desiree’ thought, what is she going to do? What am I going to do? She was entirely humiliated and expected to be confronted now about perversion and calling the police. Miserably failing to will her cock to go down, Desiree’ looked at the woman in all her embarrassment and asked if she were going to call the police.

The woman briskly shook her head and the gestured towards “it.” “Is it real,” she asked. Desiree’ nodded. “Does it, umm, work?” Desiree’ shrugged. “You don’t know,” the woman asked, somewhat surprised. “You have THAT between your thighs, and you don’t know if it works? My God, I think I would want to know.”

“That’s what I was attempting to do,” Desiree’ responded.

The woman began to ask several questions at once, none of which really made sense. Desiree’ interrupted, and began to relate the entire story. As she did, she began to notice several things. First, that she was not nearly as nervous as the woman who stood before her. Second, that she was actually still very aroused. And, finally, that she was explaining herself to a very attractive woman.

As Desiree’ continued with her tale of events, she watched this woman with what she could only describe as hunger. The woman was youngish, perhaps in her late twenties, with short blonde hair and green eyes. Her built was small and perky, and very little cleavage was apparent from her low cut blouse. The short skirt she wore highlighted her slender legs and narrow hips. Surprised, Desiree’ found herself wondering what kind of panties the woman had on, and if they were damp.

Perhaps it was the courage that came with her new cock, but she found herself testing and pushing the woman. She described in detail how her cock felt, what desires it brought on, and the intensity of her new feelings. And, the more she talked, the more aroused she became.

After a moment, it was obvious that Desiree’ was not alone in her arousal. The woman constantly glanced at the erection, and appeared to be breathing heavily. She toyed with the hem of her skirt (what nice stockings! Desiree’ thought) and frequently licked her lips. Desiree’ went into detail concerning what she had been doing in the restroom, and described how hot and thick her cock felt in her hands.

“You know what is truly amazing,” she asked in mock surprise. “Despite the fact that I have this huge throbbing cock, my little cunny is absolutely dripping.” At this, the woman moaned aloud.

“I want to touch it,” she pleaded.

“My cock,” Desiree’ asked, “or my cunny?”

“Your cock. I want to feel your cock in my hands.”

Desiree’ guided the woman into the large handicapped stall. Immediately, the woman’s hands were at her skirt, pulling it up and exposing all of the massive organ. She grasped it, gently at first and then with growing intensity. With güvenilir casino the abundant pre-cum she polished it, making the head and shaft glisten in the bright lights. Desiree’ felt marvelously aroused, as if her cock were being worshiped by this woman. Falling back against the wall, she pulled open her blouse, tugging at her dark and swollen nipples.

“I want it in my mouth,” the woman gasped. “I want to suck your cock.”

“Oh God, Yes!” Desiree’ pleaded. “Suck my beautiful cock.”

“Yes, oh yes,” the woman moaned as she sunk to her knees and began to lick the shaft of Desiree’s cock. Desiree’ was mesmerized as she thought of a woman sucking HER cock. She watched as the tiny mouth drifted up and down the shaft, tracing the thick veins and leaving a trail of lipstick. For a brief moment, the head was teased by a pink triangle of damp tongue. Then, the woman opened her mouth to the limits and forced the head inside her lips. Inside her mouth, the woman circled the head of Desiree’ cock with her tongue, exploring and finding every drop of juice. Both her hands continued to stroke the thick shaft, pulling it closer and deeper into her mouth.

Desiree’ was losing control. Her hands brought her breasts up and forward, allowing her to reach the engorged nipples with her mouth. At first, she suckled herself, enjoying the hard wrinkled flesh against her lips. However, as her passion grew, she began to nibble and then bite her buttons. She pictured herself, cupping and pleasuring her breasts while a blonde stranger gave her delicious head. It was almost too much, but she wanted, no needed, more.

As if reading her mind, the woman traced a hand up Desiree’s stockings to play with her balls. Slowly the red nails drifted backwards until they were gliding along the lips of Desiree’ dripping cunny. The fingers were too timid at first, and Desiree’ thrust her hips forward, demanding more. Suddenly, her cunny was impaled upon insistent fingers, thrusting in and out. They stroked her swollen lips. They pulled on her thick clitoris, hidden behind her balls. And they fucked her. Oh God, did they fuck her. Driving deep, almost touching her cervix, and then teasing her G. Pounding her depths and then barely tracing her vulva, they were building her to the climax that she needed so desperately.

And all the while, a woman was sucking her cock.

“I’m going to,” she began to moan. “I’m going to cum. Bring me off. Make me cum. Suck my cock. Oh, finger, finger fuck my cunny. Just do it!” The heat was rising up her shaft, and she arched to meet this new yet familiar climax. She thrust wildly, tearing her cock from the woman’s mouth just as the first jet of cum exploded out. Whipping her head about, the woman was trying to suckle the massive cock. Stream after stream of jism shot forth, spattering across her cheeks, mouth and hair.

Her cock was just about spent, as her pussy exploded in its own fire. Demanding more, Desiree’ grabbed the woman by the hair and forced her face between her thighs. With Desiree’s cum-soaked cock and balls pressed against her face, the blonde woman eagerly suckled Desiree’ clitoris. Lost in her passion, Desiree’ grasped her cock and began to masturbate. Thoughts rushed through her head. “I’m jerking off. Jerking off while a woman licks my pussy.”

Before she could bring herself to another climax, Desiree’ pulled the woman to her feet and spun her around. Ripping the dainty panties free, Desiree’ thrust her cock between the woman’s tanned thighs. Quickly, the woman guided Desiree’ towards her pussy and thrust backwards with her ass.

“Yes!” the woman cried out as she was impaled. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your beautiful woman’s prick!

Beyond the limits, now, both women thrust together. The blonde wildly masturbating her exposed clitoris as the redhead mounted her. With screams, both women climaxed, arching against each other. Sagging against the wall, for the first time they kissed.

Holding each other for a moment, the blonde woman offered a hoarse whisper. “I’m Julie,” she said. “What time can I expect you tonight?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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