Debauching Wendy Ch. 05

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Helen froze appalled. Her attempts to stop me from ejaculating into her eighteen year old daughter’s willing cunt had backfired as her hands slithered and slipped in the sticky goo of accumulated cum and girl juice around my prick and instead had unintentionally wanked me to my climax. As the full impact of her mistake dawned on her, Helen fell onto her knees and burst into uncontrollable sobs which racked her entire body.”O my God, what a mess! If she is now pregnant, it will be my fault for making Ken cum inside her before I had got him to pull out.”
Mollie, although nude, sought to comfort her distressed mother. She stroked her gently on her shoulder and murmured words of love. This caused her mother to look up and notice my load of cum, which was still dribbling out of her daughter’s red and enlarged cunt. Helen immediately flew into a rage. Crying out “You bastard! I shall kill you for impregnating my daughter!” she launched herself at me in a frenzy of hate – scratching my skin – I was also naked, like Mollie – and trying to grab my prick to do me real harm.
I attempted to keep Helen at arm’s length, not an easy task given the unexpectedness of her attack and the fact that she was younger than me, tall and healthy.”Help me Mollie!” I cried. Mollie grabbed her mother by the shoulders and in the turmoil of struggling bodies her hold slipped till she was holding her mother’s full and heaving breasts. My defence strategy was to pull down Helen’s skirt until it dropped to her ankles. Thus encumbered, she lost her balance and ended up on her back with Mollie squashed beneath her. That gave me a real chance to turn the tables. With one hand I pulled down Helen’s panties to join her skirt, with the other I found the entrance to her cunt and instantly, none too gently inserted a finger up her cunt and began to finger fuck her, moving my digit in and out at considerable speed. Then I found her g- spot so slowed down my pace. Mollie managed to crawl out from beneath her mother as Helen’s attention focussed on the feelings in her now dripping cunt.
My move had the hoped for effect. Helen’s first reaction was to stop attacking me and to try to remove my hand from her vagina. Her second response was to enjoy the sensations I was giving her – her juices halkalı eve gelen escort were beginning to flow, her breath began to change to panting, and her hips began to thrust upward in time to the movements of my now two fingers in her cunt .She whispered to me in a hoarse and excited voice “Please don’t stop – that is so very nice!” “Do you want me to make you cum?” “God, yes please. Do not ever stop!”
Mollie then intervened.”Let Ken fuck you too. You will really enjoy it – I should know how well he does it and how good you feel afterwards! Do not fear getting pregnant! I will suck his entire load out of your cunt when he has finished!” “Thank you darling, please do.” I took that as an invitation to replace my fingers with my cock and to begin to explore the delights of the next door neighbour who had always enflamed my lust ever since she moved in after her marriage had broken down. The reality was even better than my dreams.
Helen, who cooperated eagerly as I stripped off her clothes, had a magnificent body. She was tall, had big but firm breasts with long nipples and large aureoles (in both respects very different from Wendy, my wife) had curvy but not fat thighs and very long shapely legs. The reality of her nude body was even more sexy and sensuous than I had imagined when looking at her clothed in her garden. My prick throbbed and hardened in anticipation, egged on by Mollie who was whispering in my ear “Fuck Mummy really well so that we can both be pregnant by you together.” I needed no more encouragement.
As I positioned my prick at the entrance to Helen’s now glistening hole, she helpfully spread her legs wide and lifted them high in the air almost touching her shoulders, which gave me maximum penetration. Her cunt was looser than her daughter’s so I knew I could thrust straight inside without hurting her. I pushed right in as far as I could go and was enfolded immediately by her warm, wet and willing cunt which felt so wonderful around my prick. I fucked Helen hard, pulling almost completely out of her with every stroke then, as I pushed back inside, she would whimper and coo appreciatively. As my tempo picked up, so did her level of excitement – she began to gasp and perspire, then she began to babble crying halkalı grup yapan escort out that she wanted to be fucked and to feel my hot cum spurting into her, just like it had done inside her daughter. “Make me pregnant! Knock me up! Give me your baby, please!” Then she moved her hands so that one was touching my prick and the other my balls. I could stand it no longer. I just had to cum. I shot my load really deep inside Helen just at the moment that she had a huge orgasm. Our timing was perfect. We both collapsed exhausted and happy – with Helen’s cunt unable to hold my entire load, lots of cum dribbled out of her cunt around my prick and down her thighs. Our post coital revelry was punctured by a round of clapping by Mollie. “That was great to watch. Now it is my turn to have some fun.”
Mollie pushed me aside and positioned herself between her mother’s open legs and moved to place her mouth over her mother’s cunt which was still frothing with my cum. Just as she was about to begin cleaning up Helen’s cunt, the bedroom door burst open and her twin brother William appeared, accompanied by two of his classmates. William had disappeared some hours ago, immediately after he had had non- consensual sex with Wendy, my wife, which my mistress Charlotte and I had forced her to undergo. He shouted “Mollie, what the hell do you think you are doing to mum? If anyone is going to eat her out, it will be I.”
With that, William moved his sister firmly out of the way, clamped his mouth over his mother’s cunt and began sucking noisily. Helen tensed up, unsure whether she approved of what was now happening to her. On the one hand, she was horrified by his incestuous liaison; on the other, William’s tongue and lips felt so very good on her cunt, which was already hyper-sensitive. Soon the positive feelings overwhelmed the negative doubts and scruples and she settled down to enjoy the burning sexy feelings that were overwhelming her cunt and were invading every part of her being, bringing it to another, shattering and draining climax. Even her lingering sense of regret that she was losing my spunk and the chance of having my baby evaporated in the thought that, since I had now so enjoyed fucking her for the first time, it would halkalı masöz escort be easy to seduce me in future and so ensure that I impregnated her later.
Mollie was looking disconsolate at not being involved in any sort of sexual activity – she had not noticed that William’s two companions were checking out her nude body or that, given the growing bulges in their jeans, they clearly were turned on by what they were viewing.. She moved over to the window and looked out over the forecourt of the large Regency house which Helen and I shared. I moved silently behind her, pressed my body gently against hers – we were both still naked from our earlier fuck – and began to fondle her budding breasts, paying particular attention to her very sensitive nipples. As Mollie’s breathing became shorter and the perspiration began to form on her body, I eased my prick between her buttocks. Facilitated by the lubricating precum which I was now producing in copious amounts, I altered my angle of attack and eased my way into her arsehole. She gasped but manoeuvred herself until she was comfortable. Helen, who had been watching these moves closely, screamed “NO! Do not enter my daughter’s arse .Not that, please.” Then outside events intervened to frustrate me but not before I had shot part of my load into Mollie’s arse.

Mollie noticed a car draw up on the forecourt.”I think Charlotte has returned” she said. She was right. Wendy was with her. As the two women got out of the car, rather unsteadily, I noticed that something had changed. They had swapped dresses! Wendy was now wearing the totally transparent dress which blatantly revealed all of her charms as if she were absolutely nude; whilst Charlotte was wearing Wendy’s dress which, because Charlotte was slightly taller, displayed even more of her crotch to public view. There were other differences in their appearance from when they had set out for the Black Sex Club a few hours before. Both women now looked dishevelled, particularly their hair. Both women displayed love bites and scratch marks, particularly my wife who was totally exposed to public view. Both women’s cunts were distended, puffy, red raw and stretched obscenely. Best of all, both women’s cunts were frothing thick cum, much of which had already dripped down their thighs and most of the way down their legs where it was now drying a crusty white. To coin a phrase, both women, who seemed to find it hard to walk steadily or to put their legs together, seemed totally used.
I called out William and his friends “Go and get the girls! Do not let them go into my house. Escort them here, so that we can all have some fun. It is orgy time!”

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