Debbie and I Together

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Debbie and I met almost 15 years ago when she got hired at the office I worked at. We hit it off immediately. We had more than a few things in common, two of them being shopping and men, or sometimes just shopping for men. Lol. She is eight years younger than I am and really so beautiful. She was twenty-five and I was thirty-five when we met. (Okay okay… that’s ten years difference but who’s really counting?) I’ve always envied her looks and figure, she is simply gorgeous. When we got together for an evening of partying she would attract guys like bees to honey.

Debbie was single at the time and I was married. When shopping together we’d hit the upper end stores and after a few times out shopping we began going into the changing rooms together. It saved stepping out of the changing room and critiquing one another’s outfits. We might shift or pull or tug on each other’s clothing or help remove one another’s bra or re-snap it. Nothing sexual was ever thought about any of this and it’s not that unusual for women to accompany another female friend into the changing room.

As far as our clubbing was concerned we would chat with each other until the guys started coming over for a dance or conversation. Sometimes we would split up for a while but we’d always hook back up before the evening was over and would leave together…usually. It wasn’t all that odd for her and me to fast bursa sınırsız escort dance together on occasions. That would really get a few guys attention. This went on for a few years with nothing unusual happening between us.

About twelve years back is when things began to change. From the beginning of our friendship we would see and greet one another with a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. Again, something that is normal and accepted between friends…girlfriends that is. Then, when parting for the evening we would again hug and a small kiss on the cheek.

Then after an evening out we were both a little drunk and when she dropped me off at home I leaned over to give her a hug and kiss and instead of kissing each other’s cheek we kind of went straight in and kissed the other ones lips. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. We giggled about it and I left. The next day when we talked on the phone she joked about me having delicious lips. We giggled some more.

After that night we started giving a hug and a smooch on the lips when meeting and departing. It still felt comfortable and not unnatural at all.

We planned a weekend trip to Cleveland on a weekend when my husband was going to his friends hunting camp. We had done this regularly a few times a year before this particular weekend. It was a Friday evening when we bursa escort bayan got checked into our hotel room and went out for some drinks and dancing. After an hour or so she complained about her cramps getting worse. She was going back up to the room and wanted me to stay in the lounge and party with the couple guys that were hanging with us.

There was no way I wasn’t going to go back up to the room and comfort her. Cramps are a BITCH. So we headed up together and she showered, came out and then I took my shower. I came out, dried my hair and sat next to her and pulled the blankets up to her chin, almost like I was tucking her in for the night. She pulled the blankets back and asked me to lie beside her for a while. I crawled into bed with her and we kinda cuddled. I smoothed her hair and told her how beautiful she looked…even with those damnable cramps that she was suffering with. She cupped the side of my head with her hand and pulled me to her and kissed me. It was only a few seconds long and we parted lips and just looked at each other for a moment…not saying a word. My hand was still on her hair and I pulled her back to me and we kissed again. This time we kissed with more intensity and passion. Our tongues went to each other’s mouth and we traced one another’s lips. It seemed almost in unison we each moved our hands down to the nilüfer escort others breast. Debbie’s breasts are beautiful, large and surprisingly firm for their size. Mine, on the other hand, are small… but still very firm.

We broke our kiss again and stared into each other’s eyes. She told me she loved me and I told her that I loved her. She slid her hand down my tummy and found my honey pot and worked it until I was moaning. She rolled me on my back and began kissing my neck and moved the kisses down to my breasts and suckled my nipples. She worked her way down my tummy using her tongue and then down to my honey pot. She licked me until I came. It was so intense and lasted longer than I thought possible. Of course, when I finally recovered, I returned the same treatment to her. She wasn’t having her menstrual cramps like she had told me. She had lied to me to get me in bed.

We made love again that night. We spent most of the next morning in bed, finally getting up and showering and going down for lunch. We went shopping and Saturday evening was again spent in the lounge dancing and talking with guys but she and I went back to the room together. And yes, we made love again. In college she had F2F experiences. I’ve never been with another woman until her. I guess I was always a bit curious about it. I now wish I hadn’t waited so long.

We’ve had many such get-togethers over the years. About four years ago she got married. We don’t get together as often as we once did but we are still best friends and always try to take time for some quality love making when we can make the time.

Thanks so much for reading my account of my first experience with another woman.

Love, Dee xxoo

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