Debbie Ch. 01

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Ch. 01

The Awakening

Debbie just stared. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There, on the bathroom floor in front of her, was her big sister Julie, naked. Underneath her was Heather, Debbie’s best friend, also naked.

“Deb, I–we–it’s not what it looks like!” Heather stuttered, trying to shake the look of shock off her best friend’s face.

“We were just–” Julie tried, but realized that nothing could finish that sentence that would change this situation at all. She just stared up at her little sister, she and Heather both in speechless wonder.

Before Debbie even realized she’d buried two fingers inside her own pussy an orgasm raked over her body with enough force to knock Debbie back into the wall. She slowly slid down the wall to sit on the floor, legs spread, in a blank daze. When her eyes opened her entire face lit up with a sheepish grin that soon grew to cover her entire face before the blush in her cheeks drove it back to the corners of her mouth. “Well, sis,” she said dreamily to Julie, “I guess now I know why you never bring home boys from college.”

Julie, now sitting next to Heather on the floor facing Debbie, just grinned. “You got me, kid.”

Heather, however, was still upset. “Not me, Deb. I’m not a lesbian. Well, I mean I still like guys too. I just mean…” She looked to be on the brink of tears. Julie looked away, not wanting to make the situation worse. Debbie, though, scooted across the floor and knelt by Heather. She took her best friend’s face in her hands and smiled.

“Heather, it’s okay. Really, hon, don’t be embarrassed.” Debbie smiled at Heather again before kissing her cheek where the single tear that had escaped her eyes was slowly rolling. Debbie hugged Heather and all of the tension in the chestnut-haired girl’s body evaporated. But the hug lasted a few seconds longer than Heather expected, and then her raven-haired best friend started running her fingers lightly up and down her back. She leaned back from Debbie.

“Debbie, are you…” Heather began questioningly. Julie reached over and touched her sister lightly on the hip.

“Deb, are you like us? Or like me I guess? Or like her even?” Julie asked, looking deep in her sister’s blue eyes. Debbie stopped short and realized how affectionate she’d just been with Heather. She also noticed that her pussy was also demandingly hot and wet. She blushed again but then laughed.

“Well, I don’t know how to answer your question, but until I do, do you think I could join you guys?” Debbie’s grin was absolutely devilish and Julie’s matched. The older redhead always got a thrill from taboo, the more taboo the more the thrill. And incest was pretty high on the list. Heather, however, who was still letting her absently roaming fingertips occasionally linger on Debbie’s thigh, straightened up and looked at the girls. Could they really be thinking what she thought they were thinking? It was one thing for her to have fantasized about a three-way with her Debbie and Julie (which she had done often). It was entirely too much to ask from the Universe for it to actually happen. Then, right before her eyes, she watched the two girls she fantasized about the most lean across her lap and kiss once, tentatively, then again with more passion but just as much reserve. The kiss was light and sweet but so tense that Heather was shaking when they parted.

Finally Heather’s voice cracked its way through her dry throat. “Do you guys want to move this somewhere else?” She asked, her voice cracking like a pubescent boy. The sisters’ eyes were still on each other’s when she spoke but they both looked back to her. “I mean, there’s not exactly much room in here,” she said, nodding toward her elbow resting on the bathtub edge. Julie nodded and stood, helping the other two girls to their feet. Heather shrugged back into her sleeping shirt and Julie grabbed her robe from the back of the door. The three stepped out into the hallway in Debbie and Julie’s parents’ beach house. It was mid-morning on only the second day of their vacation. Heather had come with Debbie and one of Julie’s friends was driving down from Seattle and would get there the next day. The girls’ parents had given them exclusive use of the condo for a whole week.

The trio walked down the hall, past the master bedroom that Julie was using, and one door down to the Debbie’s bedroom, which she and Julie share when their whole family is there. The two beds could push together and be fitted like one huge bed, which was how the room was arranged. When they all got to Debbie’s room Julie and Heather just stood there looking at the other two. Debbie, the youngest by two months (she and Heather were both 18), ended up getting everything started.

She stepped lightly toward Heather and kissed her on the lips, softly like with Julie earlier. The two girls who had shared every major milestone thus far looked into each other’s eyes and the dams broke. Four years of pent-up passion that neither knew existed before were suddenly casino şirketleri released. They dove back in for another kiss and Heather started to walk backward, pulling Debbie with her by the hips. Debbie reached back and grabbed Julie’s hand and led her to the bed with them. When they all crawled onto the bed Debbie laid down on top if Heather and the two continued to kiss, now letting their hands explore all over both of them.

Julie leaned back and knelt on the bed watching them. Her hand disappeared underneath the hem of her short robe and she started rubbing her clit and lips, picking up where Heather left off before they were interrupted. She was watching the absolute hottest thing she’d ever seen herself. Debbie had Heather’s too-large tee off and flung across the room. Julie took in the length of Heather’s naked body. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and warm skin. Her hair was short but curly, her breasts were the largest in the group, her hips were the widest. Her stomach was flat, her light bush was kept very neat, and she had an ass that everyone liked to watch when she walked. When Julie was in the shower earlier and Heather walked in to pee, Julie got a full three or four good seconds of that ass before Heather noticed that the shower door was glass.

Debbie had one of Heather’s perky nipples in her mouth, leaning over her, and pounding Heather’s pussy with two fingers. Heather was writhing and moaning and on the brink of thrashing off of the bed when her feet went flat against the mattress, her back arched, and her pussy erupted with three strong spurts of juice, soaking Debbie’s hand and knees.

But right before Heather came, when Julie was watching, masturbating under her robe, Debbie’s eyes had shifted to her sister’s face and Debbie grinned at Julie, showing Heather’s nipple between her teeth. This caused Julie to lose control at the same time as Heather. Julie bounced up and down on her fingers, her jaw dropped, and even though she didn’t squirt like Heather did, she made her own puddle of juices on the comforter. She fell onto her back, turning as she did, so that she lay beside Heather, both of them in a useless daze. Panting, they looked at each other from the corner of their eyes, then started laughing, then smiled blissfully, turning to each other, and kissed tenderly. Finally, Julie was the first to speak.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” she panted.

“Really?” Debbie asked. “You’ve never been with two girls together? I thought when lesbians came out of the closet in college they were supposed to sleep with every other girl on campus,” she teased.

Julie stuck her tongue out at her little sister. “No! For your information, I’ve only been with a handful of girls in six years. Besides, even if I’d fucked twenty girls at the same time, that was still hotter. Where’d you learn to fuck a girl like that?”

Debbie grinned, “Internet.”

Julie rolled her eyes. She turned to Heather. “What about you? Ever been with a girl before today?”

Heather shook her head. “But I’ve thought about it a lot. I mean a lot a lot. And I’ve kissed a girl before. My cousin Amelia.” She instantly slapped a hand over her mouth. Then, she realized that she’d just watched two sisters kiss, so what had she to be afraid of. Julie apparently agreed, stroking Heather’s arm.

“Well you’re very good, too,” Julie said with a smile.

“Thanks,” Heather said, but turned to Debbie. “But now I’ve got to return the favor, right?” she asked, eying Debbie hungrily. Taking her cue, Debbie stood up off the bed and shrugged out of her short shorts. Julie and Heather watched as she slowly slid them down her long toned legs. Debbie was on her school’s beach volleyball team and had just gotten a scholarship to play at Julie’s school. Debbie was well tanned from her time outside. Her long thick hair shone black and straight. Her crystalline blue eyes and dark eye makeup made people unable to avert their gaze. She stood before the other girls now in a pink wife beater and a bright blue cotton g-string.

She turned slowly, standing on her toes to flex her smooth legs and show Heather and Julie her ass. Debbie had an ass that could start wars. Always the perfect shape, skin always tight, smooth, and never a sign of a blemish. Her ass cheeks were perky and bounced very lightly when she ran. When she’d done a complete turn-around (to the half-mock applause of her sister and best friend) she crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her wife beater, and pulled it over her head with one motion. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her boobs, smaller than Heather’s but bigger than Julie’s, were as perky as they always were. Debbie never really needed a bra to go out, and she only wore one with tee-shirts during the day or when working out. Her bikini top tan line was sharp, most of her skin being a golden brown, but her boobs and ass cheeks were as white as Julie’s skin. Her nipples were pink and perfect and very hard. Her arms and stomach were as fit casino firmaları as well and when she cocked her hip out and posed for the girls they gave her a real applause.

Slowly Debbie turned back around, teasing the other two over her shoulder. Debbie’s back was as taut and flawless as the rest of her. Heather and Julie were now sitting up against the headboard, enjoying the show. Their fingertips were running up and down each other’s thigh. The contact plus the show Debbie was giving them was almost too much, but they both held on.

Debbie bent completely at the waist, keeping her legs straight and together. She slowly peeled her thong off of her body, exposing not only, much to Heather’s delight, her dripping pussy, but also, to Julie’s extreme delight, her perfect pink asshole. When she straightened up and turned around she was quite pleased with the lust in Julie’s and Heather’s eyes. She strutted seductively back around to the side of the bed, then wavered. Julie picked up on the cue.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” She asked, afraid that the morning’s events had caught up to her sister in a bad way.

“It’s nothing,” Debbie said shyly. “It’s just that, well, I mean I’ve given handjobs and a couple of blowjobs… And I have sex toys, but… I’m still… My cherry’s popped and all, but I… No one else has ever touched…” Heather let her instincts take over as she pulled Debbie down onto the bed between the other two girls.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Heather said.

“We’ll take good care of you.” Julie finished. With a wicked grin on her face she untied her robe and threw it to the floor. She was pale, paler than Heather, but with freckles like her sister. She was thin like Debbie but her hips were narrower, her boobs smaller, and her ass just as perky, though not as filled-out. Debbie was the athlete, Julie was the nerd. Her hair was the same texture as Debbie’s but red instead of black. And instead of intense blue eyes she had equally intense green eyes. Where Debbie’s pussy was shaved smooth and Heather’s was trimmed into a small, thick triangle, Julie’s was adorned with a wisp of light red hair, too little to need to shape. Her nipples were almost identical to Debbie’s only a little bigger. And even though Julie thought her body wasn’t the Eight that Heather’s was or the Ten that her sister’s was (by that scale, an objective observer would give her a 7.5), she knew she had experience on her side. She may have only slept with girls she dated, but she had sex almost every night. She knew things about the female body that the other two couldn’t.

At that she started down with Debbie’s feet. She took the short toes into her mouth and Debbie squealed. She kissed up the back of her sister’s calf and nibbled at the back of her knee. Heather had moved in to kiss Debbie as soon as she’d stopped staring at Julie. Now Heather had Debbie’s perfect tits in her hand and was nibbling down Debbie’s neck, headed straight for her nipples. What Debbie was feeling, both physically and emotionally, cannot be put to words. She said no words, only moaned, muttered, panted, and occasionally screamed. Heather was blocking one of Debbie’s hands and Julie the other, so that she didn’t have the strength to touch her own pussy. She was completely at the mercy of her big sister and best friend.

Julie was massaging Debbie’s thighs now, blowing lightly on her sister’s glistening snatch. All of Debbie’s lips were quivering and all of her cheeks were flushed. moisture was rolling off her labia one drop at a time. Heather massaged the tops of Debbie’s thighs and her groin muscles, working their way around until a thumb was on each of her little sister’s outer lips. She gently parted them and blew gently again, causing a shiver to run up from Debbie’s toes to her crotch to the base of her spine and all the way up to the tips of her hair. Debbie’s brain was electrified. It wasn’t a major orgasm but it was more than a little cool air should cause.

When the small orgasm shot through her she grabbed Heather’s hair and pulled her tight against the breast she was nursing. Heather gave the nipple a rough bite and Debbie squirmed again. Heather leaned up and moved over Debbie, straddling her flat tummy, lowering her large breasts into Debbie’s face. Instantly the raven haired girl latched on and began sucking with earnest. Heather cooed and ran her hands through Debbie’s hair. Julie was now massaging Debbie’s lips with her thumbs but Heather’s pussy was right in her face now. She reached up and took Heather’s slick pussy completely between her lips. She sucked hard for a second, then let it go with a -pop-. Heather screamed in surprise and ecstasy, she and Debbie looking back at Julie just in time to see her mane of red hair disappear behind Heather’s ass. Debbie released Heather’s other boob and pulled her best friend up to sit on her face.

Debbie pulled Heather’s eager pussy down into her mouth at the same time that Julie parted her sister’s inner lips with her thumbs and güvenilir casino dove into her bald mound. Debbie’s tongue reached out to flick Heather’s clit, eliciting another sharp cry from the brunette while Julie’s tongue snaked down into her sister’s pink, hot pussy. Immediately Debbie let out a scream muffled by her best friend’s snatch as she came in her older sister’s mouth. Julie took this as a sign to keep going, so she pushed her tongue in a little farther and started swirling it around. Debbie’s breathing increased as she tried to mimic her sister’s moves on Heather’s pussy. Heather moaned deeply and started to rock back and forth, grinding her snatch on Debbie’s face as Debbie’s grip on her ass cheeks grew tighter. Debbie was close to coming yet again but was snapped back into blissful reality when Julie stuck two fingers into her cunt and started licking her clit. Debbie lost control of what she was doing to Heather as her sister’s fingers rapidly crossed and uncrossed inside her.

Julie’s lips clamped down on Debbie’s clit and she sucked, licked, flicked, and nibbled while fingerbanging the girl to her third climax in five minutes. While this powerful quake ripped through Debbie’s body, Heather, responding well to the aimless tonguing of a girl who’d momentarily forgotten that she was eating a pussy, grabbed the headboard, pulled herself up onto her knees, and started to squirt in Debbie’s face so hard that it snapped her out of reverie and for so long that Heather had time to dart up and catch a jet or two in her mouth. When Heather collapsed, neither she nor Debbie could move, so Julie just lay there with them, rubbing Heather’s copious juices all over Debbie’s chest and Heather’s thighs.

Eventually her hands started to run heavier between Heather’s legs as she slipped one, then two already slick fingers into Heather’s still-soaked cunt. Heather cooed happily and spread her legs for the redhead’s fingers. Debbie felt the change on the bed so she looked up. She saw Julie kneeling beside Heather’s legs, fingering the brunette and planting light, feathery kisses on Heather’s thighs. Debbie’s pussy started tingling again so she got up and crawled over to put her face right into Heather’s pussy. Immediately Heather pulled her legs up and spread her knees as wide as she could while Julie repositioned herself right beside Debbie.

She took her two well-lubricated fingers and played with Heather’s lips and Debbie’s tongue before dipping below Heather’s snatch to her asshole. Julie massaged Heather’s asshole with one finger, watching Heather’s face. What she saw was encouragement. So she started to rub harder and probe at the tight pink ring. Every time Heather moaned Julie pushed forward. Debbie now had one finger in Heather’s pussy while she devoured her best friend’s clit. When Julie’s finger popped into Heather’s ass the second girl’s knees jumped. Her toes spread apart and she got wetter in Debbie’s mouth. Julie worked the finger back and forth until she could fit the second finger in there. Now Heather was panting wildly. She had Debbie’s mouth on her clit and two fingers in her cunt while Julie’s fingers were in her ass. Julie’s other hand danced into and out of Heather’s sight following the curve of Debbie’s ass. Heather’s breathing and heartbeat were racing as she tipped over the edge of the first of a long string of short, powerful, close orgasms.

While Heather was cumming for minutes (literally), Debbie’s free hand disappeared between her own legs and she buried three fingers in her throbbing pussy. Julie saw this and pushed her sister’s hand away, replacing it with her own hand and mouth. Debbie moved that hand up to Heather’s breasts and twisted on of the bigger girl’s nipples, sending her into her second of many climaxes. Julie was pumping one hand in and out of poor Heather’s ass while the other one held Debbie’s lips apart and flicked at her clit. Heather was still cumming in Debbie’s mouth and Debbie was close to cumming too. Julie could feel her sister’s orgasm rising and wanted to delay it a little.

She fingered Debbie’s pussy lightly, avoiding her clit for a moment while her tongue slowly and sensuously worked its way up Debbie’s ass crack. Debbie’s hips bucked once and then her asshole pressed back against Julie’s tongue. Now Julie was really in heaven, rimming her little sister’s ass while she finger-fucked another gorgeous girl. She didn’t have a hand to fuck herself with so she straddled Debbie’s leg and ground her cunt against her sister’s calf. Her tongue was as far as it could get inside her sister’s ass and she couldn’t take it any more. She pulled her fingers out of her Debbie’s pussy and flicked her own clit at a hundred miles an hour. She brought herself off three short times without missing a single beat. Satisfied, she returned her fingers and her tongue to her kid sister’s yearning twat.

When Julie’s mouth clamped onto Debbie’s clit her Debbie-hand pulled out and re-entered higher up, knocking on Debbie’s back door. She pushed, but was surprised when Debbie’s asshole willingly sucked her fingers in. She was now pounding both girls’ assholes through their rolling orgasms as she sucked on her sister’s cunt, drinking every drop of juice that came out.

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