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My concentration shot directly into my panties, my damp cunt literally overflowing with juices. It was a wonder Mr. Gallagher didn’t actually squirt on those erect nipples of mine. My tits bounced out of the white bra I wore with such fury, it looked like an attack on his penis.

He looked at my resumé, nodding.

“Come on,” I thought to myself. “Look up at me. After what Josh told me, I have to find out. I have wanted your cock for so long.”

Without looking at me, he leafed through the pictures I gave him, one by one. For every photo, he raised his eyebrows a bit higher and nodded more ferociously. Finally, when that seventh picture landed on his desk, his eyebrows shot up to his hairline. Not once did he actually react to the horny slut that was sitting here and hoping to unzip his fly.

“Where did you say these pictures were taken?”

I tried to concentrate, my voice shaky and nervous.

“Uhmm, in L.A. A female photographer named Jessie Barnaby took them. A friend recommended me to contact her. Jessie finally consented to take the pictures after I showed her my portfolio from Wet Dream.”

Mr. Gallagher uttered a surprised gasp.

“Our rival.”


“Very good, indeed. You make love to the camera, Pamela. You will certainly raise a few cocks. If you don’t mind me saying so.”

I smiled. “No problem. No problem at all.”

After contemplating my next sentence, I stuttered for a bit, grinning from ear to ear, thinking if I really should be sos bold to say what I was going to say.

“After all, that is what I am in this business to do.”

He smiled, still looking at the photos.

“You are in this business to do what, Pamela?”

“I am in this business to raise a few cocks.”

Come on, man, I thought, this just has to wake you up.

Still not looking up, his eyeballs focused on the nude pics of mine, he continued: “What surprised me was to that you called me at all, with you speaking to Josh and all.”

I gave him an ambiguous smile.

“Well, Josh told me you were well endowed.”

Now, for the first time, he looked up at me.

It was a look of awe.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I am a glamour model for men’s magazines, Mr. Gallagher,” I said. “One that has never fucked before the lense. Off the lense, I fuck all the time. I mean, I have had so many men fuck me…”

I paused, laughing.

Mr. Gallagher chuckled. “What?”

“Well, I fuck around so much that my girlfriends all call me Rocket Pussy, the vehicle that needs male fuel.”

Mr. Gallagher giggled, again. Now, his lips were beginning to dampen. They started to look like my pussy, red and wet. I knew now, that I desperately needed to suck that cock.

I just had to give him a blowjob.

Especially since Josh told me that the guy was gay.

“What made you come here with this portfolio, Pamela?”

I shifted in my seat, looking right and ucuz escort left, searching for some corner to crawl into. I knew that I needed to say this, but I had no idea how. It was strange. A girl like me, taking off her clothes for thousands of men and now embarassed to her tits.

Then, I just decided to say it. No mercy.

I took a long look at him and smiled, now very much tongue-in-cheek.

“I wanna find out,” I responded. “I came here to find out if your dick is as huge as they say it is. Josh told me you were gay. I couldn’t believe that. If you are, I wanna convert you. I mean you can’t be, being the editor of this magazine.”

I paused, waiting.

“Can you?”

The editor of Great Gazongas sat back in his leather chair, putting his tongue firmly into his cheek, stroking his black chest hair with the finger wearing a golden ring.

“I met you at so many parties,” I continued. “I went into so many back rooms and fucked so many guys. But actually, I only wanted you. Your…”

“My cock?” he filled in.

I nodded. “If you are that big, women just have to suck it. A cock like that is made to be sucked.”

Mr. Gallagher grinned and sighed.

“Well, girls do like my cock.”


“They do.”

“And me? Can I? Please?”

“Be my guest.”

“So, you are not gay?”

He smiled. “You can start sucking and find out if I react.”

I looked at him like a kid that had just heard that Santa was for real. “What?” I cried. “You want me to fuck you?”

I started clapping my hands, looking like a happy two year old toddler with her first copy of Winnie the Pooh on her lap. I couldn’t wait to see that thing in the flesh.

The editor stood up, circled the table and waited.

“What are you waiting for? Open the gift. Unwrap the schlong.”

“Josh Templeton said you were gay.”

Paul Gallagher threw back his head and laughed.

“Josh is the editor of Wet Dream, baby. He is always telling people that kind of stuff.”

“How did he know about your big cock, if he hadn’t sucked on it?”

“Everybody knows my cock is big.”

I looked at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes.

Paul Gallagher, again without a word, slowly took off his Armani suit jacket and dropped it on the floor.

“My long, fat dick is famous in this country. Every damn chick in this business has sucked it.”

I looked at those pants with great interest. I felt like a schoolgirl, opening her birthday present and hoping her favourite toy was in there.

With trembling hands, my nail polished hands reached for the fly. The zipping sound made my heart go bump a couple of times. What was going to be in there? How big would this be?

I opened the buckle first, then the button, then I lowered his pants. Meanwhile, while I looked at the lump underneath those jocks, the editor took off his shirt, displaying that thick chest-hair. ümraniye escort

I nearly went crazy. Underneath those tight jocks something huge resided. I mean, it was huge. By now, the cocks on my repertoire had been red, brown, black, blue, white and even purple. I sucked small cocks and medium size ones. One cock had been so big that my pussy still hurt a month later. Those eight inches made my cunt sing and cry at the same time. This one? Would my vagina hurt as well? I hoped so.

“I am really curious,” I grinned.

The editor pursed his lips. “Shut up and take it out.”

What plopped out of those underpants outsized them all and it grew bigger and bigger as I watched it. Even watching it made it grow. The long thing bounced, its helmet greeting me with a friendly, funloving “Hello!”. I felt like a tourist watching the Washington Monument for the first time. This thing had a life of its own. A snake on its way to the apple.

My pink mouth took that salty male prick into its mouth and began sucking it. It was like sucking on the biggest lollipop known to man. Captain Salty’s delight. It was like travelling with the greyhound bus, knowing that the U.S. was not the limit. This bus would now travel globally. The thing that amazed me was that it grew bigger for every second. That penis tasted wonderful. How wonderful to suck a dick this big, I thought to myself. Size does matter. Guys, it does matter.

The editor grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, harder and harder. I could feel that dick grow in my mouth again, the helmet just simply turning into an apple in there. I groaned.

“How big are you, man?” I asked, mumbling as I sucked.

The Gallagher smiled. “13 inches long, 5 inches thick.”

“Mr. Gallagher,” I gasped, still mumbling, entusiastic. “You taste great. Gosh, you should take this taste and make it into a softdrink. Your cock beats pop-corn!”

“They all say that.”

I took the cock out of my mouth with a witty plopping sound.

“Please, fuck me, now. I have just got to have you in me.”

“Call me Paul, you horny slut.”

“Paul,” I spat back, feeling randy and bitchy. “Shut up and just stick it in.”

With brute force, Paul lift me up by my tush, away from my seat, ripping my clothes to shreds, not that the clothes had covered much of me anyway. Completely naked, he lay me on his desk and shoved in his big stick into my aching vagina. I saw stars. It hurt very badly, it was enormous, but it was the most horny pain I had ever felt. He pounded his cock into my wet cunny so fast and with such vigour that I felt like a real whore. I loved feeling cheap, real cheap, like a hooker, a sex-object. Gosh, this guy really could fuck.

My 40DD tits bounced back and forth.

I moaned, pleading for his penis to thrust deeper.

“Let me prove to you that I am not gay.”

My jugs bounced, doing the jive üniversiteli öğrenci escort and the quickstep in his hands.

Now, he turned me around, picked me up, slapped me around and spread my legs, shoving me against the wall. I didn’t know what to expect, but when that big penis slid into my asshole it was the most luscious hurting sensation. Now, that stud really gave it to me.

He fucked me, slapped me, rode me, called me really dirty names, massaged my funbags, grabbed me by my hair, sticking his fingers in my mouth and letting me taste my own cum.

“You are the randiest little tease I’ve met in a long time. What a horny little whore you are.”

“Please, squirt into my mouth! Don’t wait. Take your cock out of my ass and give me your sperm on my tongue.”

I opened my mouth and pointed on it.

“In here.”

He withdrew his cock from my ass, turned me around, pushed me down on the floor and threw my head back. I opened my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue, the Rocket Pussy pleading for her white fuel. Paul wanked his cock faster and faster, in fact, so fast that I couldn’t see his hands anymore. They were all in a blur. Paul threw back his head, like some fucking porn star, laughing and closing his eyes, making a mean grimace, twisting his face into a snarl.

Then the juice came shooting out of his cock. Tons of it, glasses of it, a whole bottle full. My tits were covered with cum, my mouth was full. I was covered from head to toe in sperm.

“Do I have the job?”

“As long as you keep sucking my cock, yes.”

“Then, I will suck you again.”

“Keep sucking my dick and you will keep getting jobs.”

“And if I stop?”

“There are other girls willing to suck my dick!”

We ended up laughing and fucking our heads off. This time, I swallowed every drop of his cum. The office soon smelled of sex, sperm, female juices and hot pussy.

“So, what’s the verdict,” Paul asked me.

“Gay or straight?” I responded.

He shrugged.

“That cock is straight. Definately.”

He looked at his own cock. “It’s pointing toward the ceiling, baby. Wanna suck it again?”

I looked at it. “You are right. I have to work on that one. It needs more size.”

“What are you going for? The Washington Monument?”


And so I began sucking it a third time that day.

While I titty-fucked his prick, I said:

“Wanna invite Josh for a gang-bang?”

“But he is gay, is he not?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“You wanna find out?” he asked as I sucked on his balls.

I nodded.


I stood up, put on my clothes and smiled.

“I will call you in an hour and tell you if he is gay.”

After all, Paul knew that I also wanted to find out if Josh’s cock also was as long as people were saying. If it was, his cock was also worth being converted. I have always loved sucking on two big cocks at once.

If I play my cards right, both Wet Dream and Great Gazongas will soon belong to me.

I am stuck in elevator reading this into my dick-ta-phone, hoping that the repairman will fuck me on my way to Josh.

After all, what is a poor horny slut like me gonna do without a cock for ten minutes?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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