Delia, Robbie and Me

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(Disclaimer: anyone having any kind of sexual relations is over 18)


My sister, Delia, and I stood outside his bedroom door, both of us trying desperately to suppress a giggle. Our little brother was beating his meat again, and he isn’t quiet about it. We could hear slapping noises, amidst the grunts and groans, as he whacked himself off.

“Oh God, oh God, Sib, suck my cock, baby…Dee, keep rubbing your pussy…. Ohhh.”

Delia dragged me away from the door. “Did you hear that, Sybil? He’s calling our names.”

“I think it would be fun to make his fantasies come true.”

“Do you mean fuck him?”

“Why not?”

“But that’s incest.”

“And what we do with each other isn’t?”

“You have a point there. Somehow girl on girl doesn’t seem the same; there’s no penetration.”

“Dildoes aren’t penetrating?”

“Okay, okay. You set it up, you’re closer to him than I am.”

Our “little” brother isn’t so little anymore. Robbie is eighteen, about to graduate from high school this fall. I’m a year older than he is, and Delia is two years older than me. He’s just over six feet tall, and now that he’s finally shed his baby fat, his body is not too bad at all.

Robbie is a total geek. He’s into comic books, particularly the X-men, role-playing video games, and has a copy of every Star Trek show that was ever aired. His best friend was Marsha Bowers, another geek, and they hung out together all through middle and high school.

He eventually figured out that he was in love with her. When he finally summoned up his courage to make his feelings known to her, she announced she was gay. He was shattered, and didn’t come out of his room for days.

Delia and I have been having sex with each other for the past year,since I was 19 and she was 21. She’s engaged, but her fiancé, Alan, is in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan. She’s highly sexed, and doesn’t want to cheat on him by having an affair with another guy. She figures having sex with another woman isn’t cheating. Just like having sex with me isn’t incest. Delia is the queen of rationalization.

I like having sex with her, because I get the satisfaction I want, without the complications. And without having to deal with a guy’s ego trip. I keep hoping I’ll meet Mr. Right, but so far, no luck.

I lost my virginity on my eighteenth birthday, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. He shoved his cock into me when I wasn’t even ready; no foreplay to get me turned on, or to get my pussy wet. He ripped through my cherry, and it hurt like hell. Then he came in about thirty seconds, got dressed, and left me lying there. He dumped me the next day.

After my disastrous experience with my first fuck, I tried to be a little more selective with the guys I went out with. I didn’t let myself get in a vulnerable situation like that again, and mostly just went parking with a guy after a date. I made damn sure I was in a vertical position, and I wasn’t about to lie down for anybody.

I really like to be touched, and my breasts are really sensitive. I was making out with this one guy, and he was feeling my tit, outside my clothes. He wasn’t mauling me, so I unhooked my bra and let him touch my bare skin.

When he got to my nipple, he started pinching me, and it hurt, so I pushed his hand away and asked him to be more gentle. He unzipped his pants and pushed my head down in his lap. When he forced his cock into my mouth, I bit him–as hard as I could.

He screamed, and I know I must have hurt him, because I could taste blood in my mouth. I got out of his car and walked home, four miles in the rain. I was crying and shivering from the cold when I came in the door.

Dee grabbed me and led me straight into the bathroom. She filled the tub with hot water, stripped off my wet clothing, and helped me climb in. She went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of brandy. I’d never had hard liquor before, and it burned on the way down, before I felt a glowing warmth spread through my belly.

When I was finished in the tub, Dee dried me off with some soft, fluffy towels. They felt good on my body, especially on my boobs, and I got a real tingle when she ran the towel between my legs.

“Damn, you’ve got a beautiful body, Sybil. You’re a real knockout.” I had never thought of myself that way, but I appreciated the compliment.

She found me an old flannel nightgown, and tucked me into bed. She lay beside me and held me, stroking my forehead, until I started to get sleepy. When she kissed me goodnight, her lips were really soft and supple, and I felt a little jolt of electricity. It was more than just a sisterly peck on the lips.

Several nights later, I was lying in bed with my hand between my legs, leisurely getting myself off. I’d been sleeping in the nude since I bought a set of satin sheets off the Internet. They feel wonderful against your skin.

My bedroom door was open and Delia wandered by. It was obvious what I was doing; I was probably moaning. She came over to my bed, and pulled the top sheet off of me.

“Let antalya escort me help you with that, Syb.”

She slid her hand under mine and started rubbing her fingers over the hood of my clitoris. I was startled at first, but then I really started to enjoy it. It is a whole different feeling to have someone else’s hands on your body.

Her other hand started massaging one of my breasts, and then she bent down and took the nipple in her mouth. Her finger dipped into my vagina, and she spread my lubricant under the hood, and started tracing lazy circles around the swollen head of my clit.

“OH GOD, OOOH! God, Delia, I’ve never come so hard in my life.”

“Now, how about doing me?”

Dee sleeps in a tee shirt and a pair of boy boxers, and she stood up and peeled them off. Her breasts are a size bigger than mine, with silver dollar sized rose-colored areolas and long nipples. Mine are smaller, and pink. I’d never seen her naked before, at least not since we were children.

“Damn, Dee, you’re pretty fucking gorgeous yourself. Here’s to the O’Malley sisters.”

She lay down on the bed beside me and held her body against mine. I hadn’t come all the way down from my orgasm yet, and I was still really aroused. Our breasts were pressed together, slithering against each other.

She pulled my face toward hers and we kissed, tentatively at first, then with growing passion. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and I met it with my own.

“Touch my tits, Syb.”

Hers are softer than mine, and heavier. I gently kneaded her soft round flesh, and then my fingers homed in on her nipples, feeling them swell and harden under my fingers.

As my mouth found her nipple, my hand went down between her legs and I cupped her hot wet center. She has a small love triangle of pubic hair on her mound, but her labia are shaved smooth. I slipped one finger into her sopping wet cunt, then two. I slid them in and out, finger fucking her, and then I found her clit.

Her clit is bigger than mine, and I didn’t have to retract her hood to find it; it stuck out at least three-quarters of an inch, and I could feel the shape of her glans, and the shaft. When I rolled it between my slippery fingers, her hips bucked, and she flooded my hand.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Goddamn, Syb, that was earth-shattering.”

The next time we got together, we used our mouths on each other. It was a new experience for both of us. The way Dee came on to me the first time, I thought she had been with women before, but I was her first, too.

I was fascinated the first time I spread her lips apart, and examined her pussy. I had never seen one before; I tried to look at mine with a mirror and a flashlight, but it’s really hard to hold yourself open and manage those at the same time.

Spreading her swollen minora apart, I could see deep into her vagina, and I plunged my tongue into it as far as it would go. I loved the sweet, musky taste.

Her mouth on my pussy was pure heaven, and the orgasms kept getting better and better.

Dee brought out her collection of sex toys. She had vibrators and dildoes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I found one particularly interesting; it is pink rubber, and anatomically correct. You can even see the veins in the shaft.

“That’s a Clone-A-Willy,” she laughed. “I made a mold of Alan’s penis before he shipped out, and when I use it feels just like him. You can get a kit on-line.” It was kind of small, but I didn’t say anything.

My favorite toy is the Rabbit. It has a revolving head, a ring of resolving beads that stimulate your pussy lips, and a little set of ears that vibrate over your clit. Dee lubed it up with K-Y and slowly inserted it in my cunt. It really filled me up.

She turned it on and the head started to turn, and it massaged the walls of my tunnel, while the little balls stimulated my labia.

“Oh God, Dee, that feels so good. Oh, oh, OOOH!” My whole body started to shake, and I had my first vaginal orgasm. She turned the ears on that vibrated on my clit, and I went apeshit. I used it on her, and she screamed and flooded my sheets. She’s a squirter.

One night, Dee had me kneel on my hands and knees, and she ran a vibrator over my pussy from behind. She paused it at my perineum, which felt really good. Then she trailed it up and down the cleft in my ass, pausing each time to let it buzz over my rosebud.

I had a phobia about anything anal, but this felt REALLY good, and I pressed my ass back against it. She picked up a slim little vibrator and started sliding it, ever so gently into my asshole. I gasped when I first felt it go in me, and thought about telling her I didn’t want to do this, but when she turned it on, it felt better and better.

With one vibrator buzzing on my clit, and another in my ass, my whole body was on fire, and like the crashing surf, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me.

The next night, Dee and I were naked on my bed. I was on top of her, with my leg between hers. We were kissing, our breasts were pressed together, alanya escort and we were grinding our twats against each other’s leg.

I thought I heard a noise outside our open bedroom door, but when I looked up, no one was there. We finished getting each other off, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Robbie stashed himself in his room again, not coming down for meals, eating in his room. After about three days, I went up to talk to him and see what was going on. I knocked on his door and walked in. He looked startled and quickly put his computer into the sleep mode, so I couldn’t see what was on his screen. I suspected he had been watching porn.

“Hey, Rob, what’s up, dude?”

“N-nothing.” He had his head turned away from me, so I couldn’t see his face.

“You don’t hole up in your room unless you’re upset about something. So tell me, what’s going on with you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“We’ve always been able to talk to each other. About anything. So, come on, spit it out.”

“You’re liable to be mad.”

“Mad? What did you do, wreck my car? Dismember my cat?”


“What am I going to be mad about?”

“I-I, um, walked by your room the other night, and you and Dee were doing it with each other.”

“Doing what?”


“What’s It?”

“Um, having sex with each other, or what ever lesbians call it.”

“Does that upset you?”

“All of a sudden, all the women in my life are lesbians. First Marsha, now you and Delia.”

“Delia and I are not lesbians.”

“What are you then?”

“We’re two women with active libidos who don’t have a man in their life at the moment. Alan is in Afghanistan, and I don’t have a boyfriend right now.”

“Then you’re not gay?”


“Are you bi?”

“Maybe. I hadn’t thought about that. I know I like guys. Did you like watching us?”

“Well, sort of. I couldn’t see too much from a distance.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“Well, sort of.”

“So what were you looking at when I came in?” I reached over and pressed the space bar on his computer and the video popped back up. “Ahh, porn.”

“Oh jeez, Sybil. I, um, just happened on this by accident.”

“Uh huh. There’s nothing wrong with watching porn, Robbie. At least you’ve got good taste; X-Art videos are beautifully done.”

“You watch porn?”

“Sometimes. Wow, this one is really HOT!” The video showed two girls making it with one guy. One girl was going down on the other girl’s pussy, while she was getting fucked doggy style.

“I didn’t know girls liked porn.”

“Some of us do.” We sat and watched it for awhile.

“Looks like this really turns you on, Rob.” He had a large bulge in his basketball shorts, and I reached over and put my hand around it.

“Does it turn you on?”

“Yeah, my panties are wet. Here, feel them.” My nightwear is an oversized tee shirt and panties. I lifted up my shirt a bit, took his hand, and put it on my panty-clad crotch. He blushed a bit when he felt them, and when he pulled his hand away, one finger dragged through the slit between my lips.

“I suppose you masturbate when you watch these?”

“Sometimes. But, most guys do it. I read that.”

“I’d say all guys do it. Girls, too.”

“Do you masturbate?”



“I want to watch you jerk-off, Rob.”

“Uh, er, um….”


“It’s just that nobody’s ever seen my cock, er, I mean penis, before.”

“You can say cock; I know all the words.”

“Here, I’ll give you a little inspiration.” The video had ended, so I pulled my tee shirt over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Wow, your, um….”


“Your tits are really beautiful, Syb.”

“Stand up.” He stood and I pulled his shorts and underpants down. His erection slapped him in the belly.

“That’s a nice big one.”

“It’s seven and a half inches; I measured it.”

“Stroke it for me.”

He got over his shyness in a hurry, and began jerking away at his throbbing hard-on, while his eyes remained riveted on my boobs. I didn’t realize what a turn-on it is to watch a guy jerk himself off.

“Here, Rob, let me do that for you.” I wrapped my hand around his cock and started pumping it, while cupping his balls with the other one. There was plastic bottle of lotion on his nightstand, and I had a pretty good idea what he used it for.

I squeezed a big gob of the lotion onto the head of his cock, and thoroughly lubricated it. I slid my hand over his head, and on down the shaft. Gripping his swollen crown firmly, I twisted my hand around and around. His hips started pumping like he was fucking my hand.

“Oh, Jesus, Syb, that feels so good. I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

I rubbed his cock faster and faster. His balls drew up and I could feel it pulsing, just before he came.


Spurt after spurt landed right on my tits. I have to admit I aimed it that way.

“That was so awesome.”

“You belek escort really last before you come; most young guys spurt right away.”



“Yeah, there are yoga exercises you can do to prevent premature ejaculation. I can last as long as I want. If I ever have sex, I want it to be good for her.”

You’re going to have sex sooner than you know, I thought to myself. I cleaned myself up and put my tee shirt back on. I gave him a kiss before I left his room; it was more than a sisterly peck on the lips.

Several nights later, I came to his room again. He was watching porn and made no attempt to turn it off. This one was straight sex, one man and one woman. He performed cunnilingus on her, she fellated him, and then he slipped his cock into her.

I really got turned on watching the close-ups of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. His balls swung and slapped her in the ass, and you could see her lips curl and go into her vagina when he pushed into her, and then come back out on his upstroke. Robbie had a monster hard-on, and my pussy was soaked.

“I noticed all the girls in those videos had their pussies shaved. Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah. You can see more that way.”

“Would you like to shave mine?”



“How do I do it?”

“I borrowed Delia’s shaver; it’s made especially for pubic hair.”

“Gee, wow. Sure, I’ll do it.”

I took off my wet thong and dropped it on a chair. I lay back on his bed so my pussy was right on the edge, then drew up my knees and spread them wide apart. Robbie stared at it for awhile, and it looked like his cock was going to burst out the front of his shorts.

“You start with the trimmer and take the long hair off first, then use the round head to take off the stubble.”

I had a pretty good muff of silky soft blonde hair. I liked running my fingers thru it, before diddling my clit, but it was a turn-on to think of it bald.

Robbie took a tuft of hair in his hand and held it up straight, before cutting it off with the trimmer. He started on my mound, and worked his way down to my labia. He took each little clump of hair that he cut off and put it in an envelope on his nightstand. He was going to save it.

Once he had the long hair all trimmed off, I handed him some talcum powder to spread on my pussy, before he started with the close shave. He spent a lot of time rubbing it in, and I got hotter and hotter. Some milky white liquid spilled out of my cunt and ran down the crack in my ass.

He started the close shave with the foil head part of the razor, running it in tight little circles. When he got down to my labia, the vibration felt so good, I could hardly hold still. When he finished, he set the shaver down and stared between my legs.

“God, that looks so neat. Um, can I spread it open?”


He took his fingers and gently separated my lips.

“Oh, wow. It’s so pink, and so pretty. Can I touch it?”


With one finger, he traced all the folds and lips. Spreading my minora apart, he slipped a finger into my vagina.

“It’s hot and slippery.”

“Use your mouth, Rob. Taste me.”

“You mean, like, eat your pussy?”


“Tell me what to do.”

“Use your tongue and do what you did with your fingers. Kiss, lick, suck.”

He didn’t need a whole lot of coaching. I took my fingers and slid my hood back. He was fascinated, watching my hardened clit poke out.

“Suck it into your mouth and run your tongue around it…. Yes, like that. Oh God, yes, yes, YES…OHHH, AHHH…” My hips bucked; my whole body shook.

“Did I make you cum?”

“Oh God, you most certainly did.”

“Wow, that’s really cool.” He was really proud of himself.

“Your turn.” I pulled his shorts off, took his hard-on in my hand, licked it from bottom to top, and wrapped my lips around the head.

“Oh, jeez, are you giving me a blowjob?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Wow, I’m really getting a blowjob. I never thought that would happen to me.”

He was like a little boy, the first time we took him to see Santa Claus. Only he had man-sized meat between his legs. Actually, it was the first time I had ever given head to a guy, and I was enjoying it almost as much as he was.

I licked and sucked and bobbed my head up and down, until he blasted the back of my throat with his hot cum. He was thrilled when I swallowed it all. When I left his room, I forgot my panties. I never did get them back. They’re probably in his private collection somewhere, along with my pubic hair.

“Gee, Sybil, what happened to your muff?” Delia asked, the next time were together.

“Robbie shaved it for me.”

“Robbie did? Have you fucked him yet?”

“Not yet, I thought we were going to do it together.”

“We can do it together later, but why don’t you break him in first?”

I went to Rob’s room. The door was open and he was engrossed in a book.

“Hey, Rob, what’re you reading?”

“The Kama Sutra.”

“Jesus, is sex all you think about?”

“I’m eighteen, I’m a typical horny teenager. What else am I supposed to think about? What’s on your mind tonight?”

“I want to make love with you.”

“Make what?”

“I want you to fuck me. I want to fuck you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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